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If you are a consulting engineer, contractor or public utility that requires more information on the benefits of specialist diamond cutting and allied techniques, we can organise a talk at your premises. The DSA can provide an informative session that may be of interest to both your staff and to clients. This presentation covers the following topics: - Illustrations of the various cutting techniques and their applications - The benefits of drilling and sawing techniques compared to more traditional methods - The benefits of using DSA Members - The importance of trained, competent operators with skill cards For further information on this service, contact Hugh Wylde on: Tel: 01773 820000 Fax: 01773 821284 E-mail: THE DSA BOARD The Board currently consists of the following representatives from member companies :Peter White (Chairman) D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd 024 7661 2858 David Bailie Holemasters Demtech Ltd 01253 892 890 Owen Barrett Clyde Valley Drilling Ltd 0845 450 1701 Ross Baxter Hilti (Gt Britain) Ltd 07703 107 607 Graham Fawcett Diacutt Concrete Drilling Services 0208 540 0300 Gerry Hare J Hare Diamond Drilling (Hitchin) Ltd 01462 433 199 Dave Jackson Drillmaster Ltd 01142 696 565 Howard Newport Centenary Diamond Drilling Ltd 01268 575 552 Dave Swanwick East Midlands Diamond Drilling 0115 967 9000 If you would like to discuss the activities of the Association, you are encouraged to call one of the above persons. In particular, if you feel that you have any suggestions for improving the services offered by the DSA, we welcome your ideas. 2

Secretary’s Message CONCRETE CUTTER Vol. 5, No.1 April 2008 Published by the Drilling & Sawing Association Editor: Hugh Wylde We welcome editorial contributions and encourage advertisements, but acceptance is at the discretion of the Committee of the Association. Please contact the DSA Office, Suite 5.O, North Mill, Bridge Foot, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1YD Tel: 01773 820000 Fax: 01773 821284 for further information. If you require REPRINTS of any article, please contact the DSA Office above. Magazines, newspapers and private individuals are welcome to reproduce articles, in whole or in part, provided that acknowledgement is made to Concrete Cutter, no addition or other alteration is made to the text or illustrations of any article, and no reproduction is made where the copyright © symbol appears. Opinions and views expressed in the Journal are not necessarily those of the Association or the Editor, who shall be under no liability in connection with any article published herein.

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25 YEARS OF PROGRESS Putting together this issue of the Concrete Cutter has made me very aware of how the Association has progressed over the last 25 years. The following changes highlight this progress. Concrete Cutting techniques have been developed to cut materials other than concrete. In this issue there are two case studies where wire sawing has been used to cut ferrous materials such as steel and cast iron in situations where other methods could not realistically be used. Other case studies also feature the wide range of working environments where diamond cutting equipment is now regularly used. For example, airport construction and refurbishment is a sector where DSA members are regularly involved. In addition, our members are now used to working in live areas such as supermarkets and office blocks where environmental considerations such as noise and dust are of paramount importance. Jobs of this nature require extensive planning and organisational skills. Increasingly the emphasis in the construction industry is on safe working. The DSA has always been aware that in a specialist occupation such as drilling and sawing, the competence and experience of the machine operators is fundamental to safe working practice. Therefore the Association has always supported the introduction of card schemes within the industry and has taken positive measures to provide training for its members. The Apprenticeship Scheme for drilling and sawing employees has now been in operation for over 3 years and has proved extremely successful. From 13 – 15 May this year, the DSA is also co-operating with the organisers of SED 2008 in providing a specialist “Diamond Zone” where visitors can see diamond cutting equipment in action. It is hoped that the next 25 years can see similar further development of the Association’s activities. Hugh Wylde - Secretary


Case Study

U Boat Sawn to Pieces

Wire sawing has come a long way since leaving the quarries and being developed for concrete cutting in civil engineering and in doing so has proved to be one of the most versatile techniques in the right hands. Almost every contract is a one off in the civil engineering field when specialist techniques are being used, but every so often something unique in the true sense of the word appears. That was the case when Holemasters Demtech Ltd were contacted and asked to slice up an old German U boat. The U534 is the only WW2 German submarine left on dry land, having been recovered from the Skattegat between Denmark and Sweden in 1993 after being sunk in 1945. Currently lying on the dockside at Liverpool, Merseytravel have decided to turn it into a tourist attraction at the Woodside Ferry Terminal and needed it to be cut into 5 sections for relocation and display purposes.

to cold cut the massive cross section without distortion, extremely accurately and cost effectively. The job initially involved Holemasters removing the conning tower and the anti aircraft gun by plasma cutting. General debris was then cleared away and the oil tanks were drained, with their contents being disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The pressure vessel was now ready to be sliced into pieces. In agreement with the consultants, Brian Hannaby and Associates, cut locations were decided upon and marked out by Holemasters. The bespoke wire sawing









The problem was how to cut through the numerous layers of steelwork making up the ballast tanks and pressure vessel. Holemasters proposed a diamond wire sawing scheme, which was accepted due to its ability 4

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Case Study equipment was then positioned and the diamond impregnated wire was fed round the area to be cut, around the guide and drive pulleys and then joined with special crimps. The cutting was carried out with great accuracy by close attention to the location of the guide pulleys and also the skill of the company’s highly trained operators. Andrew Doyle, Technical Manager of Holemasters Sellafield, who was responsible for the job stated:- “This was a very complex piece of work, because we were cutting numerous faces at once including items such as valves, pipework and the hull. During one cut we had to cut through the drive shafts, which were 300mm of solid steel. All this required the controlled use of the guide pulleys to maximise efficiency and ensure precise vertical cuts.” Holemasters has now successfully finished slicing up the submarine and visitors will now be able see what it was like aboard one of the most feared ships from the Second World War. This job shows the ability of specialist drilling and sawing contractors to successfully complete unique and challenging projects and the versatility of a technique, which can be used to cut structures when other methods are impractical. Holemasters Demtech Ltd, a member of the Drilling and Sawing Association, has over 50 CSCS certified operators in drilling and sawing with national coverage.

Photographs illustrate the precise cutting capabilities of wire sawing through a variety of profiles and components.


Case Study

WORKING IN A LIVE ENVIRONMENT Controlled demolition work can present serious problems in Central London because of noise and other environmental considerations. This is particularly true in an area such as Chancery Lane, London where many of the leading law firms operate. A recent project on a five storey building, involving several extensions and the enlargement of the existing lift shaft, required the services of a specialist contractor in this type of controlled demolition. Therefore the main contractor, Collins Construction, selected Centenary Diamond Drilling who is recognised as a leading contractor in the live environment and who have an excellent record in dealing with situations where noise and vibration control are of the utmost importance. The Controlled Demolition Techniques offered by Centenary to the main contractor showed the benefits that concrete can be cut and broken into manageable sections and that work could be carried out within confined spaces. Centenary also needed to be capable of organising and installing their own propping and scaffolding designed in house. The full requirements of the Contract were:- Removal of the plant rooms and the 4th floor RC Slab for a new extension - Formation of the riser openings - Removal of the reinforced concrete roof structure for a new extension - Removal of the RC back wall of the lift shaft to allow for the enlargement. Because of the congested location, the Contract had to be carried out during the day with all noisy operations only permitted during the periods of 7am – 9am, 12pm to 2pm and 4pm to 6pm, Outside of these times, both noise and vibration were severely restricted. Therefore silent methods of working practice had to be used, as well as dust reduction. All of this was carried out in very confined spaces where access and egress were minimal. During the above noisy periods, Centenary’s New Brokk 50 was used to break and crunch walls, roofs and up stands. This was the only machine that could be used because of the narrow stairs and the only access was via a small lift that had weight restrictions imposed. The lift shaft walls were tackled with a combination of track sawing and a Brokk working off specially adapted Scaffold Platforms. At other times, a series of stitch drilled 107mm diameter holes were used to form the risers. Holes of 127mm diameter were diamond drilled for bursting 6

