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ANSAL API & TCS to come for campus recruitment Page : 02 Patron: Dr. K.S. Verma

August, 2011

Rally & Candlelight March organized Page : 05

Convener: Deependra Singh

KNIT Buzz... Councelling for GBTU admissions held at KNIT Recently our college was the centre for the counselling for GBTU admission. Though a tiring job it was nevertheless very exciting for the students. It was the second time that the counselling was held at KNIT. It went on till 16th August.

Change of security staff... ‘Eagle Hunters’ The security system of our college under went a change this new session. The security agency ‘Eagle Hunters’ is a Delhi based agency. Dressed in contrast blues the guards are very vigilant in looking afer the security of the campus.

New water cooler installed The blissful donation of water cooler by our alumni Prof. S.N.Singh has greatly resolved the problem of drinking water in the academic block. The said water cooler has been installed at the entrance to the academic building.

Alumni Interview : Prof. S.N.Singh ‘87 Batch Page : 06

Concept: Mohini Gupta

Enterprise Enchiridion : Better by Adobe Page : 07

Designed By: Rahul Kr. Mishra, Saumya Kumar

Welcome Freshers… From school bags to books in hand ,from brothers and sisters to batch mates and seniors ,from home to hostel, transition from school to college life.… KNIT family welcomes all the freshers to this newfangled lively campus life. Coming out of your comfort zone, you would be having a surge of emotions within you: excited, nervous, happy, and sad or combination of all. But redeeming you all, as being the youngest members of the KNIT family; you, here are highly pampered and well taken care of. The seniors are here to stand by you for all the support you might need and are even advocating antiragging in the campus. The professors, seniors will aid you in every perspective starting from studies to your each elemental problem. We try to pass on knowledge and the support which were given to us once, as an unmatchable and precious legacy. College life is a golden period of life which every person cherishes in its mind forever and ever. The four years which one spends in KNIT is undoubtedly a prized possession for one's life. These years are the building blocks of one's personality. One learns to apply the technical knowledge of book in reality. Remember your goal over here is to study and just GO ON!!!! KAMLA NEHRU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Sultanpur situated on the banks of Gomti River is one of the oldest engineering institutes in U.P. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city; it stands high with its calm and peaceful environment .Far away from all distractions it provides you all opportunities to detect your skill and hone them to perfection. Here, quality education and accuracy are given the topmost priority. The experience of our faculty members is clearly reflected in the red and white images of the institute. People here walk in as students and go out as highly

learned engineers. Their perfection is unmatched and it is reflected in the shining achievements of our alumnus. The faculties have the teaching experience of more than the student's age group. Their excellence marked through their distinguished books and journals being published each year. Their allegiance provides each one with a new insight in learning, innovation and aspiration. Students are being taught the lessons of regularity and punctuality from the very first day they step in. Regular classes are being held for every year. The classes with our teachers are an onus for the students. The only thing you need to have is the hunger for knowledge. The different councils for extra-curricular activities will keep you fairly busy apart from their academics and it is in here you will realize the true meaning of fun learning and innovation. The life at hostel and campus is a complete fun in itself. You will get to meet new people and learn to be friend with each one of them. The hostels have the facilities of several games like Table Tennis, carom, badminton, basket-ball etc. To add to their fun, there is Television in each hostel that will not only help you keep in touch with the outside world but also enjoy their favorite channels and shows. A mixed experience of the college has always been shared by the alumni who have made KNIT proud being placed in the top MNC's, PSU's etc. It is the need of the hour that you all take your time and embrace this new world. Everyone is looking forward to see you blossom and nourish your engineering years to a lifetime experience. There will be things you might feel as an obstacle but fight out those thick and thins and march out as rugged ones. Store enough inertia so that you might spin the time wheels to pave out your path of dream. CHEERS and BEST WISHES

EFFULGENCE 2K11 The Battle of Illuminati

Gladly announcing that year 2011 is witnessing this very great venture of our college, proposed by students, 'the battle of illuminati' which has bagged the full support of faculty. After a long wait since 2005, the clouds of uncertainty got demolished by the grand opening ceremony of EFFULGENCE 2K11. This opening was embellished by the media personnel where the official date of the techfest was unraveled. It is scheduled from October 13th -16th, 2011. On Aahha! No casuals allowed! My the very day the “website” ( and college life would be in grey scale. “mascot” were brought into light. I should try finding the maroon tie The perspicuity of this zwitterion resides in major initiatives first. took up in this regard. To start with the workshops, they By : Khushboo Gupta, IT, II Year include IC engine, evergreen Robotics, PCB which is organized by CETPA InfoTech (a renowned institute), You may mail your reviews, Ethical Hacking (for hacking maniacs) and many more. All comments & articles, to the new the workshops have been finalized and will be held in the mail id : drishticone@ first two days of the techfest. There are also branch specific or technical and informal events for quenching the thirst of budding technocrats aimed at expanding their knowledge and firing up their imagination. News, pictures & carricatures Management events are a “surprise in disguise”. Chanakyarelated to the college activities neeti, among them, sounds very interesting. There is lot are welcome. more. Advertisement and sponsorship teams are doing well.


