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"A unique, rewarding & profitable opportunity in a rapidly growing market"

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“Our franchisees are passionate about building their businesses whilst also enjoying the rewards of offering a valued service to their local community.” Greg Blezard

Contents 1. What do we do?

08. The route to getting started

2. The Driving Miss Daisy® story

09. Our 60-day selection process

3. Why should ‘you’ choose a Driving Miss Daisy® franchise?

10. Additional considerations

4. You can start a business in a fast growing market 5. Who are we looking for? 6. What do we provide you with? 7. How else do we support you to grow your business?

11. What do our franchisees say? 17. The Driving Miss Daisy® Leadership Team 17. The next step

What do we do? Driving Miss DaisyŽ provides the UK’s only nationwide trusted, safe and reliable driving and companion service for those people who find it difficult to get out and about. Our point of difference from other transportation providers is the companionship and assistance we give with each and every journey. We offer so much more than travelling from A to B; we provide companionship and care for the elderly, children and people with disabilities, among many others for the duration of the service. We collect clients, drive them to and from their destination and provide personal assistance as required, helping with anything from medical appointments to shopping, to a trip to the hairdressers or make social outings possible and, most of all, enjoyable. We can attend appointments with clients and deliver important information back to family members or carers if required. We are family when family cannot be there.


The Driving Miss Daisy® story

Left to right: Jack and Melanie Harper, Ada and Paul Nuth

Some years ago, Melanie Harper in New Zealand drove her elderly Aunt Trish, who no longer drove herself, to various appointments. Not wishing to always rely on kindness and impose on Melanie’s family life, Trish paid for a companion to drive her at a time convenient to her, giving her independence and control, and removing the constant feeling of indebtedness to her family. Jack and Melanie Harper realised this scenario was being repeated in other families and saw the business opportunity it presented. Whilst researching the idea, they found out about a Canadian business called Driving Miss Daisy® operating in Alberta, Canada since 2002 and Jack and Melanie met with the owner. In 2009, Jack and Melanie launched Driving Miss Daisy® in New Zealand and it now operates across the country. Paul and Ada Nuth, on holiday in New Zealand from the UK, spotted a Daisy car parked on a driveway. Intrigued, Paul immediately grasped the business concept and talked to Jack and Melanie in order to introduce the business into the UK. Following the UK launch in early 2015, Driving Miss Daisy® is firmly established and is expanding rapidly. Do you want to join us and be part of this great success story?


Why should ‘you’ choose a Driving Miss Daisy® franchise? Very few businesses provide you the opportunity to build a profitable £100,000 + business whilst making a dramatic difference to people’s lives in a sector that is untapped with an increasing social need. The services are designed to enable people to maintain independence, self-esteem and to lead their lives to the full. In addition, we are the ‘only’ Companion and Driving Franchise available in the UK and are an Associate Member of the British Franchise Association ( BFA ). In 2018 we increased the number of journeys by 55% to over 53,000 and our franchisees increased their revenue by 75% compared to 2017. A new vehicle was introduced to the UK fleet every 10 days.


You can start a business in a fast growing market A franchisee’s client base encompasses a wide demographic from helping busy working parents get their children to and from school and activities, accompanying an elderly person to a medical appointment, arranging social outings to providing companionship where needed. Whilst Driving Miss Daisy® works across all segments of society, the sector with the greatest need is the ageing population. There are currently 12 million people aged 65 or over in the UK and by 2036, there will be over 20 million people aged 65 and above. When people no longer drive, they can experience isolation and loneliness through lack of independence. Also, there are currently in excess of 12 million people in the UK living with a disability and over 20% of whom report difficulty in finding transportation. The demand comes not only from the clients themselves, but from the sons and daughters in their 30s, 40s and 50s, who juggle careers, a growing family of their own and elderly parents and relatives, who are often not in the same geographical area. This ‘sandwich generation’ are key clients who understand and fully appreciate the service that Driving Miss Daisy® can deliver.

