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Andrew Salguero 2/3/11 Eavesdropping Assignment Transcript 1: 1: yo so in all seriousness, the first time I really, actually got drunk was not until like the 4th or 5th time I drank 2: haha what? 1: No seriously like the first few times I didn’t drink that much 2: how much did you 1: Like not that much, I don’t even know like 5 drinks 2: haha 1: haha ya I thought I was being totally badass too but then 2: you’re so gay 1: dude fuck off, let me finish though, so I talked to my brother about it and he was like “ya….youre not doing it right”, so next time I drank , I drank with him and he got me so fucked up that I threw up on my friend’s xbox. 2: hahahaha, was it Jake? 1: maybe 2: ya cuz he was telling me the other day that you broke his xbox but I thought he was joking 1: nah I paid him back for it though 2: how much 1: like 80 bucks 2: o alright

Transcript 2: 1: Hey you wanna play Woods? 2: Dude not even, I have that young accounting final 3: anyone head to the Cstore 2: Aw you tryin to get that young tex sandwich 1: dude Im not trying to wait in the quesadilla line for 15 minutes 2: did you end up going to ZBT last night 1: Its such bullshit, they told me they were gonna pick me up after they picked up the girls but they never came 2: Yo that sucks 3: I ended up going to see Blue Man group last night 2: How was it? 3: I need to go see it high 1: You know it’s the same everywhere 3: Fuck that noise 2: Really? 1: Ya 2: Do they tour 3: haha 2: No theyre many blue man groups 3: I think that was THE blue man group 2: haha how the fuck do you know? 3: I recognized the…like…the facial structure, from the ad. 2: hahahaha no you fucking didn’t

1: Im finna head to that cstore now 2: Alright Im coming with 3: Let me get my shit out of my room.

T206 evesdropping assignment  


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