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We have received optimum financial support from our alumni. Among the sponsors, ANSAL and CETPA are the big names. TCS is also lending its full-fledged support. Other prominent names include HDFC, PNB and Canara bank. Our very own V-mart is also in the race. The talks and negotiations are at their full swing. Invitations are being sent to around 700 colleges and institutes all over India. Mr. Ravi Prakash Pandey, Senior Scientific Officer (Mechanical department) at BARC, Chennai is the honorable Chief Guest for techfest. He is presently working on the research topic “Structural analysis of reactor components”. The DJ Night, which is surely an “icing on the cake”, will be held at the successful closing of the techfest and is scheduled on the last day of this technical extravaganza. With loads of prizes up for grabs and a chance to compete with some of the best minds in the country, this is a chance to unleash the hidden element in techies! The effulgence team is working night and day to organize support and gather sponsorships. Designing of posters, pamphlets etc embark upon the onset of advertisement. Thus, Effulgence 2K11 is bound to be an amalgam of entertainment and knowledge. With a purview of full support from students and their active participation are surely going to make the event a grand success.


TPO BULLETIN Recruitment Buzz in Odd Sem institutes are engaged in restless pursuit of expertise and excellence. KNIT Being the renowned institute in Uttar Pradesh, is a one such force which is providing expertise in the technical field since provides environment which encourages and rewards the students to develop their skills and seek the technocrats learn from their personal

“Hard work has to be rewarded in one form or other”-J.K. Kilston For the technocrats, placement is one such fruit for that hard work. Every tachyon desires for this. It is after perceiving the tough challenges in the fast integrating global economy that India strives to groom in different area of expertise, with a view to realizing this dream of nation, India's leading

Established in 1967 as a family business, Ansal API today is among the leading Realty and Infrastructure companies of India. A widely reputed and professionally managed Organisation, Ansal API currently operates in a range of business verticals such as I n t e g r a t e d To w n s h i p s , Condominiums, Group Housing, Malls, Shopping Complex, Hotels, SEZs, IT Parks and Infrastructure and Utility Services. Besides expanding the business

sectors, the Company has been fast expanding the geographical presence also in the last over four decades. In line with its motto of radically improving the lifestyle standards of people through creating state-of-theart realty and infrastructure facilities and projects, Ansal API is committed to take on more and more challenging tasks in its areas of operations with increased focus and dedication in the coming years. For the civil and electrical engineering students, ANSAL API will be visiting our campus on 24 August.

experiences and is the institute which foster a culture of improvement rather than expectation.To elicit the best possible individual performance of students, the institute will be visited by two major recruiting companies ANSAL API and TCS i.e. TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been the major the major software recruiter company in KNIT as well as in India. The early days marked TCS responsibility in managing the punch card operations of Tisco. The company, which was into management consultancy from day one, soon felt the need to provide solutions to its clients as well.TCS was the first Indian company to make forays into the US market with clients ranging from IBM, American Express, Sega etc. TCS is presently the top software services firm in Asia. During the Y2K buildup, TCS had setup a Y2Kfactory in Chennai as a short-term strategy. Now, with E-

business being the buzzword, the factory is developing solutions for the dotcom industries. Today, about 90 percent of TCS' revenue comes from consulting, while the rest from products. TCS has great training facilities. In addition to training around 5 percent of the revenue is spent upon its R&D centers like the Tata Research Design and Development Centre at Pune, along with a host of other centres at Mumbai and Hyderabad.The present CEO of the company is Mr. S. Ramadorai. The companies' strength is about 14,000.Talking about KNIT, last year TCS has recruited 73 students from KNIT. For the B.TECH and MCA TCS will be visiting the campus on 14 September.

One million green jobs in two years The fast-budding green energy sector of India is coming up with almost 1 million job offers for the young generation in the upcoming 2 years with varied options of jobs and to eradicate the unemployment from the nation. This enhancement in the gree n energy sector will provide a huge facility for the awareness in environmental issues, growth in global carbon markets, the rise of green buildings, employment opportunities for lawyers, policy writers, carbon finance consultants, business risk analysts, architects and engineers. The government also wants to provide this in order to increase the level of awareness regarding the environment among the society. This is also giving opportunities to the engineers and the managers of the big companies. Kamal Meattle, the promoter of the Green Spaces and CEO of the Paharpur Business Center and Software

KNIT being the Centre of Excellence of IBM visits our college for several courses and workshops. This year IBM is conducting six workshops for 3rd year CS, IT and 2nd year MCA students. These workshops are based on powerful application tools. The first workshop was DB2. All CS, IT & MCA students appeared for its certification test and around 90 students qualified. These qualified students would be allowed to attend the upcoming workshop of TIVOLI software and the following workshops. These tools will help the students in finding smarter solutions to design and manage their projects.

