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“World Outside Is Demanding, Get Up & Be Capable Of It” Page : 02 Patron: Dr. K.S. Verma

New Perks And Promises For The Meritorious According to the new B. Tech ordinance on KNIT website, some new provisions are there for the meritorious students:  Vice Chancellor's Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for first three overall toppers of the institute.  Institute's Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for first three toppers in each branch of engineering.  Kamla Nehru Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for first three overall toppers among the girl students of the institute.  Any other medal instituted by staff of the institute and/or eminent person of the society.


August, 2013

Voice Of KNIT

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Convener: Dr. Deependra Singh

CONDOLENCE We inform you all sadly that the KNIT family has lost a beloved member; late Mr. Pramod Tiwari (Civil Engg. 2006-10). He passed away on 21st July, following an accident while going to Agra. He was brought to AMU medical college (Aligarh) but he gave in to his injuries. Most dearly known for his kindness towards everyone whether junior or senior, his Bhojpuri comments for every situation and his simplicity and composure, he had been a big contributor to the Literary Council of the institute. Known for his sweet smile & helping nature, he shall always be missed by all KNITians associated with him. May his soul rest in peace and his family have the strength to bear this loss. We would also like to tell that he was singlehandedly bearing all the responsibilities of his family. His father had met with an accident recently and his left hand is not working, and he was planning for the marriage of his two sisters. His family has also suffered the loss of his younger brother before. So, all those interested in contributing for him, in order to support his family may v i s i t : 4966069.

Page : 07 Concept By: Ms.Mohini Gupta

DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming first year students of B. tech and MCA to the Institute. You all must be aware that K.N.I.T. carries a rich and varied legacy of fulfilling technical man-power needs not only at national level but also at a global scale. All this has been possible by the scholarly guidance of our faculty and the hard work and perseverence of our students. Our alumni are doning mantle at not only public sector undertakings but also hold top designations in the corporate world. I earnestly wish that you will all learn a lot from your seniors by maintaining an amicable bonding with them. You are a part of this institution now, so you Dr. K.S.Verma, Director, KNIT Sultanpur should leave no stones unturned to elevate its standards to glorious heights. Your discipline, honesty and dedication to the academic pursuits will go a long way in making us proud of you all along.We are going to get huge World Bank Assistance very soon that will be utilised in turning up our class-rooms into smart class-rooms, modernize our laboratories at a big scale and in building some elegant infrastructure to bolster our academic synergy in the long run. Therefore, arise, awake and march to your sublime goals for a bright future.


By Sonali Srivastava, M.E. Final Year

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I am immensely delighted to welcome the fresher batch here. The institute primarily endeavours to promote your ideas and talent so you should all be full of energy, new thoughts and have the Dr. A.S.Pandey zeal to learn, and evolve into excellent technocrats. Keeping in view the global recession, you must start preparing yourself right from the beginning. Keep yourself indulged in productive activities and stay away from distractions. Try to become versatile, make yourself tough and wellprepared from this very moment for the challenges that wait for you in the future. Interaction is an important aspect of engineering, take help from your seniors, faculty and alumni. Likewise, the seniors should come forward to help your juniors, and make the best out of this sojourn with KNIT. Try to give your maximum so that you get the maximum in return and make us proud. I wish the very best future for one and all.

CONVENOR’S MESSAGE A warm welcome to all the new family members of KNIT. Continuous efforts for achieving transparent administration are being made. A new bank (Bank of Baroda) has been opened in the campus to provide better facilities to the employees and students. The students are supposed to Dr. Deependra support the administration in Singh bridging the gap between the institute and the students for better environment in the college. The facilities in hostels and classrooms shall also be improved shortly. 24 hour clean drinking water supply has been provided recently. Many more changes are likely to be come in the near future. We are trying to provide the best working environment to the students and the staff, so that they can maximize their efficiency to the fullest and give their best. So, I wish the very best of luck to all the new and old ones, for the coming session.We shall all make KNIT proud.

The Waning KNIT Wireless Network After providing a pleasant service in odd semester 2012-2013 KNIT wireless network has eventually dwarfed last semester leading to many inconveniences and dissatisfaction among the students. The wireless network had a good response earlier but some problem had erupted last semester that constricted the access to the network. Students earlier surfed internet for reading assorted topics from Wikipedia, watching lectures of foreign universities and IITs for various topics on NPTEL, Youtube and various other sites for entertainment which became inaccessible due to lack of bandwidth and weaker signals. The common question arising in everyone's mind has since then been the reason of the downfall of KNIT wireless network. ''Bhai net aa raha hai kya?'' was one of the most spoken phrases in the boys hostel after 5 p.m in the last odd semester. Soon it became a room topic and a frequently asked question among the technocrats, but the doubt remained doubt, students could neither get an answer nor a solution until finally the proxy server method was employed to cater to the needs. To find the answer of this most asked question we approached Professor Sameer Srivastava, H.O.D, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Dr. K S Verma, Director of the institution, and Mr. Pawan Kumar, System administrator, KNIT Wi-Fi. Although a very fine answer could not be found out but as concluded by us from their words the problem actually occurred in the firewall of KNIT Wireless Network, implementation of the proxy server by the management could also be one of the reasons of its feebleness. However proxy server is meant to increase the security of the network, to speed up the access to internet and to safeguard the network from malware. It can also control the bandwidth of the network and thus allows the management to block certain websites. Many students also think that improper installation of the proxy server may also be one of the possible reasons. Nevertheless, according to Sameer Sir, it shall be back to normal condition in the coming session 2013-2014. The wireless service has once again been started in the hostels and although with some hitches its up and giving good facility to the students. Let's hope that as this semester passes by we will once again get to use our good old KNIT WiFi without the proxy settings as smoothly as we did before.

