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Fresh cuttings of willows and alders with the unique but identifiable teeth marks of a beaver were discovered at St. Mary Lake in January by John Inglin and Cliff Wakelin of the highways department. James Akerman, the last of the Akermans born in Fulford in the 1870s, died in Victoria on Feb. 25 at the age of 88. While the nation voted for a minority Liberal government under Lester B. Pearson on April 8, the Gulf Islands preferred Progressive Conservative candidate W.F. Matthews, they again got NDPer Colin Cameron. The Driftwood reported: “1788 Gulf Islanders exercised their rights to vote and once again we can say, with pride mind you, that ‘as goes the Gulf Islands, no one else goes.’”

Fire completely destroyed a garage and guest room at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mailey at Welbury Point on April 16. Prompt action by their eight-year-old son Bruce in calling the fire department saved the family home. Archdeacon G.H. Holmes was receiving congratulations on the 50th anniversary of his entry into the Anglican ministry. He came to Salt Spring in 1941. Woody and Bobbie Fisher sold the Salt Spring Island Driftwood to James and Arlene Ward in May. The Village Bay wharf at Mayne Island was totally destroyed by fire. Sparks from a cutting torch employed by the company renovating the dock were blamed. Village Bay had no fire protection service. Gulf Islands voters rejected another referendum to build an auditorium-gymnasium and science room in Ganges by almost the same margin as the year before. A Galiano Island teacherage was added to this referendum question. The MV Queen of the Islands made its maiden run between Tsawwassen and the Gulf Islands on July 4. The 40-car ferry would sail from Long Harbour twice a day. It could carry 400 passengers and employed a crew of 12. Ganges boat basin construction was started and completed this year.


A huge crowd gathers for inauguration of the new Queen of the Islands ferry held at the Ganges dock. Speeches were given by Premier W.A.C. Bennett, local MLA Earle C. Westwood and Chamber of Commerce president C.R. Horel.

‘The old order changeth . . . .’ From the July 4, 1963 Driftwood: Today marks another step in improved ferry service for Gulf Islanders when MV Queen of the Islands sails in to Ganges dock at 12:20 p.m. on its maiden run between Tsawwassen and the Gulf Islands. Ferries have always played a major role in the story of the Gulf Islands from the earliest days when each settlement had its own wharf. The CPR ferries were an early transportation link for the islands. When they abandoned the run in 1951, islanders, under the leadership of the late Gavin Mouat, started the Gulf Islands Ferry Co. Ten years later the ferry service was taken over

by the B.C. Ferry Authority. MV Queen of the Islands will provide a fast service direct to the mainland. There will be two sailings each day, leaving Long Harbour at 6:55 a.m. and 4:55 p.m. and returning from Tsawwassen at 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. The new vessel is 236 feet long and can carry 40 cars and 400 people. It will travel at 15 knots and employs a crew of 12. The ship is fully equipped with the latest electronic aids to navigation, including long and short range radar sets, radio telephone and gyro-compass. A ship to shore telephone is provided for the use of passengers and a comfortable sandwich bar will be located in the

main lounge. A special turntable which allows cars to load and unload from the same end is featured on the new MV Queen of the Islands. Enroute from the early run to Tsawwassen this morning, the new ferry will arrive at Sturdies Bay at 10:15 where Galiano residents will stage a water display in honour of the new ship. Mayne Island has arranged for a dockside ceremony when the Queen of the Islands calls there at 10:50 a.m. Following disembarkation of regular passengers at Long Harbour the new ferry will tie up at the Ganges dock at 12:20 when the ship will be opened to the public. Acceptance program will be held on the dock at 1:15 p.m.

Plans for a library building on McPhillips Avenue were announced by the Salt Spring Island Public Library Association, which bought a former workshop on the street from Mrs. Cora Leggett for $2,300. A Sept. 30 provincial election won by the Social Credit party saw Nanaimo and the Islands elect NDP member David Stupich, who narrowly defeated incumbent Socred Earle C. Westwood. Ganges Pharmacy changed hands on Nov. 28. Mr. Leslie Ramsey of Victoria took over the operation from Mrs. Margaret Wells, who had been the pharmacist for the previous 15 years.

Some things haven’t changed. Still a family-owned and operated business since 1963. Still offering islanders friendly, professional service. To your health!

DOWNTOWN: 104 Lower Ganges Rd. 537-5534

UPTOWN: 372 Lower Ganges Rd. 538-0323


Woody and Bobbie Fisher sold the Salt Spring Island Driftwood to James and Arlene Ward in May. Ganges Pharmacy changed hands on Nov. 28. Mr....