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12 Botanic Ave, Dublin 9, Ireland p: +353 1 857 4357 e: w: strongly supports and encourages responsible alcohol consumption


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RUM… Sit back and relex, the only way to enjoy.

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Eleven charged in Estonia for vodka smuggling via pipeline! Eleven suspects have been charged over a smuggling operation to pump vodka from Russia to Estonia via a two kilometre (onemile) underwater pipeline. The illegal pipeline was submerged in a water reservoir located between Russia and Estonia near the north-eastern Estonian border town of Narva. The operation was profitable as the price of vodka in Russia is nearly one third cheaper than in Estonia Source: AFP

Man Arrives At Bar With Pet Alligator Heard the one about the guy who walked into a bar with an alligator? At Johnny’s Saloon in Orange County, it was more than a joke early Saturday when a man arrived with his 3-foot pet gator on a leash.

An American Icon no more Budweiser is one of the most popular beers in the US. It is an American style lager and is made with a mix of barley malt and rice. It is produced in a variety of breweries across the US and the world. The name originates from the German meaning “From Budweis” which was a Bohemian city. On July 14 it was announced that AnheuserBusch was to be bought out by Belgian company InBev for 52 billion dollars. This deal seethe largest US brewer now owned by the beer giant from Belgium.

‘LE CIRK’ an exciting addition to Dublin Le Cirk- Bar, Food Emporium & Jazz Club , is an exciting new addition to the Dublin scene with a look and atmosphere that captures the essence of its superb location on Dame Street. The result is an ideal location for a lunchtime meal or after-work bite to eat as it is for a lively night time cocktail to the sound of great music.

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Is it just me or is there a financial crisis going on? :) [Anon - SMS] When are TAXIs going to be enough for the people, Im Cold! [Ann – SMS]

Where is going to be good for NYE? [Anon - SMS]


Around the World A good host or hostess would know the right time to give a toast and right things to say before the toast. Make your guests feel welcome and please your guests with your hospitality. Here are a collection of toasts from around the world.

Top 10 The silly season is upon us and no one likes to make a fool of themselves at the work Christmas do. Tonguing the boss’s wife isn’t the best way to get a promotion so here are the Top 10 tips on Christmas party etiquette. [1] Wear clothing. [2] Don’t pass out before the speeches. [3] Make sure you give you boss the token greeting and thanks before making a beeline to the bar. [4] Don’t offer to have sex with anyone, even if they’ve told you how desperate they are for some guilt free lovin’. [5] A few shots of Jägermeister before you enter the room will ensure your smile will be genuine. [6] Don’t forget who your cousins are and why you’re not supposed to be attracted to them. [7] For parties’ crazy enough to include imbibing, we suggest having one or more company executives serving as “celebrity bartenders.” The appearance of an authority figure at the bar can encourage moderation while simultaneously improving inner-office relations. [8] When the room starts to sway, insert a broom handle down the back of your jacket and no one will the wiser. [9] Place yourself strategically under the mistletoe when the boss’s partner is walking by and insist on tradition. No one can see your tongue when it’s lodged in his or her throat.

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[10] Don’t be honest with someone less inebriated. Denial is impossible with a room full of witnesses.

The BOTANICAL 169 Domain Rd, Melbourne

p: +61 3 9820 7888

A favourite for Spring Carnival racegoers after a long day at the track, ‘The Bot’ - as it’s fondly known by regulars - is a place to see and be seen. The sprawling hotel has won a slew of awards since its recent refurbishment, particularly for its restaurant. The main bar is luxurious and light-filled, with a narrow courtyard where you can soak up the rays on a warm day, great for whiling away a summer’s Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The expensive look of the place is mirrored in the bar prices - expect to pay around AU$6 for a pot of boutique beer. If the sharply-dressed punters aren’t enough to catch your eye, then expect to be distracted by the two large plasma TV screens. Walk through to the Bubble Bar and you’re in another world, low-lit and filled with plush furniture. It’s a relaxing proposition. As its names suggests, sparkling wines are the Bubble Bar’s specialty - the seductive champers list ranges from a reasonablypriced Chandon NV at AU$37 a bottle to

the vintage 1997 Cristal at a whopping AU$325. Fine if you’ve done well on the punt. The extensive cocktail range, encompassing standards such as martinis and mojitos, as well as several of the Botanical’s creations, is well worth a look. And don’t leave the Botanical without at least inspecting the wine wall. Cop an eyeful of a massive collection that gathers together wines from Coonawara, Margaret River, the Clare Valley, Bordeaux, the Rhones, Tuscany and California.

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4 Dame Lane 4 Dame Lane, Dublin 2 Tel: +353 1 679 0291 In 1966 Jim Morrison invited the masses to ‘set the night on fire’. Damn Lane appears to have taken his words a bit too literally and erected two brightly burning torches either side of its entrance. Far from being eyesores, both torches act as beacons to bewildered clubbers not quite sure what they’re looking for in a night out. Here in lies the Dame’s charm, namely its ability to be all things to all men (and women). Since it’s opening in 2000, 4 Damn Lane has become a permanent fixture in the almighty firmament of Dublin pubs. On entering you are greeted by a wide open space framed with exposed red brick walls, glass blocks and wooden beams all of which give the place a quintessential New York loft vibe. Luxuriously large booths brace the left hand wall and offer an unusual sense of privacy in such an open plan bar. A fun game is to see how many people you can squeeze in a booth before the staff asks you to leave.