using the company’s Hydrostress burster. So far, Centenary has removed 120 metres cube of concrete from the building, slabs and walls averaging 270mm thick. To prevent delays, all concrete had to be removed from site in a specially designed chute before 7am in the morning and over 50 grab Lorries were employed for debris disposal. Centenary are still on site at the time of writing this article as the front façade of the main building has still to be removed. Works have so far been completed within programme and within the client’s budget, all without receiving any complaints from nearby offices or the local council. Centenary is a member of the Drilling & Sawing Association and was formed in 1997. The company now has over 50 operatives operating from its Southern and Northern divisions.

Company News DIAMOND GEEZERS - 30 Years At The Cutting Edge The modern 30th anniversary is diamond, which could not be more apt for specialist concrete drilling and cutting company CoreCut Ltd, who are this year celebrating 30 years in the business. In that time the company has become one of Britain’s leading specialists in diamond drilling, sawing, and controlled demolition work. This family owned and run business, with its head office in Broxburn, West Lothian, and regional offices in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, has built an enviable reputation within the UK construction industry, and like most family run enterprises, provides a personal service that competitors strive to match. However, ‘family run’ does not mean old, outdated procedures and practices. CoreCut is proud to have achieved ISO9001 accreditation, one of the few in Scotland to do so. And its highly trained team of Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) qualified operators use the very latest equipment available. Director Finlay Crocker says: “We are very aware that it takes many years of hard work to build up a good

reputation and only minutes to lose it. That’s why every job we do, no matter how small or large, is afforded the highest standards of workmanship and precision. We know the commercial and contractual pressures our clients are under, so meeting their timescales and schedules is our top priority.� Despite a growing number of competitors, CoreCut has increased its market share throughout the UK by around 10 per cent over the last year. A clear indication that those in the field of contracting appreciate the service provided by this highly respected company. Finlay adds: “As members of the Drilling and Sawing Association, we are committed to embracing the association’s Code of Safe Working Practice. With 30 years at the cutting edge of our industry, we know what we are doing and look forward to another 30 years of success when we can celebrate the traditional diamond anniversary.� Picture: CoreCut technicians carrying out diamond wire-sawing using a Hilti WS10 Wiresaw.




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Case Study

Testing Times at East Midlands Diamond Drilling Recently East Midlands Diamond Drilling has completed another successful project offering the client a complete solution to a complex problem. The project in question was located on the Armitage to Tamworth Network Rail 4 track expansion project. This project aims to widen the existing railway from two to four tracks between Tamworth, Lichfield and Armitage. Widening this section of railway will make it capable of carrying new tilting trains. In order to widen this section of railway all overhead gantries that carry power


cables have to be replaced. East Midlands Diamond Drilling was asked to drill, install and tensile pull test all 50 bespoke galvanised fixings. To make life even more difficult some fixings were at height, work needed to be carried out on a live track environment and a very demanding schedule was set by the client. With their already extensive experience in specialist bolt and fixing installations, EMDD were also able to offer the client a comprehensive tensile testing service. This tensile testing service consists of applying an axial tensile force to each structural


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Case Study fixing using a specially designed testing rig. By applying this force to each fixing and recording the results they were able to prove its resistance to a specific load. It was important to do this for these fixings as failure would have had a significant impact because of its location and surrounding environment. All testing and associated procedures were carried out to the recognised industry standard BS 5080 Part 1: 1993. As all fixings were installed and tested on a live track environment all work was carried out by qualified operatives holding the following accreditations: After all fixings had been installed and tested within the schedule set by the client, all gantries were erected and now house newly installed power cables. East Midlands Diamond Drilling now has a number of trained operatives to conduct on site tensile pull testing. All testing is carried out to the industry recognised standard BS 5080. Tensile testing can be carried out on both horizontal and vertical fixings and to a test load of 1000 kN. With EMDD’s comprehensive list of accreditations, testing is available on a variety of sensitive locations, including: - Power Stations - Railway Stations / track environments - Water treatment sites - Bridge decks / structures - In situ concrete highways barrier - Height sensitive locations EMDD also offer concrete crush testing, chemical analysis and concrete composite analysis.

East Midland Diamond Drilling, using the latest equipment and operating methods to provide an efficient and professional service nationwide. For more information on the services they offer please visit or contact one of their experienced contract managers on 0115 967 9000.


Case Study

Diamond wire sawing provides the power In what was perhaps the biggest diamond wire Marchwood guaranteed a quick response time to any sawing operation ever carried out in the UK, the request from Trant and was a key factor in the work building of a new electricity power station involved being carried out successfully. the removal of nearly 1,500 tonnes of heavily Inner chamber walls were 770 mm thick and up to reinforced concrete in thicknesses up to 2.4 m. Report 12 m high, whereas the outer sea wall was between 1.2 by Martin Jennings of IDR. – 2.4 m thick, up to 4.85 m high and 15 m in length. In In the middle of 2006, ESB addition, this sea wall had 20 mm International (ESBI) announced an thick steel sheet piling which acted agreement with Scottish & Southern as a coffer dam. The reinforcement Energy to build a major new bars were a maximum of 32 mm in £400m gas-fired power station at diameter and spaced as closely as Marchwood, near Southampton in 150 mm c/c. the UK. At full capacity the plant will Years ago, all of the old basement be able to supply the needs of up to chambers had been backfilled up one million homes. to surface level and this surplus Marchwood Power Limited was material had to be removed. set up as the project company Rather than excavate it all at once, to construct the 850 megawatt it was agreed between Trant and combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) Hampshire Chasing that this removal power station. The facility is being would be carried out sequentially built under a turnkey Engineering in depths of less than 2 m which Procurement Construction contract would enable the wire sawing to The cut Th cut fa cu f ce eo off a 12 12 m hig igh co conc ncre rete re te te by a consortium of Siemens plc and be undertaken without the need cham ch am mbe er w wa all l cle lear arly ar ly sho howss the hows e 32 mm m diiam d amet amet eter e ste er teel ell re e rei einf nfor orrce o c me ment nt bar nt arss Siemens AG. Construction started for expensive and time consuming early in 2007 and commercial erection of scaffolding. This meant, operation is scheduled for 2009. however, that Hampshire Chasing had to liaise closely with Trant to The plant is located on the site ensure that the wire sawing was of the former power station in the completed within the minimum of Marchwood Industrial Park. This time as the excavation proceeded. location was selected primarily because of its previous use as a Hampshire Chasing had two power station, offering efficient reteams of men on standby ready use of brownfield land rather than to move in at short notice, often development of a greenfield site. working a 12 hour shift if necessary. V Vi i e ew w of the existi ti t i n ng g c ha hamb a mbe mb e er r w all al l s b e ef efor f o or e The work had to be carried out in Another key factor in choosing comm men enci cing ci ng wirre sawing n the winter months in the most Marchwood was that it was possible arduous of conditions and often to utilise much of the existing in very restricted working spaces. infrastructure from the previous All Hampshire Chasing’s operatives power station. A significant example had to have the necessary Health & of this is utilising the existing heavily Safety qualifications to do this. reinforced concrete basement structure that housed the old plant Two diamond wire saws were and machinery. Obviously, the employed on the job, one for each interior layout of this basement would team. These were supplied by have to be amended to suit the new Hilti UK and the diamond coring design, and Trant Construction Ltd, bits used to create holes for wire the appointed subcontractor for the insertion were from Crewcut Ltd. civil engineering works, decided to Work commenced in July 2007 use diamond wire sawing to remove and was completed on time in unwanted sections of wall. January 2008. Hampshire Chasing Ltd, based The wire saws were Hilti model nearby was selected to carry out WS 15 and the diamond wire was the wire sawing, which involved the Hilti’s LC brand, which has 10.5 removal of 1,441 tonnes of heavily mm diameter diamond beads reinforced concrete, arguably the View of ch View Vi ham a be berr a affte t r co comp comp ple leti tion ti o of on spaced at 40 beads/m. The drill wire wi re saw awin ing in biggest contract of its kind in the bits employed were Crewcut type UK. With a large cutting operation CCD3, which, like the Hilti diamond such as this, Hampshire Chasing’s wire were specially developed for md, Steve Sorrell took personal control of the job. cutting through heavily reinforced concrete such as that The close proximity of the company’s headquarters to encountered here. Typically, a team would saw up to 10

