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The latest drilling and sawing applications in action Features - October 2007 Two major aspects of drilling and sawing work are featured in this issue: - Support for the Retail Industry - Ability of drilling and sawing contractors to offer complete packages

Customers at Tesco stores in Banbury and Camberley continued to shop without interruption while concrete drilling was carried out as part of the major upgrade to both stores. See article on page 11

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Contents Secretary's message ................................................................................................ Centenary Diamond Drilling offer ‘one-stop’ service ................................................. Introducing the latest Brokk machine ........................................................................ CVD take the stairs at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall .......................................................... Circuit breaking news from EMDD ........................................................................... Improving our retail environment ............................................................................. Demolition of an old chimney using wiresawing technology ...................................... Diamatic joins the Nimbus range ............................................................................. Heathrow challenge ................................................................................................ Opening up the way for new scanner ....................................................................... Industrial diamonds back at Charters ....................................................................... Station standing while adjacent office building is demolished .................................... Hilti DD120 drills straight out of the box ................................................................... Duro Ultra Shoxx ticks all the boxes .......................................................................... The latest from Husqvarna ....................................................................................... All new ICS853 Pro-FL concrete saw ......................................................................... A successful exhibition for ICS and Nimbus ............................................................... D Drill six ............................................................................................................... Vibration testing by DTAS at OPERC ......................................................................... Concrete Cutters (Sarum) win airport contract ........................................................... Toolgal UK partner with Major Diamond Supplies (MDS) ............................................ DSA Exhibition and Website...................................................................................... Refurbishment of The Royal Festival Hall .................................................................. Advertisers index .....................................................................................................

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CONCRETE CUTTER Vol. 4, No.4 October 2007 Published by the Drilling & Sawing Association Editor: Hugh Wylde We welcome editorial contributions and encourage advertisements, but acceptance is at the discretion of the Committee of the Association. Please contact the DSA Office, Suite 5.O, North Mill, Bridge Foot, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1YD Tel: 01773 820000 Fax: 01773 821284 for further information. If you require REPRINTS of any article, please contact the DSA Office above. Magazines, newspapers and private individuals are welcome to reproduce articles, in whole or in part, provided that acknowledgement is made to Concrete Cutter, no addition or other alteration is made to the text or illustrations of any article, and no reproduction is made where the copyright © symbol appears. Opinions and views expressed in the Journal are not necessarily those of the Association or the Editor, who shall be under no liability in connection with any article published herein. Official Journal of the Drilling & Sawing Association

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DRILLING AND SAWING SUPPORT FOR THE RETAIL REVOLUTION You may regret the passing of the local corner shop, but there is no doubt about the growth and popularity of the superstores. This is a fast moving environment where shopping facilities constantly have to be upgraded to meet customer demand. Case Studies in this issue demonstrate the part played by Drilling & Sawing Contractors in this development. Buildings constantly have to keep pace with a changing marketplace. Very often these alterations must be carried out during normal working hours whilst shoppers and the general public are using neighbouring areas. Therefore environmental problems such as noise and dust must be kept to a minimum. Members of the Drilling & Sawing Association have the experience of working under these difficult conditions. The articles on pages 4 and 8 also illustrate how Drilling & Sawing Contractors are in a position to offer complete packages. However, the success of this specialist work does depend on the competence of the machine operators who are experienced in the use of a wide range of cutting techniques. Over recent years, the DSA has been a strong supporter of Card Schemes which demonstrate the competence of individuals. It was amongst the first of the specialist trades to introduce its own NVQ and Certificate of Competence. CSCS cards specifically in Drilling & Sawing have been available now for around 5 years, and Clients are encouraged to insist on operators with these qualifications. Hugh Wylde - Secretary

If you are a consulting engineer, contractor or public utility that requires more information on the benefits of specialist diamond cutting and allied techniques, we can organise a talk at your premises. The DSA can provide an informative session that may be of interest to both your staff and to clients. This presentation covers the following topics: - Illustrations of the various cutting techniques and their applications - The benefits of drilling and sawing techniques compared to more traditional methods - The benefits of using DSA Members - The importance of trained, competent operators with skill cards For further information on this service, contact Hugh Wylde on: Tel: 01773 820000 Fax: 01773 821284 E-mail: THE DSA BOARD The Board currently consists of the following representatives from member companies :Peter White (Chairman) D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd 024 7661 2858 David Bailie Holemasters Demtech Ltd 0800 783 7292 Owen Barrett Clyde Valley Drilling Ltd 01555 870 800 Ross Baxter Hilti (Gt Britain) Ltd 07703 107 607 Graham Fawcett Diacutt Concrete Drilling Services 0208 540 0300 Gerry Hare J Hare Diamond Drilling (Hitchin) Ltd 01462 433 199 Dave Jackson Drillmaster Ltd 01142 696 565 Howard Newport Centenary Diamond Drilling Ltd 01268 575 552 Dave Swanwick East Midlands Diamond Drilling 0115 967 9000 If you would like to discuss the activities of the Association, you are encouraged to call one of the above persons. In particular, if you feel that you have any suggestions for improving the services offered by the DSA, we welcome your ideas. 2


Case Study

Case Study

CENTENARY DIAMOND DRILLING OFFER “ONE-STOP” SERVICE At the Royals Shopping Centre in Southendon-Sea, a recent project for the client, Amco Building Services, involved the formation of 4 new openings and 2 pits for a new escalator and staircases in the live multi-storey shopping centre and car park, with the contract works taking place during normal working hours. The provision of crash decks and propping for the coffered floors was a critical element of the works.