Where Are We Lacking?? ''beta kaabil banne ke liye padho. Excellence ke peeche bagho, success s**li jhak maar ek peechhe aaegi'' We all remember this famous quote from Baba Ranchhodaas Chaanchad but we don't seem to be following it by heart. The goal of studies has slowly narrowed down to the sole aim of getting placed or getting a good package. But unfortunately we KNITians seem to be falling short at achieving even that. This statement can be justified by the dropping number of placements in the institute. As we all know that the total number of students placed at TCS (mass recruiter) dropped to a half in the previous academic year as compared to the year before and is further expected to drop even more this year. So the big question to be answered by everybody is 'where are we actually LACKING?' Team DrishtICONe attempts here to find an answer to this question in this article. It is a serious issue to ponder over that in spite of having such a highly qualified, devoted and regular faculty do we lack the required technical knowhow that most of the students passing out from KNIT face problems of employment. It is also a fact to be considered that our institution is regularly getting top rankers from UPSEE and also producing top rankers of GBTU, and prestigious exams such as GATE. But despite of all these merits, placements in our college is depreciating. When it comes to the causes of such decline, there are few which strike our minds on the first note namely, the location of the college and exposure level of the students. It is quite a contradiction that our college is regarded as one of the elite engineering colleges among the premier technical institutions, yet we are less known in the corporate sector. One of the common replies which our TPO representative get from the companies when they approach them for placement requests is 'Where is KNIT Sultanpur?' To investigate the cause of such a response we had a conversation with one of the TPRs and the facts which came to light were:  Very less participation by the students in national/international level fests, sponsored by the big names of the corporate world.  Ratio of winning to participation in these fests is very low.  Failing to get sponsorships from renowned companies of the industry for the fests we organize.  Final year projects are not in accordance with the industry.  No provision for Internships and consequently no Pre Placement Offers (PPOs). College fests and internships are a good medium of our interaction with the industry which is not prevalent in our institute. The present scenario demands excellent marketing strategies to make ourselves noticed and we lack behind in this aspect from others which are although of the same calibre as we are, but are doing better than us. So it's high time, we should pull up our sleeves and work towards rectifying these lacunae. The college requires a synergy of efforts from the administration and the students. The need of the hour is that students must develop the zeal to come forward make the industry feel their presence on large platforms so as to improve the conditions of placement in the college.

World Outside Is Demanding, Get Up & Be Capable Of It

N a m e V i b h u t i S h a l i

A g e 2 2 y e a r s

H i g h S c h o o l B i s h o p C o n r a d S e n i o r S e c o n d a r y S c h o o l , ( 9 1 % )

I n t e r m e d i a t e B i s h o p C o n r a d S e n i o r S e c o n d a r y S c h o o l , ( 8 9 % )

B . T e c h . I n C o m p u t e r S c i e n c e & E n g g . F r o m K N I T S u l t a n p u r ( A g g 7 8 % )

Y e a r 2 0 0 8 2 0 1 2

P r e s e n t l y a t I n d i a n I n s t i t u t e o f S c i e n c e , B a n g a l o r e p u r s u i n g h e r M . E . Ms. Vibhuti Shali Q u e s . W h o o r w h a t i n s p i r e s y o u t o a c h i e v e a l l w h a t y o u d e s i r e ? C.S.(2008-2012)

A n s . M y p a r e n t s . I t ' s a f a c t n o t h i n g i n t h e w o r l d c a n i n s p i r e y o u t h e m o s t y o u r p a r e n t s d o . O f c o u r s e t h e r e a r e m a n y d r i v i n g f o r c e s b e h i n d b u t y e s m o m , d a d a r e t h e b e s t .

Q u e s . W h a t i s y o u r s u c c e s s m a n t r a ?

A n s . W e l l s u c c e s s m a n t r a , n o t h i n g v e r y m u c h s p e c i f i c b u t y e s a m v e r y m u c h g o a l o r i e n t e d . B e i n g g o a l o r i e n t e d m a k e s m e f o c u s m o r e t o w a r d s m y s u c c e s s r a t h e r t h a n l e t t i n g m y m i n d

m o v e h e r e n d t h e r e .

Q u e s . W h a t t y p e o f c h a n g e s d i d y o u f a c e a f t e r y o u r c o l l e g e l i f e ?

A n s . I t w a s e n t i r e l y a d i f f e r e n t w o r l d t o m o v e o n t o . A f t e r b e i n g i n s u c h a s m a l l t o w n a n d g e t t i n g a d j u s t e d t o c h a n g e s h e r e i n S u l t a n p u r f o r f o u r m a g n i f i c e n t y e a r s o f m y l i f e , i t w a s f a i r l y

m u c h d i f f i c u l t t o a d j u s t i n t o w n s c i t i e s l i k e D e l h i a n d P u n e . I h a d p r e v i o u s l y w o r k e d f o r 6 m o n t h s a t D e l h i a n d f o r 3 m o n t h s a t P u n e i n a f i r m . S o a l l I c o u l d s a y w i t h a c h a n g e o f e n v i r o n m e n t

i t w a s e n t i r e l y d i f f i c u l t a n d s o m u c h h a r d t o a d j u s t .

