New York, NY, US

Drive Smart Warranty was founded in 2016 and is based in Toms River, New Jersey. The company started small but increased from a small local business to a national leader in extended vehicle protection plans. DriveSmart has stayed true to its original goal: to stay true to the company's business values and offer customers a vehicle coverage service that saves them money on car repairs and maintenance. Drive Smart meets the needs of a broader range of drivers by offering three high-quality ways to cover your car's warranty. There's the Voyager Plan, which is suitable for people on a budget, the Traveler's Plan, which covers everything, and the Traveler's Max protection plan, which has all the same benefits as the Traveler's Plan but doesn't cover regular vehicle maintenance. These solutions with added value are made to fit the customer's budget, the condition of their vehicle, or their need to travel for a long time.