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September, 2011

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Concept: Mohini Gupta

Designed By: Rahul Kr. Mishra, Saumya Kumar

Teacher's Day Messages

Effulgence workshop On the 123rd birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhkrishnan here we have the messages of some of our teachers registration started for all the KNITians. Dr. S.N. Mishra Head, Mechanical Engineering Department The path of education passes through the door of a teacher. A teacher with the help of knowledge and experience transforms an ordinary person into an important person, makes him able to face challenges of tomorrow, to give new direction to the fate of country. Today, education through the teacher has become a compulsory condition of life.

Dr. S.K. Sinha, Head, Electrical Engineering Department Teacher's day means, day of teachers to retrospect their way of teaching and accordingly guide Registrations for the workshops students also motivate them for a better future. during Effulgence has started, both online & offline. It is recieving a Dr. R.K. Singh, Head, Electronics Engineering Department very enthusiastic response especially I would like to say that the years I have been here, KNIT has always followed its trend of respect that binds all from the 1st year students. the students here and passouts to their teachers and juniors to their seniors. As recently this bonding is getting weak due to behaviour of students I would like them to follow the path of their seniors and maintain the TLSS introduced in prestige of the college.

the library

Dr. M.K.Gupta, Professor, Civil Engineering Department & Dean Academic Affairs Unless the scattered potential of the students gathers into a stream it can not become a force. Teachers ought to mould and influence the lives of their students but at the same time teachers also need support from the students to feel that their devotion and hard work is recognized.

Dr. Sameer Srivastava, Head, Computer Science & Engineering Department Our library is in the process of taking a long awaited step which will make the use of the library and issuing of books a less tedious job. Total Library Software System (TLSS) has been installed in the systems at the library. This system maintains the databases of all the staff & students, along with the subject, title and author of the books. A part of it, OPAC is active in the Pcs and can be used presently.

Since students are the mirror of teacher hence I expect from each & every student of knit to be sincere hard working & regular in the classes so that he can achieve the designed goal of life and enhance the prestige of institution

Dr. A. K. Singh, TPO Head My message for all our students is to put hard work in their learning process whether it is their curriculum or extracurricular. The students are expected to groom up their communication skill and general awareness to build their personality.

KNIT… A Host or a Guest???

KNIT is leading its way towards exploring new opportunities for the budding technocrats. It is going to host a technical extravaganza named, EFFULGENCE 2K11 this year. A large number of scintillating spirits will come to adore the fest with their excellence. This fest is intended to quench the thirst of fresh minds and bring out a genius inside them. Since many years, KNIT has been sending its students to various colleges to showcase their talents on the outer edge as well…and yes… KNITians have proved themselves too at the other front. It is after a long span of years that KNIT is again witnessing a series of mind boggling events through its technical festival - Effulgence. On the competitive edge, comes the annual inter-college cultural festival of IIT- Kanpur, ANTARAGINI. It may be called a coincidence that the two are occurring on the same dates from 13th -16th October, 2011. Now the question arises - Is it better to host My laptop too is scared of the a fest rather than being greeted by some other college for the same? A question that upcoming sessionals. is humming most of the KNITian minds these days. Our By : Khushboo Gupta, IT, II Year students have always performed well in the college premises or on the outskirts of the campus, be it the technical or cultural activities. The thing that needs discussion is the need to go to other colleges, be it IIT or anything else, when your You may mail your reviews, college itself is hosting such a big event. comments & articles, to the There are three types of activities that makes one a complete new mail id : student in his college life - curricular; co-curricular; curricular. The first one includes the study of the syllabus News, pictures & carricatures proposed by curriculum; second is related to the practical related to the college activities approach to what he/she studies in his/her curriculum and is are welcome. important for the technical students. The last one includes the extra activities that help him in overall development of the


personality whether it is literary, sports, or cultural activities. Thus a student should prioritize his college life in the respective sequence. Being a technical student, our foremost priority lies in seeking the technical education. Technical events related to computer science, building circuits and even workshops are of great help in the professional field. They are meant to teach and squeeze out the technical aroma which is lying underneath. This is an era of innovative ideas and technological revolution. So, it is good for us to learn new things and utilize our full potential in everything we do. Now if it is about Participating or Organizing we are to choose among, as per experience of expertise, organizing is more significant than the latter one. The management skills one grooms up to organize his/her event makes him/her more capable to visualization. In a way we can understand participation as the first ladder of learning and organizing the second. Hereby, the golden opportunity of managing an inter-college national level Tech-fest should not be lost. A technical fest like Effulgence 2K11 does not happen every year. The fresher minds have got a golden opportunity to be a part of it as it happens just once in every four years. That means we can witness this event once in our college life. Cultural events are an evergreen fiesta, technical events are not. According to the Information theory, a less probable event carries more information. Likewise, a tech-fest in the college embarks upon you the cluster of knowledge. Who knows when we will get the next chance to be a part of a national level fest in our own college??So come and work will full enthusiasm to make the event a grand success thus, opening new doors of progress and prosperity.

TPO BULLETIN NAUKRI @ KNIT Established in 1997, Soma Enterprise Limited (“Soma”), a Hyderabadbased engineering and construction firm, is one of the largest and fastest growing infrastructure developers in India. With an order book of US $3.1 billion, it is a leading player in the infrastructure construction industry, specializing in multi-disciplinary engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts across segments such as roads, irrigation, hydropower and urban infrastructure. The company is increasingly concentrating on developing buildoperate-transfer (BOT) projects and already has a portfolio of 9 BOT projects: 4 highway projects, 4 urban infrastructure projects and a 220MW

hydro power project. Having worked on over 20 highway projects in the last 12 years, it is a natural evolution for SOMA to take on projects on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. To meet the projected power requirement by 2012, an additional capacity addition of 100000 MW is required in the next two five year plans. Soma with its proven track record and technical expertise is making sure that it will play a lead role in reshaping India's energy infrastructure landscape. Soma's extensive experience in constructing Hydro Power projects has led it to venture into operating and managing Energy projects for the country. Soma visited the campus on 26th September.