Q u e s . W h a t b r i n g s y o u b a c k i n K N I T c a m p u s ?

A n s . T r u l y s a y i n g I r e t u r n e d b a c k f o r g e t t i n g m y d e g r e e b a c k . B u t d e f i n i t e l y b e c a u s e I m i s s e d m y a l m a m a t e r i t f o r c e d m e t o c o m e b a c k t o t h e c a m p u s t h a t s h a p e d m y l i f e . I l o n g e d t o

m e e t m y j u n i o r s a n d m y b e l o v e d t e a c h e r s t o o .

Q u e s . D o y o u w a n t t o s h a r e y o u r a n y m o m e n t s t h a t y o u s p e n t i n K N I T ? A n y e x p e r i e n c e t h a t w a s e v e r l a s t i n g ?

A n s . Y e s t h e r e a r e l o t s o f m o m e n t s t o b e s h a r e d . T h e d a y s w e s p e n t h e r e , w e r e m a g n i f i c e n t . N o d o u b t w e d i d a l o t o f m a s t i a n d f u n h e r e . T h e r e a r e m a n y e x p e r i e n c e s t h a t w e r e

e v e r l a s t i n g . W h e t h e r i t b e t h e C S A o r t h e h o s t e l r o o m , w h e t h e r i t b e p a r a g o r t h e c o l l e g e c a m p u s , e v e r y t h i n g m a d e a n e v e r l a s t i n g i m p r e s s i o n . W e w e r e l i k e s t r e e t s r o a m e r s , w h o j u s t

p o p p e d o u t o f t h e h o s t e l a s s o o n a s w e g o t a c h a n c e t o . A n d y e s h o w c a n w e f o r g e t a b o u t o u r b l i s s f u l t e c h n o . I t g a v e u s l o t s o f e v e r l a s t i n g m e m o r i e s t o o .

Q u e s . W h a t w a s t h e e n v i r o n m e n t o f t h e c o m p a n y y o u w e r e w o r k i n g a t ?

A n s . I t w a s e n t i r e l y p r o f e s s i o n a l . E n t i r e l y a d i f f e r e n t w o r l d f r o m c o l l e g e . H e r e w e u s e d t o s i t i d l y f o r h o u r s a n d w a s t e l o t s o f t i m e j u s t g o s s i p i n g a n d d o i n g u s e l e s s s t u f f . B u t a t t h e j o b , i t s

h i g h l y p r o f e s s i o n a l a n d t i m e o r i e n t e d .

Q u e s . I s t h e r e a n y a d v i c e y o u w a n t t o p a s s o n t o y o u r j u n i o r K N I T i a n s r e g a r d i n g a c a d e m i c s a n d c o m p e t i t i o n s ?

A n s . Y e s , n o d o u b t i n t h a t I w o u l d l i k e t o a s w e l l . I t ' s a h u m b l e r e q u e s t t o a l l m y j u n i o r s t o p l e a s e , p l e a s e l e a v e y o u r u s e l e s s s t u f f a n d s t a r t f o c u s i n g m o r e o n t h e c o m p e t i t i o n s y o u a r e

g o i n g t o f a c e . I t ' s n o t b e e n t o o l a t e y e t . J u s t g e t r i d o f t h e l a z i n e s s y o u h a v e a s s o o n a s p o s s i b l e . B e c a u s e i t m i g h t b e t h e l a s t c h a n c e f o r y o u t o s h o w y o u r s e l f t o t h e w o r l d . G A T E a n d C A T

a r e s u c h e x a m s t h a t r e q u i r e n o t o n l y k n o w l e d g e o f y o u r s t r e a m b u t a l s o h o w y o u r m i n d w o r k s e x a c t l y . T h e w o r l d o u t s i d e i s a d e m a n d i n g w o r l d . S o g e t u p a n d m a k e y o u r s e l f c a p a b l e o f i t .

Q u e s . A t t h e e n d , w h a t a r e y o u r f u t u r e g o a l s a n d a s p i r a t i o n s ?

A n s . I t ' s j u s t I w a n t t o g o f o r r e s e a r c h a n d P h . D . i t s o v e r f o r m e . A f t e r m y M . E , m y p l a n i s t o g e t c l o s e r f o r m y r e s e a r c h a p p r o a c h .

A TEACHER AND A LEARNER TOO - Kriti Singh, C.S., II year “The whole art of teaching is the only art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it after wards.” -ANATOLE FRANCE Since time immemorial we have faced much debate on topics of teaching and learning. But still they go ultimately unconcluded over.Man is ultimate living being with a sense of intelligence. The hours need is to have a healthy conclusion on the debating topic of how teachers would teach and how students would learn. It is this that teaching and learning go hand in hand.Being in KNIT, I realised a lot of amendments need to be made, regarding teaching as well as learning. No doubt we have excellent and knowledgeable faculty but the only defect is lack of proper attention towards studies. In a classy environment like the one that exits here, we need to focus more on learning than just studying. In this era of competitions and struggle, we are to move in such a way that not only we succeed, we are admired too. Knowledge is something which can only be gained when you have a keen student and a praiseworthy, intellectual guider in front of you.