The sequence of work involved Centenary erecting all four of the crash decks and propping systems, working from the roof down. The floor slabs were then stitch drilled ready to be cut into sections. Next the slabs were floor sawed into 1m x 1m sections without any over cutting. Lifting gantries were used to lift the slabs onto pallets to be removed from site. Once the slabs had been removed, the car park walls were crunched using their Brokk 180 remote controlled machines. During this project, Centenary worked in close conjunction with Golz UK Ltd who in turn supplied items 1, 2 and 4 from the following list of equipment :1. Golz KB250 rigs and BBM34 motors for stitch drilling 2. Meco 65 and FS200 saws both gas converted to avoid fumes in the car park area 3. Brokk 180 machines with crunching attachment 4. AB 48 and AB 40 Saw Blades supplied by Golz 5. Core bits all made in house to Centenary’s own specification

The main contractor, Styles & Wood, selected Centenary Diamond Drilling to carry out this work because of their ability to offer “the complete package” which in this case included the following facilities :- The in house design and erection of their own crash decks and propping systems. - Provision of all the concrete cutting and controlled demolition - Removal of all rubble and slabs away from site. Literally a “A ONE STOP SHOP”. All works had to be carried out between the hours of 8am to 6pm due to local residents nearby. As the shopping centre was live, this meant that the concrete had to be cut and removed with minimal noise, dust and vibration. Due to the nature of the coffered floor slab, it was critical that it was not damaged or undermined in anyway due to loading, etc. during operations. In view of these limitations, diamond cutting was chosen as the most suitable solution because of the following benefits:- Vibration would be avoided whilst going through the car park and shopping centre. - A perfect finish could be achieved to the coffered slab avoiding damage and making good. - Work could be carried out during normal shopping hours without disruption to the public or clients. - Concrete could be cut into manageable sections so avoiding any vibration or rubble. These sections then became easier to remove from site. 4

Due to Centenary offering the “complete package” there were no delays from sub-contractors and the contract was completed in two weeks, one week within the programme time allowed. Centenary is a member of the Drilling and Sawing Association and was formed in 1997. It has over 50 operatives giving nationwide coverage from its Southern and Northern divisions and is a recognised leading contractor in the retail trade.

Photographs Opposite page - Aperture cut into slab with supports in place Above: Brokk crusher in action with crash floor in place Left: 1m x 1m slab sections being lifted after sawing.

INTRODUCING THE LATEST BROKK MACHINE Centenary Diamond Drilling announce that they have taken delivery of a new Brokk 50 machine, which is reported to be the only one currently in the UK.

This model has a 4.5 tonne pecking power and 28 tonne crunching power. It weighs 450kg and will fit into any passenger lift and into the back of a van. It is stated that this unit can do the work of seven men, which will reduce costs and hand/arm vibration dramatically.

WH40417A002 24/1/2007


Case Study

Case Study

CVD Take The Stairs at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall The Usher Hall is Edinburgh’s premier concert venue situated just up from the West End of Princes Street, off Lothian Road. Opened in 1914 the building was an architectural backlash against Victorian Gothic, with a return to elegant French classical features of the Beaux Arts style. In concrete cutting terms: less columns, beaucoup façade. Its striking design was only made possible by the early 20th century use of reinforced concrete to allow a curved dome and walls to provide acoustic perfection not previously possible. Almost 100 years of constant use and new access legislation has required the hall to have a major internal refit. April 2nd 2007 saw the official start of the works to produce a refurbished and upgraded Usher Hall. This will be a 21st Century Concert Hall with much improved facilities and space, including the reconstruction of the side of the building facing onto Grindlay Street. It is an historic and exciting phase in

the Usher Hall’s development and who better to assist with the precision works than Clyde Valley Drilling. CVD have so far been involved in the controlled demolition of the western internal staircase. To enable the work to proceed CVD cut a 5m by 10m opening in the historic roof by track sawing through the century old concrete. This was not without surprises: 1900’s rebar is not quite as regular as recent developments and requirements. The staircase was carefully removed by coring each stair tread with two No. 125mm holes for slings, then stitch drilling each tread along the junction of the existing staircase wall to free it from the building structure. The treads were craned out singly through the roof using a remote control crane operated by CVD operatives, who were trained on-site by the crane supplier in a few hours. This was of significant advantage to the main contractor who did not require a crane onsite for

the project at this time. To comply with Edinburgh’s airspace requirements, the crane’s jib also had to be folded down into the site compound each day before 5pm. The ‘portable’ crane enabled CVD’s drillers to remove all the cut material and mobilise equipment between floors. The stair landings were sawn by track saw and lifted out in sections, then the stringers were cut into sections and also craned out through the roof.


Brokk Radio Controlled Excavators for crunching and breaking with electric power for safe inside working

A Brokk demolition robot was tracked up the adjacent emergency staircase and demolished it from the top down to the ground floor. CVD’s Brokk 90 is extremely manoeuvrable and ideally suited to the tight site constraints of a staircase such as this. Once each level was reached all debris was removed to the site skips. The second phase starts in September 2007, with CVD providing all structural demolition and concrete cutting works which are expected to last through to 2008. The CVD crane will be back on Auld Reekie’s Skyline soon. Clyde Valley Drilling are members of the Drilling & Sawing Association.

