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Sally Humberstone     Home  Address:   10  Hunters  Crescent   Tarvin   Chester   Cheshire   CH3  8EY     Email:     A  responsible,  driven  and  multi-­‐skilled  Journalism  undergraduate  with  strong  experience  in   news  and  feature  writing.     Written  Skills:  It  was  during  my  6-­‐month  employment  as  the  content  manager  for  online  social   guide  Leeds-­‐List  that  my  writing  style  became  most  refined.  Through  this  employment  I  gained   vital  skills  in  news  gathering,  interviewing,  building  contacts  and  SEO,  and  most  of  all,  adapting  to   write  for  an  online  publication.  This,  teamed  with  various  print  focused  modules  at  university   has  allowed  my  written  work  to  progress  hugely,  and  continue  to  do  so.     Technical  Ability:  I  am  confident  in  a  range  of  editing  software  such  as  Final  Cut  Pro,   Garageband  and  iMovie  and  also  in  Adobe  software  InDesign  and  PhotoShop.  I  am  more  than  at   ease  when  blogging  with  Wordpress  and  Tumblr  and  using  social  networking  websites  to   promote  or  gather  news  stories.     Communication:  Being  a  Carer’s  Ambassador  for  the  eating  disorders  charity  Beat  allows  me  to   network  closely  with  sufferer’s  families  and  other  ambassadors  to  deliver  help  and  hope.  This,   along  with  being  trained  in  telephone  fundraising  has  enabled  me  to  speak  confidently  and   empathetically  to  a  range  of  people  in  challenging  situations.     Time  Management:  Devising  a  workload  schedule  has  allowed  me  to  keep  up  to  date  with   university  assignments,  paid  journalism  employment  and  a  part  time  job,  as  well  as  blogging   alongside  this.  Previously  writing  for  HeadingOut  magazine  and  Leeds-­‐  required  me  to   organize  other  contributors,  interviews  and  photography  sourcing,  all  in  keeping  within  tight   deadlines.       Education:   BA  (Hons)  Journalism,  Leeds  Metropolitan  University  2011-­2014   Offering  multi-­‐media  and  academic  journalistic  skills,  including  the  modules:  Shorthand,  The   Media  Environment,  Online  Technologies  and  Techniques,  News  Sources,  Radio  Journalism,   Television  Journalism,  Print  Journalism,  Government  in  the  UK,  Media  Law,  Public  relations,  as   well  as  others.     Sir  John  Deane’s  College,  Northwich,  2009-­2011   A  Level:  English  Language-­‐  B,  Media  Studies-­‐  C,  Psychology-­‐  C,  General  Studies-­‐  B   AS  Level:  Film  Studies-­‐  B     GCSE:  English  Language-­‐  A,  English  Literature-­‐  B,  Mathematics-­‐  A,  Biology-­‐  B,  Chemistry-­‐  B,   Physics-­‐  C,  Geography-­‐  B,  Drama-­‐  B,  Food  Technology-­‐  B     Work  Experience  and  Voluntary  Work:   Beat-­‐  Beating  Eating  Disorders,  Carer’s  Ambassador,  March  2012-­  March  2013   This  voluntary  role  enabled  me  to  network  with  sufferer’s  families  as  well  as  working  closely,   and  being  trained  by  the  Beat  team.  Most  often  I  take  part  in  scheduled  chat  room  conversations   to  discuss  recent  media  coverage  of  eating  disorders  and  offering  advice  to  other  carers.          

HeadingOut Magazine,  Journalist,  November  2011-­  March  2012   Contributing  to  this  local  magazine  ensured  I  put  academic  knowledge  into  practice,  when   writing  relevant  articles,  reviews  and  features  whilst  being  aware  of  the  magazine’s  ethos  and   student  target  audience.  I  also  liaised  with  other  contributors  and  businesses  to  bring  the  editor’s   ideas  to  a  finished  product.     Employment:       Leeds-­,  Content  Manager  and  Journalist,  October  2012  –  March  2013   After  originally  joining  Leeds’  online  social  city  guide  for  a  3-­‐  month  internship  I  was  offered  this   paid  position  within  the  first  two  weeks.  On  my  two  days  a  week  here  I  learned  how  to  write   concisely  and  accurately  for  an  online  audience,  as  well  as  gaining  contacts  and  knowledge  in   Google  Analytics,  SEO,  photography  and  of  the  people,  businesses  and  trends  in  the  Leeds  city   region.     Leeds  Metropolitan  University,  Telephone  Fundraiser,  March  2012   For  this  month  long  campaign  I  was  fully  trained  in  Telephone  Fundraising  –  giving  me  the  skills   to  be  confident  and  persuasive  on  the  phone,  creating  a  rapport  and  ultimately  benefitting  the   charity  and  employer.     Interests:   Outside  of  education  I  have  been  classically  trained  in  ballet  to  an  intermediate  level,  studied   Latin  at  a  beginners  level,  and  have  taught  myself  to  play  the  piano  and  guitar.  I  also  take  a  great   interest  in  cookery  and  crafts,  as  well  as  alternative  media,  including  Vice  documentaries  and   conspiracy  theories.     References:       Mrs  Jenny  Kean                                                     Mr  Dan  Murray     Senior  Lecturer   Editor  and  Co-­‐founder   Leeds  Metropolitan  University   Leeds-­‐List   0113  812  753   0113  320  0710   dan@leeds-­‐     Other  references  available  on  request.    

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