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12 Botanic Ave, Dublin 9, Ireland


Giving you the facts and nothing but the facts!

Extreme Hangover A 29 year old Belarussian is happy to be alive. Local police found him on the street and decided to rush him to the hospital. Doctors measured a deadly blood alcohol level: 1170mg per 100 ml blood. This was 22 times the amount allowed to drive a motorvehicle and twice the amount usually considered lethal. According to the doctors the reason for this insane level of intoxication was the fact that the guy finished five bottles of vodka in record time. The drunk was unconscious for two consecutive days. “When he opened his eyes, he had a bit of a headache”, one of the doctors told the press.

Drink Chasers

Israeli football player ‘scores’ during halftime Although Israel lost the World Cup qualifying match versus Sweden in 1993 with 5-0, an Israeli player managed to score during the game. His name: Felix Halfon. “ We were already trailing Sweden 2-0 during halftime and Felix didn’t feel like listening to the coach’s pep talk. So he remained in the player tunnel and gave special attention to a Swedish woman “, says Shaul Eisenberg, former spokesperson of the Israeli Soccer Federation. Eisenberg has recently finished writing his memoirs, and this memorable anecdote was featured in Swedish newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’. The player himself reacted rather indifferenly: “ It wasn’t that special. By the way, I always carried a condom with me during matches. I put it in my sock.” What a visionary man Halfon is. <>

Feedback from our valued and not so valued readers

Ahh, I see said the blind man to the deaf man [M Mixologist - SMS] Whose up for a beer?? [Anon – SMS]

Is it true that if you drink through a straw you get drunk slower? [Jon - Email] DM: NO! In some cases quicker.



“American beer is a lot like making love in a row boat - it’s fucking close to water!” Monty Python’s Eric Idle

Hangover Cure Tried and tested by the Drink team, a light beer in a hot shower. The beer will bring you back on he level, while the hot shower will make you sweat out all the toxins.

Got some time? According to the famous writer H. L. Mencken,

17,864,392,788 different cocktails

could be made from the ingredients in a wellstocked bar. So there’s no complaining of being short of drink variety. Mencken himself did his best to try

them all.

Blue Moon Apparently alcohol consumption decreases during the time of the full moon. Which is just as well, coz there’s nothing uglier than a blind werewolf. (ba-doom-boom!)

Thumbs Up Before thermometers were invented, brewers would dip a thumb or finger into the liquid to determine the ideal temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, for adding yeast. From this we get the phrase “rule of thumb.”

Top10 And the specials board says.. Here are 10 of the best.

[1] Bucket of tequila worms (6) - $9.95 [2] Snake venom whiskey (30ml) - €6.50 [3] ‘Please purchase an age coin’ (1) - €0.50 [4] Toliet charges - Time in Bar >1hr - $2 < 1hr or 3 drinks - free [5] Please make your own drink and leave tip in jar! [6] Conversation Cocktail - $10 for 10 mins [7] For parties’ over 10, you must pay €1 per leg service charge. [8] ‘CloakRoom’ Auction - $5 Registetion Bid on anything left behind

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[9] Bonkers Banker Cocktail - €500. Ice is left in Martini Glass, while you watch it melt away [10] The classic ‘SPILLTRAY’ Special - $5 per shot

You know that you are in a style bar, the minute you walk in!


Tuchlauben 6, 1010 Wien, Austria +43 1 532 2222 This beautifully designed lounge bar epitomifies the essence of Vienna; Elegant, Stylish & Chic. A delightful mix of great service and happy friendly clientele makes for a great night out at Fabios.

The extensive cocktail range, encompassing standards such as martinis and mojitos, as well as several of their own creations, is well worth some investigation.

When it opened, Fabios was a rising star. The Italian owner learnt a trick or two working for the Antinori wine dynasty, and he’s brought a dash of Milanese chic to the Innere Stadt.

In Summer, movers, shakers and languid lotharios sit outside, sipping cocktails and exchanging everything from local gossip to international trade sercets.

