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1968 | 50 YEARS OF COMMUNITY TOP STORIES Beaver Point farmer Gavin Reynolds reported the loss of 200 sheep without a trace in in the previous year. Later that year, farmers called on the provincial agriculture minister to protest the incidence of sheep stealing among the islands. School trustees approved a $300 expenditure for the measles vaccine for Gulf Islands students. Salt Spring Islanders were howling at a reduction in ferry service on the Crofton-Vesuvius run, which saw the late-night Friday and Sunday sailings cut, and then again in February when ferry workers walked off the job to protest the system-wide cut of 160 crew. Col. M.F. Peiler was presented with the Good Citizen Award by the Salt Spring Chamber of Commerce in recognition of his work as chairman of the island’s Centennial Committee. MARSHALL SHARP PHOTO/ SS ARCHIVES

Men flip their pancakes in the 1968 Shrove Tuesday Pancake Races in Ganges.

Pancake races, flower shows and social teas Social news formed a huge part of the Driftwood’s content in the 1960s. It seems as if every participant in every community event held by clubs, schools and churches, plus news about who was visiting whom and where islanders were vacationing was reported. The annual Pancake Day Races held on Shrove Tuesday, sponsored by the Legion Auxiliary, was a popular annual event in Ganges, and a good one for photographs. This was the front-page report from the Thursday, Feb. 29, 1968 paper: School teachers have the stamina, alright.

For two years in a row the international frying pan race at Ganges was won by the principal of the Ganges schools. Two years ago principal J. Evans took the pan and last year his successor, Donald Hartwig, led the field. On Tuesday the teachers showed that it is not only the principal who boasts a wellrounded gastrocnemius. The vice-principal of Gulf Islands Secondary School, Bob McWhirter, won the frying pan, while the vice-principal of the elementary school, G. Woodley, was edged into third place by realtor Ron Lee. Pancake races have been staged each

Shrove Tuesday in Ganges for 10 years. No race in that decade has been run on more summery conditions than on Tuesday when the park took on the appearance of a mid-summer race. Races are open to every youngster from kindergarten to grandmotherhood. For sheer oddity, the pancake races were rivalled only by the Greasy Pig Contest fundraiser for Centennial Park maintenance, which was started in 1968 by John Stepaniuk. He was a farmer, highways foreman, an islands trustee and a well-loved, much-involved community member, along with his wife Mary.

Mrs. Annie Barnes became the new matron of Lady Minto Hospital in March. In February and March, the Salt Spring Lions and the Chamber of Commerce outlined an ambitious new plan for a recreation centre at Ganges, with an ice rink for skating and curling, and a heated swimming pool. Sewage and development issues dominated the islands. Magic Lake Estates subdivision on Pender received a permit to discharge partially treated sewage into Swanson Channel, but Salt Spring residents did not want to see the same for the Maliview Estates subdivision, and a proposed Mayne Island development calling for 100 new homes at Village Bay now and 400 later also aroused concerns about sewage. The Lions Club’s annual Walkathon raised some $3,000. Youth Brian Pharis finished the eight-mile course first — in only 65 minutes — by running the whole way. George Lampier replaced Percy Jones as Fulford postmaster in May. Jones was known for his “big cigar and big grin,” noted the Driftwood. Cpl. Vernon Myers became the RCMP member replacing Cpl. F.C. Rhodes in Ganges. The Bank of Montreal removed its old building in Ganges and built a new one in its place. New Democrat Colin Cameron was elected in the June 25 federal election that saw Liberal Pierre Elliott Trudeau become Canada’s prime minister for the first time. However, Cameron died of a stroke in August. A by-election was held the following February. Forestry rangers were gone from Salt Spring Island for good in July as the station on Ganges Hill was sold by auction to Alex McManus. The new Community Gospel Church was hard pressed to accommodate the crowds who gathered to take part in its dedication at Ganges. While working on a Galiano subdivision, land surveyor Peter Arnell was mistakenly killed by a hunter on Oct. 22.

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Mrs. Annie Barnes became the new matron of Lady Minto Hospital in March. In February and March, the Salt Spring Lions and the Chamber of Com...