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Drew Wittler Graphic Design II Fall 2010

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Hierarchy Excercise


Graphic Design Basic Concepts and Principles Design may be considered as an instrument of organization. It must perform in response to human needs. Design is an urgent requirement, not a cosmetic addition. Graphic design can save time by presenting information more clearly. It enhances communication, it helps people to understand a given message and accelerates learning. Design is finding the best solution to a problem within the limitations of the problem. Graphic designers communicate and express themselves in four distinct ways. They need to have a working knowledge of typography, illustration, photography/video, and symbolism.

The Graphic Design Process Each design problem has unique differences and an infinite number of possible visual solutions. The process to generate alternate visual solutions to a problem can be described as follows: Definition of needs, criteria and limits of the design problem (problem identification), Production of many preliminary sketches (thumbnails), Refinement of selected sketches (roughs), Analysis of roughs, Selection/decision, After problem identification, the process follows a cyclic pattern from preliminaries through refinement, analysis, and selection to implementation. In the design process, the establishment of priorities is essential. Designers must be able to judge and gauge the relative importance of factors as they relate to one another. Priorities set the functional and visual criteria in communications.

Perception and Composition Visual perception involves a complex interplay of both inborn and learned responses to visual stimuli. The Gestalt laws of perception summarize tendencies that appear to be innate or inherent in our biological heritage and which undoubtedly serve as the basis for our concept of composition in visual art. Figure-Ground Tendency toward figure-ground: There is a tendency to interpret visual data as objects against a background, or more precisely, figures against a ground. Similarity Similarity facilitates grouping: Objects which resemble one another tend to be seen as belonging together. Proximity Proximity facilitates grouping: Objects placed close together tend to form a figure. Closure Tendency toward closure: Missing visual information is filled in by the brain. The eye closes the open parts of a figure because it wants to see a whole rather than a collection of unrelated parts. Continuity Tendency toward continuity: An interrupted linear figure is similarly filled in by the brain. Typography Typography is designing with type, not the designing of type. It involves 1) choosing and using type, and 2) the application of design principles to the setting of type: the arrangement, style, and general appearance of matter printed with type.

Layout: Composition with Type and Images Layout involves the following set of interrelated basic design principles: Balance Balance is created by moving around "optical weights", big and small items, dark and light items, varieties of shapes. Proportion Good proportion is achieved by deciding on space between image and type, between type and the edge of the paper, between columns of type, between type-size, line- length and leading, between different visual elements, etc. Contrast Contrast is achieved through differentiation in size, color, and shape. Giving the same graphic emphasis to several elements will make them compete for attention.

"To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse. To design is to transform prose into poetry. Design broadens perception, magnifies experience, and enhances vision. Design is the product of feeling and awareness, of ideas that originate in the mind of the designer and culminate, one hopes, in the mind of the spectator." (Paul Rand, Form + Content)

“The process grows by constantly checking backwards.�

Spacing Letters and words need to be spaced in a logical, consistent manner to appear optically correct, and achieve optimum readability. In letter-spacing there are three standards. Minimum space is used between cursive (oo) letters, or between inclined (xy) letters. Medium space is used between vertical and cursive letters (lo). Between vertical letters (ll) maximum space is used. Good word-spacing is achieved by making all space intervals between words "look" the same. Words must not appear to run together or be spaced so widely as to appear to be separate units. One system is to imagine a lower case "n" between words. This gives a moderate wordspacing. The Grid The grid is an underlying structure organizing data. It articulates space according to a pattern of oppositions: vertical and horizontal, top and bottom, rectangular and diagonal, and left and right. If used well it provides perceptual organization, coherence and consistency. A well-conceived grid alone will not ensure effective design. It is an organizational tool, and must be used creatively to maximize communications potential. Grids can help answer compositional questions such as balance, proportion, sequence, unity/harmony, and contrast.

Sequence Sequence is created by directing the viewer, for example, through the use of lines, real or implied; by arranging images in such a way that an edge or a force from one flows into an adjoining one. One does not leave to chance the order in which the viewer perceives the items in the layout. Unity/Harmony Unity and harmony are achieved by "fitting" all visual elements, type, illustrations, and photos into the style/mood of the layout. Symbolism A symbol is a representation, verbal or visual, of a concept, object, idea, etc., the meaning of which is mutually agreed upon. In graphic design, the effective use of symbolism, combining and relating symbols, enhances the expression of ideas. It creates recognition, association and meaning.

