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'"24 Is South Africa safe? Visiting South Africa is no more dangerous than visiting Manhattan or any other major world city. Common sense reins supreme here. Don’t flash valuables. Easy. Your team will be privately escorted from airport pick-up to airport drop-off. All areas we’re visiting are approved first-hand by Theatre Adventures staff to be sure of safety. Should any situations arise, we are prepared to make necessary changes to keep your team safe and secure. What are your trip packages? We want to make your Theatre Adventure hassle-free and accessible for every member of your cast and creative team. Our quotes are always for trip plus flight. We’ll negotiate with your director on the best fit for your show! Contact us to get started! Tell me about the space in Grahamstown? Grahamstown’s Fringe features more than 65 different venues for live performance. Once your school has confirmed, we will send space dimensions and audience size. All spaces will provide a Lightiing Designer and a Sound Board Op. Your running time cannot exceed 90 minutes with an hour load-in before, an hour load-out afterwards. Your tech time will be 180 minutes the day prior to performances. All of this will be sent through to your director and TD, with any questions answered in December! What about advertising in Grahamstown? We’ll take care of making sure your poster gets out, but like any other show in the Festival, 95% of your audience members come from you! You’ll be doing some fun street promos chatting up your show! What kind of show should we do? We’re more than happy to help consult on shows that may play better in South Africa. Please talk in advance to rights holders about your run in SA to arrange. Tell me about the space in Cape Town? We’re currently finalizing negotiations and space availability, but it will be in a lovely college theatre space, similar to the size of your Grahamstown. When can I meet my sister school? Now! You can start now! We’ll put your director in touch with your sister school’s director. Please understand they are also running their own school’s theatre program, so please use discretion about bombarding them. If you have any questions about your trip, send them to us first! Will they come to us? The program’s vision is to build bridges and create cross-cultural learning experiences. We’d LOVE to see South African schools bringing their shows to yours. Chat to us! When’s our deadline? All school applications must be submitted and deposit paid by 30 September as to arrange all school visits. Show titles must be submitted with your application. What about this December meeting? Arrangements will be made to spend one-two days with your school answering any questions, advising and meeting with any school officials and parents. We’ll be handing out your school’s sweatshirts then, which you’ll need for your trip!


We want to go too, but we’re a community theatre/college theatre! Not a problem at all. This program is geared especially to high schools. Contact us and we’re happy to help you out! Can we customize this trip? Unfortunately, we aren’t able to deviate from this general itinerary. Should you wish to extend, we’re more than happy to assist! Talk to our office! Can we follow our school’s trip from home? Yes! Your school will have a private page on our website and via Facebook for you to “like” and follow all the excitement from home! How can I contact my child in an emergency situation? Through the magic of technology, we’ll have an American number that you can call that connects to a South African cell phone that will be on us the entire trip. Will my student have WIFI access? You ARE in Africa, but most places should have vouchers that you can purchase. Please use discretion in bringing valuables, as Theatre Adventures is not responsible. Our Music Director wants to bring their keyboard. Is that ok? From personal experience, we know how tricky it is to travel with a keyboard. Most airlines have a 21kilo max (which most keyboards exceed), but also have a policy about allowing musical instruments to be checked in. We’re also happy to take care of a rental here as it may prove easier. What should we pack? You’re allowed one personal suitcase to be checked and one carry-on backpack/etc. Keep in mind you’re visiting South Africa in winter-time. Grahamstown can get frigid cold (highs: mid-50s, lows: mid-teens) and Cape Town has icy winter winds coming off Table Mountain (highs: mid-60s, lows: mid-40s). Think warm. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Need cute travel things? Stop at our favorite travel store Flight 001 (in NYC and a few other locations around the world ... AND they ship!) for everything you never thought you would need! What about electricity and plugs? All of South Africa has 220v (the US has 125v), so check your appliances, but some may need to be set in 220v mode. Most higher value technology is dualvoltage and just need an adapter. You’ll also need a travel adapter to the three pin South African plug. If you have trouble finding a three pin, a general European plug is common here, and adapters to the three pin are readily available. Your iPhone plug will just need the adapter. Do we need any special shots to travel to South Africa? No. All of Southern-South Africa is malaria and yellow fever-free. Just be up on your tetanus shots. Do we need a visa to travel to South Africa? The US, UK and Australia don’t require you to get a visa prior to your arrival in Port Elizabeth. You will need a passport. If you don’t have one, apply early! It can sometimes take months to process. What about currency? South African currency is the Rand and is currently SAR9 to US$1. Keep an eye on the exchange rate on You said there’s eleven languages. We only speak English?! There ARE 11 languages, but don’t fret: everywhere we’re going speaks English. It’s always great to learn a few words, and we’ll provide a great phrasebook. People will always smile when you try! Cape Town features a majority of English, Afrikaans and Xhosa speakers. So, in short, you won’t need a translator.


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