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Nuon Energy Contractor

A.Hak Project

Horizontal directional drillings for the district heating Diemen Almere Location

Diemen-Almere, the Netherlands Period

June - December 2011

Unique HDD’s

for district heating

In Diemen Nuon is building a new gas plant besides the existing power plant. The residual heat of the two plants will be used for heating of the residential district Almere Poort. A.Hak Leidingbouw and A.Hak Drillcon will construct the district heating pipeline of 8,5 kilometer to connect the towns of Diemen and Almere Poort. The project is considered unique because both cities are separated by a lake, the IJmeer. A district heating pipeline of this length has never before been installed under water. In collaboration with sister company A.Hak Leidingbouw, A.Hak Drillcon completed this project successfully.

A true challenge

Longest underwater district heating pipeline of the Netherlands

The construction begins with a HDD starting at the plant in Diemen under the Diemer Zeedijk to the sheet pile pit in the IJmeer. With this drilling the start of the 8,5 kilometer long water route up to the fairway is made. The pipes are stored floating on the water, due to lack of available space on shore. In strings the heat transport pipeline will be welded together on the pontoon to be laid one and a half meters below the bottom of the IJmeer. Using this method the proceedings continue along three islands: De Drost, Warenar en Hooft, until the second sheet pile pit at the fairway is reached. The second drilling crosses under the fairway to a third sheet pile pit. After the second, shorter route he fourth and last sheet pile pit will be reached. A true challenge in which weather conditions play an important role. Strong winds and currents are a major influence on the operations. The last part of the heat transport pipeline will run through the third drilling to the plant in Almere. This drilling is executed onshore. Particulars

There will be two fairways to cross, one for commercial and one for recreational shipping. For this unique crossing at the IJmeer A.Hak Drillcon has used two different rigs, the 100 and the 250 ton rig. With these rigs A.Hak Drillcon executed a total of 6 HDD ‘s, with DN500/700 steel cased pipe in pipe. Drilling took place at three locations. On each location two drillings were executed, with lengths of 505 m1, 690 m1 and 350 m1. The project was successfully completed in December 2011. It may be called a technical feat considering the various waterbased operations, the length of the route and the windy conditions. For more footage:

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HDD's for district heating  
HDD's for district heating