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Indulge in Summertime Berries all Year-round It is no secret that summers are the best time to relish berries and maybe even store them for the whole year. Berries have long since been a favorite ingredient among chefs and food connoisseurs the world over. However, since they are largely a seasonal fruit, it is not uncommon for restaurant owners and berry lovers alike to store them for consumption through the year. If you are one of few who cannot do without a berry or two it would definitely help to learn of some interesting ways to store your berries. Freeze your Berries Have you ever noticed how your favorite strawberry flavored cheesecake is available even during the coldest winter months? Strawberries are a summertime fruit after all. The answer is pretty simple. Frozen berries of every kind can actually be preserved for months on end. If you are worried about them losing their original nutritional content, then fear not. When you buy your berries, make sure you do so during the best season, in this case summers would be ideal. Buy as many as you think you may want through the year to begin with. You will have to ensure that you have enough cold storage places for the purpose. Once you bring your berries home, parcel them neatly in air tight containers. Do not wash them. Simply place them in the freezer section and remove them only when you need to use them. It helps to store them in smaller parcels so that you only remove what you need at a time, thereby maintaining the freshness for longer periods of time. Experiment with Recipes Berries as you already know can be used in a plethora of dishes. If you are anyway planning on freezing an entire lot of berries for the year, it might make sense to start experimenting with a variety of recipes too. For instance, during the warm summer months you can choose to chop up different berries and include them in your juices and cool ice teas. On the other hand, you can use them to flavor your main course dishes and add that element of style to your dish. The choices are several for you to literally explore and pick from. You may also experiment with berry crisps as a starter.

Maintain your Health Berries act as great anti-oxidants besides serving other health benefits too. While you may think of storing berries for the entire year just to make exotic dishes, your year-round berry consumption can help you maintain your overall health too. The health benefits of an average berry can serve to protect you from a host of immunity related diseases and deficiencies. So instead of waiting, start eating – and storing – your berries, now!

Berries at Driscoll's® – We grow some of the finest strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries. Also, we have a huge variety of berry recipes for you because there is just so much one can do with berries. Our recipe index gives you options for appetizers, beverages, main courses, etc. Check out our entire berry recipes here. Visit us at or if you would like to speak to a Driscoll’s representative, please call our 24 hour toll free number at 1-800-871-3333.

Indulge in Summertime Berries all Year-round  

Berries at Driscoll's® – We grow some of the finest strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries. Also, we have a huge variety of b...

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