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Helping Your Students Through the Creation Process A Teacher’s Guide to VoiceThread Projects

Prior to the creation process Walk students through the creation of a simple VoiceThread, asking them to take notes at their desks (or to annotate the student instruction sheet). Items of Particular Importance to highlight o Adding a Title (This is an often-skipped item)



Microphone  Plug the microphone in PRIOR to opening the Internet browser  Follow the instructions on enabling a microphone ( student instructions Step 6.c ) Sharing  Stress the importance of sharing correctly. If this step does not go correctly, student work will not be available for the teacher to assess.  Ask students to check off Steps 7, 8, or 9 (or a combination, depending on the assignment) on their instructions as they complete them.  Top 3 Sharing mistakes: A student clicks on “Parkway School District” and shares with the entire district.

If a student’s sharing settings look like the above, his work is shared with the district and will display on the Browse page. It will not appear on his teacher’s “My Voice” page. Please note: Though the student’s VoiceThread will be available to the district, it is still not viewable to those outside of Parkway. A student shares with a teacher but not their group. She has forgotten to perform Step 8 on the student instruction sheet A student grabs the wrong link to send to his teacher, grabbing from the address bar rather than from the ‘Embed’ menu. He has forgotten to perform Step 9 on the student instruction sheet. During the creation process Ask students to check off the steps on the student instruction sheet as they complete them. With 5 minutes left in class, ask students to click the “My Voice” tab to see where their VoiceThreads have saved. If there are students that do not see their work appear, please contact your CRS and ask them to submit a ticket to district technology. In the My Voice tab, show students where they can click “edit” to continue working at home When VoiceThreads are finished and ready to submit Walk students through the sharing process once more. Please note that it may take a while for student projects to appear on the teacher’ “My Voice” page. McAllister 2011

Helping Your Students Through the Creation Process