Diamond Drilling Wall & Floor Sawing Wire Sawing Bursting Crunching

NATIONAL COVERAGE South - Tel: 020 8443 0000 Midlands - Tel: 01527 63623 North - Tel: 01942 840600 Cumbria - Tel: 01946 841704 6

If you have an interesting application that you have completed, please send details and photographs to: Hugh Wylde, The Drilling and Sawing Association


Case Study

Case Study

Circuit Breaking News As a result of increased competition within our industry EMDD has successfully implemented a programme to identify new markets. For twenty five years EMDD has provided drilling and sawing services within the power generation industry and is now investing in providing ‘the package’. Recently EMDD successfully completed the third phase of an ongoing project at one of the UK’s major power stations. EMDD was commissioned to remove a number of reinforced concrete support structures that previously housed industrial size circuit breakers. With 9 of these 12 tonne structures to remove in a scheduled period of 7 days, planning and organisation were critical. After consideration of the available methods it was decided that wire sawing was the quickest and most economical method. EMDD work closely with Tyrolit, a major supplier to the diamond drilling industry. Wire saw models SB, SK-SD and SK-B were selected as most suitable for this specific contract. The SK-SD and SK-B wire saws were used to cut through the tops of the ‘T’ sections and the SB wire saw was used to cut the base of the ‘T’ sections so that the structures were free to be lifted from their positions. Because of the sheer size and weight of these ‘T’ sections (2.45m High x1.525m Wide x 12 tonne) a specialist 40 tonne Demag AC 40-1 crane was used to lift each of the sections onto a truck. The blocks were then removed from site to be recycled. The final process carried out on site was floor preparation using a 110 volt floor planer, on and around the areas where each of the ‘T’ sections had been removed. Before any work could start, detailed risk assessments and method statements were produced outlining the role of each of the sub contractors working on site

alongside EMDD. The power station staff required a project plan that detailed progress of each operation on an hour by hour basis. All operatives that were present on site during the contract had to complete a number of specific training courses, including, National Grid Eakring Engineers, Safety Passport, 400 KVa Sub Station Safety Awareness and site specific induction courses. With this and all projects undertaken, EMDD actively promote safe working practices. With all plans in place and preparation work complete, the project ran smoothly. All concrete sections were cut, removed and the site cleared, 2 days ahead of schedule. Clearly the client was satisfied. As EMDD offered ‘the package’ – project brief, consultation, planning, job management, spoil

removing and site clean up, for EMDD’s client this is obviously the way forward. For more information on the services EMDD offer, please visit or contact one of their experienced contract managers on 0115 9679000 Examples of Tyrolit Wire Saws - see Tyrolit advertisement on page 13 8



Case Study

IMPROVING OUR RETAIL ENVIRONMENT The following projects by D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd illustrate the considerable involvement by specialist drilling and sawing contractors in the provision and upgrading of major shopping and retail developments in urban areas. D-Drill anchors the rails for London Underground - in record time. Diamond drilling an unprecedented 700 holes a day for railway lines at the new White City underground sidings tested D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd systems and ingenuity, but from the outset the company was more than equal to the task. Westfield Shoppingtowns Ltd are the developer of Westfield London, the new retail and leisure development at White City in West London. The development includes major investment in the local transport system. When completed, the development will provide a new transport hub connecting tube, bus, overground and taxi services in the White City and Shepherd’s Bush area. After an 18-month bidding process, D-Drill won the contract with Grant Rail at Westfield London to drill, install and resin in 30,000 specialist rail anchors – an essential part of the infrastructure and safety profile of the new White City sidings. To meet Westfield’s strict timetable, an average 700 holes had to be completed each day.

Post-installation, D-Drill was required to carry out proof loading pull tests to a significant proportion of the anchors and issue a certificate of conformity. To achieve the required drill rate, D-Drill adopted an innovative bespoke solution. This involved building a tailormade rail-mounted drilling system, complete with integral dust vacuum system. All specially built or configured machinery and processes had to meet Westfield and LUL’s stringent approval procedures. John Barber of D-Drill comments: “The performance criteria required for satisfactory completion of this contract were unprecedented in the industry. Westfield’s rigorous safety requirements and drilling rate challenged our team’s technical skills and creativity. In the end, our innovative response was more than up to the task and we met or exceeded the daily average drill rate, all to the complete satisfaction of Grant Rail.” 10

As a result of its work at White City, D-Drill has won a further contract with Grant Rail at the new Channel Tunnel international rail depot at Ashford, Kent.

Concrete drilling doesn’t interrupt trading at Tesco Customers at Tesco stores in Banbury and Camberley continued to shop without interruption while D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd carried out concrete drilling as part of the major upgrade to both stores.