“It is not enough for teachers to be interested in the students they are teaching. It's

imperative about that they would be curious about the world around them.” Yes it's truly true. If you are a good teacher then no doubt you can make students shine by just simply getting interest in them and their environment. What's wrong in becoming a student yourself, AGAIN! Yes, there is nothing wrong in it. A student cum teacher is a great combination of its own. The most significant way to let students listen and understand you is to get totally involved in their environment. In KNIT, as a vision teaching is given more importance and privilege than excellence and enhancement in knowledge. Excellence is what that counts more than learning. We need to have a broader perspective for leading us towards success. The editors do not intentionally want to point out any folly out of the college administration or management. They just want to bring out the brighter side that is being ignored. KNIT is brighter place and definitely we can make it the brightest by just putting slightest of the efforts we can. Not only management or teachers need to be reformed but also there are changes that need to be brought out to be within the students and their management. As the editors pen down, they just wish that the idea, the thought they arose will definitely bring a fire of change, a revolution around

IS IT ABILITY THAT COUNTS? - Shreya Agarwal, C.S., IInd Year

LIFE OF AN ENGINEER By Vishwajeet Srivastava, C.S., IInd Year Sun shines in the morning, after he permits Stars twinkle in night, because he likes it, He changes the nature of 'THE NATURE' because, he is almighty, alike as a creator. He sleeps less & wakes more, He talks less & thinks more, because his success is sure, with blessings odour. He walks like a beat of life, He flies like the sound of life, he suppresses every strife, with great happiness and thrive. Crystal clear future ,with a lot of glories, sacrifised his life all memories. his face was shining with inexplicable smile, but heart was crying in mourning style. Though, spreading fragnance like a rose, she hurts him, whom he was very close. She was the sun of his carrier , making him bright & removing , all his barrier. But what about that, which she missed, & his heart which she kicked. At last, loneliness in life without her, This is nothing, but the true story of an 'ENGINEER'.


By Utpreksha Verma, I.T., IInd Year “Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely” -ADOLF HITLER. Limits are the boundations that restrain the real The amnesty international and people union for civil liberties has surveyed and concluded that in the existing scenario , carrying out the responsibilities towards various job sectors, fulfilling its rules and norms, have been overruled.Today the leading industrialists, educationists, activists have proved the fact that “ politics not necessary posses a system but in the system, politics governs”. The innovations, inventions, infrastructural and educational development beings on its peak, still are sections which are considered to be under dev eloped in India on part of application. Inspiring words of A. P. J ABDUL KALAM echoes: “Able and capable are the words with same endings but defines personality differently.An average worker is also able to do work but capable, is the dictator.”The inspiring words only echoes and have lost its smile and light.The concept of equality has lost its existence.Reservations were given importance in our country to create and provide opportunities to especially the backward section of the society.It did not aimed at fulfilling personal interest of any individual at power.Reservations have been slaughtering the hearts and hands of many capable individual , ultimately to establishments of graveyards of aspirations.Nothing today is left which does not have a price tag.Yes in education also it is not necessary tohave a degree or merits but to have relationsin family of highmerits. Amidst lucrative materials, magazines manifest the real picture of the globalized and revolutionized world in which bribery is practiced.Bribery is a stain on the society built on humanitarian values.It is the real enemy of ability. It is a mirror to the fact that “no, ability does not count everytime. “ Professor Shibbanlal Saxena , freedom fighter who was involved in the Quit India movement said that appealing in the court for justice was applicable to the people who are wealthy or who can move heaven and earth, but the common section will not be able to avail themselves. Not only education, throwing lights on the Indian air force the death of JAGJIT SINGH DALIWAL h as raised many questions. WAS HE NOT CAPABLE ?The answer is- HE WAS, that's why he was a captain, but due to mismanagement and negligence towards the infrastructure of the air gadgets by the government , he paid and many every year pay for government negotiation.India ranks second in the plane crashes. Proper management , abolition of bribery are the invention in waiting. India is a sovereign secular,and democratic republic .Constitution should not be ink on the paper, but should facilitate actions which are need of hour .

‘ABHINANDAN’ KNIT brimmed with pride and honour; welcomed its gems who have secured good position in Civil Services Examination-2012, bringing the laurels back to their alma mater and hereby encouraged them to provide inspiration to the coming engineers of tomorrow. We heartly welcomed, Mr. Gaurav Singh (Electronics Engineering)-IAS rank-190, Mr. Amit Prakash Yadav (Mecahnical Engineering)-IAS rank-105 and Mr. Ashutosh Mohale (Computer Science and Engineering)-IAS rank-569. On the pious occasion of Engineers Day and in honour of our seniors who secured such a good position th in Civil Services, KNIT organised a tribute to the engineers hereby organising a 'Kavi Sammelan' on 14 august. So the folks were ready to awaken their poetic sense as KNIT brought down one of the most awaited moments. This program was conducted in the presence of the veteran poets Dinesh Raghuvanshi (Faridabad), Ravindra Johny (Rajasthan),Mumtaz Naseen (Delhi), Ashok Charan th

(Rajasthan) and Surya Kumar Pandey (Lucknow). This program was conducted on 14 August at the KNIT, Sultanpur campus, therefore giving all of us a magnificent experience.