Artwork adorns the walls as do images of the Big Apple itself. If you like what you see you can always arrange for the bar staff to throw it in your car. No kidding! This place doubles as an art gallery for up and coming artists and patrons are invited to purchase anything on the wall that takes their fancy. Downstairs tends to become heavily populated with suits as the night wears on but fear not as there’s an upstairs to this place too, complete with its own bar. There mightn’t be any booths up here but leather couches are in abundance and offer the perfect perch to flop into and sip one of the many fine cocktails on offer. Key to its success is its elongated hours and in house DJs - some of whom seem to have the ‘stoooopidest’ names. I mean honestly, who does ‘Pasta Masta’ thinks he’s fooling. Still it’s handy to keep this place in mind especially if you fancy some chilled out beats on tap. Opening hours are 5pm – 3am Monday to Saturday and late closing Sundays at 1:30am. Set the night ablaze in 4 Dame Lane.

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Kehoes Pub

The Mint

6, Wicklow street, Dublin 2 Phone: +353 16 704220

9 South Anne’s Street, , Dublin 2 Phone: +353 (0)1 6778312

Westin hotel, Westmoreland street, Dublin 2, Phone: +353 16451322

Celebrated by the house music lovers, 40 AKA- or simply AKA- is definitely one of Dublin’s top electronic music spots, bringing together top deejays with top sounds, quality drinks and beautiful people. Just off turbulent Grafton street. Lounge music go along with their simple but tasty food. As the weekend roll in the place is brought to life by Dublin’s party people and competent table-turns from their resident and guest Dj’s. Fridays and Saturdays are usually jammed, so we recommend you get there before 10am if you’re looking to get a nice spot in front of the bar or the Dj box. If all that twisting and shouting makes you thirsty, the good-looking and efficient bar staff will look after you with cocktails, beers, or a bottle of their good selection of champagnes. Looking for glamour, good vibe and a lot of fun? Drop in and check out AKA.

Kehoe’s, is a traditional Dublin Pub, located on South Anne Street just of Grafton Street. The bar is decorated in the style of an old Dublin pub, with stylish wood fittings, a very narrow bar and an intimate snug at the front and a bigger snug at the back.Get there early on a weekend night, as it tends to get very busy.

In the former vaults of the Allied Irish Bank, The Mint Bar is one of Dublin’s favorite meeting places, and most acclaimed cocktail bar, with many awards, including Style Bar of the Year 2007. The interior is a mix of classic and cool, with a gothic arch ceiling reminiscent of a 17th century French chateau. A sophisticated and carefully constructed cocktail list that you can really indulge yourself throughout the night, with attentive and helpful staff, who are more than happy to point you in the right direction. In a spirituous collection of more than 80 drinks, you’ll experience classic and new concoctions, themed and seasonal cocktails, always made with expertise and consistency, so you will always know what you are going to get.

Type: Disco-bar Feature: Funky décor Hours: 3pm -, late nights Food: Yes Wine: 3R 3W champs Cocktails: Yes Functions: Yes

Type: Pub Feature: Friendly Atomshere Hours: Wed 5pm - 11:30pm, Thur - Sat 4pm - 1am Food: Finger food available Wine: 4R 4W Cocktails: No Functions: On Request

Type: Feature: Hours:

Drink score Atmosphere: Service: Products:

Drink score Atmosphere Service Products

Drink score Atmosphere Service Products

Drink Recommends: Saturday night DJ

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A traditional pub in the city - as traditional as you’ll get. Small and cosy, Kehoes is has a real homely atmosphere. Its split over 2 levels, with different rooms and sections on each. Its layout is still that of an old 2 storey house. The Guinness is fab here, it attracts a big after-work crowd and when the weather is decent you’ll see crowds of people, all ages, gathered round outside with pint of beer and a cigarette in hand! Def would recommend giving this one a go.

Drink Recommends: Pint of Guiness

*** ** **

Expect nothing less that a great night out!

Cocktail bar Extensive cocktail list

Mon – Thurs 11:00am – 11:30pm, Fri –Sat 11:00am – 12:30am, Sun 4:00pm - 11:00pm

Food: Bar menu Wine: 9w, 9r, 17champ Cocktails: 80+ Functions: yes

Drink Recommends: Salsa Friday nights

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Bartender Interview> Name:

Rafael Agapito



Bar tendered:

it’s a cool little bar on 3, fade street Dublin, but no name yet…

Favorite drinking story: A friend of mine, (not me, i promise) was serving a very hot chick, that was being really flirty, trying to get free drinks, w hen he proposed; I bet I could guess the weight of your tits just by touching it! If not, I’ll give you the drinks for free. The girl agreed and after feeling, touching her boobs for several seconds, he says “ Sorry, haven’t got a clue, here is your free drink, thank you!” Dream bar: I don’t really have that dream but, would love to work in a bar where all the customers know how to appreciate good drinks. Favorite Tipple:

I love my Cachaca!!

1st Drink:

I was 8, a Caipirinha made by my Grand-dad.

Favorite part of the industry: Meeting new people with the same passion for drinks. How often do you pick up over the bar:

Not often. I’m a bit shy

[Spirits Explained]

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TGI Frid


TGI Friday’s

The Front Lounge


org The M


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The Morgan

4 Dame


The Globe



The Morga

The Morgan


Ri Ra

South William


Exquisite Taste EXQUISITE TASTE In the 1950’s, when Havana was the capitol of glamour and excitement. Matusalem Rum was regarded as one of the finest rums in the world. Today, Matusalem is crafted in the Dominican Republic, and is the brand that garners the most top awards in the international competitions.





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