At Banbury, the improvements, including the construction of a mezzanine floor and travelator, effectively doubled the trading area of the store without extending its footprint. Screened from sight of shoppers, D-Drill operated throughout the night to diamond-core drill 800mm diameter, 350mm thick apertures in the concrete floor to accommodate the concrete piles that would support the mezzanine area. D-Drill also cut the bases for the travelator pits and openings for the lift shafts. In the existing refrigerated area of the store, D-Drill cut out sections for ventilation shafts. The work was carried out from a service duct beneath the live sales floor, using an inverted 350mm diameter diamond drill, which involved penetrating steel decking prior to drilling through the reinforced concrete structure. In Tesco’s flagship Camberley store D-Drill was called in to remove the reinforced concrete roof above the cash point machines at the store entrance. The 200mm thick concrete was cut in sections – each was lowered down and removed from site. Again, all the work was carried out while the shop was open at night, causing no disruption to shoppers. John Barber of D-Drill comments: ‘We are able to work quietly and without causing disruption or any inconvenience to late night shoppers.’ D-Drill has carried out diamond drilling and concrete cutting for 23 Tesco stores nationwide. It is currently involved in a refurbishment of the Ealing Broadway, West London, store. D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd has a nationwide network of depots and is a leading member of the Drilling & Sawing Association. 11


Case Study

Demolition of an Old Chimney using Wiresawing Technology Diamond drilling and cutting specialists Core Cut, were founded in 1978 and have built a nationwide reputation for providing a professional service to its customers. This reputation has been built on delivering innovative solutions for difficult projects. One such project was working for a facilities and energy management company in the healthcare sector who had the difficult task of demolishing an old boiler house chimney at the Freeman’s Hospital in Newcastle. The difficulty arose from the fact that this was a working hospital, so traditional methods of demolition, such as a controlled explosion, could not be employed. They needed to find a way to demolish the chimney with minimal levels of noise and dust, both critical in a working hospital environment. Additionally the exclusion zone had to be kept to a minimum, so life in the hospital could continue as normal with little or no disruption. The technique of wiresawing seemed the ideal solution for the dismantling of the chimney. This not only met the requirements of low noise and dust but, being a remote controlled system, had the obvious advantage of no hand arm vibration. Core Cut, who have a wealth of experience in this area, were contracted to take the chimney down in 12, 18 tonne sections. The chimney was approximately 50m high and had a diameter of 3.8m at the top enlarging to 4.5m at the bottom. With the outer walls of 250mm thick reinforced concrete, Core Cut realised that their current tool fleet would not be suitable to complete this application in the timescales the client required. As a result, they decided to invest in the Hilti WS15 Wire saw. This 15kW electric wiresaw, with its pneumatic control, in conjunction with Hilti’s market leading LC sintered wire, made this the ideal system to complete this project. The flexibility of the system and the expertise of Core Cut allowed the works to be carried out using mast climbers, alleviating the need for complex scaffolding. After each section had been cut with the wiresaw, plates were then fixed across the cut to hold the chimney in place using Hilti’s mechanical anchors. Once all the sections had been cut, the process of careful dismantling could proceed. The whole process took 14 days which was well within the time that the main contractor had estimated. Core Cut is a long established member of the Drilling and Sawing Association. 12


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New Product

Case Studies

Diamatic joins the Nimbus range May this year saw the beginning of an important new alliance for Nimbus Diamond Products. As sole UK distributors for the Dutch floor preparation system Diamatic, Nimbus will be able to offer a full range of machines to cover floor grinding and polishing requirements across the board. As Nimbus national sales manager Peter Worsley explains , “With the versatility of the Diamatic range behind us we will provide a cost-effective answer for every application from a simple ‘ironing out of bumps’ to a multi-stage, top quality decorative floor.” The company behind the patented Diamatic technology, Holland Industriele Diamantwerken, is a leading name in floor preparation systems and specialises in the design, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art planetary-driven machines. As sole UK agent Nimbus becomes part of Diamatic’s worldwide distribution network.

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Heathrow challenge Heathrow Airport’s taxiway concrete is generally accepted to be among the hardest in Europe. With its flint and river gravel mix and aggregate up to 65mm, the agehardened concrete represents a challenge to any diamond saw blade both in terms of cutting rate and life. Faced with the task of cutting 1350 linear metres of PQ concrete to 450mm depth, specialist contractor Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd. used its 40 years experience of airside contracting and set up extensive diamond blade field trials. Heathrow’s Taxiway Alpha is one of the airport’s busiest and with the resultant wear and tear reconstruction/repair becomes necessary from time to time. Concrete Cutters’ recent work concerned the taxiway’s north–west section where deteriorating concrete needed to be broken out and replaced by AMEC as part of BAA’s Pavement & Infrastructure team.

Diamatic 250S high performance single head grinder

Using 72h.p., 4 cylinder diesel floor saws Concrete Cutters carried out comprehensive tests using diamond blades from four different suppliers including Nimbus. Comments the company’s operations director Iain Campbell, “the new REVEX blades clearly became first choice since life averaged at least 15% more than the other blades. They also tended to cut faster or at least equal to the best of the rest.” Concrete Cutters used four saws cutting simultaneously, with two 5,000-gallon water tankers each feeding two saws. Stepcutting commenced with two saws performing the initial cut using 600mm diameter blades, followed by a third machine tooled with a 750mm blade. The final cut was taken with a fourth machine using a 900mm /1200mm diameter blade. As Iain Campbell sums up, “We started a week ahead of break-out, worked 7a.m. to 6.30p.m. daily shifts and stayed on programme throughout the job”

