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Jan.- Feb. 2018

Tote Bags How to plan, make & customize



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Plus a design sheet to get you started!

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Plan, Make & Customize the Best Totes Ever Are you ready?! By doing a few thoughtful things, you can take your sewing projects up a notch, and really pack them with personality! First, you’ll need a solid plan of action. To get you started, we’ve got a simple tool to help you organize your design ideas and materials.Next, brush up on tote-making basics following our easy sewing tutorial. Finally – and here’s the really fun part – bring your design ideas to life using creative combinations of Dritz® hardware and finishes, paired with beautiful canvas fabric. You’ve got unlimited options when it comes to mixing and matching our fasteners and hardware, and making bags that truly are one-of-akind fashion accessories!



Use our sketches as a guide. For each bag, pick your fabric and attach a swatch to the design sheet. Pick hardware and a handle material that complements the color, feel and style of the fabric’s pattern. Draw out placement and make notes.

Fabric Swatches

The Details Sketch It Out

Do you like our design sheet? Print a free copy for yourself!




using Drit

Make a simple sewing tote bag!

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tzÂŽ hardware

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Use a sew-on magnetic snap to close your tote.

Pick a thread that pops with your fabric to sew on the snap & leather label.

Add a colorful pompom using a small swivel hook and D-ring.

Magnetic snaps are easy to apply & super functional.

Overall buckles make clever strap fasteners.

Add a fun corduroy pocket to front of bag.

Use boning to provide structure on the top of your bag.

Leather side detail & lots of hardware adds impact.

Fashion D-rings add sophistication to your tote bag.

bag 13

Carabiners & white fashion grommets add a cool, unique detail at the pocket and strap.

A denim flap helps the front pocket stand out.

An off-center pocket with a rivet detail is perfect for holding your cell phone.

Add a fob to your bag for an “original� detail. Triangle rings create a space on the front of the bag to hang sunglasses.

An interior tab with a D-ring is perfect for hanging your keys or other accessories.

Boning adds structure to the sides & top of your bag.

Apply eyelets to add a unique pattern to the front of your bag.

Add a leather tassel to match your straps using a swivel hook.

Add rivets to enhance the design of your fabric. Rectangle rings add strap details.

Shorten your totes for a more petite, square footprint.

Strapping down full front picks up the blue color in the fabric.

Use triangle rings to attach multiple accessories to the front.

Use fobs & tassels to decorate your bag.

Add foam for extra padding & support.

Apply heavy duty grommets for added detail.

Add rivets to accent the design in the fabric.

bag 12

Trim pockets with fold-over elastic in a color that accenuates your fabric.

Expandable mesh pocket is ideal for carrying a water bottle.

Add suspender/mitten clips to attach your straps.

Placing 2 D-rings together adds dimension.

Give your tote an asymmetrical look by using D-rings on only one side.

Extend the strap belting the full length of the bag.

A denim corner accent creates feature space for a leather label.

Add detail to your straps with lots of hardware & cotton belting tabs.

bag 14

Carabiners, grommets & rivets are a fun way to attach the strap.

Take your basic tote & create a fold-over bag with the help of a couple grommets & a carabiner closure.

Rivets add a fun detail on the straps.

Make the straps longer so you can hold taller items in your bag.

Add a leather strap detail to the top of your bag.

Screw-together grommets add a classy touch.

A foam interior gives the bag body.

Mix metal finishes for a modern look.

Rivets add a nice detail on the side seams.

Box the corners for a different look.

The gray strapping complements the colors in the fabric.

Add fashion grommets that match your fabric colors.

A parachute buckle adds an edgy element.

Add a detachable & adjustable strap for a multi-use tote.

Pick a strapping that contrasts the color of your fabric.

Tabs with triangle rings on either side of the bag creates an easy attachment for your strap.

Grommets add a unique detail to the front pockets.

Rectangle rings & rivets are perfect for attaching the leather straps.

Give your bag a high-end look by adding a leather strap with a buckle across the front.

Tab closures make fun strap details.

Use strapping that pops against your fabric.

A press lock adds a functional, stylish closure.

Canvas Fabric


We used Art Gallery Fabrics 100% cotton canvas for all of our tote bags. The hand/weight of this canvas proved perfect for our totes because it is not too flimsy, nor too heavy. And those designs! Their broad assortment of canvas designs really delivered – honestly, we had no idea when we started this project how many bags we would make ‌ it is addicting!

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DIY Tote Bags  

How to plan, make & customize the best totes ever! We have all the tools and inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing for your n...

DIY Tote Bags  

How to plan, make & customize the best totes ever! We have all the tools and inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing for your n...