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Welcome Jandino, You’re a very famous Dutch celebrity now, ‘De Dino Show’ is being watched a lot and everyone wants to visit the recordings. ‘I don’t know why I have so many fans now. De recordings from ‘De Dino Show’ are sold out in a couple of minutes. Earlier I had to send tweets to sell them. Now people say: ‘Hey, I want to come too! Why is it sold out?’

Jandino Asporaat is a Dutch comedian. He has his own show: ‘De Dino Show’. It’s very popular in the Netherlands.

Do you mind that? ‘Sometimes it does. A couple of years ago I took pictures with everyone, I still do that, but now it is a lot busier. There are often coming fans to ask me if I want to go on a picture with them when I’m eating. That’s a little bit annoying.’ Are you becoming spoiled? ‘No, I know where I came from.’ From a sleeping place on the floor in your grandma’s house. ‘I’m not used to luxury so I’m very happy with what I have got. Sometimes I want to go back to that time.’ You want to go back to the time when you were working with drunk Poles driving through the country searching for jobs? ‘Yes, you knew what you had, not much. My wife thinks it’s a romantic ideal. A terraced house and a 9 till 5 job. But that’s not going to happen, but I understand her feelings. I have them too.’ Come on, financial independence should be fine? ‘If I only did this job for the money, I would quit. I can say ‘no’ to a job now, because I don’t need the money anymore. I only accept a job if I thinks it’s fun to do. I recently refused a job to perform for a business club, because I didn’t like the job.’ How much money did they offer you? ‘I hate to talk about amounts, but a lot of people have to work months for it.’ Ten thousand? ‘Even more than that.’ What do you think of the people who threatened you on twitter because they didn’t like your sense of humour? ‘People think that they can say such thinks, they think that’s part of freedom of expression. But also a lot of other celebrities offend their colleagues.’

You are never offending colleagues or imitating them, why not? ‘I say that kind of things in their faces, not in my shows.’


Kevin, a 12 year old Dutch boy who is suffering from a life threatening disease, was very happy and surprised when he received an invitation to have a meet and greet with the Dutch national football team. He is a very big football fan. He is very sick and is probably going to die soon, that is why the foundation ‘Kinderwens’ let his biggest dream come true. Before the game Netherlands-Wales he had a meeting with all of the players and coach van Gaal. He was photographed with the whole team and with his biggest hero Robin van Persie. He watched the game next to Louis van Gaal and the substitutes. After the game he received a football shirt of the national team with all the autographs from all the 23 players and coach van Gaal. After that he went back home. He said it was the best day of his life, and he is very grateful that he was given this opportunity.


The royal family arrived in a bus with a lot of police cars and motors around it. When they got out they greeted the mayor and all of the people who came to see them. After that a choir was going to sing for them. The royal family walked through the streets after that and greeted a lot of people. Then they were going to make a boat trip. When the boat trip was over a couple of girls were going to street dance for them. After that they walked a long time and played a lot of typical Dutch games during their walk, like shuffleboard, skipping and basket weaving. They also shook a lot of hands and were photographed with the people. A couple of people also performed for them. A lot of kids danced and sang for the royal family. The family also got a lot of flowers and presents from the people. The royal family joined the sporting children enthusiastically with sports like hockey and korfball. At the end of the day he received and piece of art made by students. He also spoke to the people and thanked them for a fantastic first King’s day and sang the national anthem. After that they went back home. It was a successful first King’s day!

Today was the first King’s day for Willem Alexander. He was celebrating it, with almost everyone from the royal family, in Amstelveen and I followed him the whole day.


Edwin Evers disappeared after his parody about Ilse and Waylon Ilse left Waylon for another singer. Edwin Evers the leader of a famous Dutch band, made a parody on Calm After the Storm from The Common Linnets, the Dutch song festival song. He adapted the lyrics. He describes how Ilse left Waylon and makes fun of them. Waylon was already very sad that Ilse left him, and he was very mad at Edwin Evers about the parody. After Edwin Evers put the song on YouTube and social media he disappeared. Nobody knows where he is, but Waylon is the prime suspect. The police is investigating this case.