Opening up the way for new scanner Used with the latest Braun SSP12 HF wire saw, Nimbus WIREX 20 diamond wire has sliced a 5.4 m2 opening in a 1m thick reinforced concrete hospital wall at an average rate of 1m2/hour. In the expert hands of a Southampton based drilling and sawing contractor, the cost-effective operation produced wire costs of less than £60/m2. Commissioned by MRI installation specialists KAP, the contractor undertook the task at Poole General Hospital’s basement level where an existing X-ray unit had to be replaced by a new £800,000 MRI scanner. The 1m thick radiation-proof wall contained complex reinforcement including rebars up to 16mm diameter. Comments the contractor’s representative, “The wall included a steelframed observation window from which the special glass had been removed. And

although this involved us in cutting steel up to 50mm thick we decided that it would be more time and cost effective to cut through the steel frame rather than to go round it. In the event the wire coped well with the steel, as it did with the concrete.” This operation highlights the value of wire sawing in sensitive situations. With a patients’ waiting area in use close to the work site, the noise, dust and vibration created by conventional demolition would have been totally unacceptable. Compact in size, the new all-electric Braun wire saw provides 18kW of power with wire speed infinitely variable over the range 0-30m/s. Electric feed drive has fully automatic control and wire storage capacity is around 12m. Cuts of up to 8m2 can be made without the need for wire shortening. 15

Case Study

Case Study

Industrial diamonds back at Charters For more than 25 years, Charters in Ascot, UK was well known within the industrial diamond business as the Technical Support Centre for De Beers Industrial Diamond Division (now Element Six). It was sold for private development in 2002 and is now in the final stages of a major refurbishment and rebuilding programme, which will turn it into luxury accommodation. It is somewhat appropriate, therefore, to find that diamond sawing has played a part in its makeover. Located – as estate agents say - in 20 acres of one of the most sought after areas in England, the new housing development at Charters in Ascot will comprise 39 apartments and penthouses, all finished to the highest specification. The project involves the refurbishment of the existing 1930s built, art-deco style house and the construction of two other apartment blocks in a similar style. The original house, commissioned by Ralph Parkinson a self-made millionaire industrialist, was built in 1938 on 120 acres of land and was known as one of the last great country houses to be built in Britain. As was common with moneyed people in those days, the Parkinsons entertained lavishly, with guests including such as Sir Winston Churchill and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The next owner was Sir Montague Burton, owner of the UK’s largest chain of high street menswear shops at that time. Following his death in 1952, much of the original land was sold off before the house and a 20 acre estate were eventually sold in 1959 to Vickers Research, part of the UK aircraft company. This signalled the beginning of over 40 years of industrial use for Charters, with ownership passing on to De Beers in 1975. Current owners, Sabre Developments, have gone to great lengths to ensure that much of the original feel of the place is retained, particularly on the refurbishment to the original house. Modern design standards have to be included, however, and two of these required the use of diamond sawing: the installation of a lift and the provision of ‘roof windows’. Main contractor Trant Construction called in specialist concrete cutting company Hampshire Chasing Ltd to carry out this work. The lift required square openings to be cut in the basement, first floor and roof level of the house. In addition, there were 5 roof openings to be cut for the windows. The wall saw used was a Pentruder 8-20 HF from Swedish company, Tractive. This is an electrical wall 16

saw with a 22 kW high frequency motor and 4-speed gearbox. Crewcut Diamond Products supplied the 900 mm diameter sawblades. These have a short segment with a free cutting specification. The 20 mm long x 4.5 mm wide x 10 mm high segments are laser welded onto the steel centre. This combination of machine and sawblade ensured that the cutting operation through 450 mm of reinforced concrete slabs was straightforward. Six passes were taken at 75 mm depth of cut and a traverse speed of 2.2. m/min. As with all diamond cutting, the job was completed to an accuracy that guaranteed minimum making good, especially when fitting the window units. Both Hampshire Chasing Ltd and Crewcut Diamond Products are members of the Drilling & Sawing Association. We are indebted to Martin Jennings of Industrial Diamond Review for this article.

Station standing while adjacent office building demolished MBC Specialist Services of Shilton, Coventry, has helped safely demolish a 4-storey 1960s office block while preserving entirely intact the railway station beneath it. The work was a key part of Hull Council’s £12million refurbishment of the Paragon Station Interchange to create a contemporary transport hub with retail and commercial units at the site of the old station. This project is just one of several Council-led redevelopment initiatives that aim to win Hull Top 10 city status. The Paragon House office building was one element of the station area’s development that had taken place piecemeal over many decades. Built directly in front of the rail station, the building dominated the skyline, but had been derelict for 10 years. Local specialist sub-contractors HMC Dismantling and Demolition, working for main contactor C Spencer Ltd, contracted MBC Specialist Services to carry out a ‘controlled deconstruction’ of the Paragon building as part of the complete refurbishment works. A Brokk 180 remote controlled machine was craned on to the top floor. The floor slabs were broken out and the walls pulled in. A stairwell was utilised to manoeuvre the machine around the building.

Once as much of the top floor structure as possible had been broken, the Brokk was craned on to the floor below to repeat the deconstruction process. The painstaking process took over two months to complete. All demolition rubble was disposed of via an old stairwell shaft to ground level before being transported from site. John Lee, technical director of HMC Dismantling and Demolition comments: ‘MBC’s work was excellent. The company was amenable and responsive to our requirements for careful and controlled demolition on this project.’ MBC Specialist Services are members of the Drilling and Sawing Association.

Hampshire Chasing Ltd.