Tech Mahindra Limited is a provider of information technology (IT), networking technology solutions and business process outsourcing (BPO) services to the global telecommunications industry, headquartered at Pune , India. It is a joint venture between the Mahindra Group and BT Group plc, UK with M&M (Mahindra and Mahindra) holding 44% and BT holding 39% of the equity. Its capabilities spread across a broad spectrum, including Business Support Systems (BSS), Operations Support Systems (OSS), Network Design & Engineering, Next Generation Networks, Mobility Solutions,

02 Security consulting and Testing. The solutions portfolio includes Consulting, Application Development & Management, Network Services, Solution Integration, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Managed Services, Remote Infrastructure Management and BSG (comprises BPO, Services and Consulting). Tech Mahindra has been recognized as 2011 Microsoft Communications Sector Partner of the Year and is the winner of 2011 AT&T Supplier award for outstanding performance & service to AT&T and its affiliates for second year in a row. Tech Mahindra has a global footprint through operations in more than 30 countries with 17 sales offices and 13 delivery centers


Internship is a Http:// and Electronic Components. system of on-thediscussion/list-mechanical-core-companiesServices offered by BEL include contract job training for india-40174.html manufacturing, telecom consultancy and white-collar jobs, similar semiconductor device packaging. CIVIL ENGINEERING to an apprenticeship. Interns £ Bharti Airtel is a leading telecommunications £ Gammon India is amongst the largest physical are usually college or university company with operations in 19 countries across infrastructure construction companies of the students, but they can also be Asia and Africa. The company offers mobile public sector in India. It has a track record of high school students or post voice & data services, fixed line, high speed building landmark structures, some of which graduate adults seeking skills broadband, IPTV, DTH, turnkey telecom have become iconic, including ' The Gateway of for a new career. They may also solutions for enterprises and national & India'. be as young as middle school or international long distance services to carriers. £ Larsen & Toubro Ltd., (L&T) is a technology, in some cases elementary students. For more companies visit : engineering, construction and manufacturing Student internships provide opportunities for company. It is one of the largest and most students to gain experience in their field, determine d=20080326201209AA9Ey4r respected companies in India's private sector. if they have an interest in a particular career, create a ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING For more companies visit : network of contacts, or gain school credit. £ NTPC Ltd., India's largest power company, is Http:// provide employers with cheap or free company/top-construction-companies.html emerging as an 'Integrated Power Major', with a labor for (typically) low-level tasks. Some interns significant presence in the entire value chain of find permanent, paid employment with the COMPUTER SCIENCE power generation business. It is one of the five companies in which they interned. Their value to the £ HCL Technologies offers IT services in the Maharatna companies. company may be increased by the fact that they need areas of Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences, little to no training. £ Crompton & Greaves Ltd., provides end-toRetail etc. The company, along with its end solutions, helping its customers use An internship may be either paid, unpaid or partially subsidiaries, registered a sales of US$ 976 electrical power effectively and increase paid (in the form of a stipend). They usually last 612 million in the year ended June 2006. industrial productivity with sustainability. weeks, but can be shorter or longer, depending on the £ WIPRO is a top IT company of India. Its core company involved. For more companies visit : area of business covers infrastructure solutions, Applying for an internship includes developing and care and other professional and targeting your resume and cover letter, providing the discussion/top-10-companies-electricalbusiness solutions. It is also known as one of the employer with a list of references, asking for a letter engineers-india-82530.html largest independent R&D Services provider in of recommendation, and sending out thank you notes MECHANICAL ENGINEERING the world. after the interview. Developing an effective resume For more companies visit : SAIL, Steel Authority of India Limited is a fully and cover letter are key to getting to the next stage of £ Http:// iron and steel maker, producing steels the process - obtaining an interview. software-companies.asp for sectors like engineering, power, railway, List of a few companies is as follows: automotive and defence industries. SAIL is ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING also among the five Maharatnas of the country's Central Public Sector Enterprises. p £ Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) the major recruiter manufactures a wide range of products in areas £ BHEL is the largest engineering and of the KNIT students was the first one to visit the like Defence Communications, Radars, manufacturing enterprise in India in the campus on 14 & 15 September and recruited students Telecommunications, SATCOM, Sound and energy-related/infrastructure sector. at a package of Rs 3,16,000. About 230 students Vision Broadcasting, Opto & Medical appeared for the test out of which 199 were qualified For more companies visit : and appeared for the Interview. Out of these 199 students 121 (43 from CS, 34 from EL, 20 from IT, 16 from EE, 4 from ME and 4 from MCA) were selected by TCS. Early bird catches the worm... so wake up and starts preparing as early as possible. Here are some questions which are really going to help you a lot. p Ansal API providing the opportunity to the core 1)The IT giant Tirnop has recently crossed a head a) alok must play 1th move to win. branches Civil and Electrical, visited the campus at count of 150000 and earnings of $7 billion. As one b)alok must play 0th move to win 16 Sep giving a package of Rs 2,80,000. For this of the forerunners in the technology front, Tirnop c) alok has no wining strategy about 102 students tried for the test out of which 19 continues to lead the way in products and services Ans (a) got the success and appeared for the interview. Out of in India. At Tirnop, all programmers are equal in these 19 Students 6 students (3 from CE, 3 from EE) 3)Given a collection of points P in the plane , a 1every respect. They receive identical salaries ans got recruited by the company. set is a point in P that can be separated from the rest also write code at the same rate.Suppose 12 such programmers take 12 minutes to write 12 lines of by a line, .i.e the point lies on one side of the line Tech Mahindra, an IT company, visited the KNIT code in total. How long will it take 72 while the others lie on the other side. The number p campus on 20th Sep providing the package of Rs 3, of 1-sets of P is denoted by n1(P). The maximum programmers to write 72 lines of code in total? 06,000. For this company about 103 students sat for value of n1(P) over all configurations P of 5 points Ans 12 min the written test and 23 qualified. After interviews out in the plane in general position (.i.e no three points 2)Alok Bhanu, stack of 20 coins. i move can play. in P lie on a line) is of these 23, 6 students (3 from EL, 1 from ME and 1 that is 1th move means to put top coin 1 postion from CE ) were selected by the company. below. gold coin. initialy gold coin is at 3rd a)3 position from top. if it player turns and player b)5 p Pool campus of Soma was held in KNIT on the 25th brings gold coin to the top then player z winner. c)2 of September for the Civil Engineering students. 28 alok starts. which of the following is true. candidates qualified the written and 13 candidates Ans-b) were finally selected.