ROAD MAP OF KNIT n Ma i 8 19


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e Gat 9

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1. Academic Block 2. Administrative Block 3.CSA, Library(& Parag, Ansh nearby) 4. Labs 5. Mechanical Workshop 6. Health Centre (& Pump House) 7. Punjab National Bank & ATM 8. Security Office 9. Post Office 10. Guest House 11. & 12. Canteen 13. Cafeteria & Shops 14. Mosque 15. Temple 16. Director’s Residence 17.Gargi Hostel 18. Aryabhatta Hostel 19. Khosla Hostel 20. Ramanujam Hostel 21. V.S. Hostel 22. New V.S. Hostel 23. Maitreyi Hostel 24. Raman Hostel (Under construction) 25. Power Sub-station (33/11 kV) 26. KNIPSS (Science Faculty)

Technology Incubator Park said that, "These are just a few sectors and jobs out of the hundreds of jobs that will be altered and created into the future." Udit Mittal, the Managing Director of Unison International, an HR consultancy firm is also supporting the view of Kamal Meattle. He said that the scope is so vast that it's going to be very much helpful for the nation. A 'green job' means the employment in any industry that contributes to preserving or restoring environmental quality. A green job can be a white or blue-collar job in any sector: agriculture, manufacturing, research and development, administration and service activities such as IT, finance, teaching and so on. One of the biggest future recruiters in green jobs is likely to be real estate, with green buildings coming up fast. Companies like Wipro, Microsoft, Cognizant, TCS, Infosys and Oracle are either operating or planning to from green offices.

IBM Workshops



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03 YOUTH SPARK INDEPENDENCE OF THOUGHTS…??? By : Bhavya Jain, EL, II year the audience. And why? Because of the fear that they may offend a particular part of society? Well, if that is the case, aren't audience capable to decide what's right themselves, as said for the films offending moral and cultural aspects. This incident raises a big question- we are going to complete 64 years of


When I was coming home for Rakshabandhan holidays, I was really excited about the upcoming bollywood flick “Aarakshan”. But I was utterly disappointed to know that the film was banned in the major parts of U.P. & Punjab, despite getting the clearance by the censor board. According to me, by taking this absurd step Government of these states has played into the hands of whimsical protesters who had started their pointless protests even before knowing the exact story of the film. Ironically, the same Government had no issues whatsoever with the films like Delhi Belly, which sell abuses and vulgarity, proclaiming themselves to be “youth centric”. I think, it's pitiful that such films not only get applauded, but also get a license to start a whole new trend of profanity, on the name of “realism”; while the movies like Aarakshan trying to raise more meaningful social issues & depicting real “reality” are crushed without even being shown to

Independence, but when are we going to achieve the independence of thoughts? Heavy words like “modern thinking”, “sporting spirit”, “new era” are not justified by accepting & entertaining the uncouth behavior; but- by willing to confront the real social issues & trying to find a solution to them, by having the patience to atleast see the movie before protesting against it & on the Government's part by being able to control the law & order rather than hiding the so called “sensitive” & “controversial” issues. And as far as reservation is concerned, it's indeed a debatable issue, but debates may be done without breaching the law & order too. Being a part of an independent country, it's high time to learn to raise our voice & share our views but at the same time listen to others, without being stubborn. Then only we may proclaim ourselves to be truly independent.

JAN LOKPAL BILL... A Gift of Independence Day From Government to the Corrupt.

By : Akanksha Singh, CS, Final Year

On Thursday Aug 5'11, the government approved Jan-Lokpal bill was tabled in Loksabha. Although the bill was meant to break the shackles of age old corruption which is still curbing the nation's growth, but now after the government's approval it seems to be somewhat faltering and swaying away from its real essence. The presently tabled weak Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's ombudsman Bill) witnessed a huge protest from the civil society and team Anna. Even the opposition, after a meager criticism (which is definitely a formality), couldn't get a stronghold over the bill. P.M. office is still kept out of the purview of the bill. Isn't it a severe blow to democracy and equality? It's been given an overgenerous preferential treatment by the house members. In my opinion the bill is turning out to be a gift from the government for the coming Independence Day in the favour of corrupts. Turning back the pages of history ,the first Jan Lokpal Bill was introduced by Shanti Bhushan in 1968 and passed in the 4th Lok Sabha in 1969 but could not get

through in the Rajya Sabha subsequently, Lokpal bills were introduced in 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005 and in 2008, yet they were never passed.42 years after its first introduction, the Lokpal bill is still pending in India. Isn't it a matter of mockery on part of an independent nation? The word has been derived from the Sanskrit words "loka" (people) and "pala" (caretaker). So the word Lokpal means 'care taker of people'. But the real care takers of people rights are doing real injustice to the bill. In spite of the public referendum, the bill is a complete dud. On 16th of June, the civil society reported that only 15 points of total 71, that they recommended, have been agreed to by the Joint Committee consisting of five central ministers. The inclusion of PM's office was one among those 71 points. In its current form the Lokpal will not have powers to enquire into parliamentary matters and would need the recommendation of the Speaker. It will not be able to act against Members of Parliament it finds guilty of corruption; in fact, its findings can

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also be rejected. Only retired judges are allowed to be members, which excludes a whole lot of other people. Thus bill lacks teeth and is merely a sham. Lokpal was meant to be an independent body similar to the Election Commission of India with the power to investigate politicians and bureaucrats without prior government permission. It is a basket of measures to redress and eradicate the deep roots of corruption. It has provisions for early remedial of cases of corruption at any level. I think that not being corrupt totally depends on one's inner conscience. Why the legislation waits that one should go on fast-unto-death? This solecism is completely intolerable and stands unjustified on the part of a mature thinking. Grave impetus is the need of hour to lobby with the political parties. Seeing the surge of anti-corruption activists and support from all over the country, today we can hope to witness a Revolutionary Change in Indian Political System.