Case Study 6 m2 in a day and the total cut area for the whole job was just over 650 m2. The core holes needed for wire insertion were drilled in a time of around 30 minutes for a typical 770 mm thick wall. The length of wire used was 15 m, which achieved an average cutting rate of 0.75 m2/hr. Wire life averaged out at around 1.5 m2/m of wire. Concrete sections were cut into roughly 12 - 15 tonne blocks and lifted away for breaking down and removal from the site. Thanks to a good working relationship between Trant and Hampshire Chasing, no major problems were encountered during the work. Even when the concrete removal involved cutting through the 2.4 m thick sea walls with 20 mm thick steel sheet metal piling, the diamond wire saws coped easily. This new development at Marchwood is a good example of the type of modern facilities being developed by UK power companies, which represent advanced generating technology in terms of high operating efficiencies and low emissions. When it comes onstream, Marchwood Power will operate at around 58% fuel efficiency, compared to the 30%35% efficiencies achieved in the previous power station. In terms of diamond cutting technology too, this project at Marchwood demonstrates the latest in the state-of-theart. Fifteen years or so ago, cutting through concrete walls of this thickness could only have been carried out by stitch drilling, a time consuming process which also involved much making good of the concrete surface left behind. The introduction of diamond wire sawing into concrete cutting has enabled jobs such as this to be carried out much more quickly and precisely, and, perhaps more importantly, more economically.

Openings were cut in the sea wall, 15 m long, 4.85 m high and 2.5 m thick

Wire sawing was carried out from the surface of the chamber

continued on page 29

PIXEL PERFORMANCE DIAMOND BLADE In the construction industry... “Faster cutting equates to saving money�   

  are proud to announce the launch of the new Pixel PerformanceÂŽ Diamond Blade. A new generation in high-performance diamond blades delivering operational and cost efďŹ ciencies across a wide range of cutting applications – concrete, granite, marble & brick.





Crewcut Diamond Products Ltd Unit 2, Cranford Ind. Units Berwick, East Sussex BN26 6TF Phone: 01323 871666 Fax: 01323 871999 Email:

Pixel PerformanceÂŽ The key advantage the new technology provides is consistency in all aspects of operational functionality coupled with increased performance over conventionally manufactured blades. Contractors can now not only accurately forecast the duration of a job and the number of blades required, but also enjoy signiďŹ cantly reduced costs as a result of this enhanced performance. Pixel PerformanceÂŽ Is your guaranteed way to dramatically reduce on-site operating costs and improved project proďŹ tability. Pixel PerformanceÂŽ Diamond Blades are available for a range of applications in all sizes.

Under rigorous test conditions the new blade technology out performed traditional random diamond dispersed blades by: • 40% increase in cutting speed • 30% increase in blade life • 25% enhanced diamond retention This sustained performance is achieved as a direct result of the new multi-layered diamond encapsulated manufacturing technology that provides: • Perfect distribution throughout the whole segment • Consistent diamond counts per mm3 of segment • Consistent high-performance throughout blade life • No extra power strain on the machinery used

          !        w 11

Case Study

Wire Sawing Piles Underwater Wire sawing can be adapted to almost any environment and this was no exception on the Surtees Road Bridge, which carries the A66 dual carriageway over the River Tees between Stockton and Middlesbrough. The project entailed the demolition of the existing bridge and the construction of a new, wider carriageway. As part of the demolition process, specialist contractor, Diamond Drilling and Cutting Ltd, were selected by the main contractor Edward Nuttall to provide a solution for the removal of the existing carriageway, crossheads and piles. The innovate solution for the removal of the eight 1100mm diameter steel encased concrete piles is the factor that secured the contract for Diamond Drilling and Cutting. Diamond Drilling and Cutting proposed removing the piles by wire sawing underwater at a depth of 8m below the water surface. This method would give extensive benefits in time and expense compared to the use of a cofferdam and then demolition by conventional methods. A special wire sawing rig was developed and manufactured, that could be attached simply and effectively underwater with the wire already preinstalled. Overall Diamond Drilling and Cutting Ltd carried out the following work on this project: - Floor and wire sawing the carriage way into sections for subsequent removal by crane. - Wire sawing the crossheads into sections for subsequent removal by crane. - Removal of piles, by drilling lifting holes in the top and wire sawing them just above the river bed. The project was completed on schedule to the satisfaction of the main contractor and the use of diamond wire provided significant savings of time and cost over conventional methods of demolition.


Diamond Drilling and Cutting Ltd is a member of the Drilling and Sawing Association and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Ken Ward, the Managing Director, says that the key areas contributing to the company’s success have been its ability to come up with technical innovations, staff training through its own NVQ assessment centre and its extensive fleet of equipment.