Placement Stats

Quantitative Aptitude



With less than 15 days to go, the preparations for Effulgence 2K11 are in full swing as the whole of KNIT gears up together for the most awaited extravaganza of the college. After the long wait of 6 years its time now to leave no stone unturned to make it one of the most successful & cherish able event in the history of institute. While the registration for different workshops are being done in the alumni hall throughout the day, the co-ordinators of different events can be seen running from their hostels to the workshop, with their equipments, preparing for their respective events. The third year & final year students have began

mentoring the first year students by organizing small workshops & demo-classes. While guiding the juniors to manage & coordinate different events too. There are certain groups of students keeping an eye on the arrangements regarding the hospitality concerns of all guests arriving from different college all over the country. There are certain dedicated student who have worked hard for arranging the sponsorship from different sources like, Banks, Organizations, Media Groups and many more, and now the promotional team is working hard to promote the event not only in nearby regions but also beyond the boundaries of U.P.

Apart from all the event management, there is serious planning for the accommodation, hospitality & security concerns of the fest. Nagar Nigam has been approached for meeting the cleanliness requirements of the campus of the campus & positive response has been received by the Nagar Nigam chairman Mr. Praveen Kumar Agarwal. Also, there has been the formation of ''Saviours The Salvation Group'' security team including The Eagle Hunters & local policemen. So, with all the high spirits & enthusiastic preparations; let's hope to live one of most beautiful moments of our college life with 2K11.

TCS Knocks The Doors Of Knit... We were so eagerly waiting to descry the sixth semester results, but something quite contrary to our expectations occurred and we came to know TCS is coming for campus recruitment .This news shook the very foundations of Gargi , Aryabhatta and Ramanujam hostel. There was expression of fear and awe on each and every face. The students felt entangled in a questionnaire trying to feed on their encephalon, “What subjects to make Area Of Interest...?”, “What criteria will be applied...?”, “Which hobbies should I choose...?” and of course the most primary was the indefinite search of the most appropriate TCS Patterns. Phones started ringing from Sultanpur to Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and so on, enquiring seniors of their experience and advice. Planning and scheduling are the most staple and nascent activities towards management of studies. We must admit to the fact that till the day before interview many new versions and variants of our planned schedules were configured. Keeping aside humour for a moment, there was an intense wave of deadly tranquillity all around. Though the level of preparation and study hours were crossing the highest watermark but the cohesion towards movies, Counter Strike and Table Tennis surpasses all others.

ENGINEERS’ DAY This month we, the future engineers had a special day of ours. Not all of us remembered the day and who did, just messaged their friends without realizing the importance of this very day. Of course we all were busy with the TCS visit. Yet, many of us were getting the real feel of the day going through the rounds of interviews and stepping on the next ladder of holding the B. Tech degree. Very few of us know that Engineer's Day is celebrated on September 15, in the honor of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya (1861-1962), who was a notable Indian engineer, a scholar, and a statesman.He was responsible for successful design and construction of several dams, bridges and implementing irrigation and drinking water schemes all over India. He was also the founder of IEI (Institution of Engineers, India). An engineer is one who utilizes all his skill and knowledge to upgrade the lives of people and to strengthen a nation in technical, economical and infrastructural aspects. The practical approach should not be treated as an enclitic; rather it should be mingled along with the theoretical one. This profession is piquant enough to attract large mass of sprouting encephalon from a very tender age. But now it seems engineering has turned into commercialized education in INDIA. Focus has shifted from innovation or construction to merely a degree. It's not like that the students are trying to spoil themselves but, they want to prove them as cool and trendy rather than being a true engineer. They want to avoid anfractuous ways and pop into shortcuts. The question here arises "Are we, the KNITians proving ourselves true engineers?"The answer is "YES", in KNIT we are training ourselves night and day to meet the challenges of the future competitive world. Engineers portray the country's future scenario. Engineer's Day should be a day in which all zesty minds in engineering sector should be treated with zealous by the authorities. The technical minds have got the potential to transform their nation from developing to the developed.

We had the knowledge of TCS coming on 8th September; each and every person was striving hard to succeed in the first combat of competition. No matter how much time a student is given, he wants more and our prayers were granted by the almighty God and he blessed us with news of TCS being delayed till 14 of September. Though the extension was merely one week but it was magnificently manifested to be longer. It seemed as if the eclipse of fear and taciturn atmosphere could not cast its grotesque spell that day and it was marked with immense merriment. Well there is one element going under the Oblivion's curse, let's not forget it. It was the selection of interview attire. The aggressive quest began for the best formal shirts, trousers , suits and foot wares and ended up in some quality wardrobe. Finally the day arrived 13 of September next day was 'The Day Of Judgement' written examination and direct interview of those satisfying the criteria of being first five topper of CS, IT, EC, EE, MCA and those having academic profile of consistent aggregate 75+ throughout 10th, 12th, 3rd year B. Tech results. The pre-placement talk in morning 14 of September, attendance to which is a requisite to answer the question “Why you want to join TCS?” an obvious question in the interview. Mr. Mohit Arora and Mr. Sandeep Tiwari were part of the recruiting team, they really encouraged us and the fact that they are our alumni, kept us high spirited. At noon the battle commenced some students entered their respective

panels for interview armoured by their folder whereas some moved towards their written exam terminals drenched to the skin in rain. As soon as the warriors came out of their battle field they were shot by a volley of questions “What were you asked?”, “Were you able to answer?”, “How is the nature of the panel?”. All were answered. In a nutshell confidence and optimistic attitude is what TCS seeks in the candidates. The third year volunteers had really tough time reducing our volume. This combat for survival continued late night and started early next morning and continued till evening. In the evening every one seated themselves at CSA hall shivering with fear of subjugation. Mr. Abhishek Srivastava, the HR of TCS ascended the stage and started announcing the shortlisted. When the list started and ended we could not figure out. Each and every person was uniting his soul and mind and keeping faith in God and listening to the names with full concentration and expecting his name to be announced next. Out of 260 students who sat for written exam 95 cleared it and out of 31 who gave direct interview 26 passed. Thus 121 were the fortunate ones to receive the TCS offer laurel. The victors and vanquished both lay in ruins as it is mean act to rejoice when our friends are in remorse. Future is unforeseen there is only one thing we can do and that is to do justice with the situation and keep on striving till the antidote of success, which relieves us of the pangs of rejection is achieved.