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04 From the Editor’s Desk


Mohini Gupta, EL, Final Year

The shoulders that are sought for responsibility, the hands which are expected to make developments belong to the young generation of a country only. Many ingenious leaders worldwide have been putting into this from centuries. There is as such nothing new for me to write for this column but there is surely something to share that made my fingers type some words here. On my way back to hostel lately in train passengers accompanying started talking about the corruption, the most common topic in second class of railway. I reckon Indian Railways should get this topic patent for discussion. Such discussion always grabs attention of listeners so I as well. After a while a young policeman sitting at the corner started telling us how the things are different in discussions and in reality. He told us how he has got used to be among the riots, red alert area in last few years. There are still some backward localities where a small hook-nook amongst two different communities may break into the riots so instantly as if they were waiting for it. They keep bricks gathered on their terrace and even use home-made petrol explosives when in need. Another case he told us about an underage boy, almost 16 years old who made millions of money by

Question of the Edition If pros & cons are opposite to each other then do you think PROGRESS & CONGRESS ARE ALSO OPPOSITE TODAY. Send in your thoughts or comments to the above question on our mail id Some of the posts will be published in the next edition.

operating on survey sites and making fool of many grown-ups. It astonished rest of us that at such an age he was so determined on doing fraud with people. The fact that our country representing the largest number of youth globally has the maximum possibilities is known by all of us. But most of the young guns are either not loaded, disoriented or they are causing destruction amongst each other. If I am addressing the youth as young guns then it is as appropriate as defining them. The spark of life, the zeal to explore it out and setting a new trend is that all of us, the youth feel in our nerves. The insight calling in everybody's heart to make life king size becomes so dominating now that we adopt a new definition of morality. This definition doesn't match at all with what the teacher in our primary had taught. If you want something go for it, you don't get then grab it. Still not getting it, then go and just destroy the hands that are not letting you reach that. Welcome to the new definition of the conscience. Some of these sparks are able to do that and the rest are not so effective so this remains in their mind only. Therefore these sparks are as unstable as ammunitions, if handled carefully they are useful otherwise destructive. Hardly there are some who still remember the first definition yet. At reaching the end of my journey, an old wise man said that it's not just true that everything around us is going wrong; if there are disoriented ones here we are to counter them. This era is the time for you to decide what you want to be. It's the AGE OF CHOICES; you have both good and bad in front of you and you may go along anyone you want easily. If you choose wrong one you will definitely get many to accompany you and all the resources provided to you like education, technology or money would be used unethically; and if you are on the track of your conscience I do not reckon you won't be alone. I just pondered upon his words how true they were, there were six strangers discussing how the things are going wrong. Why don't we try to broaden up the frame of ours and find millions of sixes. So, it's a message for every youngster reading this article that we hold tremendous energy within us and it's our responsibility to trigger it carefully.


Bhavya Jain, EL,II year

My heart asked to go for it, it said "u have got to dare", "It's risky" a part of me warned, "you'll end up getting nowhere"; Both voices were mine, but I had got to make a choice, big dilemma it was, but I was appealed by the inner voice; "I am not afraid to lose", I said “I've seen many failures in life", "but all of them have taught me something, TO GET UP AGAIN & STRIVE...!" We all know that "failures are a part of life ", we also know that "failures are the stepping stones for success". Then why we are so afraid of failures? Why we stop listening to our heart, once we encounter failure on the path shown by it? Why? May be because we give more value to success rather than efforts. Actually, every soul that comes to this Earth is bound to go through a period of exile. We all are being tested by God, some way or other. And this ordeal is the essence of life. As mentioned in a famous song "ZINDGI HAR KADAM EK NAYI JUNG HAI". It's not necessary to emerge out victorious in each and every ordeal, infact it's not just possible. But important is to make efforts again and again. To confront each and every endeavour with courage and zeal, to have perseverance during failures and avoiding complacency after succeeding. Because life is an ongoing process, where the real challenge is not to win or achieve, but to KEEP MOVING.... and why not? After all we live in a world, where everything- staring from the microscopic atoms to the giant galaxies is moving continuously......!!! Life is all about fulfilling all our responsibilities and giving our hundred percent every time and then even if we are not able to succeed it doesn't matter. Because we got to cherish and love ourselves for our efforts, not for their outcomes. Embarrassment sometimes, sometimes pride, Life is just a roller coaster ride; A moment you are up, another you are down, If you keep on moving, you'll get the crown; Fine! - Today the things didn't go your way, But tomorrow shall be a yet another day; The things which today appeared total waste, Tomorrow they may develop a complete new taste; So, never say die, never say no, Just take a deep breath, & Get Set Go! Face every hurdle with a smile,

I wept because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.

