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ID Fraud

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enny Boyd Auto Group lost four vehicles to ID fraud. But by adopting a tiny, powerful ID scanner, and a new ‘MUST SCAN-IT PROCESS”, he not only shut down fake-ID scams, he increased sales 10% storewide. Have you ever had a vehicle bought (and hence, stolen) with a fraudulent ID? Lost a vehicle to a fake-ID-toting test driver?

22 • 3rd Quarter - 2014 • DrivingSales, LLC

No? Then you’re lucky… but it’s probably just a matter of time before it happens. At Benny Body Auto Group, we had a major wake-up call when four vehicles were stolen in one month! Because our stores are mostly in rural areas, we do about 30 long-distance car sales a month. About 18 months ago we sold four vehicles (three in Texas, one in

California) to buyers whose driver’s licenses and credit info “checked out” perfectly. The bank agreed, funded the loans and signed the contracts. The vehicles were then shipped to the “buyer’s” given address, where the thieves cleverly intercepted the truckdriver, smilingly signed for delivery, and promptly drove off into the night! In fact, the thief-recipient of the car Dealership Innovation Guide

Dealership Innovation Guide Q3 2014  

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