By : Shefali Parmar, IT, Final Year

ALUMNI INTERVIEW Mr. Sushil Kr. Srivastava is 1987 batch passout alumni of our college. In his student life he was one of the brightest ones in batch who scored high rank in G AT E a n d s u c c e s s f u l l y qualified Indian Engineering Services a year later. So, let us take you all to our conversation with him about his life. Ques: Please provide some details about your career line after college. Ans: After completing my graduation from KNIT, I did my post graduation from IIT Kanpur. During this period only, I appeared for Indian engineering services examination in 1988 and joined Indian Railway Services of Electrical Engineering in January 1990. Since then I am working with the Indian Railways. Ques: Tell us about your present life and family. Ans: Presently, I am posted at Research Design and Standards Organization of Indian Railways which is a premier organization of Indian Railway. I am living happily with my beautiful wife and the God has blessed us with a daughter and a son. Daughter is studying in class XIth and son is studying in class VIIIth. Ques: Enlighten us about (electrical) department at that time. Ans: All that I am today, is because of the hard work and teachings of my Guru jan of electrical department at that time, who have taught me about the electrical engineering and the other aspects of life. I am thankful to them. Ques: With no campus recruitment in your time what goal every engineers used to have in mind? Ans: The goals were being set by the individuals. Generally, joining PSUs and going for higher studies in India and abroad were the major goals we used to have. Nevertheless, appearing for GATE was almost everybody's aim. Ques: With not much sophisticated

infrastructure of KNIT what students used to do in order to groom their personality in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular fields? Ans: At that time, since there was no internet and cable TV, the focus was more on the physical activity and reading books. We used to play Volleyball, badminton etc. in the hostel. The usual time pass and meeting place was Javed's tea stall. Ques: How was your life in college and hostel? Ans: Fantastic. This is the only word which can describe it. We had lot of time for each other as this was the only way for our entertainment. We also did naughty things but this is not for everyone to know. Ques: How did you get your present post after passing out from KNIT? Ans: As I already told you, while studying at IIT Kanpur, I appeared for Indian Engineering Services examination in 1988 and joined Indian Railways. Ques: In KNIT, any classmate or teacher who had inspired you most? Ans: All of them. Everybody has taught me a lesson. But I will tell you a secret; we were really scared of our hostel warden Sri A. K. Singh. Ques: Any mischievous or special moment of your college life? Ans: There are many such moments. One I remember particularly is the day when the results of GATE exam were out. I did very well in that. The result was told to me by my friends in the hostel and everybody was asking how you did that. Ques: At present time, KNIT is progressing, you can see the newsletter, and how you feel about it /any suggestion? Ans: I am really very happy with the progress of “My” institute. I know KNITians are doing very good wherever they are. I feel proud of it. Ques: A message for the youth of KNIT. Ans: “You are studying in one of the premier institution. You should feel proud of it and keep working hard.”


Prayers - Divine

From the Editor’s Desk


Mohini Gupta, EL, Final Year

Four months ago something unexpected happened here. A bunch of people with a single starting thought, worked and handed all KNITian family eight hardcopy printed pages of their own. It's today their drishtICONe. Here I am not typing any promotional article for this newsletter or depicting what and why it is because its not needed anymore. What I am trying to enlighten is the transition of the innovation to the trend here. Yes, these eight pages have got tremendous transitional success and no doubt it is on the way to become the trend here. Talking about the first edition, I can't forget how we conjured up articles to stretch over these eight pages. I myself wrote two articles as more than that wouldn't be a good impression. Besides that all my team members were requested to awaken their literary skills and produce articles anyhow. I feel amused remembering that when we sat for designing (with ample of articles, as we thought) we found ourselves quizzed at the end because of lots of space still remained. Only one question was hovering over minds that time- “Do KNITians have such less writing skills?” or ”Do

Question of the Edition Do the juniors need extra help from their seniors in academics and is there a need for extra classes to be organized by the seniors? Send in your thoughts or comments to the above question on our mail id Some of the posts will be published in the next edition.


KNITians not have enough ideas to produce?” Well our edition got delayed due this cause five days in this process to fill spaces and editing. In this due course things took time but have definitely changed. Today is the reach of these eight pages that we were finding a hard nut to crack in choosing amongst the articles we got for this edition. I have put these words not to showcase our success or popularity, but to clear the myth of many minds of our college, that to get something changed we need to hold up with dedication and patience. There were frames of mind prevailing in usual thoughts and conversation like 'hume pta hai kuch ni hone wala'. One thing is sure now that we are witnessing a transition in our college so it would be best for us to accept it and say a goodbye to our mentalities before. The kind of response we are getting with such deep and toned thoughts that we are compelled to ask ourselves, “Where were these embellished views hidden?” With the suggestions of many students we have modified this edition and included some new columns also and will continue to modify according to the expectations. Today I can gladly say that the eye of KNIT drishtICONe has got a better and bigger frame of perception. If just three editions have made me say this confidently, I expect you all to read better news sooner. Now we are in need to continue our journey with more than eight pages as it is harder to platform the rousing voices in the form of articles. There is nowhere all good and wise reside. Wherever we will go, wise and unwise faces lie along, what we need is to grab a torch or laser if you want, to search the good ones and move with them. The rest would simply follow the good ones sooner or later. So friends, try and start believing this- if you want you may become a Transitioner like these eight pages. This is not the success of eight pages; it is the uproar of sleeping youth here saying I was waiting to be heard. So this is cheers to voices of KNIT!!

