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Training Program- 1st JUNE to 31st JUNE -2012 Forensic Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, DNA Fingerprinting and DNA Bar-Coding. “Dr. Prem P Jauhar Molecular Biology Labs New Delhi� Mobile-91+7830959033/ 91+9560757331

Advantage (You Gain Expertise in Training Work)1.

Laboratory Experiment

: (hands on): DNA isolation from Plant, Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi ,

Animal Tissue (Heart, Kidney, Lever, and Blood etc), Quantification and Quality check of Isolated DNA, DNA Dilution, PCR Amplification of DNA using Multiplex Primers, PCR

Amplification of DNA using Random 10mer primers for RAPD, PCR Amplification of DNA using SSR primers for Micro Satellite Analysis Fragment (allele) and STR Primer for DNA Fingerprinting ,Separation Following Automated electrophoresis, Data Capturing, Data Analysis and DNA fingerprint development


Forensic Molecular Biology:-DNA

Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (Disease Diagnostics, Heritable Disease Diagnostics, Cancer Diagnostics, Pathogen Diagnostics, Parental Diagnostic, Rape Victim, Murder, and Mass Disaster of Natural Calamities and Army Causality. 3. Phylogenic Analysis:- Molecular Phylogenic Analysis, Genotyping Of Plant Animal And Microbial Population, Individual And Community, Seed Purity, Genetic Containment, Germ Plasm Characterization, Allele And Gene Discovery

4. Genetic Engineering:-Gene Isolation, Gene Detection,GMOs , LMOs Detection, GMO Food Detection, Microbial Contamination Determination, 5. Molecular Marker Technology:-SSR, ISSR, RAPD, STR, Molecular Marker Assisted Selection, Molecular Breeding, Cultivar Development Molecular Mapping, Gene Mapping, Genetic Structure Analysis, Molecular Marker Development, 6. Biotechnology:- Nucleic Acid Extraction, Purification, Dilution , Spectrophotometer Quantization, electrophoresis, DNA Elution, PCR , PCR Product Purification, Genetic (DNA) Fingerprint, DNA Molecular Profile Development 7. DNA Fingerprinting And Software Analysis :- DNA Fingerprinting Profile Regeneration, DNA Bar-Coding, Diversity Matrix Development,Phylogetec Tree Development , Allele Frequency ,Private Allele, Banding Pattern , Heterozygosity, Primer discriminatory Power Test, 8. Result Analysis and Interpretation: - On Forensic, Molecular and Phylogenic Background.

How to apply 1. Training will commence from the date of 1st JUNE to 31st JUNE  2. 2nd Batch will commence from the date of 1st July to 31st July 3. Training fee for above program will be Rs. 11,000 for student, Rs 18,000 for faculty of Govt. Institutes, Rs. 18,000 Private Corporate and NGOs Employee.  4. Overseas (Non-Native Indian). Fee $ 2500 (US-Dollar)  5. To register for training program send us Bio-data with short cover letter cum application. 6. On the basis of your bio-data and Telephonic Interview selection committee will offer you joining letter. 7. Joining letter will be send to all selected candidate on 1st March 2011 8. By getting the offer letter you need to deposit your desired fee amount through our Bank within 15 days. 9. Send us scan copy of depositor bank Slip. To- 10. After depositing the fee and sending us scan copy of depositor bank Slip you will only right to join the training program. 11. Total fee should be paid in advance of before 15 March 2012 the date of closing. 12. Total fee will be refundable if candidate not selected (Cancel by Labs) to join the training  13. Training fee paid will not be refunded once the application is processed.  14. The training fee excludes food and lodging.  15. Trainees should make own arrangements for their accommodation.  16. Fee will be paid through our bank account- State Bank of India – and Punjab National Bank- (Bank account will be provided after selection) 17. ********* After Depositing fee, Send us a Scan copy of Depositor Bank Slip by email only. 18. Last Date of Apply -1 March 2012 

Training in Molecular Biology New Delhi India  

Training Program- 1st JUNE to 31st JUNE -2012 Forensic Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, DNA Fingerprinting and DNA Bar-Coding. “Dr. Prem P...

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