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ndia has won the world cup but, there was a question since this fourth season of IPL unraveled, will IPL be able to drink from the fountain of joy? While some opined that with India bagging the world cup victory, IPL will definitely going to boost up, while others feel that an overdose of cricket will surely help the entertainment channels to revive their fortune. Thus in a nutshell, the idiot box is surely going to get its viewers whatever the status may be. With World Cup frenzy yet to subside, media moghuls hoped that they will have yet another recordbreaking season with IPL4.But analysts have a different story to tell. The ICC world cup set up all the records, especially in the latter half of the tournament. Television recorded the highest ratings for a cricket tournament ever. And advertisers paid astounding rates as the tournament progressed. But it was highly skeptical that this fourth installment of IPL will bring back the magic of the world cup. The current figures depict that the viewership has gone to its lowest level. The all new excitement added in this installment seems losing the hold and the brand equity is continuously eroding. Whether it be the newly appended teams (Sahara Pune warriors and Kochi Tuskers) making the tournament more competitive or the cheer girls in saree. All this didn't help the viewers to remain glued to the idiot box. The tournament goes gargantuan in proportion as

the number of matches went up from 60 to a whopping 94. The fourth season of the IPL is witnessing the lowest TRPs (Television Rating Points). The first IPL witnessed a boisterous response and the TRPs shoot up as it was new and its excogitation was remarkable. The first 15 IPL matches this year recorded a TVR of 4.36, almost 18% lower than last season. It is also lower than IPL-season 2, when ratings dropped as the tournament was shifted to Johannesburg (South Africa).IPL 3, at its peak, got a TRP of 4.6 and in spite of the allegations of match fixing, the brand value doubled last year. The just concluded Cricket World Cup climbed to over 15

What was the condition of infrastructure and academics of KNIT at your time?(including hostels ) Since the institute was newly established, the infrastructure was developing but the academics were good. The hostels were not quite upto the mark but the enthusiasm of getting into an engineering college over shadowed it all. Mess food was good and the sporting facilities, though less, were well participated. How was the student life at that time? The student life in our days was a lot of fun and quite interactive . We shared a good bonding with both the seniors and juniors. We especially enjoyed regular trips to the city by bus, and the hours passed at 'Avantika' restaurant and also the strolling along the dam on the Gomti river including , the fun during surveying practicals on campus. Tell us about your present life and family Presently, I am working with Indian Railways and posted as Chief Engineer at Gorakhpur, U.P. My wife is a homemaker and we have two children. Son is working at Hyderabad after graduating from IIT,madras and my daughter has just appeared for her intermediate exams. How was your journey of success to this position after passing out from KNIT? I did my M.Tech. from IITdelhi and simultaneously prepared for Engineering Services and the Civil Services. I got selected for IES, 1986 and was first posted as Asst. Engineer, S.C. Rly; followed by postings at Vijaywada and Hyderabad. I got transferred to Gorakhpur in 2008.

In KNIT , any classmate or teacher who had inspired you most? Prof. Pande B.B. Lal(HOD, Civil), Prof Alak Roy and Prof Abdul Majeed inspired me the most. At present time, KNIT is progressing, you can see the news paper and KNIT journal ,how you feel about it/any suggestion? KNIT has come up a long way since our time to being one of the leading institutions of U.P. and I see a great future ahead. Comparing with your era, what strategic changes should upcoming engineers include in their schedule according to you? Apart from focus on core studies, students should also get involved in co-curricular activities. Preparation for CAT/MAT should be started well in advance especially the improvement in English language. The best thing in KNIT or the most missed one. We had a group of about 25 odd students(both my seniors, juniors and batchmates). Most of my memories are associated with these friends, be it the cricket grounds, hostel, the mess, city trips or evening strolls on the river dam. That is the most missed thing of my student years. A message for the youth of KNIT. There are two mantras behind whatever I have achieved-focussed hardwork and dedication. There have been a lot of changes in the career scenario with ample opportunities in private sector as well entrepreneurship. My advice to young KNITians is to be aware of the changing situation and choose their work field with a free and confident mindset. And once the choice is made, the goal should be to excel in the field chosen. Do you ever feel like seeing back towards your college or the super-juniors of yours ? The recent visits to KNIT for Alumni meets and the warm welcome from the faculty and students was overwhelming! I wish all my juniors do well in the future and bring laurels to the name of our Alma Mater.