IS THAT YOUR LUCK Or… Anshuman Shukla, CSE, II year So guys….Is that luck or something else when you are stern enough to rock your exams and a guy conceived naïve proves backing you...Or when you prepare your level best for something and someone visibly ignorant, nonchalant whacks you hard..or our Indian Team chasing for 4 runs in 2 balls and 1 wicket in hand, that soon crumbles…inherent attitude to yearn more & more and on being eluded babbling that “luck wasn't our side” blah blah…Well now or then everybody's telencephalon neurons are obsessed to ponder DOES LUCK MATTER?.... its not being melodramatic, its what the truth is. “O father! Bestow on me luck, May never comes the time when I have to sulk. Enough to reach success pinnacle, Prepared for all havocs to tackle.” But zenith of dream accomplishment couldn't be contemplated on just Luck…Something else is very much required & that is 'EFFORT' and our transition from being innocuous & mellowed to a guy tough in attitude striving hard for savoring the tastiest crimson fruit, 'SUCCESS'…world known!!!!!! Its best is epitome Lord Krishna who being impeccable in every aspect suffered much but eventually was at acme of success. His beautiful message to all while Mahabharata using Aruba as medium conveyed“Karma Kiye Jaa Phal Ki Chinta Mat Kar Aye Insaan, Jaise Karma Karega Waise Phal Dega Bhagwan.” And so what matters is “KARMA.” But still it is not deciphered by a much lot especially in India. A heavy mass among us is driven & dominated by perceptions circling fortune. Every morrow people go through daily horoscope in newspaper and according to their zodiac's prediction plan their day. And the levels pesky those people are; only those who experience their company could wonder. Loping to my high schools… we were X-5 adroit: me, Bilal, Amos, Shubh and Rahul. Well Shubh was among such and I could see his escalating belief on Luck was making him more and more pessimist. We used to play volleyball, that day we had I/H volleyball competition scores 14-13, we required just 1 point to thrash the opposing team, we were all set, hands in position, focused on serve and on that very moment a black cat crossed our court and Shubh shouted 'ab tohh gaye' and yes ball came to him and he dropped… Not the cat but the luck and omens dominated mind was accolade for our flunk. I never fully dispatch the thought of destiny but we can't control it. Trust your soul now and here, no day but today, sow the seeds of deeds and reap your fortune .Its choice, not chance that determines destiny. Also hard times you go through builds character, tohh we couldn't term it UNLUCKY!!! Let not the aroma of success tantalize you, Pull up your socks, it's meant just for YOU……. Blame not the Luck, pertaining ordeals or being vanquished It's what you have sown, that only you reaped…

Bribery Kriti Singh, CS, I year As a small child, we used to go to the temples of our localities along with our mothers. Those temples would be too small and situated at any corner of the road. Even now sometimes we prefer to visit those places. Cars and cows used it as a traffic island which helps them navigate past each other. The devotees visiting it also used it as a navigational aid in getting past the obstacles of life. My mother is not, in particular, a devout person. I can't appreciate the finer points of theology but it seems to us generally that their attitude to religion is more of the nature of pragmatisms and piety. My mother would buy a marigold garland and some sweets from the vendors who squatted on the pavements near temples. The flowers and sweets would be handed over to the priest-a wizened man with shrewd eyes and an Aura of Tulsi-Water-who offered them to the resident deity. Shut your eyes and say a prayer? We are often guided and my younger brother would immediately follow the instructions…but often he used to ask - what I will pray for??? and my mother would reply pray to be a good boy and ask for wisdom, knowledge and health. So he and I too would promptly follow the instructions given to folding our hands and closing our pray for wisdom and scholastic excellence. But Alas! Hardly have they worked. After all, what would you expect of stale flowers and a fistful of sticky sweets (batashas). So this never surprised me. Or maybe, the prayer of ours was too general to be not specific for the prayee - GOD, to pay even a bit of attention to it, who we thought of as a large, comforting, genderless presence, rather like a cuddly teddy with whom I used to sleep till date - except considerably larger - to respond to. He might be getting thousands, or may be infinitely many prayers, all over the world, in varying languages and forms - for all sorts of things. So what are the chances of our prayer to hit the jackpot? It really sounds comic - God is everywhere and see everything like a super snoop? What if it was none other than God - who was not only everywhere and saw everything but would also pretty shift everything about wherever and whenever at his whim - example who'd gone and put the bangles under the flower pot and keys in the ice box? It frequently happens... Why? Why else but to extract offerings from us? WAS GOD DEMANDING BRIBES??? I don't go much to religious places now, but I do believe in Him. But many people go, especially to make offerings. This is the explaining fact behind why religious establishments of all religions are one of the richest luxuries in the country - Tirupati is an example which equalizes the amount of gold in Fort Knot now. As with everything else inflation has caught up with prayers and offerings as well. A bunch of flowers and a fistful of sweets won't get us anywhere today. It probably takes in an ingot or two of gold to do the trick. To get the ultimate root of graft, with the Jan lokpal bill: include in its ambit the biggest graft generator of all, GOD......!!!!!

The drishtIcone team would like to apologise for the misprint in the last edition. The article “I wept because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.” Was by Geetika Chauhan, EE, II Year.


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Clues :

Across Down 1. Centre support (7) 2. money(8) 3. a fabric (5) 4. person of no importance(9) 7. make wrong use of (5) 5. water fear(10) 8. open widely (5) 6. safe(6) for higher 10. a set of 20(5) education (10) 11. power is measured fodkl oekZ flfoy bathfu;fjax 12. smooth & shiny (6) in______(4) who makes 13. see again(6) vfUre o'kZ maps(12) 15. tangible part(8) 16.under (in an 18. man owning a small hierarchy)(11) estate(6) 17. horse sound (6) 19. freedom from cycle of life & death(7) bl eu ds iaNh dk vc dksbZ d`ikfu/kku ugha] 20. submissive(4) dy;qxh oa”kt cus f”kdkjh] vc tx dk dY;k.k ughaa A Crossword By : ?kj ij cSBs&cSBs gh ?kj dks efnjky; dj Mkyk gSA Debashree De, Solution : Edition:2,Volume:1 gkFkks ls f=”kwy gV x;s ]ltk efnjk dk I;kyk gSA

vkReeaFku dgrk gS bfrgkl gekjk] lnk lR; gh thrk gSA lgh xyr dk QdZ crk;s ] dgkW x;h oks xhrk gSaA euq dh larkuksa esa ]ugh cph vc Tokyk gSA gkFkks ds f=”kwy gV x;s ] ltk efnjk dk I;kyk gSA lkxj dk D;k nks'k vxj Nsn gS viuh fd”rh esa ] Ny cudj gS dky lek;k ]eu uxjh dh cLrh esa] dwVuhfr dh gVs rksM dj ] dkseyrk dk fny Nyuh dj Mkyk gSaA gkFkks ds f=”kwy gV x;s ] ltk efnjk dk I;kyk gSA la?k'kZ gS rsjh jkgks esa rks gj iy fNu rw jks;s ] nq[k esa lqfeju lc djs lq[k esa djs u dks;] u;s nsodh lqr dks vc ] bl dy;qx us ikyk gSA gkFkks ds f=”kwy gV x;s ] ltk efnjk dk I;kyk gSA

