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Andrew Zinkan B1 2/6/12


In the beautiful mountains of Idaho, under the moons dim light, in a cave that sits just below the mountain. There is an evil that sleeps, a creature from another world trapping a lonely girl, for the creature has taken her form, and imprisoned her body. Our hero is just a young boy lost on his way to manhood, still in school, he has a destiny ahead of him and he can feel it.. It’s his job to find what lies ahead of him.

Leaving them hanging from the tree tops for only God to see what she can do to his children.

Earlier that evening… Rivers-“Get up Jack!” Jack-“Huh; what do you want!?” Rivers- “You’re late for practice again!” Jack-“What! SH**! I’m up I’m up” 2hrs later; after practice… Coach-“Oh hey, Jackson; if you’re late again your off the team. You got me!?”

An evil has been awaken, a young witch that sits alone in her shallow hole of hell; Has been awaken by the stench of a human. She runs to the entrance, so that she may abolish any trace of mortal breath, But something isn’t right. No one appears. The beast thinks to herself, “How could I be wrong”. Something is off. She flies to the tree tops sitting in front of her dark frozen hole, Looks on to the vast landscape and sees two children running away from her. The demon embedded in her, doesn’t give her the time to think of what she has already done; Before she could react, she kills them both in an instant.

Jack- “Yes coach, sorry!” Jack is leaving practice, ashamed of himself, But he feels the coach was just joking about kicking him off the football team, So he ignores the coach, and thinks of how beautiful it is outside. The sun is going down, and the mountain is cutting the beautiful sun star in half, So the there is a mix of yellow and red streams in the sky. “Almost like blood” he thinks to himself. Jack then gets this feeling of weight in his heart, but tries to ignore it. Jack gets in his truck and drives home to finish up some homework,

Andrew Zinkan B1 2/6/12

Before he has to baby sit for Mrs. Wallace across the street.

Jack takes the list, and calls the kids from their room.

She asked him a few weeks ago if he could watch the kids; for she had a late meeting at work and needed him to.

He establishes that Mrs. Wallace, their mom, is gone and she will be back later that night.

It was good money and Jack needed it, so he made sure his homework was done just before Mrs. Wallace had to leave for work.

The kids go back in their room and play the game; their ages are 9 and 11,

Jack walks over to the house, knocks on the door, and waits. Today has been off for Jack, ever since he was in the parking lot at school,

So Jack just needs to check up on them every so often; he thinks. Meanwhile Jack is on the couch in the living room talking to a goddess,

Something changed inside of him,

He is on the phone with the most gorgeous girl in school,

He felt like he had swallowed some chewing tobacco,

And doesn’t want to mess anything up so he ignores the fact that he is babysitting,

Jacks whole insides where turning, but no pain was there to feel, for he had to ignore it.

The kids in the room have only been playing the game for a second,

He thought to himself, “I need this money, suck it up”.

Until they start getting ready,

Mrs. Wallace opens the door, halfdressed and tells him to come in, she in a rush and Jack Understands so he just looks away, no matter the strain he might have doing it, he is a respectful young man. Mrs. Wallace finishes getting dressed, shows Jack the house, Goes into her little monsters room, and kisses them by, Then leaves the brave soldier, a list of things to keep him, and the kids busy,

The kids were at Firestone with their mom and over heard some of the workers talking, They said that there was a witch in a cave just below the mountain, a mile from their house. The boys didn’t believe it, well Billy didn’t, he was the oldest and Bob was the younger one. They talked, and talked about the witch, until Billy made the decision, to go later that night with his brother, and check out the cave.

Andrew Zinkan B1 2/6/12

Bob wasn’t too excited about going, but he couldn’t leave his brother behind, So while Jack is on the phone they creep out the back door and head for hell.. The children finally make it up to the mountain, The peak that would end their fates on earth, The “little monsters” had no idea that a demon was there, not a witch. In the meantime, Jack has just got off the phone with Mrs. Amazing, And now is going to check up on the children. He panics when he goes in there room, for they are not there, The room looks like they packed too; he doesn’t know what to do… Jack can only think to himself, and say “I’m Dead, I’m dead”. Wait …Jack remembers something, The school announcements mentioned something about keeping children away from the mountain. He races to the mountain, not knowing it was too later for Mrs. Wallace’s offspring. He pulls up to the cave, gets out of the truck and grabs his father’s shotgun, He acquired it on the way to find the children.

The school announcements said that children have been going missing around the mountain, So he knows that he must do whatever to protect them when he finds them. Jack walks around the cave and quietly yells for the children….no answer is received. He’s getting nervous.. Something whispers in his ear and tells him to look up…so he does exactly that, It’s like he can’t resist, Like a spell has moved his face to the tree tops and as he looks up he starts to see them, The witch picks him up and takes him to the top, To get a better look, she had been behind him the whole time Jack can’t move or talk at all; his body has been frozen in time, For he can’t move or speak, all that the frozen minded youth, Can do is gaze upon what the demon thinks of as art, beauty, a creation of death in its most gorgeous form, The children.. The demon then turns Jack around, Drops the girl from him; so Jack can stare at his form, “Azazel” is his name, he tells Jack,

Andrew Zinkan B1 2/6/12

The demon smiles before he slaughters the young man, Then whispers in his ear and says In Latin “I’ll see you soon”.. Chuckles the demon does as jack is left in the trees with the two boys… His fate had been set from the moment he took the job…


This is an epic poem of a young boy who is just trying to make some quick money baby sitting...He has no idea whats in store for him, on his...