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Franchise Prospectus

A new, exciting opportunity! Grow a profitable, caring business Make a real difference - add value to your community

“Our franchisees are passionate about building their businesses whilst also enjoying the rewards of offering a valued service to their local community.” Gavin Pell

Contents 1. Driving Miss Daisy® Changes Lives

8. Supporting Your Business

2. The Driving Miss Daisy® Story

9. Getting Started; Keeping It Simple

3. A Proven Franchise Model

10. Additional Considerations

4. Business Growth Driven By Demand

11. What Our Clients Say

5. Choosing The Right People

12. The Driving Miss Daisy® Board

6. The Business Package

13. The Journey Begins

7. Ongoing Training And Support

Driving Miss Daisy Changes Lives ®

Driving Miss Daisy® empowers many people to lead more independent lives through the provision of companionship, transport and social engagement. Driving Miss Daisy® gives people the opportunity to live the life they each choose, to the best of their ability. We believe that helping people to remain mobile, encouraging social interaction and providing companionship is at the very heart of living life to the full. Driving Miss Daisy® is passionate about communities. We know by offering safe, caring and reliable services for those people who find it difficult to get out and about, they will benefit from the fabric of our local communities. Driving Miss Daisy® cares. We understand the power of supporting each other to build sustainable, profitable businesses. We thrive on optimism, fun, and ‘telling the story’.

Driving Miss Daisy®, the business with a BIG heart


The Driving Miss Daisy® Story

Left to right: Jack and Melanie Harper, Ada and Paul Nuth

Some years ago, Melanie Harper in New Zealand drove her elderly Aunt Trish, who no longer drove herself, to various appointments. Not wishing to always rely on kindness and impose on Melanie’s family life, Trish paid for a companion to drive her at a time convenient to her, giving her independence and control, and removing the constant feeling of indebtedness to her family. Jack and Melanie Harper realised this scenario was being repeated in other families and saw the business opportunity it presented. Whilst researching the idea, they found out about a Canadian business called Driving Miss Daisy® operating in Alberta, Canada since 2002 and Jack and Melanie met with the owner. In 2009, Jack and Melanie launched Driving Miss Daisy® in New Zealand and it now operates across the country. Paul and Ada Nuth, on holiday in New Zealand from the UK, spotted a Daisy car parked on a driveway. Intrigued, Paul immediately grasped the business concept and talked to Jack and Melanie in order to introduce the business into the UK. Following the UK launch in early 2015, Driving Miss Daisy® is firmly established and is expanding rapidly.


Do you want to join us and be part of this great success story?

Using A Proven Franchise Model Investing in a franchise model is a great way to realise your business ambitions with the extra support it offers. A Driving Miss Daisy® franchise provides you with: • All you need to start your business with established systems in place • Corporate images and brand awareness in the marketplace • A higher likelihood for success using a proven business model • Training and ongoing support; you are never alone • Continuous, planned marketing to increase service demand

“Being part of a franchise is much less risk than going it alone and there’s a partnership with other people. My main goal is to build a business that’s got real potential and deliver a great community service.” Tina Webb


Business Growth Driven By Demand A franchisee’s client base encompasses a wide demographic from helping busy working parents get their children to and from school and activities, accompanying an elderly person to a medical appointment, arranging social outings, to providing companionship where needed. Whilst Driving Miss Daisy® works across all segments of society, the sector with the greatest need is the ageing population. There are currently 18 million people aged 65 or over in the UK and by 2034, there will be over 23 million people aged 65 and above. When people no longer drive, they can experience isolation and loneliness through lack of independence.

“There is a phenomenal demand for safe, reliable and trusted services such as those provided by Driving Miss Daisy®; we see this every day with our clients.” Chris White

The demand comes not only from the clients themselves, but from the sons and daughters in their 30s, 40s and 50s, who juggle careers, a growing family of their own and elderly parents and relatives, who are often not in the same geographical area. This ‘sandwich generation’ are key clients who understand and fully appreciate the service that Driving Miss Daisy® can deliver.


Choosing The Right People First and foremost, we look for people who have the same attitude and mindset; people who want their own business and genuinely care about improving their clients’ lives. We want to get to know you, to understand what motivates you to own your own business, and in particular, a Driving Miss Daisy® business. You will meet and talk with our Business Development team and together we will evaluate suitability. We want to be sure that Driving Miss Daisy® is the right franchise for you, and that our philosophy and ethos mirrors yours.

We have a defined recruitment process consisting of a series of steps designed to ensure you and Driving Miss Daisy® have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Choosing the right people first time, every time, ensures satisfaction and success for everyone.


The Business Package Our business opportunity offers low start-up costs and is home-based, so you will benefit from low overheads. This presents you with the opportunity to develop a profitable business and build equity value. • A licence to run your own Driving Miss Daisy® business; an established brand with a proven track record. • Full training providing you with best-practice, knowledge and expertise to hit the ground running. • A 12 point Support Programme for ongoing growth and development of your franchise. • A comprehensive business system and customer relationship management system including invoicing and reporting capabilities. • A Franchise Resource Pack in an easy reference modular format, to support the successful running of your business. This includes a Driving Manual to ensure the safety, welfare and experience of clients as passengers. • Marketing materials to promote your business and stimulate demand as soon as you are operational. • Support in gaining appropriate hire licences. • Launch a professional image with a dedicated local Facebook Page, business stationery, business cards, letters of introduction. • Website and social media facilities to socialise the brand and your business in your locality.

“Driving Miss Daisy® enables us to do some good, have fun and make money. We’re creating a sustainable operation that benefits some of the most vulnerable people in the community. You’ve got to be passionate about helping people - that’s the main thing we look for in our franchisees.”