ME, III Year

Le; gS la/k'kZ djks dc rd [kqn ls laxzke djksxsA ?kj QwWd rek”kk ns[kksxs rks] fQj dgk foJke djksxsA dksbZ uhydaB fo'k ihdj vc rqEgs ugh cpkus okyk gSaA gkFkks ds f=”kwy gV x;s ] ltk efnjk dk I;kyk gSA

leh{kk nhf{kr Let’s see how dEI;wVj lkbal ,oa vfHk;kaf=dh much you have f}rh; o'kZ e x p l o r e d

cpiu dh Mxj :,d lgqkuk lQj Vly jkg ij pyrs&pyrs ] tc cpiu dks ;kn djus yxs dqN rLohjs utj vk;h /kWq/kyh lh tks ge ml jkg ij pyus yxs... rks ix ix ij rLohjs mHkjus yxh] vkSj chrs oDr ls [kqn dks feykus yxsA

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vkW[kks rys nch rLohj fQj /kq/kyk x;h] ix Hkh tc Fke x;s ;kns Hkh fc[kjk x;h] vc vius vkWlqvks dks vkWlqvks ls lq[kkus yxs] vkt dh jkg is vius dne c<kus yxs A

pksjh pksjh utjs pqjkdj ] xyrh djds Hkkx jgh ] eEeh ls [kqn dks cpkds] fNi x;h ikik dh ijh] brjkrs gq, vc tks eqLdqjkus yxs ] rsk ix ix ij rLohjs mHkjus yxh]

Site Catcher

/khjs /khjs iUus iyVus yxs ] gWl ds ekuh tkrh gekjh ftn] eLr ekSyk eu ekSth] fdlh ckr dh ugh ges fQzdz]

KNIT. Just give the most appropriate guess as to where this place is in KNIT. Mail your answers to with subject as Site Catcher

B l o g o s p h r e r e

Put your ideas in words to express your thoughts on seeing this picture. Write a blog of maximum 250 words & mail it to T;ksrh flg with subject as bysDVªkfuDl bath0foHkkx Ans for the last edition blogosphere. r`rh; o'kZ picture : The parking of the administrative building



By : Bhavya Jain, EL & Ankur Shukla, EE, II year

Hai dhara bhi aaj pulkit dekh sab sut nav puraane aur pavan paawan gagan, abhinand karne ko hai thane aapki hai ye nisha, aur aap iske hai sitaare aapka swagat kare hai aaj milke saath saare These were the lines echoing the CSA hall when the camperes begun with the Freshers' party KISLAY 2011. KISLAY-the event dedicated to the new buds of KNIT family tree, the event which imbibes in itself the synergy of the two pillars of development of institute & society - zeal and experience; the event which symbolises the great legacy of healthy juniorsenior relationship in KNIT. This is the first and the most awaited event of each year where whole of the college is introduced to their fresh new college mates for the first time. Presented after days and nights of hard practice sessions, this event presents a spectacular show of talents hidden inside the new members of this ever growing family of technocrats and the torch-bearers (teachers). It would be a statement of only a partial agreement if we say that KISLAY is the event for just the fresher students, infact this is the only event of our institute in which all branches of the KNIT tree work hard to bear sweet fruits. The first year students are obviously involved in the event, the second year also experiences the responsibility of instructing and guiding their immediate juniors for the first time. The third and the final year play a very important role of selecting the talents and providing their experiences and knowledge to their juniors for their better understanding. Last but never the least the

respected faculty of KNIT, CSA Convenor, Dean of Student Welfare (under whom this event if conducted), all play their significant roles in both guiding all the students while simultaneously protecting the first year from any unwanted activity.

Beginning the event with a briefing of the Dean of Student Welfare and the Cultural Council, along with the holy prayer to Goddess Saraswati and the lighting up of the lamp by the Director, events taking place in this extravaganza were melodious singing performances both duet and group, rocking and heart thumping dances which set the stage on fire, skit and poems full of messages and laughs. As per the traditions of KNIT, all the students of different branches from the first year were also introduced on the stage between the various events during the

Are you doing your bit? Practicals are done without electricity in labs “Save power, Save resources” Engineers are doing their bit.

Five batches are living in one Maitreyee Hostel “Deforestation is condemned” Management is doing its bit.

Guys write on desk and walls rather than paper “Save paper, Save trees” Guys are doing an extra bit.

Insects and students adjust in same rooms in hostel “Promote mutual relationship between animals and humans” In this case I guess both are doing their bit.

No water in taps of institute “Don't drink water at all…Save water , Save earth” People collectively are doing their bit.

Food in hostel is not worth eating “Eat less , Save food… Prevent famine elsewhere” Mess Management and staff is doing its bit.

Favourite hangout of KNITians Environmental Park “Ambassadors from KNIT create environmental awareness” KNITians are doing their bit.

Overall, in one way or the other, different sections of the institution contribute to these tribulations. “Lets discontinue doing these bits, to actually contribute to a better scenario”

By: Shubhi Tiwari, ME, III year

Spot the Difference Question: What is the difference between two options on Google search and I'm felling lucky. Ans: Google Search will get you the all the Search Results for the Query you are looking for. When a user types in a search and clicks on the button I'm felling lucky the user will be taken directly to the first search result, bypassing the search engine results page. The thought is that if a user is "feeling lucky", the search engine will return the perfect match the first time without having to page through the search results. However, with the introduction of Google Instant, it is not possible to use the button properly unless the Google Instant function is switched off. According to a study by Tom Chavez of "Rapt", this feature costs Google $110 million a year as 1% of all searches use this feature and bypass all advertising. However, most of the users do not use the button so it doesn't create a significant loss. Question: What is the difference between webbrowsing and web-surfing? Ans: It's semantics. Skimming and scanning have both been confused over the years also. Browsing and surfing can probably be divided into the same sort of categories which are commonly used to refer to the process of getting on to the internet and finding our way through millions of websites to what we are looking for. Whether browsing or surfing, we perform same activities of watching documents, listening to music, or watching videos or movies on the internet. Browsing is more like skimming- just seeing what is available, getting a "feel" for what is out there.