Arjen Robben is actually a woman The Dutch football player Arjen Robben is actually a woman. He confessed this in an interview. He was only 9 years old when he decided he wanted to become a man. He never really felt like a girl, he hated make-up, dolls and gossips like this. The things that he liked where football and women, and because that is what most guys like, he decide to become a man. He is most likely going to quit with his football carrier because his teammates will not like this kind of news.


Wesley Sneijder cheated on Yolante A lot of people in the Netherlands were surprised that Sneijder wasn’t selected for the national team by national coach van Gaal for the qualifying matches for the WC 2014. We finally know the answer. Wesley Sneijder cheated on Yolante with Louis van Gaal’s wife, Truus. Van Gaal discovered it when he came home after a dinner with his friends. Van Gaal and Sneijder deny this.

Willem Alexander has hit Amalia Amalia, the Dutch Crown Princess, walked away from home this morning. She didn’t came very far as the media almost immediately saw her. She said to them that she walked away, because she doesn’t want to be queen later, and when she told that to her father, the king, he hit her and she ran away. This came as a real shock to everybody, also to the queen. Now there are rumours that Maxima wants a divorce, because Willem Alexander hit Amalia. This rumour has not been confirmed yet.



If you come to the Netherlands you really need to try ‘stroopwafels’. It’s a very famous waffle here. The Netherlands is one of the few country’s that sell them. It is made of two waffle dough halves with treacle in between. You can buy them almost everywhere in the Netherlands, and they are delicious

A fun Dutch souvenir is a picture in traditional Dutch clothing. There are a lot of shops who make a picture of you in traditional clothing in Volendam. It’s a really funny, special and typical Dutch souvenir. Volendam is also a very nice village to visit.

Something you must buy when you are in the Netherlands are so called ‘klompen’. Those are some kind of wooden shoes that were worn mostly by farmers and workers a long time ago. It’s part of the traditional Dutch clothing. You must buy them, but it’s not recommended to wear them because it doesn’t feel very comfortable.

A typical Dutch candy you must eat when you are in the typical flavour you can’t really describe. You have all kinds of ‘drop’: hard, soft, sweat or salt and many more. It’s produced with the juice from the roots of liquorice. Almost every Dutch person thinks it’s delicious.


In women’s fashion you’ll see a lot of flowers, of all kinds. There’ll also be lots of colours, the mood will be feminine, refined, original and rich. ‘Art’ is the inspiration for much designers. The statement from designers is ‘show who you are’. We’ll see a lot of bright colours and also shiny colours like gold and silver.

What are the fashion trends in the summer of 2014? We are here to highlight the biggest trends of this year. For men we’ll have luxury sportswear influences, hitech materials, thin fabrics, fluorescent colours but also inconspicuous colours, mostly combinations of those two. And especially blazers, jackets and trench coats are in vogue. There will be a luxury mood. There is much attention for good looking body’s, because of the thin fabrics. Men will also wear different layers. And we’ll see tight but also wide shirts and jackets.


The house of glass from 3FM Serious Request When you are in the Netherlands around December go take a look at the house of glass and maybe you can give them a small donation and with some luck they will play your favourite song on the radio.