Greg Blezard, CEO

Ongoing Training And Support We recognise that the caring, compassionate people running their own Driving Miss Daisy® business may never have set up and run their own business before. When you join Driving Miss Daisy® you will receive comprehensive training, support and marketing materials to help you off the starting blocks. We know you have something very special to offer your clients and your local community and we want to support you every way we can. • Our dedicated Client Services Centre field the calls from new potential clients in your area, sympathetically taking their requirements and passing the details to you. They act as your dedicated call centre ensuring you don’t miss a lead. • You will be given a 12 point Support Programme which will offer guidance in the early days and ongoing as you require it. • Ongoing training and best practice will always be available; we are passionate about sharing ideas that lead to success.

“You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You are joining a supportive, collaborative team; you belong to the Driving Miss Daisy® family.” Carolyn Sharples


Supporting Your Business As a company we want to see each other succeed which in turn builds the brand and the demand for the services we offer, and by default builds our own individual business. There are various legal obligations to fulfil; company set-up, bookkeeping, year-end accounts and Companies House compliance. We are able to offer you a comprehensive, inclusive package for a low monthly fee, which will remove the business and accountancy worry, leaving you free to concentrate on your business. • Regular updates to the company website and social media. • Regional and national meetings to share best practice and the company’s success. • Professional telephone support and encouragement. We offer a needed and valuable service and our clients and our communities depend on us to make a difference.

“To run a Driving Miss Daisy® franchise you need to be community spirited. If this business is run well you’ll get a lot of satisfaction with it and great return on investment. It’s great to be autonomous and have a support system around you to help build the business.”


Cherry Simmonds

Getting Started; Keeping It Simple Driving Miss Daisy® has 3 Phases (P1, P2 and P3) to take you from your first enquiry to achieving a healthy profit. P1 - Enquiry to Contract (Franchise Ownership). This is the process of becoming the owner of your Driving Miss Daisy® franchise in your chosen location and takes 4 weeks maximum after your deposit is paid to secure your location. During this period you will be able to meet other Daisy’s who have been operating and complete financial and legal due diligence. We will have issued you with an indicative 5 Year Business Plan along with a detailed explanation. P2 - Contract to being Operational. This means the date you are legally able to trade which encompasses Local Authority licensing activities, selecting your first vehicle and training. The Driving Miss Daisy® Operations Director and the team lead this process and support you in getting this done. The P2 process is started in earnest once P1 is complete. P3 - Operational to Profit. This encompasses the activities of gathering your first clients. We will have supported you with your marketing activities in your local area around 6 weeks before your Operator's Licence is issued by the Local Authority. You will have a 12 point Support Programme which, with the UK staff team, will lead you to making a healthy profit in line with your business plan and goals.

Success is a shared importance


Additional Considerations • Driving Miss Daisy® has secured competitive finance packages with financial institutions to assist with setting up your business and, if required, these options can be explored with you. • You will require a liveried, fit-for-purpose vehicle for your services which will normally be purchased by you. Driving Miss Daisy® works with you to deliver the option you want and organises the livery of the car. You may collect your car from the Client Services Centre or your car may be delivered to you depending on the package you choose.

• Your Driving Miss Daisy® uniform is ordered in a timely way to be ready for operational launch. • Your fee provides you with the marketing materials required to launch and start your business, and you may decide to supplement these materials with other items. • Working capital as per your individual business plan. • Local Authority fees for registering as a Licensed Operator, licensing your vehicle and becoming a Licensed Driver.


What Our Clients’ Say

“I am so glad to be going to my father’s 80th birthday party independently and not have to rely on my family. Driving Miss Daisy® has made a huge difference to my life - it’s really lovely.”

“A Daisy day trip - Mr & Mrs H enjoyed lunch out in the Cotswolds, and even the sun decided to show up! We then had a gentle walk around Bibury before heading back to Cheltenham.”

“I can’t recommend Driving Miss Daisy® highly enough. My parents are elderly and my Mum walks with difficulty and a lot of pain. Because of this, at my son’s wedding, we needed a rolator, crutches and a wheelchair. Joanne didn’t bat an eyelid. Everything went in the back of the car with ease. My parents were delivered on time and picked up on time. They were made to feel really comfortable.”


The Driving Miss Daisy® Board It is important to know that the Driving Miss Daisy® Board of Directors have the experience, expertise, knowledge and passion to ensure your business is a success.

Greg Blezard

Gavin Pell


Finance Commercial Technology

Chris White

Cherry Simmonds

Business Development Marketing Communications

Operations Client Services Training & Support

Tina Webb

Paul Nuth


Non-Executive Director

“I was already supporting people in my local community and giving advice so Driving Miss Daisy® was just a continuation of what I was already doing. I had lost the enthusiasm and drive for my previous job and I was ready for a new challenge.”


Sandi Suter

The Journey Begins If you have read this far and your enthusiasm and interest are firing on all cylinders, you sound like the type of person we would love to talk to. Your next step is to contact Driving Miss Daisy®. We will ask you to complete an Expression of Interest form (which includes a Mutual Confidentiality Agreement), following which, we will set up a meeting between you and a member of our Business Development team at our Head Office. Then the journey to owning your business begins!

Have you visited This is Driving Miss Daisy’s® franchise website and it has a lot of useful information to help you make an informed decision.


Franchise Prospectus

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A new exciting opportunity! Grow a profitable, caring business Make a real difference - add value to your community

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Driving Miss Daisy® empowers many people to lead more independent lives through the provision of companionship, transport and social engagem...

Driving Miss Daisy 2018 Franchise Prospectus  

Driving Miss Daisy® empowers many people to lead more independent lives through the provision of companionship, transport and social engagem...