“There is a phenomenal demand for safe, reliable and trusted services such as those provided by Driving Miss Daisy®; we see this every day with our clients.” Chris White


Who are we looking for? First and foremost, we look for people who have the same attitude and mindset; people who want their own business and genuinely care about improving their clients’ lives. We want to get to know you, to understand what motivates you to own your own business and in particular a Driving Miss Daisy® business. You will meet and talk with our Business Development team and together we will evaluate suitability. We want to be sure that Driving Miss Daisy® is the right franchise for you, and that our philosophy and ethos mirrors yours. We have a defined 60-day recruitment process consisting of a series of steps designed to ensure you and Driving Miss Daisy® have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Choosing the right people first time, every time, ensures satisfaction and success for everyone.


What do we provide you with? Our business opportunity offers low start-up costs and is home-based so you will benefit from lower overheads. This presents you with the opportunity to develop a profitable business early on and build equity value. For all new Driving Miss Daisy® franchisees the company provides: • A licence to run your own Driving Miss Daisy® business; a fast-growing brand with a proven track record. • Full training providing you with best-practice, knowledge and expertise to hit the ground running. • A 12-point Support Programme for ongoing growth and development of your franchise. • A comprehensive business system and customer relationship management system including invoicing and reporting capabilities. • A Franchise Resource Pack in an easy reference modular format, to support the successful running of your business. This includes a Driving Manual to ensure the safety, welfare and experience of clients as passengers. • Marketing materials to promote your business and stimulate demand as soon as you are operational. • Support in gaining appropriate private hire licences. • Launch a professional image with dedicated local Facebook Page, business stationery, business cards, letters of introduction. • Website and social media facilities to socialise the brand and your business in your locality. • Ongoing coaching and best practice sharing through regional and national meetings. • A dedicated Client Services Centre team to field the calls from new potential clients in your area, sympathetically taking their requirements and passing the details to you. They act as your dedicated call centre ensuring you don’t miss a lead.

“Driving Miss Daisy® enables us to do some good, have fun benefits some of the most vulnerable people in the commu main thing we look for in our franchisees.” Cherry Simmonds


How else do we support you to grow your business? We realise that when you buy a franchise one of the key benefits is being part of something bigger and the brand we license to you is clearly a very important part of that. That’s why in the coming years we will be investing considerably into the Driving Miss Daisy® brand in a whole manner of ways including national and local PR, relevant advertising especially through Social Media, brand building initiatives in conjunction with the BFA and increasing our Alliances with other organisations. For instance, as a result of these Alliances and collaborations we are able to provide additional services such as patient transport to support GP surgeries and hospitals, home to holiday services for the travel industry, support to social services, residential homes and local authority school transport contracts. Here are a few of the national organisations we work with.

n and make money. We’re creating a sustainable operation that unity. You’ve got to be passionate about helping people - that’s the


The route to getting started Driving Miss Daisy® has 3 Phases (P1, P2 and P3) to take you from your first enquiry to achieving a healthy profit. P1 – Our 60-day selection process from Enquiry to Contract (Franchise Ownership). This is the process of becoming the owner of your Driving Miss Daisy® franchise in your chosen location and normally takes 60 days from the day you have made your first enquiry. A more detailed outline of Phase 1 is on the next page. P2 - Contract to being Operational. This means the date you are legally able to trade which encompasses Local Authority licensing activities, selecting your first vehicle and training. The Driving Miss Daisy® Operations Director and the team lead this process and support you in getting this done. The P2 process is started in earnest once P1 is complete. P3 - Operational to Profit. This encompasses the activities of gathering your first clients. We will have supported you with your marketing activities in your local area around 6 weeks before your Operator’s Licence is issued by the Local Authority. You will have a 12-point Support Programme which, with the UK staff team, will guide you to making a healthy profit in line with your business plan and goals.


