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Initiative Future Board Group A: Video Diary Reporting


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Video Diaries It’s Sunday night and I’m rushing home after a day of errands. As I zig-zag through traffic I replay last week’s episode in my head adding commentary as I please. Arriving home, I shed my coat and pour a glass of wine nestling into my couch – The Amazing Race is on. Watching a video can range from an intensely personal experience to a social or background medium. In order to gain a wider perspective, our group chose to begin on these video diaries with a survey. Question ranged from whether or not an individual owns a television to what makes for a good digital video experience. We collected demographics and surveyed audience viewing habits; even asking individuals to peer into their Internet browsing history. As a result we were able to find trends and expectations of video experiences for both online and TV. Below are our findings – presented in the formats of summary, info-graphic, video, and survey:

Summary of Findings Our survey participants ranged between the ages of 19 and 23 and were of various ethnicities, and from different regions of the United States. Our survey respondents had a wide range of opinions on how and where they watch video, but for the most part agreed that the internet played a major role on how they viewed video, and what their expectations were. The following were some common trends among our millennial participants: It’s about Relaxation: Let’s face it—we all love to get home, lay on the couch, and de-stress about our day with a little television. Many of our millennial friends sure feel that way. When they mentioned how they watch television, many of them said it is mostly to take a load off their busy schedules, and also to serve as background noise. It’s a Social Thing: It’s about bonding with people who enjoy watching the same things you do. Many mentioned how watching television with their friends or family serves as bonding time. Weather you are watching the last bit of the football game, or cuddling with your mom to watch soap operas, our participants felt that video was a way of interacting with the people they care about while having fun. A good 41% said that they prefer or usually watch video with others. I want it, and I want it NOW: Contrary to popular belief, the answer is that no, not everyone owns a television set. At least not the millennials we surveyed. 27% do NOT own a television set, meaning they need to get their video from somewhere---computer. With new technologies, millennials also develop an idea of picking, choosing, and customizing to get whatever whenever. With the power of different Video on Demand methods, this is probably why video is still sticking around. With more control come more expectations, being the reason why many of the participants mentioned the negativity of online video advertising, and that being an aggravating issue.

How do they know about what video to watch, anyway? Out of 38 participants, 35 agreed that Word of Mouth influences their viewing choices. Social Media (Facbook, Twitter) also plays a major role, as 15 out of the 38 said that affects what they watch and how. That is significantly important, considering that the Netflix sight only impacts 11 out of 38 participants, and Youtube only 10. The way the millennial consumer watches video and the reasons behind it are revolutionizing alongside the world around us.    

From the Horse’s Mouth A Fireside Chat with Two Millenials on their Media Habits              



Below: (Additional Material from the Survey)

Responses from participants: Notice: We did not edit or change any of the response. These are responses that we took from the survey database. Question: How would you describe your television viewing habits? •

I usually have TV on as background noise if I have downtime at home. There are some shows I really like watching.

I only watch television when I'm around family (so just the holidays really). Other than that, I never turn one's been months, literally. I just don't give a shit about what's on, it's something I choose to be out of touch with. I don't have the time. Why have it on if I can put on what I want when I want it?

I usually enjoy watching television in the company of friends, whenever possible. I love "watch parties," especially for sports events or TV dramas. However, whenever I'm in school and I'm catching up with my favorite shows, I tend to watch them on Hulu alone, while eating dinner (I like to consider it "efficient multitasking" because well, what else could I possible do while eating, right?).

Internet killed TV. I really feel like TV is becoming obsolete. It's a much more passive way of viewing while the Internet is interactive. I only watch TV when my Dad is watching football. Mostly in passing.

