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Orchestral : “Concerto for Orchestra”, “Symphony”, “Lament” for string orchestra and percussion, Chamber music : “Alauda arvensis” for chamber orchestra “AiR” for chamber ensemble, “Music” No1 for chamber ensemble, “ Music” No2 “Ballad of the sleepwalker” for chamber orchestra, “[Im] [Ex] [Pression] , for ensemble, “Cantus” No1 for soprano, flute, violin, percussion and piano, “Cantus” No2 for flute, oboe, clarinet and cello “Cantus No3 for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello, “Pastorale” for two clarinets inB and piano ”String Quartet”, “…On the prism…” for string trio, Solo: “Poem” for flute solo, “Solo” for cello solo, “Harmonic cadenza” for violin solo, “Three nocturnal pieces” for piano solo Choral: “Endrrat” for choir percussion and piano, “Lux aeterna” for choir

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list of works Drinor Zymberi

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