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Total Body Wellness BEAUTY by BUFORD 125 Inverness Dr E. Ste 240 Englewood, CO 80112-5138 303-747-6719

Total Body Wellness • Assessment and Motivation • Health to a Higher Level • Board Certified AntiAging Physician

First Patient: ME!

Basic Evaluation • Introductory package designed for the individual interested only in addressing changed to their basic hormones • 15-30 Minute Basic Evaluation • Lab Results with interpretation/recommendations • Hormone Replacement Therapy

Basic Hormone Levels Male • Testosterone • DHEA

Female • Estradiol • Estrone • Estriol • Progesterone • Testosterone • DHEA

Total Body Wellness • Comprehensive Package • Designed for Active Person to regain lost energy & vitality • More Complete Assessment • 45 Minute initial evaluation • 30 minute quarterly follow up

Focus Labs • • • •

Focused Labs for more complete assessment Comprehensive hormonal levels Gastorintestinal function Nutritional status

Other Services • Injections – Testosterone – Subcutaneous vitamins (B-complex/B12)

• Nutritional Support – Consultation with Nutritionist – Customized Meal Plan – Customized Vitamin Plan

• Mind/Body Support – Performance Breathing

Optimal Wellness • The road to optimal wellness is often challenging and requires dedication. But when the endpoint is a more productive and a more vigorous life, and when the years ahead are potentially free of disease, there is no greater reward. Contact:

Total Body Wellness  

Total Body Wellness involves not only an assessment of our health but also a determination of how motivated we are to make the necessary cha...

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