Training News

FOCUS ON TRAINING HELPS CVD REMAIN AT CUTTING EDGE A strong focus on staff development and training has enabled one company to claim that it is ahead of the competition and that it is one of Scotland’s leading diamond drilling firms. Headquartered at Eurocentral, Lanarkshire, Clyde Valley Drilling (CVD) Ltd specialises in diamond drilling and controlled robotic demolition and uses some of the most technical and expensive machinery in the drilling industry. With over 85 staff the company has carved out a niche in concrete sawing, cutting and finishing services and fire protection. The company was established in 1997 by managing director Owen Barrett who puts the company ’s success down to its commitment to staff development. In 2006 CVD launched its very own inhouse training academy and appointed a full-time training officer. Owen said: “We operate in a very specialised segment of the industry and in the past we have struggled to recruit personnel with the appropriate skills and experience. It was for this reason that we invested in setting up our own training academy which I believe has been central to the success of CVD. “All of our new recruits receive extensive training before being allowed on-site and we help existing employees to broaden their expertise and learn new skills. New employees are trained by current workers through a mix of computer-based study and an on-the-job buddy system in a training scheme which is the first of its kind in the UK. “We have even introduced our own apprenticeship scheme and all of the courses we offer are accredited to NVQ level. We are now at the stage where one third of our current workforce is drawn from the academy and we are looking to recruit a further 12 to 15 trainees this year.” CVD has also strengthened its workforce after signing up to

a recruitment programme managed by the local Council and which aims to give local residents a route back into full-time employment. Launched in 2002 and supported by North Lanarkshire Council, Routes to Work helps unemployed residents of North Lanarkshire to access opportunities in education, training and employment. Having successfully completed an extensive inhouse training course David Carroll, Eddie Coleman, Len Kennedy, Craig McKenzie, Jim Farrell and Darin Donohoe graduated from CVD’s training academy on Wednesday 27 th February 2007 and all six are now working as diamond drillers. They are also currently working towards gaining S/ NVQ level two accreditation in drilling and sawing. Owen Barrett said: “When we were approached by North Lanarkshire Council about the Routes to Work initiative we saw it as a great opportunity not only to expand our workforce, but to contribute to the local economy. We’re a Lanarkshire firm and it’s important to us that we are able to generate employment for the community we work in. “All six of the Routes to Work trainees demonstrated a tremendous desire to learn and were extremely committed which made the decision whether or not to offer them full-time employment very easy. Hopefully they will stay with CVD for the foreseeable future and as long as they are an employee here, they will continue to receive training support and advice.” Eddie Coleman (25) from Newarthill, was unemployed for a number of months until he came across an advertisement for Routes to Work. After a number of meetings with an advisor, Eddie was given the opportunity to join CVD and he has never looked back. continued on page 30

DIAMOND DRILLING & CONTROLLED DEMOLITION Coddington Crescent / Eurocentral / Motherwell / ML1 4YF tel: 0845 450 1701 / fax: 0845 450 1702


Case Study

Diamond wins the battle of the bulge A UK concrete cutting specialist with extensive experience in wire sawing recently undertook an unusual job cutting out 2.5 tonnes of unwanted steel from a 10 m diameter steel cylinder. In the event, diamond wire sawing proved to be the only viable method to complete the job within the time scale. D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd based in Coventry, has been in the business of concrete sawing and drilling for nearly 40 years and now operates from 10 branches throughout the UK. Most of the company’s work entails the removal of concrete by conventional diamond drilling or circular sawing methods although like many other companies D-Drill now uses diamond wire sawing more and more due to its versatility. Every now and then though, a highly unusual request comes through the door, such as earlier this year when D-Drill was contacted by a company that specialises in the manufacture of heavy ferrous components for the


paper mill industry. Overspill The company had experienced a problem when pouring a 10 m diameter, 10 m high cast iron cylinder. The cylinder is poured in one go using sand blocks to form the mould and during the pour, a bung gave way in one of the formation shutters. This resulted in the overspill of cast iron, effectively forming a bulge in the casting. This company has been manufacturing its own castings for over 30 years and this is the first time this has ever happened. The area of overspill was 4 m across by 2 m in height, with a maximum thickness of approximately 400 mm at the centre tapering down to zero at the edges. When it was realised that the bung had given way it was cooled down quickly with water and therefore probably resulting in making the iron strength harder. Before approaching D-Drill the company had tried

Case Study other remedial methods with no success. Attempts to stitch drill it off with 25 mm diameter steel drills were found to be laborious and were taking far too long. Thermic lancing was also tried, but this also proved to be too slow and had the added risk of lack of control on the cutting route the lancing would take. With a value of around a quarter of a million pounds, the company was facing a substantial loss if this overspill couldn’t be removed and it was a last resort when it approached D-Drill. Electroplated diamond beads The first thing D-drill did was to contact one of its regular diamond wire suppliers, Hilti (Great Britain) Ltd as it was known that Hilti manufactured a diamond wire - the Hilti DWC 100% Steel - suitable for cutting ferrous materials. Unlike conventional sintered diamond wire used for cutting concrete, this wire has electroplated diamond beads A site visit was arranged together with Hilti technical representatives to view the job and assess whether the Hilti wire would cut through this particular steel. Once this had been confirmed by Hilti, the cylinder manufacturer began work on making a suitable jig to fit inside the cylinder to accommodate D-Drill’s wire saw which would enable the diamond wire to cut flush with the required inside diameter. The jig pivoted on a central point with the wire running from two horizontal pulleys over the height of the mass of overspill to be removed. The in-house manufacturing department managed to complete the jig over a weekend and D-Drill were set up and ready to commence cutting by the following Tuesday. Shift work Using a Hydrostress wire saw driven by a CR3 power pack, the cutting was completed over 20 shifts on site. Work continued around the clock, as time was of the essence. In total it took approximately 220 hours to complete the job. The cutting consumed 80 m of wire to cut through an area of 8 m2. Wire speed at 18 m/s was slightly lower than the normal 27 m/s used for cutting concrete, and the cutting rate was anywhere between 10 - 50 mm/hr across the internal face being cut. Wire length between each pulley was about 2 m. Once the wire sawing was completed, the separated mass of cast iron was craned out of the cylinder and recycled. The weight of the segment removed was approximately 2.5 tonnes. The final result was a fully usable cast iron cylinder delivered to the client as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Without a doubt, diamond wire sawing had saved the day.

Contacts: D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd email: Hilti (Gt. Britain) Ltd - email: Reproduced by courtesy of the Industrial Diamond Review

Fig 2

Fig 3a

Fig 3b

Fig 4a

Fig 4b Photographs: Fig 1- Page 14: Overview of the specially made jig in position to cut the overspilt cast iron shown on the right Fig 2: A complex pulley arrangement was employed by D-Drill to ensure correct positioning and tensioning of the diamond wire Fig 3: Close ups of the pulley and diamond wire at the cutting face (a) and just after starting its cut through the bulge (b) Fig 4: Two views of the cut section that was removed, which was 2 m x 4 m and weighed 2.5 tonnes (a) – the marks of the diamond wire can be clearly seen on the right hand picture (b)


Company News Airfield Specialist - Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd sets new high in plant investment New ‘state of the art’ Bump Grinder/ Grooving machine delivered from USA. The PC-150 machine is brand new and was purchased from Tyrolit UK. Built in California at a cost of £0.25m it represents the single biggest investment in diamond cutting plant, by any company, ever in the UK. There are only 10 of these machines in the World and Concrete Cutters have the only one in Europe. 8 are in the USA and one in the Far East. Purpose built for two uses it will carry out airfield anti- skid grooving and concrete profiling/bump cutting equally efficiently. Head width is 1000mm, speed of cut in asphalt is 1m2 every 2.5 seconds with complete slurry pick up leaving new grooves spotless. Large areas of concrete hard standings or roads can be bump cut (Concrete Profiling) using the rear depth guide wheels and movable front traction wheels to smooth off uneven areas in 1m wide passes. Complementing their existing range of equipment from 300mm to 1600mm widths, Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd are now at the forefront of grooving and grinding service and technology in Europe. Operations Director Iain Campbell visited Brigham Airport in Utah with Mike Hetherington of Tyrolit UK to see the machine in operation and is confident of expansion in Europe. “We already have 10months work lined up in the UK for the PC150 and are successfully marketing the machine with Airport Authorities and large airfield specialist contractors in Europe. This machine is extremely impressive and capable of full recycling of cutting slurry which means a reduced environmental impact”. To see the machine in operation Concrete Cutters are currently conducting field trials at the former RAF Alconbry airfield in Cambridgeshire. For more information and latest news the companies’ comprehensive website is 16

