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The Art of Growing Cannabis Many people opt to grow cannabis plants on their own. This can be done in the traditional outdoors, indoors in simulated conditions and even without soil by using advanced water or air-based growth mediums (hydroponic and aeroponic techniques respectively). Irrespective of where you opt to grow or which strain of cannabis you want to grow – from Indica or Sativa to Ruralis or other hybrid varieties, the key to growing the best and most potent cannabis plants obviously lies in the quality of semi di cannabis.

So, you need to buy the most top quality cannabis seeds possible. But these can often be quite difficult to obtain in your local nursery shop. Instead, you can turn to virtual cannabis seeds shops that source the finest semi di cannabis - and even semi di canapa - from top seed banks and sell them online. Coming to the actual cultivation, keep in mind that cannabis is an annual plant with the seeds taking root in the spring and flowering only when the autumn season has set in. But if you are growing cannabis indoors, the main advantage is that the plant growth and harvest will not be dependent on the season. What’s more, the cannabis seeds will flower in a much shorter time and you will be in greater control of the plant’s environment. The cannabis plant – like most other plants – needs good soil, adequate lighting and sufficient water supply. When planting indoors, cannabis can be grown in any decent size pots or containers. Appropriate artificial light arrangements like fluorescent lights, LED lights, HID

lights, HPS lights or metal halide lights will have to be arranged. Even other factors like temperature control, humidity, carbon dioxide levels and sufficient ventilation will have to be carefully maintained by the grower. In fact, these very factors can be carefully manipulated by an experienced person to achieve both maximum growth speed and larger yields of cannabis. Hydroponic and aeroponic techniques are advanced methods of growing cannabis plants without any soil. A plant thus cultivated grows even faster than the traditional ones growing in soil but hydroponic technique will require another inert growing medium (like rock wool or perlite) to support the plant. And experienced growers alone can succeed with the aeroponic technique of growing cannabis plant suspended in a closed environment. But these kinds of cultures are bound to deliver best results as well. Irrespective of whichever manner you choose to grow your plant, harvesting of cannabis is done only when the flowering is complete. The time to harvest depends on several factors like the strain of the cannabis, site location and weather predictions for outdoor growing plants. Total care is needed as fungus, frost or other weather changes can damage the precious crop. It takes about 3 weeks for the buds to dry and then it is ready for use. Alternatively, when hemp is being grown for fiber using semi di canapa, the plant is harvested even before flowering begins. Happy growing!

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The Art of Growing Cannabis.