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Stray from the Beaten Path... and learn more about the destination BY: REBECCA BROWN

Wandering off the beaten path when visiting any country can be such a great thing to do. You’ll experience a whole new side of a country that you never even knew existed, and it will provide you with so many unique opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t experience. Here are a few more reasons to stray off the beaten path to learn more about a country.

Learn from the Locals When you stray off the beaten path, it’s so much easier to get to know the locals much better. Remaining in densely populated touristy areas means that you’re only seeing one side of a place. Take New York for example; while the likes of Times Square, Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge are all wonderful and beautiful features of the city, they’re always so overcrowded and don’t give you a true feel of what it’s like to be a local there. Heading off the beaten path, however, you’ll soon stumble across a quintessentially New York neighborhood where you’ll get to experience first-hand what it’s actually like to be a local in the concrete jungle.


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