Katyayani Pant, ME, II Year

A very true statement given by an enlightened human .How many a time have you ever thought of those impoverished and the deprived earthlings. Living in the comfort of our opulent space, have not we forgotten the miseries of our less fortunate brethren. Aren't we living more selfish life than is expected from us for having occupied space on this planet? We are so busy chasing life's big pleasures that we are missing on the small ones. We live in an age where we have more possessions but less happiness. While we are young, we spend our days keeping up with social expectations and accomplishing our personal tasks. In the long run, thing that will actually bring you a sense of fulfilment is what actually resides with us which neither are the riches we earned nor their pleasure but only deep sense of fulfilment which is achieved by human service. All great leaders, thinkers and humanitarians have abandoned selfish lives for selfless lives and in return, have found all happiness, and satisfaction they desired. In one memorable story from the life of Mahatma Gandhi, he was travelling across India by train. As he left the car he had been riding in, one of his shoes fell to a place on the tracks well beyond his shoes fell to a place on the tracks well beyond his reach. Rather than worrying about getting it back: he removed his other shoe and threw it to where fell the first one .When asked why he did this, Gandhi smiled and replied : “Now the poor soul who finds the first one will have a pair that he can wear.” I won't exhort you to be great because there are no great acts only small ones done with great love. To be benevolent, one does not perforce be rich. A word of thanks or a gesture of help has always won a million hearts. My grandmother recounted me this summer vacation that once she fell in trouble when she had to cross the road with seemingly high traffic. But a young boy came to her rescue and landed her on the other side of road. There was nothing so great in this act but it was replete with love and affection. My grandmother had loads of blessings for that young lad. A bosom friend of mine has been regularly celebrating her birthday by distributing sweets and clothes at an orphanage rather than giving offerings at a temple. When you send your money out remember always to bless it. Ask it to bless everybody that it touches; feed the hungry and clothe the naked. Even a gentle smile showered on a penniless guy can make his day and lessen his/her pain and grief. Offering your seat on the subway to someone in need and being the first to say hello are great places to start. Be grateful to people who are serving you whatsoever indirectly. When you pay for your groceries, silently bless all those who have helped bring this food to you; the farmer who have grown it, the delivery people who have carried it and the store clerks who have stocked it. If you are writing a check for your children's education, why not give silent appreciation to all. The teachers who are genuinely spending their days shaping the minds of your kids and to all the others who make their work possible .As that timeless truth says,”The hand that gives is the hand that gathers”. When all the clutter is stripped away from your life, its true meaning will become clear; to live for something more than yourself .Simply, the purpose of life is a life of purpose. Before responding contemptuously to a beggar's plea and shun him away for food or money think twice because there could have been an interchange of fates and positions and you might also have been wandering helplessly for somebody's grace.

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Site Catcher

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Clues : 6. Causes diseases 8. A time of the day 1. Feeling of thankfulness 10. Honours before burial 2. Exciting as an essential constituent 14. Currency of Israel 3. Inability to make a 15. Croquet stick mistake 17. An organisation 4. Observe deep in 18. One from the same thought background 7. Launch assault 19. Eaten up 9. A closed one Solution : Edition:1,Volume:1 passenger car 11. Marked by deception 12. Sew 13. Spread through 14. Vulgar 16. Hug


ACROSS 5. Jump vertically, with legs stiff and back arched

Crossword By : Debashree De, ME, III Year

Let’s see how much you have explored KNIT. Just give the most appropriate guess as to where this place is in KNIT. Ans for the last edition picture : Behind the Administrative block

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MISC-TALK Opportunity Changes Interest murdered at the same level of subtleness, in the hope of heavy packages and brand names. People desiring core branches often forcefully opt for software related courses so as to make a bargain for better colleges or emotional pressure. People may call it the sacrifice of a kid for his materialistic bindings, but on a personal note I will quote this in terms of a word coined by an Indian thinker as 'EPIDEMIC OF CONVENIENCES'. People who have fallen prey to the paralysing luxurious comforts fail to cherish the taste of the freedom of thought and thus their choices are always driven by their opportunist mentality. It is due to these chains of love for materialistic achievements their aims, objectives, and even their options are contaminated and far from free will. Even on the account of the fact that they lament for their deeds in a later stage, they cannot let their minds free form all the prejudices and opt for what actually their heart beats for. I seek in this, the root cause for the modern trend of a BRANCH SWITCH OVER for which the students go after completing their first year. Not only does this type of confusions and anomalies prevail in the engineering or the graduation sector, but a similar

‘'wo padho jo dil kare, phir padhai bojh nai maza ban jaegi'' These words of Mr. Perfectionist seem to have just earned him box-office success. Apparently there is time when people would really start to mind such non-traditional and 'hatke' phrases. 'Interest' has been and is falling prey to biased mentality, to favourism and often to opportunity. People, whether students or even self-dependent matures are often seen sacrificing their interest, their likes for various reasons; constraints, finance or sacrifice for close ones and opportunity being the most occurring ones. This issue has found focus and got good attention in recent times from media and flicks like TAARE ZAMEEN PAR, and 3 IDIOTS and deals deeply with aspects of human psychology. Thanks to thinkers and makers who brought this issue to light. The issue reflects a fine conflict between interest & ambition in which the latter bags the prize more than the former. A good example of such kind of battle is the lengthy counselling procedures of institutes promising to nurture minds for exploring new domains of creativeness. Where words like 'choices' and 'interests' are used on a giagantic scale and also

Ankur Shukla, EE, II year

sort of confusion and miss-judgement is observed even in the younger students of class 10th, 10+2, leading to a mass switch of students from science stream to commerce stream in their 11th.This problem is indeed a subtle one, but a grave one too. Such opportunist mentality can never give rise to great thinkers, which our education system strives to achieve on papers and in its lengthy documents and advertising brochures. The motive behind, lighting and discussing this issue with all my fellow young guns through this medium is to try to give a new dimension to the perception of independence on this INDEPENDENCE DAY. This write up is just a small proposal to start a completely new kind of independence struggle with and within ourselves. The struggle to get free from the clutches of innumerous constraints that prevent us from doing what we really wish to do. From the clutches of the greed, the thoughts that prevent us from doing what we can do the best and from not doing what we do just because the world does it. To just set ourselves free so that we can do what we are best at.And thus to achieve the real and pure form of happiness known as 'CONTENTMENT'.

