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We hit the ground running when we moved into our Alaskan cabin. Week one we had a mama moose and calf eating in our front yard. In summer, we live in our camper and travel as much of Alaska as we can fit into our weekends and vacations. Places like the Kenai fjords out of Seward, streaming across the water seeing the wildlife up close. Whales, sea lions, and birds of all kinds. Eating lunch in a boat sitting in front of a calving glacier and hearing the thundering sound of falling ice. We have climbed the Matanuska Glacier, not once in a weekend but twice. Chipping our way up the side of a glacier with crampons on our boots was exhilarating if not a bit stressful at times. Beautiful blue ice and crystal water with views that were breathtaking and ebbed into our minds. We visit little towns like Talkeetna, the basecamp town for climbers of Denali. It is vintage Alaska, old businesses and laidback locals sharing their stories of climbers and plane pilots with the Alaska train whistle blowing in the background as it goes through town. There is Homer, the fishing village of Alaska with quirky places like Salty Dog Saloon and farmer markets that takes us back to the 60’s and 70’s. Small Russian villages with beautiful churches and being educated in their culture. We have driven to Fairbanks and soaked in Chena Hot Springs when the air temperature was freezing and the spring water was so hot the steam rolled off the top. Panned for gold in 44 . DRIFTTRAVEL.COM

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