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Palliative, Not Hospice, Care-What is it? by Glenn D. Meyers, M.D., Knoxville, TN Internist, Cardiologist, Healthcare Administration, Focusing on VBC and Population Health

Two Misconceptions Misconception #1: Palliative care (PC) and Hospice care are the same. ❑

Palliative care is focused on improving the quality of life for both the patients and their families. PC patients get full treatments for all that ails them.

Hospice care is for people with serious illnesses who are expected to live less than 6 months. Hospice patients are kept comfortable and allowed to die with dignity.

Misconception #2: PC is the same as ‘giving up’ on the patient. ❑

Many PC patients graduate well from this care while most do go on to Hospice care where they pass away.

Facts: ❑

Both are considered forms of end-of-life (EOL) care.

Neither is giving up on the patient. Both are meant to achieve ‘proper care’ for patients and their families.

The Interdisciplinary Team Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Spiritual Leaders, Physicians Assistants, Social Workers, Care Coordination Professionals

Empathetic, reflective listeners who are trained in how to speak to patients and their families. These professionals know how to deliver bad news in a culturally-sensitive manner.

Available to the patient 24 hours per day.

Sites of Care Delivery ❑



Nursing homes

PC Providers office.


PC Providers are experts in both pain management and the use of ‘complementary/alternative therapies’ such as the following: ➢

Music therapy

Pet therapy

Guided imagery





Support groups


Palliative Care as Value-based Care PC Providers communicate with their patients in a team-like fashion in order to improve the patient’s, and family’s, quality of life. This leads to better care in a cost-effective manner. ▪

Seriously ill patients without a PC Team: (This leads to a vicious cycle of less than adequate patient care which may add to the number of patients who pass away rather than achieve a cure for their medical problems.) ➢

Patients go to the Emergency Department (ED) without calling their Provider → Multiple different Providers see them → Multiple visits to the ED → Multiple Hospital admissions → Lack of follow up → poor care and prolonged illness due to lack of continuity of care.

Seriously ill patients with a PC Team: (Cost-effective Value-Based Care) ➢

PC professionals are called upon first→ Patients go to ED only when needed → Proper follow up care post ED visit or Hospital discharge

PC Professionals called upon first → Care rendered in the home when appropriate

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Palliative not Hospice Care- What is it?  

An overview of Palliative care and its relationship to Value-based Care.

Palliative not Hospice Care- What is it?  

An overview of Palliative care and its relationship to Value-based Care.