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Plymouth College of Art 2011/2012 Accommodation Information for students Moving away from home is a really big step, it can be very daunting and we at Plymouth College of Art want to help you get the most of the experience by giving you as much information as we can on the do’s and don’ts when renting student accommodation. Plymouth has a large student population and there is a variety of possibilities for student accommodation. Do I want to live in a shared house or on my own and if shared how many do I want to share with? – A shared house means you get your own bedroom but you will be sharing facilities like bathrooms and the kitchen. You will also have to share the social space like the living room. Shared housing is usually cheaper than living on your own. If you live on your own, you usually don’t share anything. Letting Agency verses Private Landlord? – Letting agencies can charge admin fees for registering with them but they are professional companies who will ensure that all legalities are met and should be prompt in dealing with maintenance issues. Private landlords will not usually charge an admin fee but may be less prompt in fixing problems. Are the bills included in the rent? Gas/Electricity/Water are standard, some landlords will include internet connection. View lots of houses if you can, and do not be tempted to put a deposit on the first house you see. There are many properties available to rent but they are not all same standard. Remember once the agreement is signed you are tied to the house.

Whatever you decide when you move into the property there are a few essential things to remember to do: • Take a meter reading of gas/electric/water • Put the date you moved in and keep it somewhere safe • Take a few moments to walk around the property draw up an inventory of everything and note down if anything is damaged or not working properly • Get your landlord to sign it and take copies – then keep it safe – you will need it when you move out • If the landlord has their own inventory then take the time to check that everything on the list is actually there • If you have queries about any aspect then ask and get things clarified • Make sure the deposit is secured under the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme; all landlords are required to protect your deposit Before you sign any tenancy agreement make sure you are clear on all the points in it, they are legally binding and once you have signed it you are tied to it.

Do I need a TV License? – Yes. Every student using a TV receiver to watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV (including a PC or laptop) needs to be covered by a valid TV License. This applies to you even if you live in halls of residence.

Do I have to pay for Council Tax? – If you are a full-time student you are exempt from paying for council tax. You can obtain a copy from the Information Point, which must be given to your local Council to prove that you are a student studying at Plymouth College of Art.

Do I need contents insurance? – Whether you get contents insurance is up to you but it is advisable. Endsleigh Insurance offer a student policy with discounts, just follow this link to their page for further information

For further information and advice please contact the Student Funding Team, Student Hub, Plymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place, Plymouth PL4 8AT Tel: 01752 203423 This information is correct at August 2011 and is subject to changes.

Student Letting agents in Plymouth As the College is unable to do checks on individual properties, we are unable to recommend any agents or landlords, though below are a few agencies for quick reference: Property Links Home & Student Link SAMS Accommodation Drake Accommodation UNITE Signpost Homes Plymouth Letting Agency Regent Consultants Mrs Marguerite Butt Towers Lettings Clever Student Lets Chris Shorey Bowden Hall Student Accommodation

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We would also advise on visiting For any further information please visit

Tavistock Place, Plymouth PL4 8AT | 01752 203434 |

HE Accommodation  

Financial and residential information for those students commencing higher education studies at Plymouth College of Art in 2011.

HE Accommodation  

Financial and residential information for those students commencing higher education studies at Plymouth College of Art in 2011.