Concrete Cutting Professionals - Floor Sawing - Wall Sawing - Wire Sawing - Diamond Drilling and Chasing - Concrete Crunching and Bursting - Specialist Demolition

in concrete cutting “ Specialists throughout the UK and Europe

12 Station Road North, Totton, Southampton, Hampshire S04 3AB Tel: 023 8087 1124 Fax: 023 8066 3909


Product News


Hilti’s DD 120 - Drills straight out of the box Diamond drilling power now comes in a compact, lightweight package: Hilti has launched the first diamond coring system that can be stored conveniently, complete with drill stand, in the renowned red toolbox. Featuring a powerful 1600-watt motor but with a total weight of only 9.8 kg, the Hilti DD 120 sets new standards in diamond drilling. Its overall height of only 600 mm makes it the most compact system in its class. Specially developed for drilling in diameters between 37 and 122 mm, this versatile rig performs well even between diameters 16 to 162 mm range. This is made possible by Hilti diamond core bits which, together with the DD 120, form a perfectlymatched, reliable, high-performance system capable of top productivity. Advanced, ruggedly-built 2speed gearing ensures maximum

drilling performance throughout the diameter range and, thanks to its LED drilling performance indicator, the DD 120 always drills at peak efficiency. Moreover, the drive unit’s TPS electronic theft protection system (activation optional) makes theft pointless as the system can be operated only by authorized persons. As with all Hilti tools, owners of the DD 120 also enjoy the unique advantages of Hilti Lifetime Service. Hilti provides this comprehensive, top-class service for the entire life of the product – completely free of charge for the first two years from date of purchase – covering repair or replacement of defective parts (even parts subject to wear and tear!) and including free pick-up and return transport. After that, Hilti continues to prove the quality of its products by setting a repair cost limit for the entire life of the product, an offering unique in this field.

DURO ULTRA SHOXX® Ticks all the boxes A new generation of diamond blades developed using a revolutionary, new manufacturing process and promising a step-change in performance levels has been introduced by Sheffield based specialist, DTAS. The thermo-electric manufacturing process, incorporating high quality bonding technology borrowed from the automotive industry, produces high density segments which are then laser welded onto a low carbon steel core. The resulting blades, being marketed under the Duro Ultra SHOXX® brand, tick all the boxes for anyone working on construction materials (hard or soft). The unique production process, coupled with a massive 20mm segment height (a world-first) gives Duro Ultra SHOXX® blades a 2030% lifetime advantage over other top branded products. Extreme life is one thing, speed is another and, “SHOXX delivers easily the fastest cut of any blade we’ve ever tested,” says DTAS MD, Paul Morewood. And, thanks to a conical design and reduced space between segments, SHOXX® provides exceptionally smooth cutting to deliver a major reduction in HAV exposure. In fact, controlled testing conducted by OPERC in Loughborough, and using a Stihl TS400 18

petrol saw, shows a 3.9m/s² magnitude of vibration – the lowest recorded to-date. Equally, in side-load tests, the blade achieved 1000N/m², which is far in advance of the EN13236 standard. Testing at OPERC using the new Stihl TS410 low vibration petrol saw is taking place shortly. Manufactured to ISO9001 and EN13236 European Safety Standard, SHOXX® is also oSa approved and has been patented world-wide. Initially available in three sizes, 230mm, 300m and 350mm, authentic Duro Ultra SHOXX blades can be recognised by the logo stamped into one of the segments. “We’re very excited by the potential for SHOXX,” says Paul Morewood, “because in terms of performance and safety it’s on a different level to anything else on the market. Until now, all diamond segments have been manufactured using a sintering process and SHOXX changes all of that. Although the new blades are designed for use on construction materials, the unique technology has the flexibility for the future development of diamond blades for any application.” Until the end of November, every sale will qualify for a free Shuffle 1GB MP3 player. For further information contact Scott Devonshire on 01909 552470 or 19

Product News


THE LATEST FROM HUSQVARNA Husqvarna Construction Products have recently announced the launch of their new handheld 3 speed drill, the DM230. Dave Wood, Product Manager, emphasised that, “Safety, ease of use and reliability are what our customers requested. Thanks to our R & D departments we have surpassed these demands. This will be a major asset for drilling contractors and complements our DS160C lightweight drill stand”. Dave Rippengall, Products Service Manager explained, “With the water cooled gearbox and modular design, this drill will be more reliable, easier to repair and maintain”. Major features claimed for the drill include Smartstart™, which simplifies the initial stages of drilling. A button can be pressed immediately after the machine has been started, reducing the speed by half, which is useful when making a starter hole. Also, due to a soft rear section and larger contact area, the drill sits comfortably against the body. Other features include a water-cooled gearbox; Softstart electronic current limiter; Elgard overload device; modular design and electronic power control. Weighing 7kg, the 1850W drill has idle spindle speeds of 900/2150/4500 rpm and full load spindle speeds of 500/1400/2900.

Diamond Drilling Specialists We manufacture hydraulic diamond drilling equipment. We distribute demolition cutters and crushers, K9 minidiggers/mobile power units and attachments.