capabilities of a person. In India carrier is money oriented not talent oriented. Each and every profession must be respected and economically supported by the country. For a definite person only one carrier option is worth but in our country where poverty and illiteracy stretched its hands up to great extent, people use their abilities only to earn money keeping their dreams beside. Socrates, Aristotle taught the world the lesson of philosophy. Right now India is a country with degrading moral values. Corruption and crimes are leading the country. Our country needs philosophers who lead the path from ignorance to knowledge. Indian history is the landmark in the world's history but presently there are only 28 archaeologists in India. We praise Indian history but what we are going to contribute remains only as a question. Michelangelo was considered the greatest living artist in his lifetime, and ever since then he has been held to be one of the greatest artist of all time. Presently why our country is not able to produce any Michelangelo. Art is dying in India there is a burning need of artist who portrait the legendary Indian culture. Shakespeare, Dickens, Tolstoy are the great writers who influenced the world by their extraordinary literary skills. Literature of India is like ocean wide and deep. India needs literary writers who explore the great Indian literature. Cinema is a field of expression of art and human lives. Oscar winning movies and artists belong to Hollywood because Indian cinema is nowadays selling cinema, it need great artists to reach the excellence. History of India includes some great people like Rabindra Nath Tagore, MotherTeresa, Tansen, Gautama Buddha, Mahavir Jain, C.V.Raman, Har Gobind Khorana, Amartya Sen, V.S.Naipaul but why present India is lacking capabilities. Scope for excellence never ends the need is to open the shackles who know that the future India produce great people with great thoughts whose efforts become the landmark in Indian history. Need is to adopt creative approach. When a person responds in a new way he should be valued. Creativity is the quality that you bring into the activity you are doing. It is an inner approach how you look at the things. The work ethic is a hangover from the past. It has to be dropped. And the educational world has to go through a real revolution. Children should not be forced into repetitive patterns. Present scenario may show a change only when there is scope and respect for every talent in India.

Literature on Crucifix - Vidushi Singh, CS, IInd Year "Literature is where I go to explore the highest and lowest places of human society and in human spirit, where I hope to find not absolute truth but the truth of the tale, of the imagination and of the heart."-Salman Rushdie Literature is a refuge for tortured souls, scattered dreams and bickering minds. It is a place to go when you are at cross-roads with yourself, when you want to be alone amongst people, when you need determination or direction or inspiration or simply a new outlook towards life. Henry David Thoreau once stated that a good book taught him better than to just read it. Whenever he finished a book he started living by it. What he began by reading, he finished by living.While Shakespeare lived literature was a way of life. Now, five centuries after his death, it has been degraded to a mere hobby. A hobby of carrying around printed pages of simply stated lies. Twenty first century's best-selling authors are Stephanie Meyer and E.L. James. One wrote a vampire romance and other one turned it into a sadomasochistic fan fiction and people read it because it's cute. We don't read and write literature because it's cute. We read and write literature because we are members of the human race and the human race is filled with passion.Many people may think that literature is not relevant anymore. It may be getting degraded but it doesn't affect life. What getting into a good M.B.A college and getting a comfortable, acceptable job got to do with literature? Well, medicine, law, business, engineering... these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But literature, it has beauty, romance, love... this is what we live for. Literature is not necessary to life. It is life. It will always be relevant. As long as we live, as long as there is language. Novels by Paulo Coelho get converted into 36 languages. Think for a while, that more than millions of people are listening to the words of one man, the ideas of one man. That is power. Jane Eyre, a novel considered ahead of its time. An independent woman, a mere idea in seventeenth century, a vision by Charlotte Bronte, a simple truth today. So no matter what anybody tells you words and ideas can change the world.Literature is not a leisure time hobby. Don't pick a novel because you heard from someone calling the author “the voice of youth" or something just as silly. Just because an author is popular among people, it does not make him a great thinker. Thinkers like Tolstoy, Shakespeare and Chaucer were despised during their life. A great novelist always writes a vision, a thought before its time. Read something that you could relate to, something that can teach you, something that can make you a better person than you are. That is what literature does."A good book is the one which you pick up and don't lay down until you have finished it. A great book is the one which won't leave you even after you have finished it and you will end up living by it.”

Real Talk:Why I Am Not Successful Yet It's easy to tell yourself that you need to “work harder.” The real challenge is actually following through with that. You've identified your need, but will you act on it or succumb to passivity? Hopefully, you've decided to choose the former. In that case, here are five reasons why you're not successful yet: 1. You procrastinate. Have you ever wondered why you procrastinate? If you always end up completing your work, then you know it's not a problem entirely rooted in laziness. In fact, a true slacker wouldn't even bother finishing the assignment. Some people feel the need to put off their work until the last minute because they're afraid of failing. Consequently, procrastinating allows people to give an excuse such as, “I could have done better, but I ran out of time.” 2. You listen to discouragement. There are several types of negative people: pessimists, haters and the jealous type. Pessimists usually say phrases such as, “You're too young,” or “It's really difficult to obtain a job in that field. You'll fail and starve!” The haters are… gonna hatethat's just who they are. The jealous type are people who abandoned their once daring aspirations and grand dreams. Consequently, they're envious of you, because they didn't have the courage to pursue what they love. However, it's sometimes useful to listen to some criticism. “When you're screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore, that means they've given up on you. Your critics are the ones telling you they still love you and care.” 3. You've forgotten that regret sucks. I could give a verbose explanation of this point, but there's a more eloquent way to go about this. “If you do all the things that everybody wants you to do, and don't do the thing you really love, the real question isn't what's going to happen when you're twenty-three, twenty-seven, thirty-one, thirty-six, the question really becomes what's going to happen when you're seventy years old and you look back at your life and you're like, 'Why didn't I try?'” 4. You're in the wrong environment. If your talents and skills are unappreciated and perpetually shunned, it's not surprising you wouldn't be too proud of what you genuinely enjoy doing. Moreover, an overwhelmingly stressful or negative environment would most likely lead to less productivity. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Try to surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you to be the best person you can be. You can do this! 5. You lack a clear goal. How do you know when you've reached success if you're not completely sure what it is? Success is an abstract word that possesses various meanings depending on the person who's using it. As you know, society generally deems a lucrative career or endeavor as a successful one. Other people interpret success as just being happy with life and their current situation. What does success mean to you?

