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Soil has to be stabilized prior using it for construction process Top soil is not always available in the purified form and thus, there are several techniques applied to get the soil purified and then, the soil is all set to be used in the construction process. Lime is a good source of maintaining the equilibrium in the properties of the soil and after applying lime, the soil becomes finely-grained. The amendment is done because calcium abounded by hydrated lime replaces the solid particles from the soil which are generally found on the surface of the clay mineral, promoted by the pH environment of the lime-water system. The plasticity reduction is done via the soil stabilization. Once the soil is stabilized, the construction process can be carried on smoothly without any long term risks. As a consequence of soil stabilisation, the holding capacity of the foundation of the structure is elevated and its vagueness is improved too. It is not that soil is used in constructing a building only, rather the flyovers, footover bridges, innovatively designed buildings are some of the major things where the soil is the primary requirement and it has to be perfectly stabilized so as to remove risks of any hazards. When you drive the vehicle so fast on the highways then have you noticed how the big panels are interlinked with each other so that it could bear the heavy load of so many big vehicles at a time and here is the immediate requirement of stabilizing the soil prior bringing in to application in the main construction project. These days there are several heavy tools and equipments that are brought into use for the soil stabilisation. On and all, if the soil stabilized well, the constructed building will have a concrete base.

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