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GRT Gaz Main contractor

Max Streicher France Project

Hauts de France II Location

Corbie, Frankrijk Period

August - October 2013

Hauts de France II

A.Hak Drillcon has successfully executed a trenchless project for GRT Gaz near Corbie, France. The project is part of the construction of the gas network “Hauts de France II�. Because of the challenging geology and the environmental sensitivity of the area, the Direct Pipe method is performed.

Direct pipe drilling

GRT Gaz will intends to expand the existing gas pipeline Hauts de France; named Hauts de France II. The new pipeline is applied parallel to the existing pipeline. This project is located in the village Corbie, about 10 kilometres from Amiens. The crossing objects are river La Somme, a road and a adjacent nature reserve. The existing pipeline is created in the past using the open excavation method, it’s still visible in the nature reserve. Because of this A.Hak Drillcon has chosen to use a trenchless technology to cross this area and the river. Direct pipe drilling of 1.072 m1

The soil conditions (clay, gravel, chalk, marl and flint) of the drilling line is very complicated, in cooperation with the main contractor and the client A.Hak Drillcon decided to use the Direct Pipe method. As compared to other drilling methods, the Direct Pipe method characterized itself as minimal risk in case of difficult soil conditions and a unstable borehole. Details

For this project 48" steel pipe were used with a wall thickness of 28,2mm and a dual layer pp- coating of 14mm. To fulfill the desire of GRT Gaz, this drilling is executed with a combined radius and maximum pushing force of 270 ton. Considering the circumstances mentioned, the Direct Pipe method has proven itself again.

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