Xcalibre Equipment Ltd, Unit 3 Starley Court, Hotchkiss Way, Coventry CV3 2RL Tel: 024 7644 4412 Fax: 024 7663 5903 e-mail:


Telephone: Leeds: 0870 850 1394 Maidstone: 0162 268 6429 Email: Web: 20


Product News All New ICS® 853PRO-FL Concrete Saw Provides Flush Cut Capability PORTLAND, OREGON – ICS has announced the introduction of a new concrete cutting chainsaw designed with flushcutting capability. The new 853PRO-FL Hand Held Saw has a specialty motor, drive sprocket and bearing support design now reengineered for durability and performance in heavy commercial use, with the unique ability to cut nearly flush to a wall or floor. Now general contractors and engineers need not be afraid of specifying difficult or otherwise impossible jobs. The 853PRO-FL Hand Held Saw is built on the 853PRO Series Hydraulic Saw platform and uses exactly the same PRO Series diamond chains and guide bars as other ICS® hydraulic-powered chainsaws. Now all the utility offered by a concrete cutting chainsaw, like square corners without over-cuts and the ability to plunge cut into concrete up to 24-inches (60cm), is even further enhanced with the ability to cut 0.187” (4.5mm) flush to a wall or floor. The 853PRO-FL uses a proprietary rim style sprocket combined with a customized bar mounting design. This new product has been field tested by CSDA professional concrete cutters for over six months prior its release.



More information is available at


ICS and Nimbus are “Cutting It” following on from the recent DSA exhibition in Coventry; ICS have sold record numbers of Hydraulic Saws. Asked why, Jim Weaver of ICS and Chris Emmins of Nimbus agreed “It was the ability for people to see the saw in action; our demonstrations obviously convinced the visitors”.

“Whilst visitor numbers were not quite as high as we would have wished, the quality of visitor was excellent”. Contact Nimbus on 01444 259444 or 0113 253 0242. 22

D-Drill Six

Following months of exhaustive field testing and evaluation, Peter White of D-Drill has purchased six new ICS Hydraulic Chain Saws. “We have proven that with the new lower prices for consumable diamond chains, this is the bestway to cut small openings”, says Peter White.

Seen taking delivery of a saw at Bauma from ICS President, Jake VanderZanden, Peter now has a saw at every one of his eight depots in the UK. “The 853PRO Hydraulic Saw complete with the new PRK™ system is becoming ever popular right across the globe” said Mr VanderZanden. He continued “Peter and D-Drill have always been quick to exploit the advances in our technology and lead in innovative methods.” For more information about the 853PRO or any other saw in the ICS range either visit the website, call 07825 548 493 or mail

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Hand/Arm Vibration

Company News

VIBRATION TESTING BY DTAS AT OPERC The DSA is aware of the risk of Hand Arm Vibration associated with the use of power tools fitted with diamond blades. Therefore this article records the steps taken by one supplier member to deal with this problem. The management of hand-arm vibration health risks for construction workers is under the spotlight after the influential Major Contractors Group (MCG) announced that in future its members, the UK’s largest construction companies responsible for over £20bn worth of construction work each year, would seek to use only hand powered tools listed on the HAVTEC register. To qualify for inclusion on the register, power tools are required to undergo independent assessment at the Off-highway Plant & Equipment Research Centre (OPERC) based at Loughborough University, with the register itself being made freely available to all through the OPERC website (

Testing is conducted by fully qualified experts in the field, using state-of-the-art scientific measuring equipment. It involves wiring up the front and rear handles of each power tool and measuring the vibration emitted under normal use. The readings are categorised in two ways: (a) Exposure Action Value (EAV). Based on an 8 hour working day, the EAV at which preventative action should be considered is set at 2.5m/s². (b) Exposure Limit Value (ELV). Again based on an 8 hour working day the ELV is set at 5.0m/s². Hand-arm vibration is clearly a health risk that DSA members need to be aware of, so as Concrete Cutter was going to press, we followed new DSA member, diamond tool specialist, DTAS of Sheffield, who were completing testing at OPERC on its range of Duro diamond tools and in particular its latest Duro Ultra SHOXX 300mm blade (see details in the Product News Section). The blade was being tested on three different power saws: the Stihl TS400, Stihl TS410 and the Husqvarna K750.


Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd win Airport Contract against worldwide competition “We were in competition for this project against the best airfield installation companies in the world from USA, Malaysia, Korea & France the pre-qualification alone took 3 months to prepare followed by 2 presentations on site and 1 in the US. We won this project on our innovative approach to safety, environment, recycling, technical knowledge, our proven track record and our guarentee to install all seating rings to 100% MALMS standards first time. Our completion date is October 12th 2008 and we will achieve this date. Airfield construction is huge in the region and we intend to expand our operations in the area.” Regarded as probably the largest single project of its kind ever awarded approx 50 operatives and 6 supervisors will work in teams completing various areas as soon as Asphalt is laid. An onsite retipping facility will be utilised to quickly and economically retip used core barrels. UK based Crewcut Diamond Products have won the contract to supply the diamond consumables.

continued on page 27 18 David Rd, Poyle Ind EST, Colnbrook, Slough SL3 0DG Tel 01753 680043 / Fax 01753 689920

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AGL installation Large Dia Drilling Sawcutting


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Spreading our wings by award winning levels of safety and quality. Member of the Kriscut Concrete Drilling & Sawing Co Ltd Group 25

Company and Association News Toolgal UK Partner with Major Diamond Supplies (MDS) Toolgal UK has been trading for 5 years in the UK construction market and has established a reputation for quality. During this time sales and marketing was ‘put on the back burner’, as they worked on creating the right tools for the UK. The company has decided that the time has now come to move into top gear by establishing efficient sales and after sales service in support of their professional products. MDS recently formed by Shayne Major, (previously with Xcalibre Equipment), were looking for the right diamond tool supplier as a partner to establish this same type of service. The synergy between Toolgal and MDS offers the UK construction market the best product and the best

service. The emphasis is on cost effective and reliable tools which will perform to professional standards and which have an international brand behind them. This will serve the customers’ best interests in terms of ease of supply, after-sales service & support and even tool design and specification. MDS will also provide accredited training conforming to industry standards and legal requirements, making Toolgal/MDS a complete diamond products & service provider in the UK for the professional user. Contact: Shayne Major at MDS e-mail:info@majordiamond Phone: 01604 632227 Fax: 01604 259884 Mobile: 07831 567765

