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1998 | 50 YEARS OF COMMUNITY TOP STORIES Following is an excerpt from a letter regarding Central Hall from theatre co-owner Louise Nye.

As of Jan. 1, Gulf Islands women were given the choice of delivering their babies at home, with the costs of a midwife covered by provincial medical insurance. An initial payment on the McFadden Creek Heronry made in January secured the 12.5-acre site for preservation as the third-largest heron colony on the West Coast. The $235,000 purchase price would be paid off over four years. The purchase was spearheaded by Nina Raginsky and the Waterbird Watch Collective. Growing concern over noise generated by floatplanes in Ganges Harbour sparked a campaign for the use of threebladed propellers. With Fulford’s ferry terminal closed for repairs, Salt Spring’s link with the rest of the world was threatened when a semitrailer ripped up the aprons at Long Harbour’s loading dock and shut down all sailings. That left the Vesuvius-Crofton link as the only way to get on and off the island for three weeks.

Youths from an overturned vehicle comfort each other before emergency crews arrive on the scene. The driver suffered a broken arm. This photograph won Driftwood photographer Derrick Lundy one of numerous awards since he started at the Driftwood in 1989.


RCMP auxiliary members withdrew their services following an April decision to take away their guns. A survey determined strong interest among islanders for a locally run radio station. Islanders would have to wait more than a decade before Salt Spring’s first radio station hit the airwaves. CFSI.FM went on the air in September, 2009. A long-standing feud between the Central Community Hall board of directors and its biggest tenant, Cinema Central, came to a head over a dispute about whether the cinema’s movable chairs scratched the hall floor. A Ministry of Education “efficiency advisory team” confirmed what local school trustees had been saying for years: the Gulf Islands School District had a chronic structural funding problem. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs approved funding for a Salt Spring incorporation feasibility study in August. The ministry agreed to provide funds for a professional consultant to complete a detailed report on the costs and implications of incorporating the islands. Salt Spring Island Village Resort on Bullock Lake went into receivership in November. However, Vancouver-based developer Brian Hauff said he would seek further financing for the project. About 300 Gulf Islanders rallied on the steps of the legislature at “high noon” on Dec. 4 to demand adequate funding for education in the school district.

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RCMP auxiliary members withdrew their services following an April decision to take away their guns. An initial payment on the McFad- den Cre...

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