Every year three DJ’s from radio station 3FM, get locked up in a house of glass in the middle of a city in the Netherlands for six days, and they are not allowed to eat anything. This action to raise money for charity is called Serious Request. In the glass house the three DJ’s are making non-stop radio. People can ask for a song they want to hear and donate money. Last year the house of glass stood in Leeuwarden and they raised a total amount of €12.302.747,- from 18 to 24 December. They gave it to a charity for helping children how die of diarrhoea. Every year the house of glass stands somewhere else and the money they raise goes to another charity. Next year the house of glass will stand in Haarlem. Every year when the house of glass stands somewhere people are raising money themselves and give it to the DJ’s. For example children from primary schools make drawings and sell them or do a sponsored run. The amount of money that’s raised, gets more and more every year. The first Serious Request was in 2004. From the first serious request till now they raised a total amount of

€ 64.631.267,-


AMSTERDAM - Ajax has won its 33rd Dutch league title and the fourth straight after drawing at Heracles Almelo 1-1 Sunday. Lasse Schone put Ajax ahead with a free kick after thirteen minutes. Almelo's Simon Cziommer equalized ten minutes later, also through a free kick, both teams didn’t score any other goals, and Ajax settled for the draw. Last week Ajax lost the Dutch Cup final in a shameful 5-1 defeat against PEC Zwolle. Other Dutch teams have won four straight championships, including PSV Eindhoven twice but the 43-year-old Frank de Boer becomes the first coach to win four in a row. The club's achievement was very remarkable after Ajax had slipped to the sixth place early in the season, and saw many of its best players either depart, such as Christian Eriksen to Tottenham and Toby Alderweireld to Atletico Madrid, or injured, such as skipper Siem de Jong. De Boer relied heavily on young talent on his way to the title, notably 21-year-old midfielder Davy Klaassen, fresh out of Ajax's youth academy and already on the national team roster.

Feyenoord claimed the second place and a berth in Champions League qualifying in style, beating SC Cambuur 5-1 in Rotterdam. Third place FC Twente will play in the Europa League after another big victory, 5-2 at NEC Nijmegen. 11

Cat saves child A brave cat saved a young child from a dog attack in Bakersfield, California. The kid was cycling when the dog attacked him. The dog bit the kid in his leg and dragged him away. Tara, the cat of the family Triantafilo, attacked the dog when he was dragging the child away. The dog ran and the child was saved. The video from this incident is watched almost 23 million times! The boy had a couple of bite wounds. He had to go to the hospital, but he is not in danger. If Tara didn’t attack the dog, it could have been much worse. The dog is picked up by animal control and will be euthanized.

‘Boerenkool met rookworst’ (borecole with sausage for 4 persons) Ingredients:  1 kg of potatoes  salt & pepper  500 gram cut borecole  1 sausage  100 gram lean bacon  20 gram butter  1,5 dl warm milk  1 or 2 spoons vinegar Instructions to make borecole with sausage: 1. Peel and cut the potatoes in pieces. Clean the borecole. 2. Put the potatoes in a wide cooking pot with salt and water to boil. 3. After 5 minutes you have to add the borecole and on the borecole you have to put the sausage in plastic. You have to cook everything for about 15 minutes. 4. Cook the bacon in a skillet until they are brown and crunchy. 5. Meanwhile the bacon is cooking, make the sauce and add the baked bacon to the sauce. 6. If the potatoes are cooked you have to cast the damp. Add the milk and butter and crush it together until it’s stew. To make it tastier you can add the salt and pepper. 7. Cut the sausage into pieces. 8. Serve the borecole with the sausage and the sauce.


The Sonja Bakker diet is a very popular Dutch diet. Sonja Bakker studied nutrition and she developed her own diet method back in 1997. Sonja Bakker has published her first book in 2005, and since then she published several other books which all reached the top ten best-selling books in the Netherlands. She also has her own ‘Sonja Bakker’ magazine, a television show helping people to deal with weight problems, and an online weight loss program. She uses a lot of snacks and ingredients that Dutch people often eat in the daily menu. That’s also one of the reasons why her diet is very famous. You can buy the ingredients that you need in all Dutch supermarkets. You can still eat a lot with this diet. Snacks, three meals a day including desert, which is very suitable for people who can’t resist those things during a diet. You can lose 5-10 kg in four to six weeks when you follow this diet properly.