Plant your feet, stay firm…! - Konica Yadav, CE, IInd Year When the plundering tornado of people's perceptions ravages everything around you, When the tempestuous lightning bolt of people's glare pierces right through you. Hold on to even the last straw of pride and do not squirm, Just plant your feet and stay firm. Mask after mask will be moulted, Any form of decency will be unabashedly flouted, Honey coated words will be spewed, By one and all you will be ridiculed, Wrath-inducing looks and chilly cold smiles will be the norm, But you hold on, just plant your feet and stay firm. Everything will sizzle and dazzle on the other sides, While your path will have scorching heat and high tides. Yes, you will be disillusioned and will lose sight, And yes, there will be times when you will give up even without putting up a fight, But never succumb to such obstacles, Keep faith, don't give up on yourself, no matter how grave the debacle. Accept your darkest shades, Embrace them to let them culminate in accolades. Know your weakest traits, Acknowledge them and galvanize your fate. Even in the face of threats of apocalyptic harm, Just keep it together, plant your feet and stay firm. Even when the horrendous rumble deep within proclaims your failure, Even when each nerve in your body, each bone creaking and whole being tearing apart under pressure, Hang in there, just a little longer, Hold your head, just a little higher, Let your eyes shine, just a little brighter, Give yourself a way to the gentle breeze and feel a little lighter, Rejuvinated now, extort every ounce of resilience and feel a little mightier, And let this baptism by fire give rise to an invincible fighter. So, it doesn't matter why and it doesn't matter where, Just plant your feet out there, Stand tall, stay firm, And no matter what, do not squirm.

Is dress code a necessity in colleges? There is really an unresolved debated topic regarding the enforcement of dress code within the college campus. In this very well-groomed and fashionable world, where everybody wants to look smart and stylish; this is certainly an unsettled problem. In the past years, we normally wear formal shirts, pants and tie or salwar-suits. Now-a-days, college students are not behind from sleeveless T-shirts, exclusive tops and skirts, jeans and bermudas etc. and I am myself confused, which side to choose as the dress code system has advantages as well as disadvantages. Talking about the gains, the most distinctive feature of the dress code system is the backdrop of homogeneity in the colleges, making everybody look similar. We may find an essential element of unity among students where they wear uniform as well as no discrimination on the basis of looks. In this addition, the students, who come from the various backgrounds, cultures and traditions, will learn to live together, also it inculcates feelings of patriotism and attachment for their respective colleges. One may even say that being inside the premises, college students should look like students. Students wearing fancy dresses inside the campus is like insulting the institution's discipline where students come to learn not for a dance in a disco. Ufff! A lot of things… Aren't they? However, I feel a little less about the thing that uniform in colleges may get an approval for it develops the spirit of belongingness. Whereas, turning to another aspect; if the dress code will not get enforced in the college, then students will obviously be more interested in showing off. In this case, they will wear most expensive, antique or funny dresses for looking different in the college. In the classroom, funky dresses are always distracting the students and sometimes teachers may find difficulty in teaching. But, thinking of the old times, we spend 12 years of our school wearing boring uniforms every day and we all look forward to going to colleges and wearing our favorite clothes, and after college one has to follow dress code in office as well! So why not let students wear whatever they want to wear? Who needs moral policing for the whole life? Thus, somewhat down the line this dress code system may seem to be an unfair call. Also, it's not like if we have a dress code we just stick to it, we make sure to go out of our way to go against at, and bend the rules as far as they go.In conclusion, I'd say that enforcing dress code is a big controversy. Freedom as well as the social conditioning of the students should be considered before enforcing a uniform system. It would be great if the student council gets in on the act and gets into discussion with the governing board about this. Still, one should have the privilege to choose what they want to wear, but common sense should help everyone realize how they should appear in the class. At the same time, it is advisable to look decent, modest and not cross the boundaries with whatever you wear. The only thing to remember is to avoid wearing revealing clothes. Fashion is good, but please never forget that certain dresses are for parties and some are for college-wear. “Dress for the occasion’’



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05 LAPTOP DISTRIBUTION IN KNIT Laptop distribution took place in the C.S.A. Hall of the K.N.I.T campus to complete the st prepoll promise made by Samajwadi Party government on 31 august 2013. About 65 th students of KNIT and 203 of other colleges who passed 12 in 2012 got the laptop. According to specifications sheet, the laptop has  a rich LED 14 inch HD display,  2GB RAM,  500GB hard disk,  2.2 GHZ AMD processor,  Radeon GPU,  3 USB 2.0 ports,  a microphone,  HDMI,  speaker jack. The laptop has a permanently burned logo of U. P. government and images of the C.M and S.P chief. The students were given the ID card between 10 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. Laptop distribution ceremony started at about 12:30 with Saraswati Vandana. After the speeches of the ministers, the laptop distribution finally took place at about 3:15 p.m. The students were very happy, now they are ready to use college's Wi-Fi.