Phase 1 explained: Our 60-day selection process In this section we will outline each step of our selection process to ensure complete clarity in terms of what happens after your initial enquiry. Stage 1: Enquiry, first dialogue, provision of information: Day 1 to Day 5 After the initial enquiry we will call you to find out firstly where you are located to make sure we have an available territory, find out your timescales for starting your new business and ascertain suitability for what we do. If this is positive, we will send you our online information pack including Franchise Prospectus. Stage 2: Follow up and opportunity to ask first round of questions: Day 6 One of our Directors will call you to answer your initial questions and find out a bit more about you. Stage 3: First meeting face to face: Day 9 Depending on your location we will meet with you face to face in person or face to face online to get into more detail about our business and conduct our selection interview. You will of course have the opportunity to also ask more questions. Providing both parties wish to move forward we move to Stage 4. Stage 4: Completing the Expression of Interest Form: Day 12 The Expression of Interest Form allows us to capture some key information about you and opens up the opportunity for us to share with you financial information. Stage 5: Sharing financial information such as cash flow and profit estimates: Day 15 This can be done face to face in person or face to face online depending on your location. We will always attempt to meet with you in person. Stage 6: Issue of territory proposal: Day 22 We will provide you with a proposed territory map based on electoral wards and population size. Stage 7: Agreement on territory: Day 24 We will expect to finalise the territory with you so we can move to a formal offer of the franchise. Stage 8: Franchise Offer and request deposit: Day 25 We will confirm by email that we are formally offering you a franchise and request a deposit to secure the territory to be paid within 5 days. Stage 9: Issue of Draft Franchise Agreement: Day 32 We will issue you with the Draft Franchise Agreement along with a list of recommended franchise lawyers and a Frequently Asked Questions document to send to the lawyer. You now have a maximum of 28 days to complete your legal due diligence. Stage 10: Finalise agreement: Day 60 Upon finalising the agreement the balance of the Franchise Fee is due and bound printed copies of the Franchise Agreement will be sent to you for signature.

Welcome to the Driving Miss DaisyÂŽ Team!


Additional considerations • Driving Miss Daisy® has secured competitive finance packages with financial institutions to assist with setting up your business and, if required, these options can be explored with you. • You will require a liveried, fit-for-purpose vehicle for your services which will normally be purchased by you. Driving Miss Daisy® works with you to deliver the option you want and organises the livery of the car. You may collect your car from the Client Services Centre or your car may be delivered to you depending on the package you choose. • Your Driving Miss Daisy® uniform is ordered in a timely way to be ready for operational launch. • Your fee provides you with the marketing materials required to launch and start your business, and you may decide to supplement these materials with other items. • Working capital as per your individual business plan. • Local Authority fees for registering as a Licensed Operator, licensing your vehicle and becoming a Licensed Driver.


What do our franchisees say? Mark Jones and Sharon Hunt, Barnstaple, North Devon Mark worked as a Software Developer, Application Support Analyst and IT Manager prior to semi-retiring in April 2017. His partner Sharon worked as an Administrator for a local College for over 20 years and gave that up to be a Bookkeeper two years ago.   Sharon and Mark have always been interested in running their own business and they were gently looking around when they stumbled across Driving Miss Daisy®. It immediately grabbed their interest with the concept and how they could make a difference to people’s lives in their community which would be personally rewarding as well as satisfying their ambition of running their own business.  Why did you go down the franchise route? What made you choose your industry? And why did you choose Driving Miss Daisy®?  Mark explains: “ We were always suspicious of franchises and were a bit sceptical until we had our initial talks with one of the Directors. He reassured us that it would not be a case of handing over your money and then you get on with it and that has not been the case for sure.  As we had never run a business before we wanted the reassurance of the experience and know-how to rely on. We knew we could make use of all that advice and backing as well as the strong and growing brand. There were also all the ideas, processes and concepts to follow which were structured and relatively easy to grasp and all we had to do was put the effort in and make it happen. We were also introduced to other franchisees who were successful and were only too willing to provide support and advice as well.  We were only too well aware of how many start-up businesses fail in their first year so we wanted to be part of something that was already a success. The reason we chose this industry was because we felt that we could give something back to the community and do something that is personally rewarding as well as providing us with an income.  The reason we chose Driving Miss Daisy® was because of the concept and strong brand and because it was becoming more successful. We are also treating this as an investment as we hope to grow our business into something that will truly be a good proposition for someone else to take on when we come to retire. Our plans for the future are to scale up and have Daisy cars situated in strategic parts of our area so that we can better serve the whole of North Devon instead of just  Barnstaple and the surrounding areas.”  What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to buy their first franchise?     “Only take up a franchise if you know exactly what you can lose and you can cope with that. Don’t risk everything! “