ALUMNI INTERVIEW We got the opportunity to to talk to our respected alumni, Prof. S.N.Singh (1987, Electrical).He is currently working as Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur. Ques.1: Please give some personal details about your career line after college. Response: After passing out B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) from KNIT Sultanpur, I went to pursue my M Tech (Power Systems) degree from the Electrical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India) in July 1987. After completing one year of course work, I got selected in UP State Electricity Board (now UP Power Corporation) and joined it on August 8, 1988 (8-8-88) as Assistant Engineer in the Power System Study Cell (a UPSEB Planning Wing, Lucknow) at IIT Kanpur. My regular M.Tech was converted to a part-time M.Tech and it was completed in June 1989. Being posted at IIT Kanpur, I completed my PhD as a parttime student in 1995. I was transferred to Obra Thermal power station (12th & 13th Units) to see the control and instrumentation (in a shift duty) in July 1995. I resigned UPSEB and joined Roorkee University (Now IIT Roorkee) as Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering Department on June 14, 1996. Being at Roorkee, I went to Asian Instituted of Technology Bangkok during MayAugust 1997 as Post-doctoral study and Hong Kong Polytechnic University as Research fellow during Dec 1998 to March 2000. I resigned Roorkee University on January 1, 2001 and joined Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok as Assistant Professor in the Electric Power System Management of the School of Energy Resource and Development (SERD). Finally, I returned back to India and joined Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur as Associate Professor in April 2002. I visited University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany for 14 months in 2005 and 2007 as Humboldt Fellow. I was also on sabbatical leave at CET, Denmark Technical University during July 2009 to June 2010. Presently, I am a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering since February 2008. Ques.2: How was your life as a student? Response: My student life at KNIT Sultanpur was very memorable and full of joy. Since I belonged to rural background, I felt always very shy in speaking, expressing my views and queries. It may also be due to poor English knowledge at that stage. Being a hard and sincere student, I was always favorite of the teachers and colleagues. During the initial phase of admission, there was some ragging but it was very enjoyable. I arrived at the institute without my parents and had a huge fear. I stayed one night at Sultanpur Bus-station itself as I arrived in evening. After adjusting, we used to attend the classes with full energy and happiness. We were also mischievous in the classes whose teachers were not good in teaching. Ques.3: How did you used to learn in a low infrastructure environment? Response: It is true that infrastructure of the

college was very poor in beginning and it has hampered my knowledge enhancement capability upto some extent. But I don't think it is the case now. KNIT is equally equipped with amenity (not comparing with IITs and NITs but among State Engineering colleges) and there are well qualified and dedicated teachers. I do remember the case when I admitted to IIT Kanpur for M.Tech (Power Systems), I was only student who was not knowing or seen the computers. But with proper dedication and effort, I become very g o o d i n “Now most of students computer programmin are least bother about g and stood the reading the good first in the b o o k s f o r g e t t i n g Department w i t h fundamentals rather s e c u r i n g they are using madecumulative easy books to clear the performance index (CPI) course exam and trying 10 out 10. to put more time on the Ques.4: For competitive exams. To an engineer what must win the competitive b e t h e world, the fundamental proportion knowledge is the key o f curricular, factor.” c o curricular and extra-curricular activities? Response: As I mentioned in beginning, I was from rural background and therefore, I was not much aware about the games and other extra-curricular activities. I was only playing Kabbaddi. I become acquainted with other games but could not dare to play with colleagues. I become good in card games. In the present day scenario where a lot of stress is on students from both family and academic sides, I strongly feel that there should be nice curricular, cocurricular and extra-curricular activities. Ques.5: You are fully aware with the environment of our college. According to you what lacking in the students or the college to compete in the present competitive world? Response: I believe that the students were very serious in the getting knowledge without looking much at the competitive view point. It may be due to the less competition in getting good jobs. Therefore, students were studying very hard with good books to get the fundamental knowledge. In the present age students, I personally feel that they always go for the short cuts to achieve the goal. Now most of students are least bother about the reading the good books for getting fundamentals rather they are using madeeasy books to clear the course exam and trying to put more time on the competitive exams. To win the competitive world, the fundamental knowledge is the key factor. Ques.6: Sir, you yourself are a professor, so from your point of interview how an engineering student must strategize his 1st yr to final yr journey to make it fruitful? Response: Being a professor of a very reputed institute, I believe in honest hard work. I do admit