By : Akanksha Singh 3rd year

during the India-Pakistan semi final and the final broke all records with a TRP of 35.91. A forecast was made by the Brand Finance Study, which reported that the brand value of IPL has dropped by 11%. Reports of ballooning costs started coming in, after the auctions which saw players being signed in at eye-dropping amounts. While the ceiling for a franchise in 2008 was $5 million, it has been raised to $9 million this year. Undoubtedly, this edition has a large number of reasons to suffer such a loss. Either it is the afternoon telecast, world cup hangover or the steady erosion of the brand equity of this cricket jamboree. The franchisee of the fresh teams was not able to properly announce and popularize their teams. Neither there was much time for brand building. Since the ratings are not going up, the broadcasters are even feeling the heat. No wonder that there are hardly any favorites in this instalment. At the end, this IPL has been speculative, either in terms of advertisement, brand building or the TRP ratings. If this remains the situation, broadcasters may not be able to charge high amounts for the next season. Another reason, according to the analysts is the transparency issue, which lead to the scandal that derailed some top notch careers. Money laundering, match fixing and opaque financial dealings are a threat to transparency and no one is going to cheer for a match that has been previously fixed.


ALUMNI INTERVIEW In the very first edition of the newsletter we got the opportunity to get some valuable ideas of our respected alumni, Sanjay Kr. Mishra in his own words. He passed out Sanjay Kr. Mishra (1984 Batch) f ro m K N I T i n (1984,Civil) as a gold medalist in his year. He completed his M.Tech. from IIT, Delhi and joined the Indian Railways after clearing IES Exam (1986). He has worked in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and now working in Gorakhpur as Chief Engineer, Construction.




8. Glow around conductor (6) 9. Using visible light (7) 10. Made of wood (8) 11. Deeply admire (6) 12. Power store (8) 14. Narrow passage ways (6) 15. Thin covering (of wood) (6) 18. Religious Song (4) 19.Expert in establishing\ hypothesis (8) 20. Cut short (7)

1. French style of painting; is match (anag.) (7) 2. Similarity, comparison(8) 3. Pursuing (7) 4. Throw at random(7) 5. Taylor, actress(9) 6. Simultaneous action (6) 7. Over the road (6,3,3) 13.Duch Boroque painter(7) 16.Expressed in figures (7) 17. Giant god starting with T (5) 18. Temporary obstacle (5)

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From the Editor’s Desk

Putting the First Brick As being not a student of Civil Engineering, I have no idea to throw light on any technical or different concept about building construction in this article. It is just sharing some of my recent experiences about initiating something which existed merely in thoughts, a few months earlier. As a matter of fact, a journey of the ideas which originated amongst neurons, drifted between cerebral layers then passing through some fuzzy logics, they reached to the soft-copy on laptops resulting in the hard copy in the hands of KNITian readers today. It may be somehow considered a small venture of thoughts to practicality on the basis of duration but is a colossal one if marked upon scale of experiences. Whatever we see in front of us created my mankind have their earliest form as some process within cerebrum of any human, which we say in simple language as The Initiation. The importance of initiation over implementation has been more or less depending upon situations, but it is not the matter of question that initiation is the first brick of any big monument. Having a newsletter in our college in the warm

season of 2K11 not just because of sun of May but also the minds of college intellects toiling for Effulgence and Tvaran may be proved as a jubilant mode for all of us to share a lot more than before. The quick response and cooperation of college administration for the idea has proved very helpful. The KNIT Alumni Hall has been allotted as the work place of newsletter, KNIT dristICONe for particular hours and introduction of first edition had been decided free of cost. A few months earlier a permanent conception was floating in mind that no such thing is possible in this campus. These are some things we could only discuss that we have seen regular newspaper or magazine stuff in IITs and Deemed Colleges. The need for KNIT air to become more dynamic should be fulfilled now, and concepts should be materialized to get them on earth. The very first brick of a building needs the materials of innovation, initiation and the whole framing of the implementation process. All this deals mainly with the imagination and determination of the person. This is what human is gifted with and

Question of the Edition Representation of ideas of college youth is the concern of this column. In every edition a question would be put up. To give personal conception about the particular issue mail your blogs to To what extent B overpowering S can affect India ?


