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DIFFERENTIATED S.T.E.M. LESSON PLAN (PRODUCT) INDEX CARD TOWER HABITATS STANDARD: S3L1: I can investigate the habits of different organisms. ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Why are there different types of habitats in the world? What shapes and sizes of index cards will help my team do their absolute best at building a tower? BACKGROUND INFORMATION: A habitat is a place where species get what they need to survive: food, water, cover, and a place to raise young. In other words, a habitat is a plant or animal's home. For people, their habitat might stretch from their home (where they have water, cover and a place to raise young), to the supermarket (where they buy food). All the places people go to get what they need to survive can be considered part of their habitat. Habitat for Humanity is an organization that helps families get decent, affordable shelter. Volunteers use donations of money, labor, and building materials to build and repair houses all over the world. People habitats need good foundations. When the foundation is strong and sturdy, the house will not fall down. INTRODUCTION: Today we will learn about structural engineering and the principles behind constructing tall, strong buildings and houses. You will design, build, and test simple towers made of index cards that mimic people habitats. UNDERSTANDING: Students will understand that certain column shapes are stronger than others, and that distributed pressure is the key to build strong towers and people habitats. ENGINEERING CONNECTION: The design and construction of extremely high skyscrapers is advanced structural engineering. Students play the role of engineers as they design and model towers. They will also practice working cooperatively together in teams. PROCEDURE: Students will: • View previously designed Index Card Towers • Read the directions and work cooperatively with their teams EVALUATION:

Students will be evaluated on their completion of the project and the extent of their cooperativeness with their team.

Differentiated stem lesson plan tower habitats  
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