that some students are very brilliant and they require less effort compared to the others. Since intelligentsia is not in anyone's control, the only one can do is the hard work. There is no substitute of the sincerity and hardworking. The story of turtle and rabbit is a good example of this. I advise students to be sincere from very beginning of the engineering course and put enough time to understand the fundamentals. Most of the student become very casual in beginning and give a more time at end of the program. Thus, it put a lot of pressure and stress on the students. Even some student depressed due high pressure and tension due course and competitive exams. Ques.7: It been about three decades and technology and society has moved a lot further. So, please give some advice to the present age KNITians. Response: I feel alumni of KNIT (known as KNITians) are at good positions both in India and abroad including industry and academia. When we were students, this was lacking. KNITians should feel encouraged as their seniors are at high positions and this institute has shown its presence everywhere. KNITians should meet their alumni without any hesitation for their support, guidance, etc. Now recognition of KNIT is well established and I request, through this interview, to all the KNITians to come forward and help our needy juniors in all respects. Ques.8: The number of students getting selected in civil services and other higher posts has been degraded as it was earlier, any reason you reckon about it. Response: It is true that everyone wants to be a powerful and resourceful person in his/her life and getting some top administrative positions enhances his/her personality, financial and social values of individual. I feel the administrative services need the intelligent and capable persons and the engineering graduate are one who can give better services in this field. There are many examples of such cases. Ques.9: What keeps you binding with the college after so many years ? (As you donated a water cooler to the institute building). Response: I don't know what attracts me toward the institute after many years. I feel that I am blessed with my basic engineering knowledge which has brought me at this stage of my achievements. I give FULL credit to KNIT. Getting into KNIT as a student of Electrical Engineering in 1987 was a turning point of my life. Although I was not much interested in this branch but now I feel this was good for me. I thank GOD for this. Everyone gets a lot of better turning points in his/her life which brings once to any height or down. Whenever I visit to KNIT, my old days are flashed into my mind. Moreover, I didn't find much change in the environment, students and teachers culture as well. Not only I, but many of KNITians, I am sure, feel this and ready to help in all kinds. Your present director, Prof KS Verma is very young, energetic and dynamic person who is trying to do the best for KNIT. We all are with him for his good works. Ques.10: Please give your response on this initiation of newsletter. Response: Although I came to know first time about this newsletter of the KNIT Sultanpur. I am very pleased to know its activities. I must congratulate to all those who are directly or indirectly associated with this newsletter. I wish all the success of this newsletter.


07 HI - FIVE


Better By Adobe

By : Jyoti Singh, EL, Final year

Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American computer software company founded in December 1982. Its headquarters are located in San Jose, California, United States. John Warnock and Charles Geschke established the company after leaving Xerox PARC to develop and sell the PostScript page description language. Mr.Shantanu Narayan is the President and CEO of the company. The post of Co-chairman is held by John Warnock and Charles Warnock. The stock symbol of Adobe is ADBE(NASDAQ). The major development operations take place in San Francisco; Ottawa, Canada; Hamburg, Germany; Noida, Bangalore, India. Adobe builds award-winning software solutions for network publishing that includes web, print, video, wireless, and broadband applications. It provides authoring tools, graphic design, imaging and dynamic media to enrich the customers with various types of media. The main focus of the company has been the creation of multimedia and creativity software products heading towards rich Internet application software development. Adobe's corporate logo was designed by Marva Warnock. After PostScript, the initial products of Adobe were digital fonts released in Type1 format. Apple developed a new standard, TrueType which provided precise pixel level control and licensed it to Microsoft. In its response, Adobe developed Adobe Type Manager that allowed WYSIWYG scaling of Type 1 fonts on screen. The graphics and publishing market standardized Type 1 format. On the other front, TrueType became the standard for business and Windows users. Later, Microsoft announced open type format, which was adopted by Adobe in 2003.Adobe released Adobe Illustrator, a vector based drawing program for Apple Macintosh in mid 1980s.In contrast to the MacDraw, the previous vector drawing program of Macintosh, this software added flexibility to Bézier curves. Adobe Photoshop, developed in 1989 soon captured the market with its graphics editing features.. In December 1991, Adobe released Adobe Premiere, which was then rebranded to Adobe Premiere Pro in 2003. In 1993, Adobe introduced PDF, the Portable Document Format, and its Adobe Acrobat and Reader software. With the passage of time, Adobe revolutionized the whole world with its technological advancements. It developed various other server and desktop softwares, formats and web design programs. These include Adobe Fireworks, Adobe ColdFusion, PDF , Shockwave Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver and several others. The major acquisitions of Adobe include Aldus Corporation(1994), Frame Technology Corporation(1995). On May 30, 1997, Adobe

