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Can Social Networking Cause Depression – Depression _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Hanely Yeln - The Internet is commonly used for retrieving information. The amount of information seen online is endless, and the accuracy is questionable. But people continue to turn to the Internet to look for answers. But is this a good thing, particularly for those suffering from diseases and illnesses like depression?Internet usage varies from one person to another. Some addictive users of the Internet tend to look at more sexually gratifying websites and gaming websites. Such websites are linked to people who already are depressed. However how do social networking sites affect addictive users of the Internet?

Learn More About Health Depression Medical practitioners continue to play a vital role in providing medical information to depression sufferers given the emergence of health related social sites. Networking sites allow people to communicate with other people on a global scale. People are given the opportunity to find old friends or

make new ones. This new world of socializing online, gives depression sufferers many platforms such as medical blogs, live health chat, videos and much more.It seems that people are substituting the Internet for normal social activities. Playing in the street with the neighbors is now a thing of the past; people are now turning to social networking sites to play games with their neighbors in the virtual space. This level of disengagement can expose some people to depression. Some people cannot control their Internet use, which in turn leads to feelings of distress and functional impairment of their daily activities.

Men generally show more addictive tendencies than women in Internet use, and younger people show more addictive tendencies than older people. Given this, should social networking be banned to those suffering from depression.

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