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the UFN is a multi-faceted interactive platform that serves the environmental, economic, and social needs of a municipality or community. through integrated and interactive media the UFN connects citizens via computer, mobile device, or specific UFN station(s).



explore and expose site specific urban fabric to allow the revelation and awareness of locality within the greater context. empower people to uncover, visualize, and collectively share information about their own communties and cities.


PARTICIPATE residents and visitors engage with the UFN.

users are able to express social, environmental, and infrastructural issues

a dialogue is created between users thus sharing information and ideas

this information is accesible to the public further increasing local awareness and sensitivity residents and visitors are encouraged to use the urban frame network as a means of better understanding the status of the environment and space in which they are currently interacting with.


video/photo media creates visual account to both specific sites and the entire urban network

this visual data is used to protect citizens from possible and existing environmental or social hazards

extensive data collection and calculation allows the city to better respond to needs and demands

this account creates a more detailed and specific approach to city planning and protection currently surveillance is a closed-circuit system that disallows user interaction creating discomfort and distrust. the urban frame network uses participatory information as well as live surveillance media to create a greater understanding of environmental and social issues both specifically and throughout the network as a whole.



all data within the UFN is kept as a record, thus allowing the city to view progress or decline

this record allows the city to prioritze issues, begin work, and/or start bidding on weightier demands

citizens are able to ask questions and attend public forums on issues revealed by the UFN

the UFN provides information on the information covered at public forums and the progress of work by understanding our urban environments both subjectively and objectively we are able to create a more detailed and specfic approach to addressing social, infrastructural, and environmental demands of the community.


citizens of the UFN are continously interacting with their surroundings. acting as individual agents within a network; the individual and whole process is continuosly evolving. this allows for both personal and communal profile evolution and trending. thus posing the question:


urbanframenetwork concepts and graphic production by andrew furmanski

Urban Frame Network  

A Sustainability Engine