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Arriving at SALT of Palmar Arriving at the hotel felt different from other luxury hotels that I have visited. Most notable was the absence of a reception desk. Instead, we were seated in the brightly colored lounge, served a refreshing drink and taken through the check-in process. The hotel is run with the SALT Experience app which we were asked to download. This handy app serves as a scheduling tool, a virtual concierge service and as the key to your room (no plastic cards). Our room, aptly named Bang on the Beach, was right on the beach and had a mesmerizing view of the ocean from the balcony. Our space was bright, beautiful and full of simple yet luxurious touches. I was pleased to learn that none of the rooms had TV’s and I would not be distracted from the natural beauty of my surroundings. Instead, the rooms are equipped with a retro radio and a small selection of books. Other unique features that I loved were the silky soft robes made from coffee beans and the reusable cinnamon sedge slippers that massage the pressure points of your feet as you walk. To conserve water there is no bath but rather a large rainfall shower along with organic toiletries packaged in sustainable ceramic containers or crushed limestone paper. We also each received a reusable aluminum water bottle to use during our stay and take home with us.


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