‘Snert’ (pea soup for 4 persons)          

Ingredients: 250 gram split peas 2 shoulder chops 1 bay leaf 1 twig of thyme 1 floury potato in pieces 1 shredded onion 1 thin leek into rings 300 gram carrot 300 gram turnip-rooted celery 1 small sausage

Instructions to make pea soup: 1. Put the split peas in a big pot with ½ litre water, 1 spoon salt, 2 shoulder chops and 1 twig of thyme and cook this for about 20 minutes. 2. Add the potatoes and vegetables and let it cook for another 20 minutes. 3. Take the shoulder chops out of the water and cut it in pieces. 4. Add the shoulder chops and the sausage and let it cook for 10 until 15 minutes. 5. Make it more tastier with the salt and pepper. 6. Serve the pea soup.


Robin van Persie is a Dutch footballer. He was born in Rotterdam at the 6th of august in 1983. Van Persie is a striker. Van Persie started his football carrier at SVB Excelsior at the age of five. When he was 13 years old he went to Feyenoord. He made his debut on 3 February 2002 against Roda JC. That year he won the EUFA Cup with Feyenoord. That is still his biggest price. He didn't play much at Feyenoord because he didn't had a good relationship with coach van Marwijk. In 2004 he went to Arsenal. At 22 January 2011 he made his first hattrick in the Premier League. The first goal was also his 100th in his carrier. In 2011 he also became the captain of Arsenal. In the season 2011-2012 he became the top scorer of the Premier League. In 2012 he went to Manchester United for 22,5 million pounds. He played eight years for Arsenal and won the FA community shield in 2004 and the FA Cup in 2005. At 22 April 2013 Manchester United won with 3-0 from Aston Villa. Van Persie scored all three goals and with that match Manchester United won his 20th league title. He also became top scorer of the Premier League. Van Persie made his debut at the national Dutch team on 4 June 2005. At 11 October 2013 he scored three times against Hungary and he became the alltime top scorer of the national Dutch team. He has now scored 43 times. At the WC 2010 the Netherlands became second. Van Persie played all seven matches en scored one time.


Max and Jules grow up like brothers in a not so friendly and warm family. After their mother left them, the brothers agree on never having a relationship. The brothers are almost thirty and still live their lives as if they were teenagers: no clear vision about their future, no career, only beer and boobs. They enjoy their freedom. Then the brothers meet Anna, and their principles slowly change. The movie is very funny, but the story is still recognizable, although it’s very excessive. The movie never gets boring. Most critics give the movie a three or four star rating, I give it four stars.



2. Which of the following cities isn’t a Dutch city? A. Rotterdam B. Amsterdam C. Antwerpen 3. The highest point in the Netherlands is about... A. 300 meters above sea-level B. 600 meters above sea-level C. 900 meters above sea-level 4. In the "golden age" for the Netherlands (about 17th century), the Netherlands had many colonies overseas. Which of the following cities used to be a Dutch colony? A. New York, USA B. Dublin, Eire C. Havana, Cuba

5. The Netherlands has had many famous painters. Which of these Dutch masters cut of his own ear? A. Rembrandt B. Van Gogh C. Vermeer 6. Football is the national sport in the Netherlands. How many World Cups have the Netherlands won? A. 0 B. 1 C. 3 7. What is the national colour of the Netherlands? A. Red B. Blue C. Orange 8. The largest port in Europe (and perhaps the world) is a Dutch city. Is it.... A. Rotterdam? B. Amsterdam? C. Volendam?

Answers 1B, 2C (Antwerp is a Belgian city), 3.A, 4A (though at that time it was called New Amsterdam), 5B, 6A, 7C, 8A

1. There always is a lot of confusion about the name of the Netherlands. Many people refer to this country as Holland. Which of the following statements is correct? A. Holland was this nation's name until 1400 AD, since then it's only referred to as The Netherlands. B. Holland is part of the Netherlands, there are two provinces within the Netherlands: Northand South-Holland. C. Holland is a sort of nick-name given to the Netherlands by the Americans.


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