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CONTRIBUTIONS TO: DOGME 95 When we began the manifesto assignment, we was originally assigned the Dejestil Manifesto, so once researching into the other maifesto’s I came across the Dogme 95. I suppose this is where my contribution begins because after a group disscussion about the manifesto I had looked into, we was changed to the Dogme 95.


Another influence I came across was Carl Theodor Dreyer, a person Von Trier admired, so I decided to see all three of the directors backgrounds. It was whilst reading into the influences of Lars Von Trier and the cinematic movement of Dogme 95 that i came across one recognizable, important fact. Whilst growing up, throughout all there childhoods, Truffaut, Dreyer and Von Trier all had a sense of neglectional, emotional distance relationship with there parents.

THE PRESENTATION When it came to the design aspect of the first presentation to show our research into the manifesto’s, as a group we decided that once we had equally done our research, individually design a layout for posible ways the presentation could look, and after conparing the designs, it was my design layout that we would continue with.

We began with a group disscussion towards certain roles for research as we was to present the presentations at the end of the week. My contributions towards the research was the influences to the creation of the dogme 95. It was whilst researching into the ideology of the Dogme 95 manifesto, I was intrigued by an important fact that the movement was initially inspired by iconic French New Wave director, Francois Truffaut. In 1954 Truffaut was a film critic writing articles for French film magazine Cahiers du Cinema, it was whilst working for this magazine he wrote an essay titled , Une certaine tendance du cinéma français (A Certain Tendency of the French Cinema). In this essay, Truffaut would criticize the state of French films and psychological realism. Although the controversial essay would not be received well, it would later be the basis of Lars Von Triers inspiration towards the 1995 manifesto.

Images - Left: My presentation design, Right: The groups final design

Keeping with the idea of relating the design to the Dogme 95 manifesto we wanted a presentation to be as simple as possible aligned the same to give a dogme feel. As for the typeface, it was a typeface I had visioned for using some how with the manifesto research and couldnt see a point to include the type until we decided to include the introduction page which seems to go very weel with the black and white creating a bold statement something the manifesto was attempting. Images - Left: Von Trier, Middle: Dreyer, Right: Traffaut

Folio Sheet One  
Folio Sheet One  

This page covers my contribution towards the Dogme 95 research and input.