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EXECUTIVE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SUMMARY < We were challenged with crafting a fully integrated report, campaign and marketing

materials for the 2019 State of the YAYA. From the beginning, our mission was inspired by Voyager 1, a spacecraft launched by NASA commissioned to roam our solar system and reach the center of the universe. Its precious cargo, a golden record, contains elements of human culture that can be transmitted to life forms beyond the Earth. Our team aims to go where none have gone before. This story inspired our name: Apex. In our mission to help others reach the peak of what’s possible, we constructed our own golden record, designed to clarify a life stage that marketers have yet to decipher. The Youth and Young Adult (YAYA™) demographic, comprised of 18- to 24-year-olds, is encrypted with information that might at first seem hard to translate and is constantly updating. Empowered by data, Apex designed the 2019 State of the YAYA as a key that allows others to redefine preconceived notions and misperceptions they might have about this demographic. It unlocks the true motivations behind the YAYA market’s actions and behaviors. It’s crucial for marketers, recruiters, executives and communications professionals to effectively communicate and work with YAYA individuals. If they can decipher and harness the qualities of the YAYA market we reveal, they’ll surge ahead in their industries and come closer to understanding a life stage that is now, more than ever, decoded. >

BRASSBOUND BRASSBOUND ARROWS ARROWS < Our Our key key takeaway, takeaway, “Don’t “Don’t think. think. Know.” Know.” laid lays the the groundwork groundwork for for the the mission mission ahead. ahead.

Throughout ourto quest solve misperceptions, we share identified who held these ideas, In our quest find to those with whom we want to our story, we had discovered what this are, audience looking for and what missing. The Bureau of Labor who they what is they’re looking for and they’re what they’re missing. The Bureau of Statistics aided us in narrowing down our target to industry professionals between Labor Statistics aided us in narrowing down our target to industry professionals 1 1 the ages the of 25 to of 44.25-44. between ages But, But, there’s there’s something something we we noticed noticed along along the the way. way. Our Our audience audience isn’t isn’t even even looking looking for YAYA barely their radar. for us. us. In In fact, fact, the this age demographic group barely makes makes its radar. Our Our target target fails fails to to invest invest in, in, recognize recognize or or adequately adequately utilize utilize YAYA YAYA talent, talent, despite despite directly directly managing, managing, mentoring mentoring or or hiring hiring these these individuals individuals on on aa daily daily basis. They areThey brassbound -- steadfast in theirin ways andways rooted what in they believe, basis. are brassbound -- steadfast their and in rooted what they sometimes blinded toblinding fresh opportunities. arrows, they are enthusiastic and believe, sometimes themselves to As fresh opportunities. As arrows, they influential in guiding their teamsin and companies, areand missing the mark are enthusiastic and influential guiding their but teams companies, but when when it lifewith stage. They can be overly confident in their it comes comes to to this working this life stage, they might be heading in stuck-in-thethe wrong box ideas. They can be overly confident in their stuck-in-the-box ideas, making direction. them rigid and stubborn, completely missing the target in front of them. Brassbound Arrows are skeptical of the YAYA path. Although they try to stay ahead of industry through of constant research, they feel threatened thatahead Brassbound Arrows trends are skeptical the YAYA path. Although they try to stay this demographic is through redefining the marketplace. Theyfeel justthreatened need to harness their of industry trends constant research, they that this momentum. > is redefining the marketplace, but they just need to harness their demographic momentum. >

Mainly Urban/ Suburban

Managers/Recruiters/ Thought Leaders/ Freelancers/Researchers

Go-getters seeking new ideas and creativity

RESEARCH < Our comprehensive report and live webcast showcase the synthesis of our research.

After the webcast, we offered the exclusive opportunity to follow up on data points through a question and answer segment. Dialogue was a unique and valuable characteristic of our webcast, along with the 2019 State of the YAYA report, which is viewable and shareable at We conducted primary research through our Qualtrics survey using a nationally representative sample of 755 YAYA respondents. The sample was weighted to match current U.S. Census Bureau data for age, race and gender. In addition to our primary research, we utilized secondary research from a variety of sources. We offer a detailed glimpse into what makes up the YAYA software by covering topics like safety, careers, fitness trends and more. Our survey was broken down in the following way:

49.2% female 0.53% other

1.73% transgender 48.14% male 0.4% prefer not to answer

RESEARCH White/Caucasian 59.18% Black/African American 14.1% American Indian/Alaska native 1.73% Hispanic/Latino 16.49% Asian/Pacific Islander 2.66% Multiethnic/multiracial 4.12%







20.11% 39.24%


< There is a life stage that marketers cannot decipher. But this emerging

demographic is merely in need of understanding.

> Often, marketers donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t realize that they hold buggy misperceptions and glitchy assumptions of this group.

> We need to show them that there is no system malfunction in the YAYA machinery.