Dublin Airport Runway Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd have won the anti-slip grooving works on the 10 - 28 Runway at Dublin Airport. A limestone concrete runway requires 135,000m2 of 6mm x 6mm x 38mm centres of transverse grooving at a night shift rate of 3000m2 per shift. Beating off UK opposition they will use the new PC-150 groover on the contract which will start mid April 08. Contracted to the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) framework for C&M construction these works are part of a 2 billion euro expansion programme. 60 Specialist diamond cutting blades are being manufactured and supplied by Tyrolit UK which will provide 2 blade changes. Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd are convinced they can now offer the best value works based on their machine’s ability to produce more production that the competition thereby reducing cost and project time for the client.

Pictures: Top - Ready to work, complete with 10,000 gallon water tanker Above - Bump Griner/Groover on tarmac

Case Study Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd win Airport Contract against worldwide competition Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd has won an international contract in Qatar. The Heathrow based airfield civils specialist will install 12,546 ADB & ERNI 12” & 3845 ADB 8” seating rings at the New Doha International Airport (NDIA) for main contractor Sinohydro Gamuda WCT JV. Giant American constructor Overseas Bechtel Incorporated are the Qatari government management contractor. 3 brand new trailer rigs built by Xcalibre of Coventry will be shipped to Doha, where NDIA is building 2 no 4.5 km runways, 4 parallel taxiways and a terminal with satellites and stands capable of 60m passengers a year. Directors Ken Clay & Iain Campbell are delighted to have won the project and see it as a stepping stone to further contracts in the region. “We are in discussions with some key clients about a full time presence in the region” said Iain Campbell. “We were in competition for this project against the best airfield installation companies in the world from USA, Malaysia, Korea & France the pre-qualification alone took 3 months to prepare followed by 2 presentations on site and 1 in the US. We won this project on our innovative approach to safety, environment, recycling,

technical knowledge, our proven track record and our guarantee to install all seating rings to 100% MALMS standards first time. Our completion date is May 2010 and we will achieve this date. Airfield construction is huge in the region and we intend to expand our operations in the area.” Regarded as probably the largest single project of its kind ever awarded approx 50 operatives and 6 supervisors will work in teams completing various areas as soon as Asphalt is laid. An onsite retipping facility will be utilised to quickly and economically re-tip used core barrels. UK based Crewcut diamond products have won the contract to supply the diamond consumables.

Visit the DSA Stand 44 and the Diamond Zone Demonstration Area at SED 2008 18 David Rd, Poyle Ind EST, Colnbrook, Slough SL3 0DG Tel 01753 680043 / Fax 01753 689920


AGL installation Large Dia Drilling Sawcutting

Spreading our wings by award winning levels of safety and quality. 17

Product News

IMPROVED HUSQVARNA FLOOR SAWS “ Our large industry preferred floor saws have just got better. We can now offer our FS 4800 D, FS 660 D and FS 8400 D in two versions. A standard single speed saw or with our new 3-speed gearbox version. The 3-speed versions will make these saws more efficient and versatile benefiting both the owner and operator”, says Dave Rippengal, Product Service Manager. Product Manager Dave Wood states,” The 3-speed gearbox allows blades of various diameters to be used and ensures optimum blade life and cutting speed. There is also a neutral position so the saws can be moved around site using the power of the machine without the blade rotating for obvious safety reasons”.

FS 8400 D. 3-speed saw - Blade size range 650 to 1200mm diameter. FS 6600 D. 3-speed saw - Blade size range 450 to 900mm diameter. FS 4800 D. 3-speed saw - Blade size range 350 to 750mm diameter.

FS 4800 D. 3-speed saw - Blade size range 350 to 750mm

FS 6600 D. 3-speed saw - Blade size range 450 to 900mm

We invite you to the launch of our BRAND NEW products at this year’s SED show HUSQVARNA CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS For more information contact Husqvarna Construction Products UK 0870 850 1394. 18

Case Study

UKdima’s presentation skills help win a prestigious contract Clean burn technology is the future of coal fired power stations. Longannet Power Station refurbishment, Europe’s second largest coal fired power station, on the Forth river estuary. Fuel Gas Desulphurisation: An investment of £200m by Scottish Power to ensure the future of Scotland’s largest power station. Fuel gases in coal fired power stations normally pass through presiprocators to remove dust particles from the exhaust gases. These are charged wires that catch the dust. However, in today’s age these are deemed insufficient to meet the stringent emission regulations. DSA members UKdima Limited were invited by a local specialist contractor to assist in a presentation to win the contract for the removal of the I.D. fan plinths in Longannet Power Station. UKdima’s Director, Millar Reid, had formerly worked in Longannet Power Station as a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, so it was old ground for him. “This was like stepping back 25 years” said Millar. “Not a lot has changed, just the faces”. UKdima sat in on all the preliminary discussions with the client and it became apparent to them that the specialist contractor had to change tack and look at other angles to win the contract. After the initial meetings, UKdima, as a DSA member, asked if the involvement of a further DSA Member in this project would be considered as they had a strong working relationship with Iain Campbell of Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd on airport contracts. So UKdima then put together presentations based on this three way cooperation. The project would be headed by the original specialist contractor, supported by Concrete Cutters, and supplied by UKdima, the latter two being DSA members. albacut : technical solutions UKdima compiled a presentation detailing the Tools for the professional drilling contractor scope of works, complete with CAD illustrations Unit 10, 9 Munro Road and CAD animation to help win the contract. - Specialist Diamond Wire They then went on to supply a wire sawing - Diamond Core Drills & Blades Springkerse Industrial Estate Stirling, FK7 7XQ system, diamond wire and drills to the project, - On/off-site consultancy Tel: 01786 473311 backed up with site visits and assistance where - Associated Machinery Fax: 01786 471171 E-mail: necessary. During 2007 this was reputed to be - Specialist Plant Hire Web: Scotland’s largest wire sawing project.