I’m too busy to sit around and wait for a show to air. So I usually catch whatever I want to watch on my own time, usually very late at night. I mostly use my PS3 for Netflix since I’m not a huge gamer. On my PC i usually stream from websites where I can watch commercial free. I HATE COMMERCIALS!!! Ill literary watch anything and everything. As long as its good and entertaining I’m there, to the Beverly Hills Housewives to The Colbert Report to Damages to Dexter to Olberman to Modern Family to Celebrity Apprentice. I do stray away from vampires though.

I watch with friends. Sometimes I watch by myself as a study break. Usually when I watch T.V. programs I watch them online.

I like to watch TV with people. My siblings and I always wait for each other to watch television shows. TV is our bonding time. We all have different schedules but we always make time to watch the latest episodes together, even if it's 1 in the morning and we all have school the next morning.

When I have time, I usually go to to catch up on episodes I've missed/watch previews for next weeks episodes. My laptop caters well to my busy lifestyle, I can rarely watch the episode on the air date.

I watch a lot of television with my parents but I also watch a lot of TV alone too. I watch movies with my parents and I watch talk shows and reality TV by myself. I enjoy watching movies with friends, but because I am away at school, I stream a lot of shows on my laptop.

I watch shows by myself, normally late at nights before I go to bed and after I do work. Its my way of de-stressing from college work. I normally watch shows that make me laugh or are a thriller to stimulate my mind. I don't think I actually watch shows a lot because I'm constantly busy, but when I do get the chance to I do.

I watch tv almost anytime that I'm home. I catch up on missed shows with my Mom that we have recorded on the DVR. We almost always only watch shows that we have recoreded, unless a Kings hockey game is live, then we watch it. Commercials and all. Otherwise even when I'm falling asleep in bed, my tv is kept on (with a timer to go off) and is muted, or I can't fall asleep.

I watch TV either on my computer on in front of an actual TV set usually by myself because watching with people tends to be annoying. Someone always has an irritating laugh; and there's always that person who expects everyone else to know what's going to happen next so they constantly ask question. It's always a lose-lose situation unless you're watching a game where the dialogue on TV isn't important.

I only watch live broadcast tv late at night after work alone. I only use my tv to watch international news (BBC World News, France 24, Aljazeera) Otherwise, I use my computer to watch shows and movies via Netflix

Question: Do you have different expectations for videos viewed on a television vs. the Internet? •

I have lower expectations for video quality when I'm watching on the internet.

When I watch TV I expect more ads. I also expect to be vegged out in zombie-like fashion. When I use the internet I choose to be engaged with what I'm watching. I can watch anything else at the click of a button. I don't have to wait for a certain time slot. I don't have to set the DVR to record anything. I just point and click. That feels nice to me. Internet > TV

Videos on tv have long commercial breaks in between and hard to access if u missed the show timing. Videos on the Internet are easier to access but the quality isnt always great. Its also a pain in the ass because of all the viruses.

I have more expectation for television because it expected to produce good quality videos. Anyone can upload videos over the internet so I do not expect to be well produce or high quality work.

TV always has a consistent format and you know you will be able to watch it. It is just the inconvenience of times that the show is on. The internet can have a slow connection which leads to a buffering nightmare, there are sometimes broken links, and you have to

search much longer for a video if it is not on the network website. However, convenience and availability tends to trump the Internet's downfalls. •

On television I expect there to be advertisements, however on the internet, the ads can be cut out. Also, the quality on TV is somewhat expected to be better than the Internet unless it specifically says HD quality.

The internet is a more creative medium, so I expect a nicer, wider variety of content

Yes. I expect the potential of the online video not loading properly and I expect the television to have several advertisements in between the show.

On the internet I have the expectation that there will be little to no commercials where commercials are an expectation watching tv. Depending on connection, I expect the internet to be of lesser quality.

The videos on the internet are more explicit and show the video in it's truest form. I know that it will most likely be bombarded with ads before it start to play online. TV videos are edited and sometimes turn out to be altered for appropriate audiences.