> The error is simply one of perception. >



< Inspired by computer and digital technology, we utilized red, green and blue (the

colors displayed on a monitor), and every color that could be created from these three. The recurring glitchy motif in our visuals illustrated the distorted and oblique perceptions our target has of the YAYA demographic. The State of the YAYA logo encapsulated both of these visual standards. We also incorporated a typeface that mimicked computer code. As a final touch, we added scanlines to every page of our printed material to create an immersive digital environment on paper. >

< Hack Regular > < Roboto Mono Regular >

SOCIAL < All of our LinkedIn content was posted using the MU Strategic Communication

account.The social platformâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s built-in targeting features gave us the tools to plug into our audience. We applied these targeting mechanisms to our three boosted video posts in order to better reach Brassbound Arrows. We chose to use LinkedIn for our boosted posts, because LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for delivering content and securing audience engagement, according to Hubspot.2 It allowed us to search by job title along with their other filtering categories which helped us narrow down our parameters and locate our target. >

< Our Facebook endeavors started with a 2019 State of the YAYA event page,

co-hosted by MU Strategic Communication and MOJO Adâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s well-established pages. This went live in January and acted as a motherboard for our campaign, holding all of our event information and infographics. Anyone could join the group, but we sent out Facebook invites to recruiters who attended the Career Fest and other industry leaders to install curiosity and render engagement. Our engagement efforts were focused on Facebook, as research shows that one in four U.S. users said they found a job or searched for a job through Facebook.3 >

< We used the MU Strategic Communication Twitter account

to repost content in order to reach Arrows who might not have seen our Facebook or LinkedIn content. There are 369 million monthly active Twitter users as of 2018, according to Statista, so we reached part of our audience through this channel.4 We posted 2 to 3 times a week throughout our campaign to keep the webcast top of mind. >

VIDEO < To generate excitement and interest for the 2019 State of the YAYA, we posted

three different first-person videos featuring a glitchy YAYA individual whose face and voice are unintelligible. These videos were presented in a light-hearted, , mysterious way to encourage viewers to visit our website and engage with our campaign. Using the perspective of our Brassbound Arrows, the videos introduced them to common misperceptions by placing them right in the front row. This visuallydriven content was placed on Facebook and LinkedIn for shareability. >

INFOGRAPHICS < We used interactive polls on our social channels to help our target troubleshoot

their knowledge about the YAYA market. Each of our polls were followed the next day with an animated infographic that revealed the correct answer. >

SAVE THE DATE < A majority of our budget went toward postcards, which we gave to recruiters

during the Career Fest and to various journalism faculty, who distributed them as well. These served as a physical reminder of the webcast details and could easily be shared amongst offices. The postcards included a link to our Facebook event page and a brief introduction to 2019 State of the YAYA: Decoded. An email version of the save the date was sent to high schools and a variety of other marketers and recruiters to increase viewership for MOJO Ad, the journalism school and MU. >

TRADE PUBLICATION/NEWSLETTER < We successfully pitched our campaign to Elevated Chicago, a publication

sponsored by a collective of Chicago agencies, and they agreed to promote it in their January email newsletter to spread awareness of the upcoming webcast to subscribers. This email contained our save the date and an introduction to our campaign, report and webcast. It also included a link to our Facebook event so that recipients could register for the webcast and stay up to date with our social posts. >

University of Missouriâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s MOJO Ad to debut new research on the 18- to 24-year-old YAYA market during live webcast Elusive youth and young adult marketâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors to be explored COLUMBIA, Mo. (Jan. 8, 2019) - The youth and young adult (YAYA) market is difficult to understand. Currently stuck between the millennials and Gen Z, MOJO Ad staff will decode 18to 24-year-olds during their annual State of the YAYA webcast at 11 a.m. CST on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019 on Youtube Live. RSVP at: The State of the YAYA will show industry professionals how to decipher the YAYA code. This group, which consists of 31 million people and commands $82.4 billion in buying power, is encrypted with information that might seem hard to translate and is constantly updating. The State of the YAYA is an annual, in-depth report compiled and written by MOJO Ad staff based on extensive secondary research and our national quantitative study. The webcast will decipher YAYA attitudes and behaviors on everything from health and relationships to technology and their sense of safety in the world today. Viewers will have an opportunity to ask questions during the live Q&A session.


< We chose to host the webcast on YouTube Live, which gave us clear imagery and and

provided analytics after the webcast. This data included the amount of viewers watching, shareability, and other engagement tools. During the webcast, we encouraged our Brassbound Arrows to get involved in real time on social media by using the hashtag #DECODED to share questions and comments.

Our in-depth 2019 State of the YAYA report became viewable and shareable once the live webcast finished.>

CONSUMER JOURNEY < Our campaign powered on with the intrigue stage beginning Jan. 8. It started

with a Facebook event, followed by a save-the-date teaser and biweekly content including infographics, polls and videos, all of which transmitted a bank of knowledge for our users during the education phase. By Feb. 5, we were maintaining a recurring relationship with our Brassbound Arrows through various touchpoint channels. Our final stage, engagement, uploaded on Feb. 25, with a final reminder, leading our Arrows to tune in, ask questions, view the report and share it with their coworkers. >




BUDGET < We invested $175, a majority of our budget, in postcards that promote our live

webcast. We also allocated $50 for promotions on LinkedIn with $20 planned for January and $30 for February to build early intrigue. >

Budget: $300 LinkedIn Save the Date Postcards Other Social

Impressions:94,620 Facebook: 3,900 Twitter : 1,500 LinkedIn: 88,000 Website: 300 Trade Publications: 150 Save the Date: 770

$50 $175 $75




Account Executive

Account Planner


Content Manager


Public Relations Account Executive


Art Dierctor




Graphic Designer


Digital Strategy



Media Planner


Video Producer


1. American FactFinder. (2018). Retrieved from 2. HubSpot. (n.d.). The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2018. Retrieved December 5, 2018, from 3. Sehl, K. (2018, October 09). All the Facebook Demographics that Matter to Marketers in 2018. Retrieved December 5, 2018, from https://blog.hootsuite. com/facebook-demographics/ 4. Twitter: Number of active users 2010-2018. (n.d.). Retrieved December 5, 2018, from active-twitter-users/

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State of the YAYA - Decoded Campaign Book  

State of the YAYA - Decoded Campaign Book