It is rightly said that, qualify to deserve what you desire. To deserve something it's necessary that we set some goals and work towards them without losing focus. Eknath Eswaran had said some lines beautifully, “you are what your deep driving desire is. As is your driving desire, so is your will. As is your will, so are your deeds. As are your deeds, so is your destiny.” A teacher once told their students that she had not failed any of them. A wave of cheer went around the class. She added that she had not passed anyone either, it is the students themselves who had done it. In this case of students, their desires were not backed up with enough will and hard work. So how could they expect a teacher to do what they didn't deserve? The desire to achieve a thing should be so strong that the other secondary desires lose their charm. If we have hundreds of small desires, we achieve nothing. But if we have one strong desire, we get what we want. We cannot sail in many boats at the same time. Our needs and desires can be categorized into four categories. The first type is met without doing much effort- food and shelter. The second category belongs to those desires that we can get with a bit of effort like education, etc. For some we have to put in a lot of effortdoing well professionally. The last category includes those desires that can never be fulfilled- our wish to get respect from everyone. It is the third category that takes one onto the path of progress and spirituality.

By : Mohini Gupta 3rd year

therefore he rules the world. But only the first brick at the foundation can't let someone provide shelter. Persistency in implementation is also as important as the introduction. People dream every night about many things but in the morning rarest of them gets the chance to be considered. A single person may find himself able to put the first brick but to manoeuvre the whole monument, it need a big mass to erect it. As the editor of this newsletter it is a message for each and every reader of the KNIT family, students, administration, staff and alumni to come forward and give their hand in adoring this building. Having no earlier experience of such a thing, the enjoyment of getting the experience of putting this first brick on the foundation would be one of the commendable achievements of my life. To make this small start to a feat, many ideas are waiting in a queue, even yours. So don't let them stay with you and help improve this newsletter in the further editions.


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The education which does not help the common mass of people to equip themselves for the struggle for life, which does not bring out strength of character, a spirit of philanthropy, and the courage of a lion – is it worth the name ? Real education is that which enables one to stand on one's own legs. (The complete works of Swami Vivekananada, vol., pp. 147148).

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Edition : First

rishtICONe Volume : 1

Flying Car Page : 3

Patron : Dr. K.S. Verma

May, 2011

Pages : 08

Career Maestro :

Taj Mahal :

Alumni Interview :

Automotive Designing Page : 2

Tomb or temple Page : 5

Sanjay Kumar Mishra ‘84 Batch Page : 6

Convener : Dr. Deependra Singh

Director's Message

Concept By : Mohini Gupta

Designed By : Rahul Kr. Mishra, Saumya Kumar

“To achieve your goal, don't look at the path, just keep an eye on the final destination”

