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Awareness plays key role in treating IBS Irritable bowel syndrome is the disturbance of intestinal receptors that results in the functional disorder of the colon. Usually it occurs because of lactose and other sugars, fatty acid, alimentary agents, purgatives, infections caused by dysbacteriosis , etc. People with unstable mentality and also those who have gone through nervous breakdowns caused by a serious physical or psychological load are most subjected to it. A high level of fretfulness, hyper excitability, sleeping disorders, and depressions are all symptoms of IBS patients. Due to IBS problem unfortunately source to suffer socially exile and introverted away from certain social environments and certain hobbies or things. It is necessary to have information about food to avoid IBS for a patient to overcome the problems. Proper education plays vital role to resolve irritable bowel syndrome disease. Healthy food preference will help deal with IBS and permit them to live normal, stress and fear free life. Identification of the precise cause of IBS still not known, but doctors have found general resemblance in patients. The most common symptoms are abdominal pain and discomfort, diarrhea or constipation, gas and bloating. Foods to avoid with IBS ->Dairy products such as milk and cheese ->Alcohol ->Caffeinated beverages ->Trans Fats or fried foods ->Beans ->Bagels ->Onions The best way to identify IBS to realizing all symptoms at the time of taking food, different people have diverse symptoms though. Foods to eat with IBS Foods rich in fiber have shown to reduce the effects of IBS ->Apples and peaches ->Raw vegetables such as broccoli and carrots ->Whole grains IBS patients make sure that extreme fiber diet can also cause symptoms of IBS, so make a balanced diet accordingly. Gradually your body gets used to your new diet. There is one more option to recover from IBS, that’s eating smaller meals more often. Eating in smaller quantities will not only prevent gas and bloat but will also increase your energy levels throughout the day.

Irritable bowel syndrome is not a dangerous disease but the a proper awareness is very essential to get rid of, you also have to consider following things •

Try to keep away from chemicals in foods.

Whole foods provide a natural nutrient balance and added satisfaction.

Eat seasonal foods and always try new foods.

As a substitute of juice eat fruits and vegetables.

foods to avoid with ibs  

foods to avoid with ibs type 2 diabetes

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