reincorporated in Delaware by merging with and into Adobe Systems (Delaware), which was incorporated on May 9, 1997. Adobe Systems Incorporated (Delaware) then changed its name to Adobe Systems Incorporated concurrently with the merger. Later, the company also acquired GoLive Systems, I n c . ( 1 9 9 9 ) , A c c e l i o Corporation(2002),Macromedia Inc.(2005). In January 2007,a new product named, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, entered the market to assist the photographers in managing digital images and post production work. Adobe Media Player was released in April 2008. On April 27, Adobe discontinued development and sales of GoLive, which was the older HTML/web development software.Adobe also offered a discount on Dreamweaver for GoLive users. Adobe acquired Business Catalyst and Omniture in the year 2009 which was then followed by the acquisition of Demdex in January,2011. Adobe equips its employees with online selfstudy courses on a variety of Adobe products, related technologies like C++,Perl and XML and productivity tools including Microsoft Word, Excel and Project. It provides Management training to help the managers excel in their technical knowledge and skills. Besides, Adobe provides educational assistance to the employees for certificate programs, undergraduate and graduate degree programs through accredited colleges and universities for business-related course work. Adobe rewards its employees through fixed compensation, variable compensation and an entire circle of benefits. The fiscal 2010 revenues were US $ 3.8 billion which dropped down to US $ 1.028 billion in the next year. Adobe has received words of appreciation from Fortune since 1995.Besides, Adobe was rated the fifth best U.S.Company in 2003, sixth in 2004, 31st in 2007, 40th in 2008 and 11th in 2009.It is the first commercial enterprise to be awarded three Platinum certifications under the US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-Existing Building (LEED®) program. In the year 2010,Mr. Ashutosh Mohle of Computer Science and Engineering(KNIT) was placed in Adobe Systems Incorporated that was intended to give a package of 7-8 lacs. A new technology that enters the market can make or break innovations. It has the capability to change the global scenario. Adobe has always satisfied its customers with its products and services. From rich images in print, video, and film to dynamic digital content for a variety of media, the impact of Adobe solutions is clear to anyone who creates, views, and interacts with the informat

Gyro Technology Raksha Gupta, EE, II Year This wild new motorcycle, invented by 19year-old Ben J. Poss Gulak, is among the latest inventions to capture attention. Debuting at the National Motorcycle Show in Toronto, the "Uno" uses gyro technology for balance and acceleration. It is a battery charged machine that accelerates by leaning forward and slowing down by leaning backwards. It weighs approximately 129 pounds (58 kg.) and has a top speed of 25 mph (40 klms). Update: Since featuring Ben's invention, he has continued to develop and progress with his innovative product. He won second place in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and first prize in Popular Science's Invention Awards. Gulak continues to develop and commercialize

h i s inventio n while studying engineer ing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The latest prototype, known as the Uno 3, can automatically transform itself from a unodicycle into a conventional looking motorcycle, which allows for greater acceleration, speed and stability. Ben shares this advice for inventors, “When you have an idea, it's easy to get discouraged. There are so many people who will tell you that you're wasting your time. The biggest thing is to not let people get you”

The Top 5 Gadgets of 2011 Searched By : Purva Tripathi, EE, II year

1. Envi Don't be fooled by the name. Envi is not envious but environmental friendly. Its purpose is to use daily trash items like gum wrappers or banana peels in order to create substantial nourishment for the plant that it carries. This oneof-a-kind Green garbage will eliminate all the pollutants and corrosive materials that come from trash and instead convert this waste into nourishment for the plant. It not only gets rid of waste in a very useful way but it also looks very good. If everybody uses Envi for their home pot plants the saving to environment will be phenomenal.

2. Apple iWatch Apple launched the ingenious new iPod nano dubbed 'iWatch', arguably the smallest music player in the market which can be worn on the wrist. It is functionally similar to the iPod and iPhone and also boasts a 'multi-touch' screen, allowing more than one finger to be used on the screen at once. The iWatch, the latest addition to the iPod family, boasts a clock face which appears with the flick of a button but still allows users to view pictures on its LCD projector and track your movements. It has 16GB of storage for music and pictures along with weather forecast system Gamers can be happy as this allows live competition gaming with other iPod and iPhone users worldwide.

3. Smart Shopping Carts Smart Shopping Carts is a new app for smart phones that will be like a GPS for the shopper. Smart shopping carts, handheld devices, and interactive information kiosks connected to a store's network and IT system can recognize individual shoppers who opt-in to the retailer's loyalty programs, help them navigate to efficiently find items in the store, alert them to special sales and complementary items, and even let consumers check out while they shop. With your Smart Shopper you are very unlikely to forget the milk.

4. Nook Colour Digital Book Barnes & Noble's Nook Color is a very capable color touchscreen e-book reader that offers much of the functionality of an Android tablet for half the price of an iPad. It has a vibrant 7inch touch screen; zippy performance; built-in Wi-Fi; 8GB onboard memory plus microSD expansion slot. The built-in Web browser with flash support works great. It supports PDF, Word, and ePub files, audio and MP3 playback as well as displays images and some video formats. These come with extended battery life.

5. Sony Vaio 3D Computer The Sony VAIO F Series 3D laptop in Full HD 1080p creates an immersive viewing experience in 2D or 3D. It has a 6GB RAM. With the S-Force™ Front Surround 3D system, you can enjoy an extended stereo effect plus simulated 5-channel surround sound, making it the perfect companion to 3D entertainment. The resolution is amazing and it comes with Blu-ray drives and Black Frame insertion. Utilizing an ultrafast, 240Hz refresh rate with high-speed precision, VAIO® F Series 3D laptop can display two frames, one for the left eye and one for the right, delivering a seamlessly smooth motion. Combined with our richest set of features, the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor is the ideal choice for visibly smart performance at its best.

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2 aug 2011