It has been more than two decades for KNIT, standing firm with itself being recognized by people as one of the premier institutions, not only in the list of GBTU colleges but also throughout the nation. It was a great opportunity for me to become the director of the same institution from where I completed my post graduation. Being dedicated to the college I tried to take it to new heights. KNIT has long since gained a reputation for infusing its students with the spirit of healthy competition and an indomitable will to succeed while inculcating the best of skills in them. While igniting young minds to achieve all round perfection, we emphasize on self discipline. Students are now being provided efficient notes from the lecturers as a rule. These notes bring a collective offspring of all the books that the lecturers refer to. Dr. K.S.Verma, Director, KNIT, Sultanpur. Management of the new institute, Manyavar Kashi Ram Engineering college, has been done remarkably well. In spite of the lack in space the students' timings have been so arranged that they can attend their classes on a regular basis. New improved facilities have been provided to the girl students like the new generator and canteen in Maitryee Hostel. Also new hostels are under construction. Another improvement is a new path leading to the girls hostel connecting the latter to the main lane. Renovations have been made in and around the main college building like the Saraswati idol at the entrance gate and the fountain in front. New implements have been brought in the labs. The college has been working really hard with the help of TPO (Training and Placement Office) to give the students what they deserve. “Challenges have always been there, but they have been as asset in strengthening in the vigour of our stride towards the goal.” The first issue of “KNIT drishtICONe”, the newsletter of the college is a further step, reflecting fresh opinions and a clear vision of the future, which is bright. .This newsletter will provide an efficient communication channel among the students and between the faculty members and the students. It will also act as a network connecting the alumni with the students. Information about the new technologies and the career guidelines sections of the newsletter would prove to be an asset for the technical aspirants. The college is providing the monetary and motivational support to the newsletter committee. They have also been provided with ample workspace with a fast internet facility for smooth functioning of the newsletter. I convey my deep appreciation and best wishes to the students who have worked hard for the implementation of this resurgent idea.

Do We Need Our Own Newsletter? Our college, one of the most reputed college has gone through the glorious journey of three decades and hence has become one of the legends. From the very average infrastructure and normal facilities of a government college it's bright and toiling students with the most experienced and guiding teaching staff has put a long carnival of their glorious successes. Along with the theoretical knowledge college has provided enough assistance for students' forums, membership of national and international level councils and many student chapters. Whether it is from text to practical knowledge, or sport to literary skills, an overall development of students has been the goal of college since it started. Decade per decade , the exterior lookout of the college has changed a lot but still having the same goal of providing their students the utmost possible heights of the contemporary technical and industrial market. Increment in the number of hostels from one to eight (one under construction and one being extended), we can imagine the mass coming to this college, and every one of us thinks- Should we feel lucky for getting admission in a reputed government college or not? Are we going to reach those heights which the passes out students have reached and put an emblem like theirs? I would say, I don't think so. If such a big mass need to get those bigger things our alumni are having

today, we have to do a lot in this direction keeping in mind the competition of the demanding era today. It's not period for learning with same speed as earlier, rather to get geared up and accelerate. It is the time for a renaissance in our college and the first step of this initiation should be a newsletter of our own college. A KNIT NEWS-LETTER!!! I know some would get excited a lot but few may say, what is the need for such things if we already have daily newspapers THE TIMES OF INDIA, THE HINDU et cetera et cetera.. For them I have a lot more to say about WHY DO WE REALLY NEED A NEWSLETTER OF OURS? Let's ponder upon this. Mode of communication is the basic need of everyone so why not us. Great mass in the college leads to more probability of being not known, whether it is about students, their activities, teachers or any issue related to them. For having proper communication of information, one of the strongest media, newsletter should be chosen now. If the college administration, academics, wants to interact with the whole college students, no other media would prove better than this. Same it would be in case of students to convey or represent their messages. The newspaper we all read are general daily newspaper, not specifically for students, then leave

behind the idea of having engineers' need in them. This newsletter would contain everything according to the engineers' requisite. The technological world news and updates would be included keeping in mind required technical advancement of students. Our college has many forums and councils and students do keep going to the inter college fests. There is a full page for this where information about such events and the performance of college students would be given. Next, it would be including the career guidelines and the information related to TPO department would be updated. Today we are having KNIT alumni on big-big authority chairs having inspirational biography for engineers. We do think to include a column of alumni's interview which would encourage the students and suggestions by them would be a hand for the baby learning to walk. Apart from all these we are going to have a new platform for Youth's Democracy here. What the technocrats think about the social, economical and environmental issues of the country and worldwide concerns would be the aim of this column- Question of the Edition!! We will have a question and readers will give their response by mailing their blogs one of the most appealing blog would be printed in next edition. So we can have a new era of democracy for us.

Mohini Gupta

1 may 2011 (1)