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Next on our dream agenda was to golf at the Wailea Golf course which is home to three different courses – the Gold, Emerald and Blue. I golfed at only one of the three but enjoyed the nineteenth hole at each of them, and hearing all the stories from my two sons of how they missed that putt by just an inch, or drove it at least 400 yards! These courses are beautiful and can entice any level of golfer. It was a dream come true for me as a 38 handicap to golf with my two sons who are both scratch golfers. The holes, views, course upkeep and nineteenth hole at each, will appeal to everyone. We started our golf journey off with a cold pre-round beer and met the local bartender. He had moved to this Paradise from Alaska to work and enjoy golf all year round. He was so personable, informative, and the real definition of what we know as people on “Hawaiian time”. If you plan on playing any of the three Wailea courses, Emerald is the one! My two sons played here and told me that there isn’t a single hole where you are not looking straight out at the ocean. Locals say that if you play at the right time of year you have to “be sure not to hit the whales” because half the shots are sent into the air towards the ocean, and you can often see whales breaching in the background. The 1st hole is a great foreshadow for the remainder of the course as the photo opportunities were incredible and the views stayed just as amazing for the remaining 17 holes. There is a double green on this course that is shared and borders a lake. This spot is extremely picturesque and perfect for those “Instagram” moments to share with your friends back home. Beyond its beauty, the Emerald course offers a challenging, yet fun and rewarding golf course that can yield a good score. If it doesn’t, you will be hard pressed not to walk off the course with a smile on your face and grab a cold one at Gannon’s to open a debate with your group about which hole on the course was the most scenic. Our vote is for number 18!


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