On Friday, 2 August, students of KNIT got a golden opportunity to boost their knowledge and perception through NPTEL Seminar conducted in the CSA hall. NPTEL abbreviates for National Program on Technology and Enhanced Learning. The seminar was organized by the seven IIT's and IISC Bangalore. NPTEL through its various programmes and researches helps the students to develop crystal clear concepts and to make them understand the topics more efficiently. In the seminar faculties and students were introduced with the NPTEL websites which includes prime courses option available for each course which embodies lectures from the professors of IIT's on various topics, online forums and virtual experiments to allow the students to grasp the concepts more accurately and apply them practically. Students can download miscellaneous matter free of cost from the official website and can also go for websites like and to learn and perform virtual experiments (virtual labs) and get the help for their assignments and projects. Dr. K. S. Verma, Director of the Institution, Dr. R. P. Payasi, Head of Department Electrical Engineering and Dr. Deependra Singh, Registrar were present in the seminar. Dr. Deependra Singh, the conveyor and the organizer of the seminar and Mr. Manish Kumar (IIT MADRAS) through this interactive session of 3 hour convinced the students to make use of these websites to enhance their learning. He further added, if students can spend time on internet for entertainment then definitely they can utilize these sites for educational purposes.

VOICE OF KNIT Hello dear KNITians, welcome to a brand new initiative from team DrishtICONe to bridge the communication gap between the students' body and the faculty/administrative body of our college. This effort shall be called the ''Voice of KNIT''. This initiative aims at establishing a question-answer communication medium between the college administration and we the students. In this column relevant question from the students shall be published anonymously (without names) and their answers from the respective faculty or authority shall be published. This way we aim to provide a platform to the students to ask 'what's on your mind' in DrishtICONe…so keep up the spirit and keep asking !!! Ques 1. Why do many boys have to stay outside the campus despite they have better marks than some of those staying inside the campus? Ans 1. This issue is already under consideration and the institute is in want of money from the university and AICTE. As soon as the institute receives required funds and land issues are cleared, some new residential facilities shall be developed to cater to the needs of the students. A hostel of a capacity of 120 students is under consideration for the same.

-The Director of the institute Ques 2. Why do we have the compulsion of uniform in the institute? Ans. 2. The compulsion of uniform enhances discipline in the students and instils a feeling of equality among them. It symbolises no discrimination and also prevents any kind of show in college regarding clothing. Moreover most of the companies also demand dress code as a part of their work culture so it's better to develop our culture accordingly

-The Director of the institute Ques 3. What is the tentative schedule for special carry over papers for this academic year? Ans. 3. The schedule and related information is available on the website of the institute ( and on the following link:

-Team DrishtICONe

‘'You may mail your questions or hand it over to our representatives for the next edition’’

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-Shweta Vishwakarma,E.C.,II Year

“Three-dimensional printing makes it as cheap to create single items as it is to produce thousands and thus undermines economies of scale. It may have as profound an impact on the world as the coming of the factory did....Just as nobody could have predicted the impact of the steam engine in 1750 or the printing press in 1450, or the transistor in 1950it is impossible to foresee the long-term impact of 3D printing. But the technology is coming, and it is likely to disrupt every field it touches.” -The Economist, in a February 10, 2011 leader Imagine making gifts of your own choice before going for a party, creating household items when your mom is yelling on you to go for shop, making swim costumes for your suddenly arrived guests, designing food stuffs of you own, printing and then eating..!!! making jewelleries for your spouse, printing automobile and machine parts, in remote locations to be able to produce our own medicine or household chemicals.Imagine you have an idea in your head, you virtually creates it in the software interface, and then put that idea in 3D model on your boss's table impressing him/her , proclaiming “ I knew it would work”…These printers let you think faster. Move quickly. Cut costs…The origin of 3D printing goes back in 1980s and 1990s, but it was in early 1990s when MIT launched a trademark with the name “3D printing”In feb 2011, MIT has granted licenses to 6 companies around the globe to manufacture and promote 3D printers. In the past couple of years, this low-cost concept has captivated the hearts and minds of millions of geeks and the companies (Makerbot, RepRap, online community) are in action with full swing..Additive manufacturing or 3D

printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital model. Here an object is created by laying down successive layers of material. 3D printing is considered distinct from traditional machining techniques (subtractive processes) which mostly rely on the removal of material by drilling, cutting etc.3D printing is usually performed by a materials printer using digital technology. The technology is used in the fields of jewellery, footwear, food, fashion, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, and many others.As mentioned before, it takes virtual blueprints from Computer aided designing (CAD) or “animation modelling softwares” designed by users and "slices" them into digital cross-sections for the machine to successively use as a guideline for printing.To perform a print, the machine reads the design from an “.stl” file and lays down successive layers of liquid, chemicals, powder, paper or sheet material & these layers are associated to the virtually CAD model and joined or automatically fused to create the final shape. The primary advantage of this technique is its ability to create almost any geometric figure.Since EVERY INCH OF THE DEVELOPMENT IS ON THE COST OF HUMANITY so,Along with all the merits of this technology…there are some demerits also. In light of health concerns, researchers say that consumers should exercise caution when operating 3D printers in "inadequately ventilated or unfiltered indoor environments," according to the study, published this month in the journal , Atmospheric environment. Gizmo do also suggests wearing proper protective clothing when using the machine and to use these .3D printers in well-ventilated areas. Also learning CAD takes months and years to master over.

