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1646 Dickinson Ave Camp Hill, PA 17011 800-897-4032

We have an obsession. We like fresh and clean carpets and would work on them until we get the best results. Welcome to Drimasters - an old but still a young company that provides best carpet cleaning services in New Jersey.

We are a family-owned company that has been in business since 1992. But because we regularly train our technicians and keep them updated with latest technologies, we’re as young as never before.

Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning in New Jersey All that dust and stains that you bring into your house pile up on your carpet. Even though carpets make your house look incredibly sophisticated and a pleasure to live in, it’s true that these act as storehouses of dust. They attract dust, microbes, and stains and hide them deep down in their fibers. While you run a vacuum over the carpet and feel you’ve removed all the dirt, it’s never the case. Hence, you practically never have 100% clean carpets, not with just vacuum cleaning. For a thoroughly clean carpet, you need an effective cleaning solution that would push the entire dust stored in the carpet to the surface. Then you need an extremely powerful commercial vacuum cleaner to take the particles off the carpet. Sanitization is another necessary step to a clean carpet. What’s even more important is drying the carpet properly. A bit of moisture in the carpet fibers is enough to trigger mold growth and release harmful spores into the indoor air in your house.

Begin by calling us for our professional carpet cleaning services in New Jersey. Once you hire us, we bring our expertise to your doorstep. Our continuously trained and extremely skilled technicians begin by putting an exclusive 100% biodegradable and toxin-free liquid on the carpet or rug that needs to be cleaned.

The fluid acts like a magic product that pushes the dust onto the top of the carpet fibers. It also loosens the spots from the fibers. Next step is to remove what’s at the top of the surface. We use a powerful twincylindrical cleaning machine to suck out all the dirt and microbes. We can also sanitize the carpet at this time to remove harmful bacteria from it.

What makes Drimasters different? 1. Our techniques:

A unique thing about our carpet cleaning services in New Jersey is our approach. As earlier mentioned, the drying time is much lesser as compared to the other traditional carpet cleaning methods. But rest assured that the deep cleaning is still as effective as any other method. We also conduct our business with integrity and honesty. We have never used tactics to rip you off your hard earned money and we never will. Many carpet owners use chemicals that leave residue on the carpet. The residue acts as a magnet for more dirt and microbes, leading you to hire a professional carpet cleaner very often. The products we use leave no such residue, and you will have your carpet clean at $79 for a longer time than otherwise. You will have to hire us less often, and it’s in your best interest.

2. Trained staff and best quality equipment Two crucial factors that lead to excellent carpet cleaning is the skill of the person on-job and the equipment. Each of our technicians at Drimasters is thoroughly trained to know everything about it and how to do it in the best possible manner. Their skills are one of the best in the industry. Then being a company that has been running since decades, we have had chances to upgrade our equipment quite often. In fact, we always ensure that we use the best chemicals and machines available in the market. Therefore, the equipment is top-quality. The combination delivers magical results. Try it if you don’t believe it. 3. Fantastic company policies • We’re always available via phone. Our friendly staff is more than happy to respond to your queries and help you make a decision.

• We provide free over the phone estimates. We also give you a written estimate after proper inspection of the task so that you always know what you will need to pay.

• Once you decide to get us on the job, we reach on time with proper gear. Our technicians are trained, professional and a delight to work with. They will be no hassle for you and do their job to the perfection. • For the barely 1% chance of a case where you’re not happy with our services, we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee. We happily revisit and fix the issue to the perfection. • As a company, we hold a valid license and insurance and are one of the most recommended carpet cleaning services in New Jersey. If you still have any questions about whether we’re fit to work for you or not, give us a call now on 800-897-4032


1646 Dickinson Ave Camp Hill, PA 17011 800-897-4032

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Since 1992 Drimasters provide carpet cleaning in Glassboro, Voorhees, Camden, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Highland Park, Gloucester - NJ. Call...

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