DSA EXHIBITION 2007 On 16/17 May 2007 the DSA held a successful exhibition of Drilling and Sawing Equipment at Coventry in conjunction with their annual dinner and meeting. This was an opportunity for everyone in the Drilling & Sawing Industry to see the latest machinery on offer from our specialist supplier members. To enable visitors to see cutting equipment in action, the DSA provided a concrete wall in a special demonstration area. This wall was demolished by Hilti GB Ltd. and Tyrolit UK Ltd. using their own operators and machines. Spectators could therefore see wire saws and wall saws in operation. Visitors to the show were also able to meet representatives of: -Fehnert Plc – Insurance Brokers who operate the DSA Exclusive Insurance Scheme. - Training & Assessment Consultants Ltd. – who are the approved supplier of specialist training and NVQ / CSCS Card services to the Association. The Association will be looking at exhibition venues in 2008 in order to widen the publicity given to the Drilling & Sawing sector within the Construction Industry.

DSA WEBSITE – The established DSA Website provides a useful source of information on our specialist activities for personnel within the Construction Industry. Within the website, visitors can find details of:- Drilling & Sawing Techniques & Applications. - Previous copies of the Concrete Cutter Journal and Case Studies. - The DSA members by region and location. - The benefits of Drilling & Sawing Techniques. - Customer services. This website is constantly being upgraded to provide a comprehensive source of information on these specialist activities. 26

Case Study

Refurbishment of The Royal Festival Hall

John F Hunt Concrete Cutting, who are members of the Drilling & Sawing Association, were awarded the contract by ISG to carry out controlled demolition on the refurbishment of the Royal Festival Hall. The Hall is a Grade 2 listed building which was constructed in the 1950’s. Every stage of the project had to be carefully planned as not to disturb the retained listed structure. They were involved in the planning element of the project some nine months before the project started. At any one time on the project, they had a project management team and between twelve to sixteen skilled operatives carrying out diamond drilling, track sawing and robotic demolition. The initial contract was for twenty three weeks but due to extra work they were on site for eighteen months. A comprehensive scaffold was designed in the auditorium which was to provide a working platform for the wave ceiling removal and installation. This also was designed to aid in the removal of the concrete planks which made up the auditorium floor. In all 600 planks were removed most of which were 3.5m long. John F Hunt designed a rail system which was suspended from the scaffold. This enabled them to lift the planks using lifting equipment, move them quickly via the rails and process them into smaller sections ready for removal from site. They also carried out extensive propping of two circular columns, which had to be restrained at three levels. In total they cut and removed:- twenty five doorways through walls ranging between 300 and 800mm reinforced concrete. - six staircases from the basement to the sixth floor and the main stage area by flush-cutting and breaking. Overall, they removed 2,500m³ of reinforced concrete which was recycled following theirs and the client’s environmental and waste recycling policies. By the end of the project, John F Hunt had worked for five contractors on the same site, culminating in a very successful contract.

continued from page 24

Results between the three machines showed slight variation with the lowest magnitude of vibration consistently achieved by the Stihl TS410. As a result, visitors to the OPERC website will find SHOXX is registered on HAVTEC with an EAV level of 2.8m/s² (the lowest yet achieved by any diamond blade), which equates to a continual usage time of 6hr 24min, and an unlimited usage time on the ELV scale – similarly the best performance to-date. MCG and OPERC hope that by providing an independent assessment of the hand-arm vibration (HAV) exposure that an operator will be exposed to, and the application of a consistent benchmark for performance values, development of safer handheld power tools and accessories will be accelerated, thereby reducing the risks placed on construction workers. The testing regime at OPERC will be used to enhance the existing traffic-light scheme co-sponsored by the Construction Confederation and the Hire Association Europe. DTAS MD, Paul Morewood, says, “As a responsible supplier to the industry, we were keen to have our diamond tools assessed at OPERC. Hand-arm vibration is a serious problem and we support MCG in its initiative. The excellent results we’ve achieved at OPERC are in themselves proof that better design leads to better performance and a safer environment for construction workers.”

List of Advertisers Blount UK (ICS)........................................... 23 Centenary Diamond Drilling Ltd ................. 4 Clyde Valley Drilling Ltd ................................ 6 Concrete Cutters (Sarum) Ltd ....................... 8 Core Cut Ltd............................................... 13 Crewcut Diamond Products Ltd .................... 16 D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd........................... 10 Drilling & Sawing Association ........... back cover DTAS.......................................................... 24 East Midlands Diamond Drilling .............. 3 & 9 Fehnert plc ................................................. 17 Hilti (Gt Britain) Ltd ..................................... 18 Hampshire Chasing Ltd............................... 17 Holemasters Demtech Ltd............................ 7 Husqvana Construction Products.................. 21 John F Hunt................................................ 27 Kriscut Concrete Drilling & Sawing Co. Ltd ... 25 Nimbus Diamond Products.......................... 14 Tyrolit UK Ltd .............................................. 13 Xcalibre Equipment Ltd................................ 20 27

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