BAXTER ROBOT-a factory robot with a friendly face

ROBOCLUB Flying Car - Raunak Kushwaha & Shivam Agarwal, E.E. II Year When i was a child i dreamt of a machine that could fly high in the sky as well as could sail across huge water bodies .Something that could get me out of the chaotic traffic jams, something that could make travelling a luxury. Traffic jams are nuisance for all commuters. The growing population is partly to blame for our congested roads but the main problem is we are not expanding our transportation systems fast enough to meet our everincreasing demand. One solution is to create a new type of transportation system that does not rely on roads. The 21st century has finally paved way for a “ FLYING CAR ”.The pioneering work of Terrafugia pvt. Ltd. along with a few MIT graduates have made this dream a reality. Terrafugia intends to lead the creation of a new flying car industry that will help humanity achieve this new dimension of personal freedom. While the airlines have an impressive safety record, commercial air travel is far from convenient. Cars let you set your own schedule, but they're slow and dangerous: the average commuter spends

nearly five hours a week stuck in traffic, and globally, more than one million people die in car crashes each year. We need the safety of commercial aviation, the convenience and flexibility of a car, and the freedom of the open sky. We need a new industry that makes personal aviation safer, as simple as driving your car, and convenient for everyone. We need a practical flying car. . We are Driven to Fly. Now Terrafugia has introduced a new technology, the car would lift off nearly vertically using propellers on its stubby wings. The props would then rotate from a vertical to a horizontal position for regular flight. It's the same kind of technology that is found in the Marines' V-22 Osprey, a transport now in common use, though it got off to rocky start with a series of accidents during development. By using this advancement, the need of long Run-Way can be easily removed, through which we can also use these type of hightech flying car even for Navy and Army forces right from the deck and even take-off through Hills. Plans are for it to use a "plug-in hybrid electric" power-plan in upcoming days.


- Abhinav Pal,E.E. Final Year

As the technology grows we are intending towards more complicated robots and there simulation.In order to execute all Baxter is the first collaborative robot in the world. Collaborative means the user shows it how to these effectively with least chances of errors, we require perform simple tasks with no programming…Baxter is an entirely new type robot that is redefining compatible and user friendly software.OpenSim is one such the way robots can be used in manufacturing environments. Developed by RETHINK ROBOTCS , powerful software for the modeling and simulation of movement of introduced in sep.2012, It performs a variety of repetitive production tasks all while safely and physical objects like Robots and Self automated machines. intelligently working next to people.. Baxter exhibits behaviour OpenSim, is used by hundreds of research teams,Technical persons based “common sense” capable of sensing and adapting to its and scientists around the world to advanced level in the field of tasks and environment….and because of its low cost offshoring science and technology which gives a platform to work an efficient and easy way .Modeling and it is an eye candy for manufacturers of all size... dynamic simulation h ave recently Baxter is capable of upgrading its software which are quick and emerged as the powerful tools to easy to install and use by users. Runs on open source robot uncover the causes of movement. In OS… It is different from other industrial robots and is a ground 2006, NCSRR has developed this breaking solution by being less precise and rapid, but at the powerful software especially for same time more adaptive and safe…the base price is US $ simulating human movements. Users 22,000 which is cheaper as compared to other factory robots... of this Software a d d r e s s fundamental issues in movement science and focus on critical areas of mechanical structures and -Shweta Vishwakarma,E.C.,II Year c r e a t e d y n a m i c simulations of movement.OpenSim enables researchers to model not only human The android 5.0 will be the next edition of the world's most popular smartphone OS .The wall street motion, but also the movement of robotic systems. Researchers journal reveals the news that it will be customised to suit low-cost smartphones and not just high end around the world are developing robots (Humanoids) in various devices.Developed under the codename android key lime pie (KPL), this version of software is a major coordinate systems, which may be up to 12 and can be prototyped refresh and is expected to introduce a raft of features as well as a and simulated during motion using various tools available in boost in performance. OpenSim. Further, engineers are designing robotic systems to Some of its features are assist the motion of humans.Process of simulation includes various 1-improved security steps. In the very first step, the researchers collect data about 2-the enhanced profile can be customised to alter the human movements then they use this data to generate simulations performance level of the devices of movements. From these simulations they can determine the force and torque that human uses to generate a motion. In the next 3-visual voicemail step they develop various algorithms with the help of OpenSim, 4-child/ business friendly modes as standard that use the estimated human muscle force to calculate force for the 5-google “babel” service for messaging in the world where robot's muscles at different points like-Various Hinges and joints. “whatsapp” dominates That will make it to perform the same motion of the robots as 6- offline maps and better control over location settings Humans.Technical persons and Researchers all around the world 7- improved battery life and performance are using OpenSim even to simulate a very common and one of the recent Humanoid robots. The best example of recently developed 8-enhanced multitasking humanoid robot using this software is robot ASIMO made by 9-complete android backup HONDA. So this software can be treated as an emerging revolution for the field of automation of Robotics. Hence the stages set for a impeccable rampant revolution in the field of automated robotics.


A GLIMPSE OF OUR CAMPUS !!! So pure so serene So quite and so green.. Knit is a place of virtue A temple of learning... knit welcomes its freshers WHOLE HEARTEDLY !!! ADMINISTRATION BLOCK


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