Of course, I do. I do not expect content on the internet to be of high quality, with regards to resolution and sound, since many of the videos that I watch are produced by individuals that do not have the means that television programming stations have. However, I do find that much of the content on the internet is of subjectively higher quality with regards to content than television, because ratings are not a factor in many cases. If the internet content is an on-demand television program, the former is equal and the latter does not hold.

I expect videos on the internet to be slower and of lower quality than on a television but I also expect less advertisements since it's supposed to be more convenient. I expect videos on a television to be almost flawless and I expect to spend a lot of time viewing advertisements.

Question: How would you describe your online media viewing habits? •

I usually watch shows when I have free time, like during the day on Saturday. It's a way to relax.

I do a lot of YouTube for how to videos, but not much else. If one of my friends shares a video over Facebook, I'm more likely to watch it. Sometimes, if I want to unwind, I'll just watch related video after related video on YouTube

I usually watch movies/shows/videos on my laptop when I'm either procrastinating, eating a meal, hanging out with friends/family, or spending some "me time" when I'm tired.

When I'm on Facebook I like to check out YouTube videos my friends have posted. A lot of times I'll wander off like an aimless child clicking on all the recommended videos that stem from said Facebook posts. I watch music videos on YouTube and get lost in recommendations for ridiculous amounts of time. I like to cuddle up with my laptop and watch movies from Hulu on occasion. I'm not a big movie buff (sue me). I mostly enjoy YouTube videos.

Occasionally look up a video for a friend on my phone. I like watching videos on my laptop so I can easily multi-task my work during parts I don't find interesting/enjoyable. When I use my laptop I'm usually in my bed or at the kitchen table.

I watch a lot of things online. I use Netflix a lot. a lot a lot. I like to put a TV show on and stick it to the left side of my screen and stick an internet browser on my right and surf the internet while watching/listening to TV. Sometimes I use this to watch videos while I do homework. My boyfriend and I watch a lot of anime online. My friends and I often watch things on my computer as well.

I rather lay in bed and watch a movie because I like to watch movies, I sometimes look for funny videos on my phone to show a friend, a lot of times I look for new songs to listen at school or in a public area.

I am always on Facebook or Twitter that is how I encounter most of the short form videos that I watch. For the long form videos, I first watched the show on TV then migrated to the Internet to watch. For those I usually watch closer to the weekend, and spend a few hours in bed catching up. I watch it in bed or when I'm bored at home I watch it on the living room couch.

• •

I enjoy laying in bed and watching re-runs but I watch a lot more short form videos with my friends. I watch movies at home but I watch videos everywhere because I can easily access it on my phone

I watch movies, youtube videos, and listen to music on a constant basis. My computer is used every day and I probable use youtube and twitter more than any other site

I watch videos while doing other tasks and I get bored or lose concentration. Does not sound very pleasant, but I do not watch too many videos otherwise. My most compelling reason for watching videos is to listen to music; it is a coincidence usually that the music is uploaded as a video.

I normally don't like to watch videos online unless it's a music vidoe or a comedy short clip

I connect my computer to my tv with an HDMI cable and watch tv. Sometimes about 50% Im eating while watching. Later at night I'll take my computer with me to bed and fall asleep to what I was watching. I do use my mobile to look up videos on youtube and frequently use it to watch updates on news streams on my communte to/from work.

If I had a smart phone, I'm sure that I would utilize online media more frequently but for now, I thoroughly enjoy relaxing on my own and watching a movie or tv show on my laptop in my bed under the covers.

Question: How do you find out about media you watch? Word of Mouth: 35/38 responded ‘yes’ Twitter: 15/38 responded ‘yes Facebook: 15/38 responded ‘yes’ Netflix: 11/38 responded ‘yes’ YouTube: 10/responded ‘yes’ •

Other responses: Tumbler, TV guide, Reddit, Commercials, and Magazines

Question: What is your ethnicity?



White Hispanic Black, American Mexican Asian Caribbean More than 1 race

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