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Did you know that maintaining a good posture can promote good health as well? Chiropractors believe that our spine is an essential part of our body. Think about taking the same road everyday as you go to work. And then one day, you saw a pothole. You slow down and could not speed up even if you're late for work. This is how spinal cords work. They serve as pathways for nerves to deliver the message to the different parts of the body. In short, they have to be kept healthy.

People are expected to walk straight and not how nonhuman primates do. You may have recognized the difference between the two. Notice how non-human primates walk. They use not just their feet, but their arms as well. On the other hand, you may have seen some humans who do not walk straight. Believe it or not, both primates may have something in common. Have you heard about degenerative disc disease?

This is a common condition that affects the intervertebral disc. If this disc degenerates, it loses its height. You have to keep in mind this disc is supposed to compose a third of the total height of your spine. The moment the structures between the vertebrae and the spine, this condition will occur. As it loses its height, it could no longer support the load, thus you will see people who walk as non-human primates do. Again, we have to take care of our spine. One of the best ways to keep our spine healthy is to maintain proper posture. You hear this too often that you unconsciously forget it. You have to keep your body parts aligned. How do you do it? Good posture while sitting, standing and even lying down is important.

A little knowledge on what posture is may probably help you maintain it. This simply means that you have to have a correct alignment of your body parts as it is supported by your muscle tensions against the gravity. Otherwise, no posture and muscles controlling the body, you will simply fall. Normally, certain muscles work to maintain proper posture for you. Several muscle groups, not to mention the ligaments hold the skeleton together to prevent us from the forces of gravity so we may not fall to the ground.

It is with good posture that you are assisted as you sit, stand, walk, and even lie down on your bed. Other than that, here are a few good reasons you have to maintain a correct posture.

- It allows your bones and joints to be aligned. This should greatly decrease the abnormal wearing of these joint surfaces which would lead to degenerative arthritis or also known as the common joint pain. - Take note that your ligaments should hold your spinal joints together. Once you maintain proper posture, you will also reduce the chances of getting injuries. - Muscles will not be stressed, thus, minimize the cause of having muscle pain.

Now that you have learned that walking straight is not an option, keep your spine healthy. You can visit and allow chiropractors to manipulate your spine and at the same time assist you in getting proper posture to reduce the risk of pain and injury.

Walk straight you're not a non human primate!  

Discover the benefits of walking straight and the importance of observing proper posture.

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