Fabios has been fashionable to the point of perfection, and as such could drop out of vogue just as quick as it came. However, the staff are attentive and do their best to make sure that your glass is never empty for to long, and on the gastronomic front there’s much to delight in.

Fabios is a good place if you want to make an impression on your (next) girlfriend. It is very stylish. The staff is state-of-the-art friendly, helpful and competent. Also, it’s a good place for having a coffee outside, especially if you want to be seen.

[Shaken & Stirred]

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Review >

Here are 3 great whiskeys that wouldn’t be out of place in any home collection.

Bushmills 1608 Whiskey - 400th Anniversary

Tyrconnell Single Malt

This special edition celebrating Bushmill’s 400th Anniversary is the perfect start to any collection. “A unique blend of tradition and innovation, combining triple distillation, with a pioneering process of distillation using crystal malt, to deliver exceptional smoothness.”

Tyrconnell is distilled by the award winning Cooley distillery who have been the driving force behind the Irish Single Malt evolution. Most Irish malt whiskey has been traditionally found its way into blended whiskeys thus it is rare to find Irish malt whiskey bottled in its pure form.

Jameson Gold Reserve The new oak aging has given the whiskey a remarkable boost in oak flavor, which has been balanced with just the proper proportion of sherry-aged whiskey. That, combined with a good dose of pot still character, has made this a very big and masculine whiskey indeed.

The desire to have your own bar at home is something that arrives around the same time as an appreciation for dinner parties and the need to rate one’s car insurance. Here’s a few tips... SPIRITS Scotch: Vodka: Bourbon: Vermouth: Gin: Aperitif:

Johnnie Walker Red Stolichnaya Jim Beam Noilly Pratt Dry Bombay Sapphire Cointreau

MIXERS Coke is one or the most commonly used brands, easily obtained and always good quality. Other mixers that you should have: • Lime cordial • OJ • Cranberry juice • Tonic • Pineapple juice • Grapefruit juice • Dry ginger • Lemonade • Soda

EQUIPMENT Glassware is the most important item • Tumblers • Highballs • Martini glasses • Assorted cocktail glasses

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For mixing equipment you’ll need: • A waiter’s friend • A bottle opener • Boston shaker • Mixing jug • Bar spoon • Hawthorne strainer • Citrus juicer • Sharp knife • Small chopping board


e Bar Essentials



21-25 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 Tel: +353 1 478 4066 Krystle is one of Dublin’s premier night spots, the perfect place if you’re looking for a touch of glamour and a who’s who of Dublin’s glitterati. One of the most important things is to make sure you get your timing right, because getting there fashionably late is not recommended here. On Friday and Saturday nights, the crowds can be a little overwhelming, so being fashioanly late is not recommended, especially if it’s prime viewing position you’re after. In terms of drinks, Krystle can sure give you a helping hand in broadening your taste. The bar staff are more than happy

to make you a personalised elixir and the have an extensive range on the back shelf. For the adventurous, make your way up to the balcony, where you can lean over and just watch the crowd meander through what is an astoundingly large beer garden for a a city centre venue in a 1000 year old city. The music throughout the night caters for all tastes and types. Friday and Saturdays have the DJ spinning, classics to new releases. Thankfully, you can it doesn’t get in the way of conversation, which is handy at functions and birthdays.

Bars in Brief>


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Fitzwilliam Hotel


Ron Blacks

St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 Phone: +353 1 670 4220

Setanta Pl , Dublin 2 Phone: +353 1 677 8312

37 Dawson St, Dublin 2 Phone: +353 1 645 1322

Unpretentious, warm and friendly, just how a proper hotel bar should be. This is nicely complemented by the super friendly bar staff, who all have an extensive bar knowledge and consequently know everything from how to pour a pint of the holy black stuff properly to how to make you a refined cocktail. This is the kind of place that you can be yourself without feeling the slightest bit awkward, and there’s always someone to have a chat with. You will have no trouble talking the night away here, with old or new friends.

