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Impromptu Quizzes in Smart Response There may be situations where you do not have the time to create question sets, but you would still like the ability to survey students during the course of your lesson. Response allows this freedom to create questions on the fly through its "Instant Question" buttons.

Assessment with Instant Questions Instant questions … will add and begin a question automatically. Students will be able to answer the question at the moment that it is created, if they have already logged in. will NOT download the results to Teacher Tools. You must export the data to a CSV file in order to keep it. will NOT ask you to enter question your question or answers. This allows you to ask a question out loud, if you wish, or write your own question onto the Notebook file. Creating Instant Questions The instant question buttons can be created from many locations. My preference is the question button in the center of the main toolbar in Notebook.

Clicking this button opens up a drop-down menu where the 5 types of questions are displayed. Upon clicking any of the five ‘Instant’ questions, the question will begin and students may answer. Question results appear in the Reponse Tab, which must be opened in order for the class to see the results from the question.

Impromptu quizzes in Smart Response  

Making impromptu quizzes in Smart Response