Surfing is more like scanning. You are looking for something and must pay attention to what "pops up". Question: What Is the Difference Between the Internet and the Web? Answer: The Internet and the World Wide Web have a whole-to-part relationship. The Internet is the large container, and the Web is a part within the container. To be technically precise, the Net is the restaurant, and the Web is the most popular dish on the menu. The Internet is named for "interconnection of computer networks". It is a massive hardware combination of millions of personal, business, and governmental computers, all connected like roads and highways. The Internet started in the 1960's under the original name "ARPAnet" which was originally an experiment of the US military to maintain communications. With time, ARPAnet became a civilian experiment, connecting university mainframe computers for academic purposes. No single person or government has authority over its operations. Some technical rules and hardware/software standards enforce how people plug into the Internet, but for the most part, the Internet is a free and open broadcast medium of hardware networking. The Web Is a Big Collection of HTML Pages on the Internet. The World Wide Web, or "Web" for short, is that large software subset of the Internet dedicated to broadcasting HTML pages. The Web is viewed by using free software called web browsers. There are over 40 billion public web pages on the Web today.

function. Just like every year, this year also our creative Cultural Council had some mind blowing surprises for all of the college. The biggest of the surprises was the theme of this year's KISLAY, which was MANTHAN, symbolising the mixing of the fresh buds and the blossomed flowers. One of the distinct elements among which was the RAJASTHANI FOLK SONG presented by a group of four performers, which entertained the whole crowd present in the hall. Another striking feature of this year's party was the blend of the pious CLASSICAL with rocking WESTERN break dance performances, with a show stopping BELLY DANCE being the icing on the cake, which became the favourite of all the ones present there, filling the CSA with loud voices of 'once more!' Along with all the fun, the freshers' also included a taste of patriotism presented through an entertaining skit which tickled audience's ribs but left them with tears in eyes and a strong message in their hearts. The event was successfully coordinated by the meticulous comperes, to make it a success, by their awesome management skills, and word power. Hence, the culmination of KISLAY '11, marked the successful beginning of another academic year, the introduction to another batch of budding engineers and the new members our KNIT family. Man me bhara hai josh, ek naya vishwas hai Kuch naya karne ki chahat ab hamare pass hai Badh raha KNIT parivar, liyenit umange nirali KNIT ke is vriksh ki khil rahi hai dali dali

Are we the foreigners of India?

Debashree De, ME , III year

Earthquake rocked Sikkim on 18th October,2011. India stood up, all united, to help the affected in their own meek ways. Bihar donated Rs 5crore to help the Sikkim government and Uttarakhand donated Rs 3crore… Should anyone in our college, or any Indian for that matter, have a doubt that Sikkim or the Seven Sister states are part of India? Many incidents of attacks on India's northeastern people in KNIT remain shrouded in oblivion. With stars in their eyes, hordes of students from India's northeast region head towards KNIT during admission season. However, episodes of unsavory treatment of the northeastern people is what haunts most of them. It was a scorching noon when I and my friend walked down the supermarket lane and all of a sudden we heard the word “Chinese”. It indeed puzzled me for few minutes as I was not carrying any Chinese product with me. Amazed I turned to my friend Pema (name changed) but a I could see tears in her eyes just fighting their path out. The racist comment wouldn't have scathed me if it would have been just the comments of the discourteous gentry who are definitely meek demonstrators of national integrity and brobdingnagian (vast) knowledge of political map of India (ironical) but it's a common trend among some of our students too. Some of our batch-mates pass racist comments, verbally abuse our friends from north east due to their mongoloid features by calling them “Chinky” or ”Junglis” as they have come from jungles. But mind you even if they have come in from jungles they are more civilized as no one dares to eve tease them there. They are well respected in their region. Alas!some batch mates have storming new surprises for them here...If in the campus even some of the students are clung in this kind of racial prejudice then it will be just a mock of our culture. In contrast the north-eastern's don't comment on our dark complexion, our hesitating English grammar, prudent accent and most importantly our incapability to pronounce their name correctly. Rather they show direst of hospitality when we visit their place. At present the whole world speaks of rescue of quake hit victims in Sikkim. Whole India stands united why are eve teasers standing in the trench commenting on their features? This is just not the story of Pema but all my north eastern friends. Come out of racial prejudices as they make the best of friends. Stop being racist! Just remember “aapko apne hi desh mein koi mehmaan kahe to aapko kaisa lagega..?”

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Subodh Jha, Final Year, EE

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ANDROID WATCH A SMARTPHONE Blue Sky has announced the I'm Watch, an Android 1.6-powered device that allows you to pair with your phone to make calls from your wrist. This means plentiful opportunities for James Bond style moments, just without the lasers and grappling hooks. The watch itself features a 1.54-inch touchscreen that brings loads of conventional smartphone applications and interactivity. There is a 4GB internal memory and 3.5 mm headphone jack, meaning you can carry music about in the watch. A Freescale IMX233 CPU and 64 megabytes of memory keep the watch ticking along nicely. As does a Li-Po 350 mAh battery which results in 30 hours of activity when Bluetooth is switched on.

GREEN ENERGY and paste it your Domain name providers which you have already purchased in the step 1 by opening edit nameservers page in your domain providers control panel. After parking your domain successfully to your hosting account all you have to do is just upload your website (if already constructed offline) in your web space & it will get published online. For designing don't worry No HTML, PHP coding knowledge is required. The step three guides how to create an artistic and really a decent website through many open sourcI prefer to use a software Artisteer .You can try Coffee Cup, Xara Webdesigner also. The first thing to keep in mind before creating a website is deciding its content, number of pages and template. Suppose you want to create a schools website, you need pages like Home, Campus, Teachers, Students, About us, Contact us. Design these web pages through the design packages like Adobe Dreamweaver or if you use Artisteer It will automatically export project as html website in a predetermined folder. You can also alter your WebPages created by Artisteer by using Dreamweaver. Make sure that the overall size of the pages of your website should be reasonable like 100400KB so that it may not take longer time to open your newly created website. As size is mainly due to image content, degrade the quality of images by using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. Generally upload the html pages and other files to wwwroot or public_html folder. If still it is not showing your website online & you get message NOT FOUND 404 don't worry, check properly that your hosting control panel contains a list of default document and that contains the full name of your homepage document.

NEXT STEP IN NANO TECHNOLOGY: NANO-GRASS Scientists at Bell Labs, the research and development arm of Lucent Technologies have discovered an entirely new method to control the behavior of tiny liquid droplets by applying electrical charges to specially engineered silicon surfaces that resemble blades of grass, which they named as 'nano-grass'. The new technique of manipulating fluids has many potential applications, including thermal cooling of integrated circuits for powerful computers, novel photonic components for optical communications, and small, low-cost "lab-on-a-chip" sensor modules. Have you ever thought about a battery that wouldn't degrade overtime? Yes, Thomas Krupenkin, a physicist at Lucent explains that nano-grass may be used to create such type of battery. Another important advantage of nanograss is that it is also beneficial for our health.


