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Milk Thistle and Hep c antioxidant Detox Detox

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The Milk Thistle liver Detox is one of the most popular methods used to detoxify the liver today. Milk thistle is a natural herb, also known as Silybum Marinanum. It is considered one of the topmost liver Detox herbs. In today’s times of stressful lifestyles, fatty fast foods and extensive presence of pesticides and chemicals in food and water, this herb is useful for anyone to improve their liver health. But Milk Thistle is especially beneficial to those suffering from diseases that affect the liver – such as Hepatitis C, chirrohsis of the liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and so on. Recieve Liver Care Here At a primary level, milk thistle liver Detox method is helpful in preserving the liver by enhancing the strength of the external membrane of liver cells. It forms a protective layer that prevents toxins from invading those cells, and even helps to regenerate the damaged cells. People who suffer from liver damage due to excessive consumption of alcohol can also benefit from this herbal treatment because it induces the release of superoxide dismutase. This is an antioxidant which is known to clean out the free radicals in the liver that have resulted from alcohol use. Its liver cleanse properties have been medically researched for several years and its positive effects on the health of the liver are extensively documented. It can rejuvenate a sluggishly functioning liver, treat jaundice symptoms and reduce excessive production of hormones in the body. It has also been regarded as one of the key alternative treatments for hep c. Recieve Liver Care Hrer Milk thistle liver Detox method essentially begins through the intestines where the herb is absorbed, and then gets concentrated largely inside the liver. As a result, its medicinal properties are utilized best by the liver. It can help to reverse liver degeneration caused by excess alcohol use, and it may also help in reducing an enlarged liver to its normal size. It even helps in detoxifying the kidneys. Among all the herbs that are used for medicinal purposes, this herb is probably the best understood because of extensive medical research that has gone into it. The crucial part of this herb is Silymarin, which is a bioflavonoid complex. There has been scientific evidence that silymarin, which is a known antioxidant, has the ability to preserve liver, and even to regenerate its damaged cells. Germany’s official drug approval authority has approved this herb for the treatment of liver problems. It has established that this herb is non-toxic and does not have any known drug contra indications. Recieve Liver Care Here Schizandra, Bupleurum, Scutellaria, Isotis and White Peony are a few other herbs which also have proven medicinal properties to detoxify the liver. But among all the methods used in different countries, milk thistle liver Detox continues to be the leading approach because of its highly specific and documented results for liver treatment. Many hcv new treatment approaches


are including the use of this method to protect the liver and help treat liver related diseases. Patients suffering from hepatitis B and hepatitis C, two major liver diseases, have been known to benefit from this herbal therapy. One of the most common ailments of liver is a fatty liver, which can take a more serious turn if left untreated for a long period. With the silymarin present in the herb, the fatty liver can improve and get protection against further damage. Recieve Liver Care Here Possible Drug Interactions with Milk Thistle Those currently receiving treatment from the following medications should not use Milk Thistle without discussing it with their healthcare provider: Antipsychotics — includes butyrophenones (such as haloperidol) and phenothiazines (such as chlorpromazine, fluphenazine, and promethazine) Phenytoin(Dilantin) — a medication used for seizures Halothane — a medication used during general anesthesia The following drugs are broken down by the same liver enzyme as Milk Thistle and their effectiveness may be impaired: Allergy drugs — such as fexofenadine (Allegra) Drugs for high cholesterol — including statins such as lovastatin (Mevacor, Altocor) Anti-anxiety drugs — including alprazolam (Xanax), diazepam (Valium), and lorazepam (Ativan) Antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs (blood thinners) — including clopidogrel (Plavix) and warfarin (Coumadin) Some cancer drugs Recieve Liver Care Here Drug Interaction and Warnings Source: University of Maryland Alternative Medicine: Milk Thistle John Kurtis Yule is a blogger for the new herbal liver Detox [] information site Are you trying to cleanse your liver due to Hepatitis C, cirrhosis of the liver, or other disease? Consider this new Herbal Alternative HCV Treatment called Hep|RX. It’s loaded with Milk Thistle and 7 other powerful liver cleansing herbs. Article Source:



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Milk Thistle and Hep c  
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