UKdima Limited


Product News

ICS announce their latest developments in the Concrete Chain Saw Market ICS® Goes to the Dark Side Firstly, the release of the 680GC, a gas powered concrete chainsaw that is a big leap ahead in durability and reliability. Improvements to carburetion, the starting system, and airflow combine to create a product that ICS President Jake Vanderzanden hopes will change the attitude of the market regarding gas-powered concrete chain saws. “Contractors are beginning to understand that Diamond Chain Technology™ comes with a lot of advantages and is inherently safe. A past concern has been reliability. The 680GC is about to change that.” Under development for five years, this new replacement for the 80cc 613GC, is wrapped in an all black housing and features a long list of improvements designed to create confidence in the category with proven versatility: o - Redesigned airflow keeps engine running 40 C cooler. A benefit that will greatly increase engine life - Altitude-friendly carburetion for reliable operation at any jobsite, regardless of elevation - Coarser idle adjustment for easier tuning - Large diameter rope, stronger recoil spring, and digital coil for more reliable starts

“We looked at every part of this saw to see what could be improved,” said Ian Osborne, lead engineer on the project. Weighing in at 21 pounds, the 680GC is portable and requires only standard garden hose water pressure for its wet-cutting system. Its 80cc, 2-stroke engine generates 20

nearly 6 hp and like all ICS gas powered concrete chainsaws, it features special seals and filtration to protect key components from the harsh environment of concrete cutting. Available with either 30cm or 35cm guidebars and ICS’s full line of TwinMAX™ diamond chain, the 680GC is able to plunge cut to 35cm and make square corners with no overcuts in reinforced concrete, natural stone, and masonry. It became available for world-wide distribution in early January 2008. ICS® Resorts to FORCE ICS®, the inventor of Diamond Chain Technology (DCT™) for cutting concrete, masonry and stone announces the release of FORCE4™, a new diamond chain with tensile strength 50% greater than previous chains and antistretch engineering that significantly increases chain life and reduces maintenance. Tailored to the professional concrete cutter, FORCE4 is now available across the globe. In early April 2008 its companion product, the 880F4 hydraulic concrete saw will also be available. Designed to handle the increased forces the FORCE4 chain is capable of, the 880F4 features a stronger drive system and a specially designed guidebar that accepts FORCE4’s deep-engagement drive links. In addition to being a lot tougher, the combination of FORCE4 chain along with the new saw also helps keep the cut straighter. continued on page 24

Photographs: Top: ICS-880F4 Left: ICS-680 in action cutting brick Right: ICS-880F4 in action cutting concrete


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Product News

Texas boost for V-Max blades At World of Concrete 2007 California based Penhall Diamond Products introduced its new V-Max wall saw blade with quite surprising results. With their copper centre layer and unique multi slots, the blade’s patented V-shaped segments attracted a lot of visitor attention. And since then Penhall’s new blade seems to have gone from strength to strength. Latest in a string of successful applications, a warehouse wall sawing contract at Houston, Texas, required a new 9m wide, 6m high opening for fork lift traffic. In the event, Houston Sawing and Drilling accomplished the whole job in one working day using 600mm Penhall V-Max blades. The laser welded blades employed 15mm high, VMax, second generation segments from Nimbus and

according to the contractor cut substantially faster than the competitor’s blades previously tried. At the same time there appeared to be no loss of blade life, reported the contractor. As Penhall engineer Bruce Knotts explains, “The 200mm thick warehouse walls comprised heavily reinforced concrete with hard, chert and flint aggregate. Using a 20hp hydraulic wall saw the contractor accomplished full depth of cut in three passes and achieved a cutting rate of 14in/ft per minute in steel, even though the blade had to cut longitudinally through the 16mm rebars.” Picture: Patented V-Max 11 blade showing unique segment design

UKDIMA SUPPLIES ROBOT TO BRAZIL For the last 18 months UKdima Limited has been working on a contract to supply a large remote controlled demolition robot to Alcoa Aluminia S/A, who specialise in bauxite mining and aluminium production in Brazil. The robot needed to meet several strict criteria that would be accommodated by making adaptations to our largest machine, the TOPTEC 5500. The TOPTEC 5500 is designed to be the most powerful and robust 6.25 tonne demolition machine in the world. It can carry hydraulic breakers of up to 1000KG in weight and is able to lift 1.3 tonnes. The TOPTEC robots are designed and built entirely in Germany to ensure quality of workmanship and reliability. Their rigid construction makes these robots the strongest and safest machines in the market. The range of models can be adapted to suit the most demanding or sensitive of environments. The main feature Alcoa requested was an extended boom system that would allow a reach of 8.6 meters. UKdima received the order at the end of last year and production was started straight away. This is UKdima’s largest order to date and the machine is being custom built for the client. The package being supplied includes a spare parts proposal and training in Brazil by UKdima/ 22

TOPTEC. The machine is expected to be delivered in April/May 2008. A standard TOPTEC 5500 being tested before delivery at the production plant in Germany

Case Study Nimbus offer fast route to floor preparation One specialist contractor and one Diamatic machine have together provided rapid solutions to two diverse floor preparation problems. In the first contract, Essex based KSS Diamond Drilling and Sawing used a Diamatic 435 triple-head planetary grinder to remove bitumen adhesive from the concrete floor of a high street bank. The same machine also proved to be the answer to the removal of high spots from the concrete floor of a Colchester sports complex. The high street bank at Mersea Island in Essex involved the replacement of a complete 11m2 parquet floor by a new, high quality Amtico product, the whole operation being accomplished in a single weekend. Since the new floor required the underlying concrete screed to be clean and flat, KSS were contracted to remove the bitumen adhesive, prior to the application of self-levelling compound by others. Working closely with Nimbus area sales manager Phil Walsh, KSS used the 2.2 kW Diamatic machine with grinding plates fitted with PCD (polycrystalline diamond) wings. Set at an angle, the PCD buttons lifted the bitumen adhesive very quickly thus enabling KSS to carry out the complete removal operation in just a few hours. In a second contract KSS employed the same Diamatic machine to remove high spots from a newly laid gymnasium floor. Again working closely with Nimbus, the specialist contractor used. The Diamatic machine

with conventional 16/20 grit diamond tools and successfully removed high spots up to 5mm high. As with the bank project grinding was carried out dry using a dust collector. As KSS director Steve Weldon sums up, “The Diamatic’s versatility proved a great asset to us since we were able to carry out two very different jobs by simply changing grinding plates and that’s just a few minutes work. Another advantage is the machine’s portability and the fact that it proved to be 100% reliable.�

Diamatic 435 machine

        The new NIMBUS X3 diamond drill range takes you to another dimension in diamond drilling performance.

NIMBUS X3 uses a unique configuration of bond and diamond technology in a revolutionary new dual fluted/tapered segment to give three dimensional performance • Xtra easy drill-start • Xtra 20% speed • Xtra drill life Available in sizes from 52mm dia.

!   #  



Safety News

Hole Covers by Beresford’s Flooring Ltd THE PROBLEM Where unprotected holes are cut by diamond drilling companies, there is the risk of injury as the holes pose a significant hazard. At present the common practice is to place a board over the hole. These are often not fixed and easily dislodged. To provide secured boards is a relatively time consuming process. The boards need to be cut to size before drilling holes and finally screw fixed the board using a power tool. Once fitted, the boards themselves become a trip hazard due to the board thickness. The majority of boards used are either plywood or untreated planed timber. In addition, after a relatively short period of exposure to the elements, the board can cultivate algae on the surface making it slippery underfoot.