This icon of Dublin’s nightclub scene has an intimate layout, which allows you to be private without losing the feel of the club. The relaxed attitude welcomes all. There’s always good beats to listen to. None of this popular doof-doof, but real music by real DJs. Lounge inside on the oh-so comfy couches: enjoying a mojito scanning the crowd is my preferred activity. But come the weekend and come all of Dublin’s funkiest and tuned in, who shuffle their way to the fast-paced bar while dancing to a different beat.

A large scale super gastro pub in the middle of Dublin’s exclusive set, Ron Blacks caters to almost all types of nights out. If you are lucky enough to enjoy some Dublin sun, then sitting outside is a must. If the weather doesn’t go your way, Ron Blacks offers 2 main bars and ample seating around the venue to take in the view.

Type: Hotel Bar Feature: Funky décor Hours: 12pm - late Food: Yes Wine: 13R 13W champs Cocktails: Yes Functions: Yes

Type: Nightclub Feature: Friendly Atmosphere Hours: 7 Days - 9pm - late Food: No Wine: 4R 4W Cocktails: Yes Functions: On Request

Type: Gastro Pub Feature: Extensive cocktail list Hours: Mon – Thurs 11:00am – 11:30pm, Fri –Sat 11:00am – 2:30am, Sun 12:00pm - 1:00am Food: Yes Wine: 9w, 9r, champ Cocktails: Yes Functions: Yes

Drink score Atmosphere: Service: Products:

Drink score Atmosphere Service Products

Drink score Atmosphere Service Products

Drink Recommends: Raspberry Mojito

** *** **

Drink Recommends: Saturday night DJ

*** ** **

When you decide to go for a little look around, make sure you don’t miss the Champagne Bar upstairs which has an impressive cocktail list

Drink Recommends: Friday night cocktails

*** *** **

Mezcal is more potent than tequila Mezcal refers to an alcoholic beverage produced from the fermented juice of any variety of the agave plant. Just as cognac is brandy but not all brandy is cognac, all tequila is mezcal but not all mezcal is tequila. Tequila is just the most refined.

The worm has special properties

Mezcal is often exported containing a dead mariposa worm. What began as a bid for credibility has become a marketing gimmick. The worm in the mezcal is much like the plastic things you used to find in cornflakes boxes.

TEQUILAMYTHS Tequila is made from a cactus

Mezcal is hallucinogenic This confusion stems from the similarity of the words mezcal and the mescaline. The mescal cactus has absolutely no relation to the agave plant. The mescal cactus or peyote plant is the source of peyote buttons which contain the hallucinogenic drug, mescaline.

This stems from the mezcal/mescaline confusion. The agave plant is not a cactus. Botanically, it's from the amaryllidaceae family.

Starting a whiskey collections Explained]

Starting a whiskey collection //DM11 [Ire]//Page16// //DM07_[Ire]//Page22//

Collecting whiskey seems a peculiar thing. It's effectively hoarding, hiding or displaying something that was originally made to be consumed â&#x20AC;&#x201C; like going to a restaurant to stare at the food without ever brandishing your knife and fork, but unlike a Beef & Guniess pie, whiskey takes between three and 40 years to make, sometimes even longer. Most of the time, however, the distiller doesn't really mind what you do with his product, as long as you buy it. That's why they're happy to bring out limited editions in fancy bottles and fancier wooden cases, none of which makes their product any tastier and all of which makes it more expensive to consume.

