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Meet Aviva Rose-Avila “My online class was much more interactive than I thought an online class would be! I really felt that I was going to a classroom with other students” FIU Online Student 2006


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FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY ONLINE Think of it as an opportunity You’ve heard so much about online learning. It’s affordable, convenient and flexible. What you haven’t heard is that at Florida International University Online learning is: Interactive. Engaging. Fun. Rewarding. Interactive The FIU Online Team truly understands what it’s like to be a student. Having been students ourselves, we work closely with our dedicated faculty to create dynamic courses that enhance learning by incorporating interactive tools and e-games for almost every field fo study. Engaging These classes come to you. Our instructors use traditional classroom teaching methods combined with teaching methods of the twenty first century. Fun Learning can and should be fun. Our programs are both challenging and enjoyable. Rewarding Your rewarding learning experience is backed by the integrity of a fully accredited academic institution and faculty that has gained distinction as strong researchers and committed teachers. 3

OUR FACULTY Ninety-five percent of the University’s full-time faculty hold doctorates or the highest degrees in their field.

Here is what our students had to say about our faculty: •

The in depth questions that were given made me think critically which allowed me to learn the information presented and not simply to memorize facts and later forget.

The teaching techniques were excellent and kept me interested in my program.

I constantly received feedback from my instructor and this made my learning experience a great one.

The personal approach from the instructors makes learning online enjoyable.

The constant encouragement from the instructors kept me motivated and on track with all of my online courses.


FIU Online / Our Faculty

FIU ONLINE WEB SITE At you will find information on: •

How to take a FREE demonstration course

What is required to become an online student

How to get started

How to become a student of Florida International University

Course Catalogs

Academic programs



Frequently asked questions

Web-CT tutorials

Software resources

Student academic services

News and events

How to contact us

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Q. What is online learning? A. Online learning involves completing a course or an entire degree online rather than following a set schedule and commuting to the classroom. Taking an online course at FIU Online requires that you have access to the internet and a computer.


FIU Online / Your Questions Answered

Q. Is taking an online course easier than taking a traditional on-campus course? A. No. You are required to read the chapters as you would in a traditional classroom setting, submit assignments, and discuss course topics (online versus in the classroom). Depending upon the course, there may be a semester project as well, which may require online collaboration in a group/team format. Q. Is the degree I earn online from FIU Online an “online degree”? A. A degree earned online from FIU Online is not designated as “online” in any way. The degree is earned from the campus offering your program. The online programs offered are of the same high-quality, accredited education expected at Florida International University. Q. Will credits earned from FIU Online courses transfer to another program or institution? A. Yes, the credits are usually transferable, but it is up to the individual program and institution to determine whether the credit can be accepted in fulfillment of specific program and/or degree requirements. The State of Florida’s Colleges and Universities share an identical course numbering system. This simplifies transferability between those institutions. 7

WHAT WE OFFER Through asynchronous training FIU Online offers: Online courses, Associates of Arts Requirements, Undergraduate Degrees, Graduate Degrees, Certificates and Professional Development Courses.

ONLINE COURSES Online courses are offered in a 16-week format and run concurrently with classroom courses. The average class size is 35 and most courses are taught by full-time professors. Online courses are available in: Architecture & The Arts

Arts & Sciences

Business Administration

Continuing & Professional Studies


Engineering & Computing

Nursing & Health Sciences

Public Health

Social Work, Justice & Public Affairs

Honors College

ASSOCIATES OF ARTS (A.A.) REQUIREMENTS The Associate of Arts (A.A.) requirement is a two-year course of study comprised of the core courses needed to complete the first 60 credits of a four- year Bachelor’s degree. The A.A. requirement parallels the Florida State Universities System curriculum. Please visit the course catalog to view the current University Core Curriculum (UCC) courses we have available fully online.


FIU Online What We Offer

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS In today’s challenging economy, an undergraduate degree is essential. Our online Bachelor of Business Administration enables you to learn current and relevant skills, and become more valuable in the competitive employment market.

BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Career opportunities are available in: Corporations, financial institutions, brokerage firms, investment banks, local, state and federal government offices and much more. You can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in: •


International Business

Human Resource Management


A list of theses courses and admissions requirements can be found on the program’s web site, 9

GRADUATE PROGRAMS A Master’s degree can enrich a current career path, pave the way to a promotion, or make a career change possible. Degree Requirements Degree requirements vary by program and by the emphasis area you choose. Applicants must meet the University’s general graduate admission requirements: •

A Bachelors degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university.

A minimum 3.0 GPA

Official GRE or GMAT scores (scores must be no more than five years old)

In addition, it is recommended that applicants submit 1) three letters of recommendation 2) a written statement of purpose 3) current curriculum vitae/resume sent directly to the School or College of interest.