What do our franchisees say? Cont. Sarah Webb, Bath, Somerset Sarah was working as a self-employed Forest School Leader for 9 years and her husband has a bathroom design and installation business. Why did you go down the franchise route? What made you choose your industry? And why did you choose Driving Miss Daisy®?  “We were initially interested in the concept of the business, introduced to us by a friend. It sounded like a good opportunity and I wanted any future business ventures that we were involved in to have a heart with benefit to our community as well as provide financial gain. That was the first hook; the second was the attraction of franchising and the wealth of back up support that comes with it. We were not ‘going it alone’, and that somehow felt like less of a risk.    We are still in our first year, but were encouraged by early interest after we first started and really appreciate the safety blanket of being part of a larger organisation. We are confident that the business is meaningful and viable. What has changed our life the most is connecting with our amazing, appreciative clients".  In your opinion, what makes a successful franchisee? “What makes a successful franchisee is someone who is 100% committed to the ethos of the business and is willing to put 100% into it. It is taking every opportunity to tell people about the service, talking to a vast range of people in a vast range of circumstances on an on-going basis in the hope that your brand will become a household name. It is delivering a quality service and always striving to be innovative and make improvements. It is listening to constructive feedback and celebrating the positives.   What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to buy their first franchise?    "Speak to a range of other people who have established their franchises and ask them the very same question!" 


What do our franchisees say? Cont. Rachel & Julian Staddon, Bersted Park, West Sussex Originally from the UK, Rachel and Julian went to South Africa on honeymoon in 1989 and ended up staying for 29 years! Julian worked internationally for oil and gas companies as a Health & Safety Consultant; Rachel has worked in marketing, logistics and latterly ran her own “Virtual Assistant” company along with two close friends. They decided to move back to the UK to be closer to their elderly parents, who have a few health issues especially as both their kids have flown the nest.  Why did you go down the franchise route? What made you choose your industry? And why did you choose Driving Miss Daisy®?  Rachel: “As we are both over 50 and our productive business life is limited, we didn’t want to waste time reinventing the wheel. We wanted a business model that we could both work at using our different skill sets in what we believe to be a market segment with huge potential for growth and working with people that give us a great ‘feel good’ factor. The ethos of Driving Miss Daisy® appealed to us and from the outset the positive and helpful attitude shown by the UK Leadership Team meant that getting our franchise up and running went quite smoothly after we’d done some research and selected our area of operation.”   In your opinion, what makes a successful franchisee?     “Passion & belief in what you do. Your driver companions are your business, so take great care to select the right ones! Not being afraid to expand when the opportunity arises.” What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to buy their first franchise?   “You need to be passionate about what you decide to get into – if you don’t believe in the business it’s going to be difficult to make it a success! Do your market research to find a suitable area.  Check what support and ongoing back up the parent company offer.” 


What do our franchisees say? Cont. Nigel Stead, Ipswich,Suffolk Nigel previously worked predominantly across the South East in regional operational roles leading teams in retail and government funded training organisations, such as Woolworths, Sainsburys and Learndirect. He enjoys working with people and delivering great customer service to help grow a business.  Why did you go down the franchise route? What made you choose your industry? And why did you choose Driving Miss Daisy®?  “I wanted to have a business with a USP and recognisable brand and knowing people in the care sector and the growing older population this is an area that will only increase in coming years.”  In your opinion, what makes a successful franchisee?    "Passion + persistence, ideally with customers as the priority!"  What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to buy their first franchise?   "Look into the concept – and ideally its USP – and the value you can bring: why should people come to you?  Set your goals and persist as YOU can make the difference." 