So when starting off an Irish whiskey collection, you should absolve yourself of any guilt, for fear you're depriving anyone of a chance to taste the stuff. There are only three distilleries producing what can be classed as Irish whiskey at the moment â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Midleton, Bushmills and Cooley. After these, what's left is the remnants of the closed Irish distilleries, such as the Daly distillery in Tullamore, Jameson's old Bow Street distillery, the Comber Distillery in Northern Ireland or the old Powers distillery, to name but a few. For the beginner, the budget will usually only stretch to the less expensive, more modern offerings. So someone starting out should be looking for bottles that are â&#x20AC;&#x201C; or soon to be - discontinued or only produced in very limited quantities. Many collectors, like myself, buy with a view to drinking in the future. While others buy purely for investment. For this reason, the whiskey you target for your collection can vary between what's nice to drink and what's nice to look at. These can overlap, with the common denominator usually being rarity. Others again may chose to limit their collection to one distillery or one range from a particular distillery. Whatever you're collecting, your best chance of getting what you want is keeping your ear to the ground, whether it's by searching the Web, joining Internet forums, acquainting yourself with other collectors or those within the industry or calling into off licences here and there that might not have sold all their stock of older editions. It's also worthwhile keeping your eye out when flying abroad for whiskeys produced for the duty free market.

So, Where to start?

Recent discontinued Midleton bottlings include Murphys, Hewitts and the Redbreast blend. While they have changed the packaging of their Jameson 1780, Jameson Gold, Jameson 18 and Powers 12. And the recent (more expensive) special editions from the same distillery are the Redbreast 15 the Midleton Very Rares. All of these should become collectable to some degree. There's Bushmills. The packaging on their basic range has been updated since it was taken over by Diageo a couple of years ago, so many of the older bottles should still be available in some places. They are also producing a lot of limited edition, single cask whiskeys. There's almost too many to mention at this stage, but they did do a series for the Celtic Whiskey Shop on Dawson Street. An then there's their whiskey produced for the distillery's 400th anniversary celebrations. Cooley also offers a great chance to get into Irish whiskey collecting. Their operation was established as recently as 1987, so you can follow the distillery's progress in your collection, buying the oldest whiskey available each year. They have numerous single cask and limited editions in the shape of and Connemara, the oldest of which are now 15 years. There are also independent bottlings from all of these distilleries. Knappogue Castle, for example, have bottled whiskey from the Daly distillery (now closed), Bushmills and Cooley. Brogans bottle a very nice whiskey from Bushmills, while The Irishman do some whiskeys from Midleton. In the not-too-distant future, we can look forward to following the progress of the Kilbeggan Distillery (reopened by Cooley after 50 years) and the planned distillery on the Dingle peninsula, which should be up and running by the end of 2009. The beauty of collecting Irish whiskey is that it's all of a pretty high quality, so if you ever get fed up with collecting, you can always just drink it.

Berry Delight 20ml Cranberry Liqueur 45ml Standard Vodka 60ml Cranberry Juice 30ml Apple Juice Diced Lime Champagne Glass : Highball Method: Half fill a highball glass with cubed ice. Pour in Cranberry Liqueur and vodka. Add cranberry and apple juice. Top up with champagne. Add blackberries, also blackberries on skewer Garnish/Serve: Blackberries on skewer, with Straw


Hamburg Stockholm Prague

G L A S S E S WHY THEY ARE IMPORTANT If you drink coke out of three different glasses, it won't make a scrap of difference to the taste. But if you drink wine from the very same bottle out of three different styles of wine glasses, you'd swear you were drinking three different wines. This is because of the wine itself. Wine is a concoction of potentially wonderful smells and tastes and flavours, but one with reasonable temperament. You see these qualities are harder to notice if they're not encouraged out of their capsule. Like a rock star with an ego, wine will only work to its best form in certain environments. A lot of which has to do with space. When some wines get this space they put on a show -- a big, sultry, sassy, dancing act that fills the whole stage. The act is so big they need all the space in a glass they can get and use it to show off all of their big bawdy smells and characters -- like a hound on heat. Give some other wines this much space and you can barely see or hear them. They become the timid little dancing girl whose squeak can barely be heard at all within the empty auditorium that is the glass. They need small stages where their gentler and subtler act can be noticed. Generally, the lighter the wine, the smaller the space they need to fill.


TGI Frid


Ri Ra

Oliver St.John


rga e Mo



4 Dame


The Front Lo

South Willi


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The Morgan


Ri Ra

The Morgan


The Morga

South William

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