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Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a Serious Medical Condition Left untreated, the associated ill effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) on your health can devastating even deadly. For those currently using or facing the use of CPAP, you have an alternative solution that addresses the core cause of OSA – frequent airway obstruction, and allows you to achieve restorative sleep. Experts and patients agree; when used properly and consistently, CPAP is an effective management tool for sleep apnea. However, most people are troubled with the prospect of living with CPAP for the rest of their lives or simply don’t comply with recommended use for a myriad of reasons. Sleep Apnea Surgi cure is not a diagnostic sleep medicine clinic. We are a highly-specialized, highlytrained, board certified medical team dedicated to the surgical treatment of obstructive sleep apnea using a proprietary and safe outpatient procedure called Get2REM ® . Get2REM is both curative of the disease and significantly reduces comorbidities associated with untreated obstructive sleep apnea.

Straight Talk about Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) OSA 101: The basics OSA is caused by an anatomical obstruction during sleep to the normal flow of air from the upper aero-digestive tract to the lungs. Learn how sleep apnea occurs on our Web site: OSA is exacerbated by excessive weight, anatomical variations of the neck, throat, the presence of tonsils/adenoidal tissue and other factors. The interruption of airflow causes disruption of REM-cycle sleep – that portion of sleep, which is necessary for normal restoration of neurological function. The metabolic consequences of frequent disruptions may include, increased risk of heart disease, stroke, chronic fatigue, cognitive delays, lack of energy, Type 2 diabetes, lack of sex drive and more.

The numb ers behind OSA: •

<4: Wearing CPAP 4-days per week or less has a more adverse effect on your health than not wearing CPAP at all.

27% of men reported diminished libido associated with lack of sleep and general fatigue.

30% of those who sleep 6 hours or less on a nightly basis are likely to become clinically obese.

5x is the likelihood of you developing depression with untreated OSA.

Twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease

or experience an unnatural death associated with any cause. •

100,000/1,550 automobile accidents/auto-

related deaths associated with OSA-related sleepiness •

50% erectile dysfunction resolved in nearly half of men who addressed their OSA.

What is your AHI or apnea–hypopnea index? 5–15/hr = mild; 15–30/hr = moderate; and > 30/hr = severe sleep apnea.

“CPAP can’t be the only solution out there, is it?”

Fortunately, You Have a Curative Option Management vs. Curative Treatment Your Life – Rejuvenated! Not surprisingly, treatment of sleep apnea has revolved largely around the treatment of symptoms for the purposes of revenue generation for a wide variety of practitioners, rather than treating the core physiological issues that end sleep apnea and its co-morbidities. It’s the difference between managing your disease and a permanent solution. Sleep Apnea Surgicure’s Get2REM © procedure is the curative treatment for the disease of sleep apnea. With it, you regain the energy and neurological function that is naturally produced during uninterrupted REM-cycle sleep. You improve heart health, sex drive, reduce headaches and fatigue, reduce mood swings and instances of depression, and much more.

Say farewell to CPAP Get restorative rest with the Get2REMTM surgical option and end your sleep apnea.

Ten years of evidence-based research and study Hundreds of successful cases Forego painful U-triple-P and tongue coblation procedures Board-certified physician staff evaluation of home-based testing, prior to surgery • 90-min to 3-hour outpatient procedure • Quick recovery – back home in less than 48-hours • Back to work in 7-10 days • • • •

REM sleep (rapid eye movement) is achieved during that period of restorative sleep, which allows you to function at optimal levels after a normal number of sleep hours; hence, “Get2REM”. That is the goal of the procedure – to fix the airway obstruction allowing you to achieve REM sleep.

15 Most Common Complaints of CPAP 1. Claustrophobia 2. Pressure Sores on Bridge of Nose 3. Leaking Mask 4. Skin Rashes on Face 5. Belching (Aerophagia–swallowing of air) 6. Nasal Congestion 7. Dryness of Mouth 8. Dry Eyes 9. Mask Comes Off Face While Asleep 10. Too Much Pressure 11. Too Hot (Summer) 12. Too Cold (Winter) 13. Too Wet (Condensation around mask from warmed, humidified air) 14. Strangling by Hose 15. Everything Shifts at Night (Mask, Face Straps, Hose) The following all caused by HIGH inspiratory pressures of CPAP mask because ma ny patients have SEVERE OSA—AHI typically greater than 30. • • •

Recurrent Otitis Media (middle ear infections) Recurrent Sinusitis—maxillary, frontal or sphenoid sinuses Recurrent Conjunctivitis (from dry eyes form lacrimal gland dysfunction)

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