Graduate Degrees Forensic Science Occupational Therapy Public Health Construction Management For the most current list of all graduate degrees offered online and their admission requirement information please visit


FIU Online / What We Offer

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS Certificate programs are designed for anyone who wishes to enhance their work-related knowledge and skills. Certificates Banking International Bank Management Entrepreneurship Women’s Studies Paralegal Studies Computing Web Design For the most current list of all certificate programs offered online, please visit


DEVELOPMENT These select online professional programs are designed to enhance and strengthen skills sets. Professional Programs Personal Development Management/Leadership Information Technology Health Care For the most current list of all professional development courses offered online please visit Continuing and Professional Studies at 11

HOW TO BE ADMITTED AND REGISTER ADMISSION To access forms for admission and to find out why so many students go to class visit In order to take one or more online classes you must first apply for admission to Florida International University. There are several ways to be admitted to the University: as a Degree Seeking Student, as a Non-Degree Seeking Student, or as a Dual Enrollment Student. For the admissions process, requirements and application form, please visit the admissions section of our web site at

REGISTRATION We have made the registration process easy and convenient. You may complete it online. You may register for any course as long as you meet the stated prerequisites. To find out the prerequisites you will needed for your course, please e-mail or call a student academic advisor of the college or school you are interested in. To find your student academic advisor, please visit the advising section of the college or school of interest at html. If you need help contacting an advisor, please contact us via e-mail at or call our help desk service center at 305.348.3630 or toll free at 1.866.379.3835


FIU Online / How To Get Admitted and Register

INVESTING IN YOUR EDUCATION TUITION & FEES In addition to your regular tuition, university fees and online learning fees apply. The cost of taking an online course or earning a degree or certificate at FIU Online is comparable in cost to that of many other state institutions. View current tuition cost, rates and estimated investment for undergraduate and graduate programs at tuition_financial_aid.html. FIU Online also works with employers who have reimbursement programs. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

FINANCIAL AID An investment that leads to endless opportunities both academically and professionally. Nearly every student qualifies for financial aid and over half of all college students use some form of financial assistance to help fund their college education. To find out if you qualify for financial aid and for scholarship information, please visit You can also speak with a financial aid representative by calling

I am a junior at FIU and I have taken several online classes. I’ve worked full-time and part-time while taking online classes and they are definitely more convenient than attending a class on campus. Web-CT is easy to use, and I find that I work more efficiently because I can set my own schedule and study at my own pace. FIU Online Student 2006

305.348.7272 or by chatting live with one at 13


STUDENT ACADEMIC SERVICES At FIU Online, we know that deciding to pursue or further your education online is only the beginning. There are many other factors to consider, including selecting an online program, planning your course schedule and exploring financial aid options. We also know that education is central to helping you realize your goals in the working world. That’s why we offer assistance in:



Equivalency Requests


Transfer Student Forms


Change of Major

FIU Online / Online Services and Amenities

TECHNICAL SUPPORT As an FIU Online student, you’ll find that the FIU Online Help Desk is your first resource for computer related questions or services. We can assist you with gaining access to your online class, using Web-CT, resetting your password, downloading software and much more.

BOOK STORES FIU bookstores carry both new and used textbooks for all classes, as well as software, supplies and FIU collegiate wear. You can order your textbooks online and also find out if your textbook is available in digital format at

FIU LIBRARIES Take full advantage of the services offered by the FIU libraries to find books, materials, articles, digital resources and research. Chat live online and have your questions answered by a librarian at

E-LEARNING ORIENTATIONS In the events section of our web site you can find out when to join us at our next E-Learning Orientation were we cover the fundamentals of learning online and answer any questions you may have. Or you can view our e-learning tutorials online or download them to your video ipod. In addition, you may also visit our student practice course to familiarize yourself with the learning environment at

ONLINE TUTORING If you need math or statistics tutoring, essay feedback, assistance with study skills, CLAST exam practice or to view our faculty evaluations, please visit GATO at 15


Meet or chat online with an Academic Advisor


Complete an online or hardcopy application


Complete all applicable forms


Complete a Student Finance Agreement


Register for classes


Purchase Books

Enjoy the flexibility of going to class when you want and where you want.


FIU Online / Next Steps


“Even though I didn’t meet my professors and classmates in person, the discussion forums and interaction between the students kept me motivated. The assignments and quizzes together with the comprehensible textbooks made my online learning experience an enjoyable yet educational one.” FIU Online Student 2006 17

University Park, RB Lobby Miami, FL 33199 U.S.A. Tel: +1.305.348.3630 Toll Free: 1.866.379.3835 E-mail: Visit us at

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