THE SOLUTION The Beresford’s Flooring Ltd Hole Cover is a thin, bright yellow, anti slip, plastic board with legs built into its base. The boards are produced in two sizes, to protect holes up to 300mm square on plan and provide a very quick, slim-line, eye catching, tool-free alternative to traditional timber board protection. To install the Small Hole Cover in holes up to 150mm - Just squeeze the legs together, place over the hole and push down until the board is flush with the floor surface. The legs will spring out and lock the cover in position. For

holes of up to 210mm, or where a more secure covering is required, a plastic wedge can be inserted between the legs to provide additional outward pressure to the legs. A cable tie is utilised to pull the wedge up between the two support legs and apply additional pressure to ensure a firm purchase against the side of the hole. If the board needs to be removed for any reason, it can quickly be replaced without the need for any power tools. If there is a need to protect an elongated hole of 210mm or less, the Hole Cover can be overlapped, ensuring secure adjacent fitment of covers. The Large Hole Cover is capable of covering holes up to 300mm and incorporates similar support legs (designed specifically for precast hollowcore flooring), secured using a purpose made cable tie to apply leg pressure. Alternatively, the Hole Covers can be simply screw fixed down at the corners. Key Benefits of the Hole Cover; 1 Quick and easy to install 2 Power tool free installation / removal / replacement 3 Strong 4 Highly visible 5 Anti slip 6 Reusable and recyclable 7 Lesser thickness reduces trip hazard



continued from page 20

In addition to its greater strength, FORCE4 diamond chain has many other features that ICS believes will make it the choice of even more professional cutters: 1 Patent pending pitch configuration of the chassis elements designed to create the optimal combination of weight and strength 2 Water distribution feature in the drive link that allows for better lubrication and less clean-up 3 Inclusion of ICS’s patented SealPROŽ o-ring and bumper designs for smoother cutting performance and increased chain life The 880F4 hydraulic saw, wrapped in black from the handle to the guidebar, sets the industry standard for design. Able to plunge cut to 60 cm and make perfectly square corners with no overcuts, it offers all of the versatility of this unique approach to cutting concrete, but with what ICS President Jake Vanderzanden states will be a new level of durability. “All black is a real change for ICS, but we wanted to make it clear that is was no ordinary ICS saw.� For more information on ICS or its products, email 24

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Company News

CVD PARTNERSHIP HERALDS FIRST FOR SCOTTISH CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Clyde Valley Drilling (CVD), reputed to be one of Scotland’s leading diamond drilling companies, is pioneering a revolutionary building system that has the potential to reduce overall contract times by up to 40 per cent.

CVD has formed a strategic partnership with Yorkshire construction firm Structherm Ltd and in doing so has become the only Scottish-based accredited installation contractor for Fastbuild, Structherm’s pre-cast concrete building system. The new partnership is expected to add £1 million to CVD’s annual turnover which currently stands at £3.6 million and CVD has already secured a number of contracts for the new system including one for a new care home in Merchiston, Edinburgh which is being built by Graham Construction. Fastbuild comprises a series of prefabricated concrete panels and fixing brackets and can be erected on-site by only a few operatives and a crane. It can be designed and supplied in various packages and can be built to a height of seven storeys. The system was first developed in 1996 and is widely used in the health, residential and education sectors where there is greater pressure on contractors to meet construction deadlines. Owen Barrett, managing director of CVD Ltd, said: “This partnership represents a significant investment on

our part and it is a move which will present the company with a host of new opportunities. “We are always looking at ways in which to diversify the business and from our experience of the construction industry here in Scotland there is a growing need for this type of building system. “Unfortunately, Scotland is suffering from a deficiency in traditional trades which is impacting on the ability of construction firms to complete projects on time and within budget. It’s for this reason that many contractors are turning to cost effective modular systems such as Fastbuild as they are not dependent on traditional skills and can be erected relatively quickly and safely. “The system is also virtually non-weather dependant which means it’s ideally suited to the inclement Scottish climate. Projects are often affected by poor weather but in most cases Fastbuild can be erected despite the rain. “We have trained five members of our staff in the workings of Fastbuild and various other disciplines and as we continue to receive orders we will certainly look to strengthen this side of the business.” Yvonne Coldwell, marketing and HR director at Structherm Ltd, said: “We are delighted to have CVD as our Approved Installer for Fastbuild. We believe the partnership will provide the Scottish construction industry with improved solutions using modern methods of construction.” Bert McCulloch, contracts director at Graham Construction, added: “Based on the site and program constraints, we decided that this system was a very appropriate choice for the structure of the North Merchiston Care Home. Progress to date is good and the project overall is on program.”

FASTBUILD ACCREDITED INSTALLATION CONTRACTOR Coddington Crescent / Eurocentral / Motherwell / ML1 4YF tel: 0845 450 1701 / fax: 0845 450 1702


Company News

Hilti scoops top employer award Hilti, a leading manufacturer of drilling and sawing equipment, has been voted one of the UK’s top employers for the second year running. The Manchester based firm jumped to 38th place, up 27 places from last year. The privately owned company, which employs 229 staff in its Manchester offices and 563 throughout the UK, won its place in the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For after employees returned questionnaires covering a range of subjects including leadership, wellbeing, management, teamwork and personal growth. The prestigious Sunday Times list of 100 Best Companies is the biggest employee survey of workplaces across the UK, providing an insight into what makes a business a popular place to work. Leading names on this year’s list include Microsoft UK and recruitment consultancy, Office Angels. Adrian Murphy, Managing Director said: “Hilti’s people and principles are highly important and the culture means that people enjoy working here. It’s

Unit 3 Brand Street, Off Meadow Lane Nottingham NG2 3GW Tel: (0115) 985 2455 Fax: (0115) 985 0341 Website: Email:

Course List General Courses Abrasive Wheels Aluminium Towers (Pasma) Asbestos Awareness CITB – SMSTS (5 days), (2 day refresher) Confined Spaces – Manhole Entry/ Breathing Apps Construction Health & Safety Hand Arm Vibration IPAF – Scissor & Boom Manual Handling NVQ’s Construction Operations Level 2 Drilling and Sawing Level 2 Applied Sealants Level 2 Concrete Repairs Level 2 Plant Operations Level 2 Occupational Work Supervision Level 3 Management Courses Working at Height Risk Assessment & Method Statement How to Write Proposals Specialist Courses Diamond Drilling – Basic & Advanced Floor Sawing Track Sawing Table Sawing Wire Sawing Hand Sawing Hydraulic Bursting Hydraulic Hand Crushing Hydraulic Robotic Crushing


We offer train to gain funding subject to eligibility.

We offer a wide range of training services which are available individually or as a group program. We only use qualified and experienced instructors/assessors. Our tailor made courses are there to best suit your business needs, ensuring you have fully qualified and trained

challenging and interesting. Our team is constantly offered ways to improve or advance their careers. And the money we spend on training isn’t wasted - employee turnover is low.” Hilti is fully committed to supporting the day to day working life of its staff – the company has a reward and recognition scheme, a work life balance policy and a comprehensive training programme which includes ongoing personal development plans. The survey comprised 66 questions concentrating on eight keys areas. They examined management’s credibility with Hilti’s workforce, including; trustworthiness and competence, respect shown to staff, fairness, pride felt by employees and camaraderie. Any private or public sector organisation is eligible for inclusion in the survey as long as it employs at least 50 people and has been in business for a minimum of five years. Great Place to Work UK identifies target companies based on their existing reputations as good employers.

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Company News

Nimbus sales grow as ICS® re-brands The trading relationship between chain saw specialists ICS and Nimbus goes back a long way. But over the last twelve months or so the bond between the two companies has strengthened significantly. ICS has been busy re-branding itself with a new, upgraded logo and a much stronger message to its customers. In parallel with all this the developing Nimbus/ICS relationship has clearly produced benefits on both sides. Increased chain saw business for Nimbus has meant a 35% growth in its orders on ICS and both companies have seen enhanced publicity advantages.