Purva ,EE & Utkarsh Srivastava, IT, II year

The Mercedes SLS roadster Talk about the engine. The epic 571bhp, naturallyaspirated V8 is as timewarp fast as it is in the Gullwing! with the roof down in the Roadster you've got a direct accoustic path from the exhaust. Let's get down to the specs. Mercedes went with a GT bodystyle for this car.the engine layout, as confirmed by the company is front mid mounted 6.2 L,V8. It is a real wheel drive.with a 7 speed dual clutch semi automatic gearbox

The 2011 lotus Exige S The new Exige S opts for the 3.5litre V6 straight engine. Three driving modes are available with the Lotus Dynamic Performance Management system, 'Touring', 'Sport' and, err, 'Off'. The exige is a 2 door coupe with an MR layout. It is based on the lotus elise platform. The engine is a 1.8L supercharged l4 which couples with a 6 speed manual gearbox

Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale Named after the famed one-make race series created as a collaboration b e t w e e n Blancpain and Lamborghini, this limited-edition Gallardo will drop weight while adding race car spec goodies. It wears a massive rear wing and weighs 2,954 pounds. Runs from 0-62 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds thanks to the 570horsepower V10 engine and all-wheel-drive setup.

The Aston martin one 77 Say hello to the ÂŁ1.2 million Aston! The One77's substructure is carbon, with an aluminium body on top, and that it should weigh in at around 1500kg. It's expected to be powered by a 7.3-litre V12 developing around 700bhp though, given that the One-77 will be highly customisable

The Mercedes slk 55 AMG S SEEWEED BATTERY EFFICIENCY A new application for android :A common binding agent found in algae Mercedes has may help to make lithium batteries more smartphones shows user and software officially unveiled how much power their efficient, cleaner and less expensive to developers application are consuming .Power tutor was the 2012 SLK55 manufacture. developed by student and professor at A M G . P o w e r S CONVERTING PET BOTTLES TO university of Michigan. comes from a new, RADIATION DETECTORY: Scintirex a Power tutor shows in real time how four naturally aspirated new radiation detecting plastic made out of different phone component use power : the 5.5l V8 engine recycle bottles costs 90% less to produce with 422 PS (310 them current devices, and could help Japan screen : the network interface : the processor to meet the current high demand for and the global positioning system receiver . kW / 416 hp) and Power tutor provides a power consumption 540 Nm (398 lb-ft) radiation detectors. history . Power tutor will allow user to of torque. It is connected to an AMG SpeedShift Plus 7GS SOLAR GRILL CAN KEEP COOKING compare the power consumption of different TRONIC transmission which enables the roadster to AT NIGHT : The Wilson solar grill is able application and select the leanest version to harness and store enough latent heat to that performs the desired task . User can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds, before hitting a produce temperature above 450 degree F also watch how their actions affect the limited top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h). Additionally, thanks to an engine start/stop system. for upto 25 hours. phone battery.

Knit ted EFFULGENCE 2K11


Proudly Presents

Sunny Vaghela


The young and dynamic cyber wizard is one of the country's pioneer information security and cyber crime consultants who has assisted in solving many complex cyber crime cases. Bestowed with Rajiv Gandhi Young achiever's award as IT expert by the Gujrat congress in 2007 at the mere age of 20 years. Sunny also presented himself in front of Indian audience in famous Bollywood flick ''A Wednesday''.

Ravi Prakash Pandey The thermo-nuclear expert coming all the way from IAGRC, Kalpakkam carrying all his experience from BARC, to enlighten us by his great technical knowledge.


Dr. Dipak De


Professor and Head of Department in Institute of Agricultural Science B.H.U exGuest lecturer of Stanford & Oxford University presently a member of Planning Commission of India.


Dr. Kumar Vishwas

WORKSHOPS-CENTER OF LEARNING In the 4 vibrant days, Effulgence brings with itself a bright opportunity of learning & exploring various technical fields through a number of certified workshops for all branches:

Entertaining many young audience throughout the different colleges across the country through his wonderful stand-up performance 'Koi deewana kehta hai'. The renounced poet is known for his flamboyant style and captivating shringararas creations. Hoping for another one of his best on the eve of closing of Effulgence.




Effulgence 2K11 is coming up with a numerous brain twisting full filled events like circuitronix, robotics, & programming events etc. but also a number of management & business events plus many general awareness & on-the spot fun filled events, providing full excitement for the 4 days. Also there are Physics, Chemistry, Maths events for local school students. The special & the most awaited event is of the fest is the ''DJ NIGHT''.

PCB Workshop

Conducted under the banner of CETPA workshop holds the main objective ofdesigning a circuit on PCB using the required software & techniques. A must for all Electronics students

Robokriti Imbibing in itself the art of building robots, the workshop is specially organized for the young robotics enthusiastic, by the prestigious TECHNOFILIA, for the first time in any UPTU College.

Glider Making MISSION UDAAN is a Basic Aeromodelling, Aerodynamics & Aviation workshop which deals with fundamentals, principle & laws of Aerodynamics.

AutoMOB The workshop based on Automobile Mechanics & Engine Design conducted by ''Go for Tech''

Ethical Hacking

tive c a r t At s Prize

A workshop that will help to develop hacking skills under the personal oneto-one attention from none other than Sunny Vaghela.

The September this year has been pretty eventful. Among the preparations for Effulgence and the practices for Antaragni & Tvaran, quite a few college events did happen. Remembering those moments...


Freshers ‘11

u nc i l O p o C en ry a in er


Kislay ‘11 welcomed the new and bright birds in the garden of KNIT. The oustanding performances in singing, dancing & acting proved the multi - directional talent.

The opening of literary council was held on the 23rd of this month with mass participation from the 1st year and a very active involvement of the 2nd, 3rd & final year. The opening ceremony consisted of two events: SAPTRANG - a series of seven events and PRASHNAVALI - a two round quiz.

penin g



chers’ Da a yC Te e


br a tio

Students’ chapter of Computer Society of India (CSI) opened on 25th, September. The events held were: ‘C’ and Aptitude Test and an intersting quiz called Technical Wordsworth.

Teachers’ day was celebrated with great zeal & enthusiasm. All engineeing depatments paid their tribute to their teachers in their own fashion.


3 sept 2011