What do our franchisees say? Cont. Ann Overdijking, Glasgow, East Renfrewshire Ann lives in the south side of Glasgow and is a mother of two. She had previously been involved in the franchise sector for 7 years as the Business Development Manager at whichfranchise.com, and so had a thorough understanding of the industry before starting her research. Why did you go down the franchise route? What made you choose your industry? And why did you choose Driving Miss Daisy®?  “I like being part of something bigger and I felt it was the best way to help me get into business without going through the painful phase of a new start-up. I know my strengths lie in my ability to market, promote, sell and support the management of a business, not in being the entrepreneur to start it all. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are important to me, and the people in my working life need to have the same values as me. I like doing things that make a difference to people’s life experiences and I want to work alongside people who have this desire to make a difference. Driving Miss Daisy® exudes this and everyone I have met totally reflects these values. Also, having spent many years in the franchise industry I know Driving Miss Daisy® is a totally unique franchise opportunity in the UK and the idea of being the first franchisee in Scotland also really excited me. Finally Driving Miss Daisy® offers me an opportunity as small or large as I want through the flexibility to scale the business. I can have 1 or 10 vehicles operating in my territory.” In your opinion, what makes a successful franchisee?    “That’s easy, someone who understands that although you are in business for yourself, you are not by yourself. You have to put the effort in to get the business going, gather clients, market yourself with the knowledge there is always support at hand and to use that support when you need it. So you do need to be willing to learn and listen to the advice from others and not try and reinvent the wheel. After all that’s surely one of the reasons why people buy a franchise right? “ What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to buy their first franchise?    “In my role with whichfranchise.com, I attended every franchise exhibition in the UK for a period of 5 years. I knew of every franchise opportunity available in the UK, both ethical and unethical opportunities. This felt right to me. So do your research, ask lots of questions and don’t ignore your gut feel. Does it feel the right thing to do? Do I want to be in business with the people running the company ( the franchisor ). Are their ethics and values like mine? Can I get on with them?“


What do our franchisees say? Cont. Alastair Cameron & Katherine Eglington, Great Malvern, Worcestershire Alastair and Katherine were both involved in the events industry, mostly related to Olympic and Commonwealth Games but also World Championships and regional events. After getting married in 2011 and having a child in 2013 they decided to change direction. Why did you go down the franchise route? What made you choose your industry? And why did you choose Driving Miss Daisy®? "We liked the idea of being part of a bigger picture, a brand. Driving Miss Daisy® was not that well established when we began, in that there were not a lot of franchises, we were number seven I think. We looked at it from the point of just setting up a similar type of business but we felt there was strength in numbers and the numbers have grown. I don’t think we chose an industry as much as we chose this company and it happened to be in the public transport industry. Some of the other franchises I had looked at were in the travel industry which I like and have a fair amount of experience and was then looking at the alternative options. With Driving Miss Daisy® we liked it and after due diligence went with it. We did not look at brands within the vehicle-based franchise sector. As I said above, this really appealed to our own personal outlook on life." In your opinion, what makes a successful franchisee? "Three key things spring to mind. Personal satisfaction, financial success and good support from Head office." What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to buy their first franchise? "You have to work hard to make it work. Don’t think you can just buy a business and stick someone else in it to make it happen for you."


The Driving Miss Daisy® Leadership Team Greg Blezard

Gavin Pell


Finance Commercial Technology

Chris White

Cherry Simmonds

National Franchise Sales

Operations Client Services Training & Support

John Overdijking​ Regional Franchise Sales Marketing Alliances

The Next Step If you have read this far and your enthusiasm and interest are firing on all cylinders, you sound like the type of person we would love to talk to. Your next step is to contact Driving Miss Daisy® or the person who sent you this Prospectus to arrange a time to ask your questions (Stage 2 in our 60-day selection process).

We look forward to hearing from you!


Franchise Prospectus

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"A unique, rewarding & profitable opportunity in a rapidly growing market"

0333 014 6211


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Driving Miss Daisy Franchise Prospectus  

Driving Miss Daisy® empowers many people to lead more independent lives through the provision of companionship, transport and social engagem...

Driving Miss Daisy Franchise Prospectus  

Driving Miss Daisy® empowers many people to lead more independent lives through the provision of companionship, transport and social engagem...