As ICS Sales Director for Western Europe Nic Laurens comments, “As the DSA exhibition in Coventry and the Nimbus Open Day at Leeds have both shown, ICS and Nimbus working together can achieve substantial marketing benefits. We have shown exceptional growth in the UK this year and Nimbus has played a major part in this”

Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd John Bunn 25 years service award. John, one of their senior and highly skilled operatives recently celebrated his 25th year with the company. To congratulate him on his achievements and thank him for his loyalty to the company an evening reception was arranged.

John was presented with a crystal engraved tankard by Declan Davis who is head of the BAA / Morgan EST Pavement & Infrastructure Team. On behalf of everyone at Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd well done to John. L to R - Concrete Cutters MD Ken Clay, John Bunn, Declan Davis BAA Pavement & Infrastructure team, Peter Barnes Concrete Cutters contract supervisor.

Picture: Nimbus ASM Simon Vickery demonstrates the ICS product

TESTING TIMES FOR TOOLGAL UK Toolgal UK, working closely with their UK Service Partner, Major Diamond Supplies (MDS) have spent the last 12 months or so product testing, resulting in an updated range of premium diamond products ideally suited to the professional drilling and sawing contractor in the UK. Shayne Major, Managing Director of Major Diamond Supplies says: “Toolgal has over 30 years of experience of diamond tool manufacture around the World. Working closely with our contractor partners, we have developed and tested on UK sites our professional range of diamond products”. For more information or call Shayne on 01604 632227 or 07831 567765. 28

Association News continued from page 11 Wire sawing carried out from the inside the chamber

DSA WEBSITE The established DSA Website provides a useful source of information on our specialist activities for personnel within the Construction Industry.

The Hilti wire saws were used either separately or in tandem as shown here

Within the website, visitors can find details of:- Drilling & Sawing Techniques & Applications. - Previous copies of the Concrete Cutter Journal and Case Studies. - The DSA members by region and location. - The benefits of Drilling & Sawing Techniques. - Customer services. This website is constantly being upgraded to provide a comprehensive source of information on these specialist activities.

In theory, there is no limit to the thickness of concrete that can be cut, since the diamond wire sawing technique was originally developed for the stone industry where diamond wire lengths of up to 100 m are not uncommon. Reproduced by courtesy of the Industrial Diamond Review




 !"#  $



Company News Obituary It is with deep regret that we have to record the untimely death of Nimbus Product Manager Mike Jackson. Mike will be sadly missed, not only by his family, friends and his Nimbus colleagues but also by a great many people across the industry. His sudden death at the age of 53, following a heart attack, will be a considerable blow to the industry for which he has worked so hard over nearly forty years. At the age of 16, Mike Jackson joined Impregnated Diamond Products (IDP), Gloucester, as a laboratory technician and eventually qualified as an analytical chemist. During the 1970’s the Gloucester site changed, largely due to the integration of IDP with Van Moppes, and Mike’s obvious talents were beginning to show. Having spent time in R&D, Mike moved into sales in 1984 and helped to build the Stone & Construction Division into a profitable unit. Three years later he became Sales Manager and eventually Operations Manager. Further changes came along in January 1997 with the take over of Nimbus Diamond Products by the Unicorn Group, thus effectively linking VM-IDP and Nimbus as sister companies. The situation changed again later the same year with the take-over of Unicorn by Saint-Gobain. Mike’s transfer to Nimbus sales in 2001 produced a considerable impact, especially in Ireland where the company’s market share could stand improvement. The value of his expertise and his very substantial fund of industry knowledge could clearly be seen and he was soon recognized as a key member of the Nimbus team. continued from page 13

Eddie said: “I was struggling to find a job that I really enjoyed and excelled at but the Routes to Work programme was able to steer me in the right direction and gave me the opportunity to work at CVD where I’ve since developed a range of new skills. “The training was very intense and my first four weeks were spent in the CVD academy where I received training in construction health and safety procedures, manual handling, asbestos awareness and the various aspects of hydraulic diamond drilling and saw cutting. Only then was I allowed to go out on-site. I’m now working as a diamond driller and I’m really enjoying it. My plan is to stay at CVD and continue to develop my skills.” Owen Barrett added: “Health and safety is an important part of our work and we are always striving to maintain our high standards. In February this year we became one of the few companies in the UK to have every single member of our workforce complete the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). ’’To my knowledge we are the only diamond drilling contractor, in Scotland, with an auditable 100 per cent CSCS carded workforce. In August 2006 we were awarded the CSCS Gold Standard after 75 per cent of the workforce completed the scheme and we’ve now gone one step further. “This is a major milestone for CVD and is one we wouldn’t have achieved had we not invested in establishing our own academy.” 30

One of the family’s favourite pictures of Mike relaxing

Having taken over as Nimbus Product Manager in 2005, Mike Jackson was once more able to use his technical knowledge and experience to good advantage, helping to formulate new specifications and advising on a whole range of technical matters. We would like to convey our sincere condolences to Mike’s wife Vivien, his son Ross and daughter Laura.

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Association News THE DRILLING AND SAWING ASSOCIATION at SED 2008 Celebrating its 25th


Increasingly clients, professional advisers and main contractors are recognising the benefits of using diamond cutting techniques as opposed to conventional systems for the removal of concrete and other construction materials. This method of cutting is invariably more cost effective than other traditional methods because of its speed, accuracy, time saving and less necessity to make good. Reductions in noise, dust, vibration and debris can provide substantial environmental benefits. To demonstrate these benefits, the DSA, in conjunction with the SED Organisers, is presenting the “Diamond Zone” at SED 2008. Visitors will be able to watch diamond cutting equipment in action - see also back page for further details.” You still have time to pre-register for the 42nd National Event for Construction. This year’s event will be the biggest ever and you can cut the queues down to size by visiting and ordering your free Fast-track Entry Badge. You won’t just see the latest new products from at least 415 exhibitors, including 103 never seen at the show before. This year, on top of Site Equipment, Truckzone, 4x4 course, Pavilion, Site Clearance, and Concrete zones, there’s a host of new features. Cranes & Access has a 150 tonne crawler, SED’s largest ever, plus the latest Chinese models. While the new Green Pavilion houses Builders Box Live, the hands-on event for the UK’s local builders; Hire-It! The hire industry showcase; and of course, the Diamond Zone for drilling and sawing, plus an innovation zone, daily demos and seminars. SED 2008 is the construction event of the year and no-one should miss out - get online now!

We need your contributions for inclusion in the next edition of the Concrete Cutter

If you have an interesting application that you have completed, product news or company news, please send details and photographs to: Hugh Wylde, The Drilling and Sawing Association 31


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The DSA is celebrating its 25th Anniversary Year The latest drilling and sawing applications in action

Features - April 2008 This issue, celebrating the 25th anniversary year of the Association, includes case studies covering major projects undertaken using diamond cutting techniques, latest equipment details and members’ news.

Visit us on Stand 44 (Green Pavilion) and the Diamond Zone Demonstration Area at SED 2008 VOLUME 5 ISSUE 1

Dsa concrete cutter vol5 issue1  
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