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Plans for MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.’s holdings on Galiano Island were made public early in 1991. MB announced it had started talks with the Ministry of Parks to turn the north end of the company’s Galiano property into a provincial park while offering the rest of its private holdings for sale to B.C. residents only for a three-month period. The ensuing debate over Galiano’s forest-lot properties remains unresolved to this day.

Smokers within the Capital Regional District had fewer places to “puff” in January following implementation of the district’s new clean air bylaw. Bylaw 1851 made it illegal to smoke within any public premises or workplace excepting designated smoking areas. Managing pressure from population growth is the “key issue” on the Gulf Islands, said provincial New Democratic Party leader Mike Harcourt at a meeting in Ganges in March. Education ministry budget announcements hit the Gulf Islands harder than any other B.C. school district. Initial examination of School District 64’s 1991-92 per student budget allocation showed a funding reduction of 2.2 per cent from the previous year. Long-time Salt Spring Island resident Danny Evanishen packed his bags and hit the road. A world traveller who called Salt Spring home for 13 years, he was known to most islanders as the man who began the island’s cinema. A grey whale was spotted in Ganges Harbour by several island residents in April. A fundraising drive to purchase Mount Galiano from MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. reached its destination when the forest company said it would sell the property to the Galiano Club. The logging company sold the property for $243,000, nearly $100,000 lower than its initial asking price. Tom Shelby Pool opened at Portlock Park on May 20 after years of volunteer effort. Eager children took inaugural plunges into the 28-degree Celsius water after a brief ceremony and ribbon cutting. Norman Twa’s request for a one-year delay of the Blackburn Road dump closure was rejected by the Capital Regional District’s environmental committee after he spoke with them on July 3. In speaking to the matter, CRD board chairman Frank Leonard stressed it was the provincial Environment Ministry and not the CRD that had ordered the dump closed on Dec. 21, 1991. The Salt Spring Local Trust Committee decided to not consider any rezoning applications changing properties to multi-family zoning until Ganges sewer planning was complete.


Salt Spring Hysterical Society returned with shows in Ganges and Beaver Point. Clockwise from top left, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Shilo Zylbergold) says “pump me up;” a “Legion geezer” (Arvid Chalmers) laments the loss of “good wars;” and Zylbergold with Sid Filkow flunks a progressive men’s group.

Disagreement over costs between the education ministry and School District 64 officials in December threatened progress on construction of a new high school on Salt Spring.

In 1991, Salt Spring Island Cheese was just a glimmer in the eyes of David and Nancy Wood and a cheesy mess in the corner of the kitchen. Much has changed, but what remains is our commitment to making the best cheese we know how to, and the opportunity for awareness that each moment of the cheesemaking day offers.

For Virginie Leveillée, shepherdess from 1997 to 2002, it was the realisation that “Everything in the universe is mutating but milking just is, always has been & always will”. Others, particularly Josh and Dan (pictured here with Virginie), have expressed their views on milking a little differently: it is no surprise that our cheeses perfectly reàect this variety of creative expression.

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Disagreement over costs between the education ministry and School District 64 officials in December threatened progress on construction of a...

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