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Lyric Insert Two


Bleeding Bells

Children shut your eyes We'll tell you what to see This world is burnin' down And you're the ones to lead

There's no place to lay my dead When I can't stay awake The growth I need is fettered with fear My heels dug in my place

Now look into their hearts All those who hold the lead Don't listen to their lies They only want one thing Well only want one thing

Keep your heart clasped into your hands Your family just knows half of where you've been The indian summer is better than nothing Burn the sun in my skin Bleeding bells of inner guilt Salvation rays are thin

They'll rob you from the truth And they'll steal you from our house The blind leading the blind Don't hang around with their kind

I say to myself you don't need anyone This world is fucked just as you have become

Cause I love the life I lead And I know my enemies Well if God is on our side Well that's all you really need Well that's all we really need Well that's all I really need

I stand as a man who's seen many things My youth has made me strong I see the fraught of the words I have said Got nothing for anyone The words that I speak are like the clinging hell The songs that I sing been poisoning your well

Follow down the road I was led before you were born No it’s not your choice To pick your own fight

Hands in my pockets and down on my knees I beg for will to change I've spun around from the wheel that I spin In one week I'll be the same

When you sitting second class And as long as you're in control Speaking when you're asked You make your own stand And you take your own stand Well I'll make my own stand And I take my own stand

Ode to Sunshine

Lyric Insert One

When your working is done, and you've got nothing left To lose, why don't you just roll away That stone that locks you up When your pattern is full, and it feels like there's no place To land, when will you all run out of gas Yeah, it happened so fast, leaving town for sell to pal I recall only nights that we built with our hands And feet, making peace with the voice in our head That ghost just stop, won't lie dead, it just bleeds Let the prophet rebound, let his riddle rub on To my pride, I'm just too hollow inside Let it echo in time just to get it through my head and mouth Through the gorgeous light of the sun And which I could never outrun Even if my perdition were just in front The sun's got my shine The sun's got my pride I could run but I'd never live without your light

Back Cover

Tomorrow Goes Away Trashcan People C’mon House Built For Two Strange Vine Streetwalker Children Bleeding Bells Ode to Sunshine People Turn Around

The sun's got my shine The sun's got my pride I could run but I'd never live without your light Live without your light Live without your light Live without your light When your working is done, and you've got nothing left To lose, why don't you just roll away

People Turn Around

Cut-out and Fold Marks

Eighteen and jaded with guns in their hands They were fighting for freedom, and just what is that? Bills to the banks and food for the kids Money for college, but couldn't get in Made all the grades, but got taken to task By a man in an alley wearing a mask Screamed and she begged as the people walked by The man he just laughed and the woman she cried Well it's time all you people turn around For the life we've been living, messing around The blood we've been spilling will bleed us dry The life we've been killing is the life like mine The needle is sweet and the snow it is pure The pain I've been hiding from, I'm finding a cure The night it is warm, well the light it is cold The family I'm robbing, I'm calling them home It's time all you people turn around For the life we've been living, messing around The blood we've been spilling will bleed us dry The life we've been killing is the life like mine My heart it is thumping the veins they've been blue The blood that's been pumping still hasn't met you The beard that I'm growing, not fully grown The years are not coming the way I thought they would I'm hoping and waiting for something to sing Like the angels in heaven, the bones on the street Hoping for love to find a new voice

All music is owned, written, and performed by Delta Spirit. Illegal use of this material is incredibly frowned upon, but not super illegal. The fact that you went to Best Buy to purchase this album alone gives you the go ahead, enjoy the music and being thirteen dollars poorer.

It's time all you people turn around For the life we've been living, messing around The blood we've been spilling will bleed us dry The life we've been killing is the life like mine It's time all you people turn around For the life we've been living, messing around The blood we've been spilling will bleed us dry The life we've been killing is the life like mine

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The Symbolicon Crisis What Is A Logo Really?

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5 2d/3d Design

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8 2d/3d Design



Bottle & Packaging


Stencil For Packaging Original Drawing

Front Label

Label (actual size)

Bottle in Packaging

Bottle with Packaging


Label (enlarged)


Drew Wittler Fall 2010

GD II Final Portfolio  

Drew Wittler's finished works from Graphic Design II in the Fall 2010 Semester.

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